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Found 19 results

  1. I had finished my Arcadia Quest a little way back and thought I should present to you the whole cast. And so here they are: The heroes (and heroines): And the villains: Thus another project finished. Thanks for looking.
  2. This guy is my most recent WIP, the poison dragon from the Arcadia Quest: Inferno Kickstarter. He has two slight mods. First, I removed the chest spikes from the original model. Secondly, I converted the spikes on the dragon's left wrist into a chain. I couldn't make sense of what the original part was supposed to be, but some sort of shackle made better sense to me. In the process of working the claws, spikes, and horns to a white-green to neon green range and highlighting the green specks again and hitting them with a touch of yellow. The wings are also getting some blue shading and then some purplish spots.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coolminiornot/masmorra-dungeons-of-arcadia Masmorra is the dungeon underneath the great city of Arcadia, which was used as a testing ground for prospective Guild Heroes. But since the warlock Malaphyas took it over, filling it with his monstrous minions, it's become a real challenge, beckoning the Heroes to brave its treacherous corridors in search of fame and fortune! Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia is set in the Arcadia Quest universe, but is in fact a completely new and different game. In it, 2 to 5 players each control a single Hero, competing against all other Heroes. They must explore the rooms of the dungeon, defeating monsters, evading traps, and collecting gold in order to be the first to reach the highest experience level. •5 Hero miniatures • 5 color bases • 5 Hero dashboards •12 Monster dice •7 Action dice •67 Dungeon tiles •70 cards •45 Tokens •5 player aid sheets •1 experience track sheet •1 rulebook The Masmorra core box also comes with 5 cards that allow you to use its Heroes in Arcadia Quest as well!
  4. So, I had presented some of my Arcadia Quest heroes a few months back (here). And some of you would remember the demise of the unfortunate Orc Captain... Now, the newly promoted Captain set off to rouse the Boyz while he devised a plan for attack. "Oi, getz up you lot, we has 'umans to kill!" shouted the newly appointed Orc Captain to the stinking darkness of the barracks.. The first one to stir was Bob, he opened an eye and replied sleepily "Wha!? .." It took some encouragement in the shape of broken teeth and smashed noses to stir all the boyz but they were up an about in no time.. "Now. .we killz! RHOOAA!!" they shouted their war cries and left the barracks in the most disorderly manner possible.. (... to be continued)
  5. WIP of Prince Aaron. This makes at least 5 projects open on my WIP bench. I was trying to use the fair skin triad as a base to work from for his skin tones, but I'm really not happy with it. I may have to do more work on the face. Open to all helpful criticisms/comments. I am calling the cloth and eyes finished. Most of the other elements are still WIP (sword, shoulders, mail, boots, crown).
  6. Schmetterling WIP Two steps visible here. Original base coats of color with some shading and then working up with more highlights and finer details. I need to use a dedicated camera and lighting setup. Pretty sure my iphone camera has damage to the lens and the poor lighting is obscuring details. Sorry about that.
  7. Spike from Arcadia Quest. Shows progress from when I started painting these figures two years ago.
  8. Monkey King with color blocking and some dark-lining. The blue and red will be brought out brighter again with the plated armor on the front being lined out more clearly. A lot of details and work to be done on the hair and face.
  9. Hitch is now moving from color blocking into the full WIP phase. I've finished his face. Will need to paint the vest, blend hair, and probably refine the cloak a bit.
  10. Finally made some progress on my Koba miniature. Hair and skin with some other final touchups and this one will be done. Black bases for all of my AQ figures so far. When they are done, I may revisit the basing.
  11. I've only worked the reds on Smiley so far. I've got to work on his body and on his hood-cloak (?)
  12. For a chibi mini swap I've joined, I'll be preparing this Monkey Queen model. On my original Arcadia Quest pledge, the model came without her hair, so I was able to request and receive a replacement from CMON. This brings me to this mini swap where I can now make her hair and a display base to fit into the original packaging. My first step shown here was to create a thin wire armature for the hair and bulked it out for later texturing.
  13. EDIT: I've started a completed figure thread, which you can find here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62776-arcadia-quest/ I just started on my Arcadia Quest (CMoN) figures. I'm trying to match the art as much as possible. Critique most welcome! First up are Diva and Spike Progress: - base coat done - face mostly done (may do some touch ups - eyes Main ToDo: - NMM Gold on the sword - NMM Steel on the sword and belt buckle - NMM Red on Armor (yeah, lots of NMM on this one) - Cape - this will be much paler pink once I'm done. Progress: - base coat done - hair done - flesh mostly done - hands need some more touch up. This was my first free hand tattoo. Pretty pleased with it Main ToDos: - Clothes (including his braid scrunchy) - NMM Gold on the axe handle, cross bow handle, and one of the teeth - NMM Steel on the axe blade and arrow - Teeth - waiting on an order with some Ivory to wash those.
  14. This is my finished Kanga from the base set of Arcadia Quest.
  15. I am making a WIP post on this guy late in the game. I have mostly detail work such as a burning hammer effect and his eyes to complete. I think I also have a couple more layers of skintones to highlight up. Comments and suggestions welcome. There are two in the game and his "brother" is painted along the same general scheme with green as the accent color instead of red to make them easy to distinguish on the tabletop.
  16. Here is Seth from Arcadia Quest. I really like the characters from the game and Seth is one I usually pick. I tried to follow the artwork from the game as much as possible with this. I think it translated pretty well. If I did it over again, I would probably go a little darker with the skin tone. I am really happy with how the spell and hair turned out. Any C&C is appreciated.
  17. Some of my works in progress on Arcadia Quest minis. I think I saw a detailed tutorial some time ago on chibi eyes on the reaper forums, but I can't find it now. I am considering doing freckles on the Scarlet model, any suggestions? Kanga - Currently skintones and eyes finished. I'm wanting to keep the tones of the cloth muted to keep the skintones as a high point. Johan - - Base and touch up work Scarlet - Base and touch up work. Considering adding freckles to the face, but can't find good examples or any tutorials yet. Maya - Detail and base work remains. I can notice that there is supposed to be a garter of some type on the leg in this picture Diva - I want to work up to a gold NMM armor in yellow portions. Not sure what the emblem in the middle is "supposed" to be. Hair, eyes, face, silver armor, and cloth are mostly finished - might have some touch ups.
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