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Found 237 results

  1. "Know, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the star... Hither came Conan, the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandalled feet."* Greetings and welcome to yet another Group/Open WIP on the Reaper forums! This time around, we're doing 77061: Kord the Destroyer, dual-wielding barbarian bad-butt. He's a hero, he's a villain, he's a berserker, he's the wolf-wearing herald of the horde - he's many things to many people, but one thing he's not, is simple to paint! Since Talae was having issues getting started painting him, and since painted examples are so hard to find, we thought we'd do up a Group/WIP thread - besides, it's been a while since the last one! So, join us, won't you? *From The Phoenix on the Sword, R. E. Howard. No, I'm not painting up my Kord as Conan; but from the moment I first laid brush to plastic, this was running through my head, so I feel compelled to place it here. Behold, Kord! Plain white plastic does not do him justice, and the butt-cape of his wolf fur is a huge pain in the tukhus for painting details! Fortunately, like many Bones, it has not come well glued from the factory... a little effort, and it pops right off, granting access to the sword sheath and less well-defined details on his back. Step one; a complete undercoat of Brown Liner! Bones are infamous for "not needing" primer, but I've never had much luck starting without some sort of surface coating; if my paint doesn't flake or refuse to stick in the first place, then inevitably I miss some spot while I'm painting and it becomes a little sunbeam, glaring out at me. Careless painter! Clumsy! A good, thin coat of Brown Liner removes that shame, and helps increase the durability of the finished paint job. We can call this step one-Alpha, since it's a subset of our priming/undercoating stage; a drybrush of Linen White to bring out the details of the mini, mark where highlights should go, &c. I've been a fan of drybrushed-white-over-black-primer pretty much since I came back into the hobby in late 2012, post-Bones I, but for some reason I never thought to apply it to Brown Liner-ed Bones until Talae mentioned it. The difference is amazing. I waffled back and forth on how to do his skin for a little bit, but ultimately settled on a fair-skinned Northern barbarian; a Celt or a Norseman, someone from cold climes. On the left, we have a basecoat of Rosy Skin laid down; on the right, rough shadows and highlights with Rosy Shade and Rosy Highlight, respectively. More colour waffling! There were many different ways this could have gone, and originally I was thinking brown for the wolf-skin, maybe even a sort of tan; but given the amount of leather he's wearing, I figured too much brown might be a bit overwhelming. So, I decided to paint the wolf gray - P3 Greatcoat Gray, to be precise, and that determined what colour the little cloth he's wearing should be; P3 Khador Red (base to start). Our Kord will fit right into Glorious Army of Mother Khador, a perfect proxy for a Manhunter... if I still played Warmachine, or if ever I played Khador. But he might work out well as an IKRPG character, so I'll keep it in mind... Right, so... I quote Conan, who's black-haired. I talk about Khador, faux-Russians, which would indicate black or blonde. So what do I make him...? That's right. He's a ginger. This is straight up Red Hair Triad, because I it so. Shade coat Auburn Shadow, midtones Carrot Top Red, highlights Highlight Orange. Accept no substitutes. So where does this leave us? Well, now that he's got his carrot Fu-Manchu goin' on, I need to go back with his skin colour and touch up his face, do his lips, &c. He's got a metric butt-load of leather going on there - seriously, this guy could make a club-hopping leather daddy sit up and say, "Whoa, dude. Chill!" - not to mention the metallics on his weapons. Those runes on his sword cry out to be magical - P3 Arcane Blue or Necrotite Green, perhaps, or a wash of Blue and/or Turquoise Ink. His furs still need to be washed and dried(brushed); we're probably looking at P3s there again, although I'll have to look up the recommended shade/highlight colours for Greatcoat. His red cloth needs its shade and highlight - I'm thinking a wash of Christmas Wreath, and then the midtone brought back up, followed by P3 Khador Red Highlight. But not bad for about two hours worth of work, I think - in between other activities - and a good stopping point for tonight.
  2. I have not put paint to a mini in far too long. I got a chance to do so today and used my time wisely (I think). I will try and post a picture before bed, but I am about four or five hours in on this guy. 03197: Thelgar Halfblood, Half Orc Barbarian I am currently running a PC Half Orc Barbarian. He is a dragonmarked member of House Tharashk (Eberron). Two things of note that I am attempting for the first time ever with this guy: Stubble on his head. If this doesn't work out, he will just have to deal with a clean shaven head. A tattoo (basically) that looks like one of these (probably vaguely the second one): Any tips would be awesome. Thanks!
  3. Grimreaper71

