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Found 24 results

  1. Gaslands is a 2017 post apocalyptic combat minaiture vehicules game where you use hotwheels and matchbox toy cars. You buy your tem, add perks (bloodbowl style) and play a game (death race, arena, saturday night live, capture the flag and so on) . It functions as X-Wing does, with manoeuver templates. [youtube]Sq6mC0RBAjs[/youtube] Here are my first conversions. Deathwish : Hotwheels Ford Mustang Stocker Mesh : World Forge Games Exhausts : StanJohansen miniatures Engine : Dice Mechanics Front wheels : autre hot wheels Front axle : pap
  2. Here is a foutain from Bones 4, painted, then forgotten on a shelf in my workshop... Water is epoxy resin with a drop of green ink and a drop of blue ink.
  3. The big wyvern from Bones 4. Enjoy !
  4. "Rulers of Hell", from Bones 4. As usual, the blacksmith is here for scale.
  5. I'm late on this one, it was hidden in a drawer... "Brain in a jar", (i used epoxy resin) :
  6. Gig mini today, with one of the biggest minis i have ever painted : Mossbeard from Bones 4 ! The studio was even too smal for him ! The blacksmith is here for scale.
  7. It's been a long time without posting here...Her are some bones 4 Gauth was a little too big for my studio... Here is Gauth Gauth and an unlucky female adventurer, under it paw...) The Roc !!
  8. Hop, here we go ! Succubi (nude) : https://postimg.cc/DmM9ZxJP
  9. An order from a friend : a complete Dark elves team (18 minis) + other stuff. Tota l : 26 minis for Bloodbowl Work time : 19h00 Furies : catchers : Blitzers : Linemen : Linemen : Assassin : Stars : Roxana and Horkon: Stars : Eldril and Hubris Other stuff (8 minis) : Dwarf star : Grim : 2 saurus (will soonreceive the missing arm) : Zombies : Troll : Gobelin star : Fungus
  10. Calm down, the game is not out yet But the demos are gonna start and i'm painting a set for them. I have started with the scenery. . 4 closed doors (front and rear view) : 18 open doors : 1 cell : 2 tables : Sarcophagus and insert : 4 secret passages : Rubble (4 doubles and 8 simples) : 4 chests and inserts (the one on the right represent a turd !! ) : Time portal, mirror and throne : Arms, statue and well :
  11. Here is my mystic Circle from Bones III :
  12. This is an order for someone else, 4 valnirs pour an extension of Conan the Boardgame. Working time : 4h15 I put the non upgradedwhite images in order to show the snow because otherwise it is white on white...
  13. Préparation : scenery + minis (deburring, assembly, undercoat and so on) : 6h00 painting scenery : 11h Painting minis : approximately 50h Note : these bases are mine, those from the pledge are tranparent. Heroes (8 ) : Gargoyles(2) : Primordial chaos sorcerer : Chaos warriors (4) :[/b] Gobelins (6) : Orcs (8 ) :
  14. Here is my version of Bones Kraken !
  15. Done ! Here is my Nurgle's Vomit Dream Team The names are humorous french names (diseases and so on) The Chaos Beast, Bernard Tumeur : From left to right, the Nurgle warriors : Michel Pustule, Gerard Bubon, Raymond Furoncle, Marcel Verrue From left to right, the pestigors : Robert Pus, Anatole Diarrhée, Roger Morve, Yves Mycose From left to right, the rotten #1 : André Lèpre, Gilbert Gangrène, Jean-Claude Herpès From left to right, the rotten #2 : Daniel Scorbut, Serge vérole, Albert Typhus
  16. After Photobucket turning from free to 50$/month (), HostingPics announces that the site is closing. When you have a lot of images on forums, it's a problem : 1) you do nothing and there will a lot of holes in your favorite forums 2) you have a lot of work re-upping pics and repairing the broken links everywhere. I need a solution, i wanna be sure that the images will be there to stay, even if i have to pay (but not 50$/month...). Any ideas guys ? Thanks.
  17. Here is my Kanjira. The pose of the monster made me think it could be a good idea too make it emerge through the Trees. A vision of Knightmare, for sure.
  18. Here is my version of Viridius as a venerable Bronze dragon.
  19. Hi guys, i have just finished All the minis from Bones 3, here is my Ma'aldrakar.
  20. I have finished my graveyard. I added custom elements to the set in order to have a nice diorama and set the scene in autumn. I have also added a Gargoyle but i need a second one for the other pillar.
  21. Edit : wrong copy/paste for the comment in french, sorry So here is my stadium for Bloodbowl, realized in 2015; i wanted to share it with you.
  22. Hi, Here's my Conan the Boardgame miniatures. Painted in 6 weeks last year for a total of 120 hours of work. 212 minis.
  23. Hi, here are thje photos of my "Dragons don't share", realized in december 2016. Hope you like it.
  24. Hi everyone, i'd like to share the photos of my Cadirith, from Bones II.
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