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Found 4 results

  1. How do you handle painting those tiny bits like arms and shields before gluing a figure together? I’ve got one arm drilled and mounted on a piece of paper clip that worked pretty well, but I’m looking at my next mini and wondering if there isn’t a better way...or at least one that doesn’t involve drilling, which I’m not very good at.
  2. Note: This was not inspired by anything I bought from Reaper, but another company. Note also: Sculpting and casting is not my art. It is entirely possible that I am being thoroughly ignorant about this and it is already a solved problem. *** Occasionally one will run into a miniature in a particular pose popular at the moment, with two arms stretched straight out front, generally holding long range combat weapons. In such cases it seems to be pretty common to cast the arms as separate pieces to be attached to the rest of the model at the shoulders. This is, I gather, is because of the nature of moldmaking. Pieces seem to need to be not too far from flat to release from the mold properly, so a complex shape is often broken down into simpler shapes to be assembled after molding. But casting the arms separately makes for a very difficult and delicate attaching job, involving balance and cussing and tiny drills and wire (and that last is especially difficult if the figure is, say, a woman with tiny, thin arms). This results in a fragile miniature, difficult to handle and play with. This strikes me as inefficient. Surely there are better ways to put together a human figure. May I suggest a different way of thinking about dividing up the figure for molding? The problem here is the arms, which are long, thin, horizontal structures with only a single attachment point which needs to bear their weight and any stress put on them from handling. But what if they had built-in support? If a figure in that pose were composed of two pieces, one the body from the armpits down and one the head, shoulders, and arm assembly, it seems to me it would be less fiddly and more sturdy. If the arms and head were a single piece it would still be relatively flat for casting, something of a flat "U" shape, but it seems to me it would be much easier to glue and structurally much stronger than separate arms are. *** (Note again, sculpture and casting are not my arts. Am I being naive here? Would the difficulty of dividing up the sculpture and the possibility of weirdly placed gaps outweight the convenience and stability?)
  3. I see that I need another colour background. The red colour washed out the miniature a bit:
  4. Hi all, I recently finished my first commission of Vandorendra, Snake Demon & thought I'd show it off here. The pictures contain reptillian nudity so I have linked them to an external site. Vandorendra front Vandorendra left Vandorendra back Vandorendra right Thanks for looking!
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