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Found 6 results

  1. Running a Ferratonic Furnace is dangerous work. It exposes you to all sorts of radiation and heavy metals. Who knows what those combinations can do to the human worker?! Well, the Company sure does. And they sure don't like paying pensions any more than they like losing a worker on shift. There are ways to save on replacement workers and expenditures already invested. A lot of workers don't bother reading the fine print on the medical section of their contracts. Hard radiation will kill a body and liquefy flesh, but that's no excuse to call in sick, not for the Company at least. Notably, the contract does NOT specify that it expires on the signatories' death. The Company can never touch your soul, but legally they can repossess (possess?) your body if the debt isn't paid off. We should note at this point that the Company-issued radiation-proof suits are, at this point, as much to keep radiation in as out. Inspectors and supervisors want no part of this! Of course, nothing lasts forever, especially not in these conditions. When a post-mortem worker degrades past the point of functionality the Company plan allows them rest in a nice, VERY thoroughly lead-lined urn. This one is getting close. Remember, cadets: Always read the fine print, and don't take a job on Xipetotec unless there's absolutely nothing better! *** These sculpts from Wunkay are delightful and I need to order more. I think that spliced with the Haunt (02837) they would make a spectacular NASAghast or ghostronaut. Will have to get another set and experiment. Enjoy! Extra pics:
  2. “...and I, Colonel Duke Jones, stand on the surface of Mars for all of humankind and in the spirit of exploration that’s taking our species beyond its Earthly bounds. And I’m lighting this cigar to celebrate a successful mission.” “Haha. Good speech, Duke. You're the first human in 76 years to stand on the surface of another planet. How’s it feel to be further from Earth than any other human being?” “Pretty good, Pioneer. It’s humbling and really gives a sense of perspective. The air is thin but breathable. Those terraforming guys did a great job. Hey, the camera’s working, right? This is being broadcast back to Earth?” “Yep, it's all good. There's a delay but they're getting it. Audience figures are even bigger than Kim Kardashian’s state funeral, so well done!” “How do things look from up there in orbit?” “We’re all good, just watching you and keeping an eye on your vitals.” “OK, Pioneer. I’m gonna have another puff on this cigar and—” “Duke, sorry to break in, but Jim just had an idea. The Earth is directly behind you. Could you turn around so we can get a shot of you looking back at it?” “Sure thing, Pioneer.” “How’s this?” “That's just perfect, Duke. Everything’s A-OK.” “Good to know, Pioneer. We're still live, right?” “We certainly are. Jim, you owe me fifty dollars.”
  3. I painted Reaper's Dee Dee Astro Girl from the Chronoscope Line, I put her on a resin base and used a little Scale 75 Moonstone Alchemy so it would appear as if she was searching for minerals. Then the Mindworms emerged! They were made from the eyestalks of the Bones Eyebeast. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/77837-50227-dee-dee-astro-girl-by-glitterwolf/&page=2
  4. Painting has been getting done today, particularly on Kickstarter minis that have been sitting incomplete for a while. So with that said here's Ellie, a astronaut.
  5. Sally is my first finished project from my original Bombshell Miniatures. Patrick Keith is one of my absolute favorite sculptors working today, and Sally was a great model to work on. I really like how the NMM purple turned out and this forum's suggestion of orange for the trim turned out really, really well. Original WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68437-sally-starfield-wip
  6. Yet another name to add to the list. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, died this morning at age 85 in Southern Florida. Edited to fix tags
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