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  1. Hello, I used to paint Games Workshop miniatures when I was a kid, but was put off for many years by the price. Having found out about Reaper recently I decided to get back into it. I picked up the Learn to Paint Kit, a few extra Reaper miniatures and some extra paints/brushes. The valkyrie I have attached was my first attempt after a long break, and now I am getting onto the mouslings. I am having some difficulties though. I would love to hear any feedback on these difficulties I list or any other criticism or advice. With the valkyrie there are some parts I am quite happy with. Her r
  2. Alright so, I try to get 2 new hobbies a year. And I would like to try felting. So any of ya'll into felting if so advice? Or tips and tricks hopefully. I should have the stuff for it by next Wednesday
  3. I'm painting an oldie but a goodie, the Demon from grenadier 5002. I havent found any finished paint jobs of this that impressed, if anyone has one I'd love to see it. I decided to use the cover of the box (screenshot included)as inspiration and try blending, washes, and highlights. I would NMM his sword but I can't figure out how to shade a surface with this many angles yet, so I went with the flame idea. His offhand should be holding a whip, but I decided it was another chance to work on blending and it looks better than a brown leather whip there. Process and paints on the blending
  4. I painted this for use as a magus in my home pathfinder game, looking for advice on painting as I'm just getting started. TIA for any feedback.
  5. So, I'm heading to Connecticon next month; a multi-genre convention about 30 minutes from home. While there I plan on getting some gaming in, most likely some Pathfinder Society and some of the 5th edition Adventure League. I have never actually played either one of these games in a con setting. I've downloaded and read the player guides for each and have a general grasp of the rules: Make a character, join a level appropriate game and have fun. Beyond that I'm not sure. Does anyone have any advice for a first timer? Anything in particular to avoid? Recommended classes, factions
  6. Hello, If you could send a letter to yourself at the time that you took up painting miniatures what would be the three advices/tips that you would give him/her?
  7. So I've been given some hard plastic models, styrene, I think. They come in grey hard plastic and mostly on rectangular sprues anyway. One is Malifaux's "Whiskey Golem" (or, as my husband said, a wooden steampunk robot), one is Perry Miniatures "Medieval Cottage 1300-1700," and one is a set of Pegasus Hobbies "Gothic City Building Small Set #1." The Gothic Building set snaps together but the makers recommend glue for some delicate parts. The other two must be glued. Can I ask what glues people recommend for this sort of model? I gather there is some sort of special plastic solve
  8. I was painting a Bones stone golem for a game, and I attempted to give it a kind of tree bark looking texture or some kind of wood texture because... frankly they didn't have the miniature I was looking for in stock. My first thought was to attempt to make it look like muscle, but painting it in wood colors to make it look organic kind of like Groot. Though I scrapped that and tried a generic bark texture. Now it looks more like rust on iron in my opinion, so i finished it for now. What would you have done to attempt to make this guy look more 'wooden'.
  9. 1. Does anyone have a link or a picture of how the tree branch is supposed to be installed on Verocithrax? 2. What kind of glue is best for gluing dragons together, specifically the wings? I use super glue usually, but those wings look big and heavy. Not sure if thats's going to cut it. 3. Will the dragons droop over time due to the weight of the wings? I have the Bones Griffin, and I can't be positive, but i think he's starting to droop over from the weight of his wings. Thanks for your time.
