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Found 1 result

  1. ...He of the All-Seeing Eye, the Subjugator, the Deathless, a LIVING GOD! Submit your puny planet and LIVE! Resist, and be ANNIHILATED! You all know the type. There's at least one in every universe. Big fans of telling people to GROVEL AND ABASE THEMSELVES OR BE DESTROYED! Unfortunately for the universe, Marduk has the juice and the psychic powers (and the fanatical armies of laser-bearing spacemen) to back it up. KNEEL, DOGS! PROSTRATE YOURSELVES BEFORE THE POWER OF THE OMNISCIENT, THE GLORIOUS ONE!! The Imperials are extremely durable, and a combination of effective immortality and wormhole access has allowed Marduk to bootstrap and tinker with their evolution over the aeons. The average Imperial is strong as an ape, tough as a Krodox, almost as smart as a Martian, and gifted with psionic powers (and also lasers, can't forget the lasers and jackboots). They are also disastrously committed and/or brainwashed into the Imperial project. Marduk with his favored consort and General Zarek: With his daughters, each as ambitious and evil as they are beautiful: With his Hierophant, Vizier, and Chief Psi-Magus: And with a few among the rabble who have distinguished themselves in battle and won glory. There are planets across this spiral arm that bear evidence of crystal cities and advanced civilization, all abandoned now, with the sigil of the EYE cracked into their crusts, and a series of glyphs that have been translated as "CONSCRIPTION." It is not clear to those outside the inner circle what Marduk needs armies the population of worlds for, but it's probably not anything good. Keep watching the skies, cadets!
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