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Found 4 results

  1. Note: This was not inspired by anything I bought from Reaper, but another company. Note also: Sculpting and casting is not my art. It is entirely possible that I am being thoroughly ignorant about this and it is already a solved problem. *** Occasionally one will run into a miniature in a particular pose popular at the moment, with two arms stretched straight out front, generally holding long range combat weapons. In such cases it seems to be pretty common to cast the arms as separate pieces to be attached to the rest of the model at the shoulders. This is, I gather, is because of the nature of moldmaking. Pieces seem to need to be not too far from flat to release from the mold properly, so a complex shape is often broken down into simpler shapes to be assembled after molding. But casting the arms separately makes for a very difficult and delicate attaching job, involving balance and cussing and tiny drills and wire (and that last is especially difficult if the figure is, say, a woman with tiny, thin arms). This results in a fragile miniature, difficult to handle and play with. This strikes me as inefficient. Surely there are better ways to put together a human figure. May I suggest a different way of thinking about dividing up the figure for molding? The problem here is the arms, which are long, thin, horizontal structures with only a single attachment point which needs to bear their weight and any stress put on them from handling. But what if they had built-in support? If a figure in that pose were composed of two pieces, one the body from the armpits down and one the head, shoulders, and arm assembly, it seems to me it would be less fiddly and more sturdy. If the arms and head were a single piece it would still be relatively flat for casting, something of a flat "U" shape, but it seems to me it would be much easier to glue and structurally much stronger than separate arms are. *** (Note again, sculpture and casting are not my arts. Am I being naive here? Would the difficulty of dividing up the sculpture and the possibility of weirdly placed gaps outweight the convenience and stability?)
  2. I'm interested in hearing people's experience in painting on resin (which is to say two-part polyurethane resin, used for many detailed or larger miniatures). I've only painted a few resin pieces, mostly terrain, and while some were fine, some have at least in parts a slick and slippery surface which repels water and is extremely difficult to get paint to adhere to. These are the ones I'm having difficulty with. I scrubbed them multiple times with hot water and detergent, and they still have some surfaces that feel, I would say, almost soapy in slickness and on which paint beads up extremely. I actually had to paint them with brush in one hand and a hair dryer in the other to dry the paint before it could bead up, and it still took three or four layers of paint to get an even coat. I am concerned this might not be a great practice; it certainly is rough on detail. What are people's practices for painting on resin, especially the recalcitrant stuff? Do spray primers help? Would a light sanding be in order? (I am cautious about that option because of the toxicity of resin dust.) Anyhow, there doesn't seem to be a thread dealing with the specific matter of painting on resin, so this is here to gather people's experiences.
  3. I thought it was bad back when Kickstarter changed its comments format so instead of numbered, indexed pages of comments (which were confusing enough already since they started with most recent comments so the numbering was always different over time), you now get the fifty most recent comments and have to scroll down and load the previous fifty comments ... and repeat ... and repeat ... and repeat if you ever want a hope of finding an earlier comment. And they can't be searched. Yeah, I thought that was bad. But now I hate, loathe, despise Kickstarter's new format, where instead of a home page and a comments page and an update page for each project, all with nice, accessible links at the top, there appears to be a single project page with a confusing menu of options far enough down that you have to scroll down to find it. And there is no home page any more. It seems to be "Story" or "Stories" or something ridiculous like that. Look, I am a professional artist. I *get* creative. But web interface design must be clear, intuitive, and easy to navigate. This isn't any of those. Arrrgh.
  4. I've been working on my orcs. Thought I'd give them a highlight of flesh + a hint of green. Didn't want really zombielike orcs, wanted outcast people orcs. Tested it on a guy, quick and easy. Applied to three dudes (Why three? Blaerghhh!) now, and it seems to work OK in the 10% of the area where it works. Elsewise? Not so much! I'm surely overly critical right now, but I just want to chuck the entire box of minis in the trash, forget about the hobby and start collecting stamps or something! Argh! Meh. Did I mention blaerghhhh? You guys get these sucky feelings when painting? Edit: typo in title. Blaerghh!
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