  10. Greetings all, here to beg some advice from fellow scratch-builders. I recently implemented a vehicle system into my game relying on apx 1 inch game pieces (Z-scale in model trains) without really doing research. Now I'm trying to find tutorials for alchemy-punk looking trains, or any trains in that scale really, and I'm having the darndest time with it. I've found several sites for larger trains, mostly working with cardstock or balsa. But our grid won't accommodate anything larger than 1 or 2 inches. I'm totally willing to kit-bash it, but not at 20-30 bucks per locomotive like what
  11. Hello! I'll apologize right now if this isn't in the best place for it. I am a painting virgin, having only flirted with craft paint and plastic army men; but I think I'm ready for the big one. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Bones 2 Kickstarter, and I want to have the widest variety of colors to cover the most situations. I am purchasing the Bones LtPK durring this glorious promotion that Reaper is doing, and I will have the first MSP HD paint add-on from the KS. Given the paint that comes in each, what colors/items am I missing that would help me have the widest range of colors fo
  12. My youngest boy is interested in playing the keyboard. In school up til now he's played the saxophone, which he wasn't bad at but his heart was never in it. We told him if he demonstrated actual application we'd let him take piano lessons next year in school (He has his own electronic keyboard, but never did much with it until now). On his own initiative, he dug out my old copy of "Too Many Songs by Tom Lehrer" and has done quite a good job figuring out the first few bars of "The Irish Ballad" (until a too-wide spread stymied his not-quite-adolescent hands), particularly since he's
  13. Hello everyone! After publishing a post about my first mini here, I listened to your precious advice and started gearing up for a new mini: the Mermaid (03554). It took me so long from the first mini to this one because I tried a few things on it... I first added a little starfish on the rock beside the crab, just because. And I felt her mermaid tail was a little boring, so I added little fins on it! Took me ages to manage to stick those tiny things on there, and it was my first time with green stuff. Yeah, lots of first times on this mini! Later I added some sand behind the rocks to
  14. Greetings wonderful ReaperMini Forumers, I need help to plan for this! A friend of mine is developing a table top RPG - we are in beta right now - and we have played a few games. Last game he asked if I would like to DM in a couple of weeks. I'm really excited but I never done it. Was hoping I could get some advice from some of you Master DM's about how to track, keep up with, and make an exciting game. I have a few ideas about a journey the hero's will take; something very "Monster Hunter" style with the end goal of helping a person/village/etc. Thank you in advance~ __________
  15. Hey, folks. I'm very new to painting seriously, and I'm getting the itch to try a skeleton-type figure out. I have this neat little Arachno Champion I picked up 10-15 years ago, so he'll probably be my victim. I've seen a lot of skeletons, of course, but I was wondering if anyone's ever done or seen done one of these in particular (also wondering if there's a better place to ask this question; if so, sorry). I haven't come across one yet. I like seeing other people's takes on minis and seeing what I can learn before trying my own. Thanks! ETA: Arachno Champion, not "assassin" as I origina
  16. Heya guys, Just in the process of finishing up 77007: Ghost, and I'm debating whether I should put a coat of Tamiya Clear Blue over it to make it similar in appearance to my other ghostly figures. Here's Ghosty McGhostface as he is now And, as an example of what I'm talking about, here's a Wraith done in Tamiya Clear Green Putting the blue over top is going to give a high gloss, and will give an interesting depth of color to the figure as a whole, but it is going to darken it substantially. Thoughts? I'm a little torn on this one, and could go eith
  17. Hello great and wise painters, I hope I can have a moment of your time for some advice on Paints. About a year ago I got quite some bones from the first Kickstarter for tabletop playing. They arrived a little while ago and now I would like to paint them as well but I am new to the painting scene. Currently I am in the process of picking what paint I want to use. Unfortunately the local game store mainly got GW paints and some of the Vallejo paints but no Reaper paints. So I'll be getting my paints directly from Reaper. For my initial paint selection I want about 30 paints but I h
  18. So I looked over at the other thread with a similar topic, but my situation is a little bit different. The problem isn't figuring out a base set of 54 paints to work with - it's how best to maximize the value of a 54-paint purchase, to go with the paints I already have assembled. I've got a whole passel of Reaper paints - the problem is they were purchased out of a huge box of stuff the local FLGS was remaindering several years ago, and, well, purchasing was kind of scattershot (not least of which is due to my not knowing about the Triad system Reaper uses...). So the goal is to buy a
  19. I have done my research. I can not afford to buy Reaper paints at this time. I am buying acrylic craft paint from Hobby Lobby. Current best recommendation is Delta Creamcoat paint. This seems like the best plans for a beginner on a budget. Feel free to critique my plans, but remember, I am trying to get quality results on a budget. My plans: Unboxing- I have a graphical checklist of all the minis to be sure we aren't missing anything. http://greg.botch.com/bones/table.html Remove the mold lines that are really, terribly obvious. Tools: Xacto blade and sanding needles (medium or fine) http://b
  20. Hi, I'm wanting to paint a mini separate from the base he'll be on. I've only done this a couple times and I've pinned them to cork and mounted the cork to a pill bottle. What do you do if it's a tabbed base, and the feet/legs are too small for pinning? I know I've seen people using some kind of vise to hold tabbed minis, but I can't seem to find anything on this now. FYI, the tab doesn't have to stay on if there's some other way to hold the thing other than pinning.
  21. I was thinking of picking up some of the pathfinder battles minis for a few specific monsters, and I was wondering if anyone has had any luck repainting them? The paint jobs on them are very good for prepainted, but I'd like to try my hand at doing something a little bit more clean and with some shading and color variation. If you have repainted them, did you have to do anything special aside from washing them? Would a water-based paint or ink wash stick? Any experience or advice appreciated!
  22. Is there a list of things to be aware of when prepping and paintinig bones that you might not come up with paintin a metal mini? Apparently... -Cleaning them is more important than with a metal mini -They don't require primer -most files won't work for getting the mold lines out. Are these right? Anything else to be aware of?
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