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Found 3 results

  1. One thing about SPACE: it's a bad place to have a breakdown. Spaceships are expensive and complicated; they are your entire world and means of survival out in the black. Lucky for you, the Zap Bros are here! Danny, Joe, and Grexlar founded an interplanetary franchise of mobile repair stations. Danny is an Earth-human businessman, formerly ran a shipyard parts supply store. First-rate at logistics. Joe is an uplifted gorilla, a mechanical genius. If it can be taken apart and put back together, Joe is the ape for the job. If it can't, that just takes him a bit longer. Grexlar is a Martian engineer and physicist, a master diagnostician. Mass-drive, fusion, fission, gravitronics, hyperdrive manifold, warp modulator--no matter what should make the ship go, he can figure out why it won't. After going into business in the Asteroid Belt and making a pile (credits, friends, and favors) the three started expanding the business into a chain. You could populate a small moon with the beings who owe their life to a Zap Bros Rescue & Tow. In fact, the O'Neill cylinder "Long Day's Journey Into Night" did just that. More angles of the three: The Zap Bros have very high standards for whom they hire, but pay excellent wages and have no species restrictions. Robots welcome! *** Specifics: Danny is a mechanic from CP's Sci-fi Civilians line. Joe is Crooked Dice's Starport Fueler modified with Green Stuff. Grexlar is Reaper's Alien Tracker--I can't find the SKU for the metal guy but he's part of the Bones 49001, Alien Overlords set. The desk is also Crooked Dice, and the big-screen monitor is from Bombshell's galley and rec area set. The simpler robot is also Bombshell, MaCbot. The repair specialist bot is a Warmachines Convergence fella bought secondhand. The asteroid ship is a bunch of kitbashed junk, mostly Christmas ornaments and several GW greebles. Stay safe out there, cadets!
  2. The Protectorate used to have a stranglehold on the nutrient paste supply, and most of it was unflavored, for logistical reasons that have been discussed. This changed after contact with alien species; the Krodox Incursion could have gone very differently. Many lives were spared by the Solar agreement to provide quality protein with wide-ranging taste profiles and accurate ingredient labels. (For example, before the Krodox Flavor Accords, the "meat"-flavored nutrient paste was labeled as 100% vat-grown clonebeef but often contained up to 30% space-rat and 10% Void Slug. The label is correct now.) As is the nature of causality, one thing led to another and now there is a chain of nutrient paste automats across the Belt and orbiting most of the outer planets. The Kettle Belly Nutrient Paste concern is the result of a consortium of human, Krodox, and Mole Person chefs creating a menu of nontoxic cross-species hits, crowd-pleasers from multiple worlds. Tiny quantities of Venerian spices go a long way and (after a few setbacks) everything should be almost guaranteed non-allergenic to most organic species. (Sadly, this means the popular Peanut Butter And Banana with Toasted Carbohydrates was discontinued and is now illegal contraband. Tubes command a high price. The same is true for Rotting Leviathan Carcass IV, outlawed in the Solar system for...different reasons.) [Side note: the engine on this asteroid was build from a base made of squirt gun parts.] No matter your taste, there's something for you at Kettle Belly's! Might be Crunchy Bamboo, or Bloodworms in Ammoniac Sauce, or Lobster Mayonnaise, or Red Beans and Rice, or Rotting Leviathan Carcass II, or Venerian Zazzberry, or the ever-popular Butter Plankton Algae Surprise, or the fusion-cuisine Bloodworms in Curry Sauce! There are also vending machines for flavored beverages and delicacies. Always hit-or-miss if your favorite flavor is in, though. Some days it's Hot and Sour Soy Product with Mushrooms, and some days you're left with Rotting Leviathan Carcass III. No one's sure why that hasn't been discontinued yet. It's no Rotting Leviathan Carcass IV, that's for sure. The automat is a repurposed Walther's Dairy Queen, with some Reaper Cav Large Storage Tanks (72614) and other greebles added. Featuring Bombshell's vending machine from the Counterblast crew area set, Reaper's soda machines (49035), Reaper's Argamite Explorer (50346), Space Mouseling 04134b, Gray Alien 50255a, and assorted other space weirdos.
  3. Asteroid terrain using what appears to be some variety of vesicular igneous rocks.
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