    Bronze Age Mini Barbarian

    Water effects from Scenearama blue water.Barbarian is from Bronze age mini. I am pretty happy with this one. Tried to get smoother skin transitions but was still unable to get the shiny hair effects on the black hair so just left it for now. As always Comments welcomed
  4. minibart

    Old school

    Found this old mini, I started the base but never finished it. I think I will finish the base and leave the mini as is. I know what it is, do you?
  5. Patrik Strom

    Kalyna, Hasslefree Miniatures

    Just remembered that I finished Kalyna from Hasslefree Miniatures a while back. I'm happy with most of the mini, except the face. I remember thinking it could easily turn into a miss when I bought the miniature and turns out I was right.
  6. Sirithiliel

    01531: Kyria the Barbarian WIP

    The Gencon 2014 mini. Mine has 1531 written on her package? Got her today, getting started on her. I like the wolf pelt especially
  7. I was asked to do up some minis for a wedding gift. That is to say, someone else will be giving them as a gift at a wedding. I suppose technically this is my first paid commission. The minis are the soon-to-be-wed couples' D&D characters. They've never had proper minis for their game before, and aren't expecting these. There were a couple of requests. Firstly, the gift-giver did not like Lysette's sword. This was replaced by a spell effect, which felt a little rushed, but does the job and inspired one of the vignette ideas. Also, the barbarian, though illiterate, keeps a journal, hoping that eventually it might help him learn to read and write. He just scribbles in a book. It was asked that I include he book. Lysette: (I'm not sure what's going on with her hair. It's got 4 rather distinct layers, which show up quite well in person.) Barbarian: I've also constructed 2 large bases for display when thi minis aren't in use. The first is called "Burnin' Love", and the idea is that the Lysette character has burnt a heart into the cliff side in front of them. The larger "I've Got a Bad Feeling About This" features skeletons emerging from the swamp to attack our intrepid adventurers: Thanks for looking! Edit to add: Yes, the minis are a little on the shiny side. I've hit them with the dullcote 3 times now, and this is apparently the best I'm going to get. Unfortunate, but they ARE gaming minis first, so they did need that first coat of gloss.
  8. Slashhamster

    77061 -- Kord, the Destroyer

    This is my first finished figure in about 6 months (sheesh, has it been that long?). I painted it as part of the open/group WIP that Last Knight started. This was a big help as there are so many fiddly bits on this guy. Seeing the various paints jobs helped give me ideas on how to tackle them all. This was my first time using snow flock, and I like the results! I will have to do this again sometime. As always, thanks for looking, and comments, critiques, suggestions are welcome!
  9. The adventure continues. First up, the only Reaper mini I've stumbled across in the several lots I've bought on Ebay, a Guardian Wraith by Bob Ridolfi: I recently saw dispensed some advice about highlighting black with turquoise. So I tried that, here--a very light turquoise. I liked the looks of it, so I also used that for the detailing on the shield, hoping to get a glowing look. And then there's Lanah the Lost, Barbarian Princess, from Ral Partha's Fantasy Adventurers line: My first bikini-babe warrior-chick. Love love love this sculpt, even if it is a little ridiculous. I really made an effort not to holdback with the highlights on her. I double washed with Reaper's flesh wash and then dry-brushed with what I felt was a super-light tone to try and make her pop. Also, the first butt cheeks I've painted. And finally Grenadier's Necromancer (or Illusionist (Evil): Another sculpt I love (though it's a wee wonky in a couple spots). I really wanted to embrace the Necromancer sort of feel to this piece that was at least sometimes billed as a necromancer, so I thought blue was the way to go. Hoping it's popping. I also assumed it to be glowing, and I tried to limit my highlighting to areas affected by that glow--not OSL or whatnot, obviously, but I'm kind of feeling that general territory out. Don't know if it even remotely makes sense as-is or not. But. Yeah. Also tried making a little wood grain on the staff. As always, I'm totally open to feedback, especially if it'll help me improve. Thanks for looking.
  10. ungoreatstefan

