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Found 11 results

  1. "Thuh-there's only room for one-uh King in this-uh town!" It is a well-known fact that rock'n'roll musician Elvis Presley met with President Richard Nixon in December of 1970, and a slightly less well-known fact that he volunteered his services to the United States, asking to become a federal agent in the Bureau of Narcotics. The man's love of guns and badges was extreme, and so too was Nixon's desire for all-American, anti-Communist propaganda. Elvis got his badge. He was not, however, made an agent or given any assignments. In OUR boring universe that is. But what if... Of course, an agent needs backup like a king needs his court. Ebony Foxx (50179) and Horace Jackson (80023) seem like they would be ready to get the job done. From minor threats like Communism... to more outre threats: these agents are here to counter threats and look fly as hell while doing so! *** RAFM apparently has three separate and distinct Elvis-with-guns, at least two of which must be impersonators. This one is called 'The Pretender,' but it's the Elvis-est one of the lot in my opinion. Ebony Foxx is a gorgeous sculpt. I need to put some groovy flowers on those polyester pants. Action Jackson already got a show-off post, but it would be unfair to keep him out of this shoot. Another dynamic cat. Guest appearances from Walther's Merchant's Row, a couple of action figures, communists from Pulp Alley and Pulp Figures, Hydra Miniatures' war-bot, and a few other oddities.
  2. A sizeable structure! This kit comes with several decals, some for a bank, some for a Carnegie library, plus others. I chose an old limestone look for it. The facade is suitably imposing. Plenty of room for conversions and signs on that architrave, too. Corner view: One side has two rows of windows, the other, a blank forbidding wall. I figured the building should look old enough to have some verdigris runoff from the mullions. It's a good scenic backdrop! The other side is a perfect canvas for some graffiti--will have to work on that. Versatile and well-made!
  3. The Housekeeper from Crooked Dice's Island Priests set. I think it's based on a British TV show but not one I'm familiar with. A nice lady with a pot of tea. The sculpt came with a hand holding a mug, but--being a chump--I lost it. The Bits Box delivered a backup hand, though. A cozy home with all the modern conveniences. (Stove, fridge, and washer/dryer set are from Bombshell's galley and rec room set; table and chairs from Eureka.) Left the burner on? No, just got it good and hot for the soup. Guests are coming over for tea and gossip! Who has been up to what? and who's been seen with whom? you simply won't BELIEVE what Myrtle said to me the other day...etc. Tabletop advice: In your investigative RPGs, never discount the information-gathering power of curious homemakers! Featuring 50235, Edna, as the oldest and most cantankerous of the neighborhood gossips, a Pulp Figure detective with binoculars, and a young journalist from Cold War Minis.
  4. Let's get meta!! "Now where were we...let's see. Last session you had crashed Miss Minver's jalopy in the cemetery in your attempt to stop the cult. The Professor's apotropaic rituals and Xiufang's first-aid skills kept you alive while Sirhan's Vickers gun and Lady Rutherford's etheric disruptor devastated the cultists--but not before the high priest's chanting reached a crescendo! An awful rift forms in the fabric of reality, swirling with colors beyond human description--and from it, with a horrible squelching sound and a smell like an electrical fire in an aquarium, a forest of loathsome ichor-slicked tendrils protrude, flailing hungrily towards you! Roll for Sanity!" 50231 is brilliant, containing three flavors of tabletop geek. These are wonderful sculpts, from the dice bag on the trim GM to the soda in the large gamer's meaty hand to the young lady's minifig case. I feel like I know these people already. More pics: A furnished basement, much like many others. Shelves of books and trinkets on the wall, a table with a map and several figurines atop it. BUT! this basement is about to become an escape to other, weirder, more adventurous realities! You know the Nerd from 50091 will be here, maybe the Chick too. Not-Velma most definitely would roll some polyhedral dice. When the gang's all present, we can begin! Perhaps on an alternate week, another game: "The scent of mildew and rock dust is heavy in the air, and the sound of dripping water echoes from somewhere nearby. You would guess Saraneth's sorcerous witch-light, glinting off crystals the size of tree trunks, is the first illumination these caverns have seen since they were formed in the primeval chaos. --Liliander, your elven senses pick up faint movement from beyond this cluster of stalactites--a dark-dwarf ambuscade! Between Red Serris's sword and Ulma's bombs, this shouldn't be much trouble. ...But wait! Vistaril, as the reverberations of your thunderwave subside, they are answered by another...deeper...rumble--coming from below! Everyone make a Dexterity save!" Click for more forays into other genres! Let's take a bow, nerd to fellow nerd.