    Aran the Barbarian

    Hi all, I figured out how to get better pictures with my iphone and thought I'd post a WIP of this cool boutique miniature known as Aran the Barbarian, which I started painting this evening. Here's a primed picture of the miniature so far: Since I've been painting almost nothing but Red Box miniatures lately, and because this miniature is much more heroic than those, I thought I would try to get fancy with the eyes. I think that it came out pretty well, you can also see my skin basecoat in this picture, which looks like really well painted skin but that's just a trick of the light. The last photo is of the skin mostly complete, and the basecoated pants, and some details picked out with the first pass of the base coat (necklace, hair, bandage). Next step is to finish coating all of his accessories (he has a metal armband and crown type thing that I'm going to basecoat with a non metallic first). Then I'll finish up the pants and start base coating the boots and leg armor/wraps. Thanks for looking, I hope this should be a fun journey - this miniature has got me really in the mood to slap some paint around, hopefully work won't require too many hours this week to let me play with paint! Thanks for looking! -Stefan
  11. Silvervane

    Goldar, Male Barbarian

    Finally finished another figure through basing. Here is my Goldar using techniques from LTPK 4. I'm currently working on LTPK 5 so hopefully my metals will be a little improved on the next mini. Thanks for viewing and any advice or comments.
  12. mangochutnee

    Amiri, Iconic Barbarian

    I decided to try a paint job inspired by the official Pathfinder art. What I thought would be a simple thing turned into a weeks-long affair... Went with a snowy base since her story is that she comes from a northern tribe where gender roles were strictly enforced. To prove her worth as a warrior she defeated a frost giant jarl, whose sword she still wields. 89005 Amiri:
  13. Silvervane

    Bertok from LTPK4

    Here is my finished Bertok from the LTPK 4. Thanks for Viewing and any comments.
  14. ungoreatstefan

    A Chance Encounter

    Finally completed this diorama I've been working on. I'm pretty well pleased with it, though I've debated adding some more wild grass to the setup to make it more wilderness. I had a lot of fun making it, the only downside is I had so much fun with it and now I'm eager to start another project but I'm not sure what to paint next! I wish I had a better camera than my smart phone and a better place to take photos, so these will have to do!
  15. ungoreatstefan

    Red Box Barbarian and Orc Brute

    Hi all, here's another WIP that I've started. These are two miniatures I received from two separate Red Box Games kickstarters. A barbarian and an orc. Here they are primed and ready for some paint. Front view Skin Base Coat and Fur Base Coat on the barbarian, and the still drying skin on the orc The orc brute is a slight conversion, I used one of the spare heads from the orc warlord on the head of the orc brute for a more menacing look. I can't wait to get this orc painted up because I can just envision him dragging that cruel and jagged blade on the ground as he approaches a foe (probably the barbarian!) Thanks for looking! I'm hoping you enjoy the ride as I work through this duo during the week.
  16. CashWiley