  5. Just a punk with an axe to grind! A heck of a sculpt. full of energy. Sid has got Opinions about The Man, and also about The System. He's not their biggest fan. Dude is good for urban adventures and definitely perfect for cyberpunk stuff. BWWWWAAAAAARRRRRMM bweedle dweedle bzewww! Gave him some orange eyeshadow--maybe should try another color, am open to suggestion. Hope you enjoy!
  6. With his double-bitted axe and hobnailed boots, he'll go where the trees grow tall! Where there's work to be done, no matter how hard... A wonderful sculpt! I had originally planned to paint him up as Manly Dan Corduroy from Gravity Falls, but went with a more colorful theme. More angles: Getting the big timber saw to stand at an angle was probably the hardest part of the shoot. It's made out of the cutting strip from the edge of a cheap plastic-wrap box. The logs are from a Mantic terrain crate if memory serves. Here's a visitor! Not unknown in the great Northwest. (50011, Sasquatch) If this is on the North side of the border, here are a couple of other Canadian neighbors! I've posted them before, including 50195, Dirk Goodspeed. Hope you all enjoy! I certainly did.
  7. Butch "Killer" Davis (50094) is a beautiful clean sculpt, good and pulpy without being overdone. He also gave me an excuse to go ahead and complete a boxing/wrestling ring bit of terrain--it had been rattling around in my brain for some years. And now, with a box lid, some nails, some electrical tape, and a few bits of string, the dream has become reality. "I've earned my stripes, and the poor fool in the other corner's gonna be seeing stars!" I knew sculpting a side of beef ribs would be handy more than once. Good training. Click for a turnaround with Price the Trainer (originally a Groundskeeper from Artizan; I've gotten a lot of mileage out of this dude) Price's training style is...eccentric. (Hence the shovel.) Very big on the principle "prepare for everything." As such, he favors outlandish sparring partners with exotic styles. "Larry the Leprechaun," a vicious bareknuckle flyweight, for example. What if your opponent is hard to reach and nimble, a.k.a. 'the Oddjob Problem'? Or what if your opponent uses A CHAIR OH NOOOO! and employs the ropes in bizarre high-flying stunts? It's EL DIABLOOOOOOOOOO! (50035, last seen in the Weird West) Or how about a taller opponent with a bigger off-limit strike zone?! Think fast, Butch! It's La Mujer Increible! (50212, also seen previously) Managed that? Good start. Now let's put you up against a challenge. The brutish man-mountain Mister Hyde! (Modified Clay Golem, 02706)! Taller, stronger, bigger, meaner. Good luck! Oh, these were fun to photograph. Click for extra shots: The ring itself. In retrospect I should have had the string corners wrapping around the inside of the posts, but eh, not bad for 20 minutes and some junk,
  8. This fella is a magnificent sculpt, from 'fro to bell bottoms. Horace "Action" Jackson is a bare-chested hero and I think he makes a good addition to my midcentury setting Allswell, USA. Of course, you should have a good reason to be pointing guns around in a small town, so here he is with Muggsy, my pulp crook.
  9. These two chuckleheads. Barely competent authority figures aren't great IRL but make for good roleplaying games. Here's Sheriff Jeffrey Don Mitchell (50256--I could have sworn he was Joe Don Baker in a previous iteration) and Deputy Wayne Tisdale (50267) painted to resemble Sheriff Blubbs and Deputy Durland from Gravity Falls. They'll be the core law enforcement in my small-town Americana setting. They will be very good at yelling at rowdy teens, issuing speeding tickets, and occasionally busting up altercations. They will NOT be good at their jobs outside of these parameters, unless the problem can be solved with a quick truncheon or a jam donut. They'll take minor bribes to look the other way for minor infractions, but won't be bought to cover up anything major. Which is good; you don't want to entrust a cover-up job to these two. I'm gonna have fun roleplaying them.
  10. What good is a small town without adventurous children to explore its mysteries and get into scrapes? 50042, Modern Children, to the rescue! Andi and Bailey here are painted up in a way loosely inspired by Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls. The flower sweater was good but needed even MORE color! Andi: Bailey: Charlie is a great sculpt; love the backpack. Schoolmates and friends, they'll be embroiling themselves in mysteries and predicaments. (Also featuring Bombshell's Flakk and Edna the Cat Lady, 50235.)
  11. Hasslefree has a lot of great modern and zompocalypse sculpts. Billy Ray, from their New Orleans Five set, is exceptionally versatile. No gun, but a nice big wrench and a practical cap. If you're going to have a low-stakes, low-lethality modern game, it's good to have someone who knows how to fix things. That's Billy Ray. I glued on an extra toolkit from Bombshell. He'll make a good meddling teen. I realize after the fact that I made a Leroy Army Surplus sign on the other side of the Quonset hut as well as a Leroy's Plumbing shirt...no doubt the Leroy family is a big player in a small town. Other Meddling Teens may include a field hockey enthusiast, our student townsfolk, and of course the original inspirations.
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