    Svetlana - Red Box Games

    Here's Svetlana, a limited edition Kickstarter mini from Tre's first KS. My first attempt at a more display like wood base, also my first use of grass (blah). Bark rocks, might be cherry, not my usual ash (I just hunt around the woodpile mostly). Very enjoyable sculpt to paint despite the casting issues. WIP here.
  17. So finally finished my quartet of figures from an old Ral Partha set of adventurers. Finished up the basing this morning at around four, woke up out of the blue and got working on it. Finished the last touches up on the shield, which I'm okay with even though I seem to have an odd pattern with shields of just painting faces on them. I've done that with a drow figure, a gnoll, and some dwarf chick, who had a goblin with his head removed at the shoulders. Anyhow, happy to finally have this done. Next will be to work on the four clerics I've got sitting out there.
  18. So finally got three of the four figures from this old Ral Partha set finished, and I'm reasonably happy with the figures even if not so much with the photography. I've still got the Northern barbarian, AKA the most boring miniature in the world to finish, but hopefully I'll get to work on him some more this weekend. Anyhow, enjoy!
  19. Silvervane

    Wulfgar - Forgotten Realms Set

    Well, here we go with another installment in my Ral Partha Forgotten Realms Miniature Set, Wulfgar son of Beornegar. For the Icewind Dale fans out there, I realize now I could have gone with my same basing method but changed the color to white. Here are some links to previous characters I've finished from the set [Bruenor] [Alias] [Elminster] Thanks for viewing.
  20. papadage

    Goldar (77047)

    Here he is last night, base coated and washed. Goldar, Male Barbarian (77047) - 0001.jpg And finished and based, with some Testors Dullcote: Goldar, Male Barbarian (77047) - 0005.jpg Goldar, Male Barbarian (77047) - 0006.jpg If I was to critique myself, I would say that it's time to try a bit more blending on my next one, with an intermediate highlight, and maybe some small extreme hightlights. My highlights were too light, so I had to go back with a flesh wash and blue wash to bring them down a bit. I will also remember to paint the eyes early. I am getting the hang of dilution, but probably need to be less afraid of wasting paint, since the little dabs I work with tend to not be fully mixed, so are weak and chalky. I'll start working with more figures at once so I can use the excess paint next time.
  21. My first goblinaid goblin painted. I can't quite remember what mix of greens I used for the skin. I know the basecoat was HD Turf Green. As a side note, the HD colors do work pretty well. One coat over a black primer, and it had good coverage. I was surprised. I tried to use different leather colors for all the different leather bits. The inner bit of his cloak is CDA barbarian leather. Tanned shadow for his loincloth. I used a Scale75 paint for the boots. Not a huge fan. They seperate out pretty badly. I had to open it up and mix it with a barbecue skewer to get it properly mixed. Even then, it was thicker than most mini paints I've used. Even thicker than Citadel paints. The fur accents on the boots and the cuffs are a base of slate grey from Scale 75, with rainy gray drybrushed over. Base on the back of the cloak was dark shadow, with dark skin as the highlight, and Citadel Nuln oil to darken areas. The base was done using Happy Seppuku's broken earth stamp. Primed it black, painted Reaper PP volcano brown into the cracks, and then Ginger Cookie over the top. In hindsight, I probably should have gone with something that was more of a light brown rather than tan. Ah well. Still doesn't look too bad.
  22. reversednormals

    Barbarian Woman

    This is the second mini that I have painted since getting back into it (I messed around with the craft a bit as a kid). I painted her to use as a character my wife and I rolled up, Peony Bangcutter, the barbarian hairstylist. I still have to figure out what to do for a base. I'd also like to go back and do some better highlighting for the skin. Critiques and feedback are welcome. The minis is: 03079: Nyree, Female Pit Fighter
  23. I painted up the Barbarian Babe sculpted by Patrick Keith. I was thinking of the snows of Cimeria while painting this one. We saw him hawking the babes on the floor at GenCon. Unfortunately I lost the tassle on her sword somewhere along the way. I also picked up some of the lovely Impact Miniatures line while at GenCon. I was really disappointed with the quality control. After I got home I found the minis were pretty poorly cast. This was the best of the lot. The only visible problem left on this one is tip of one of the shoulder pads is just completely missing. You might be able to see how bad the hour glass is if you look closely. Some of the other pieces were quite a bit worse. I will post pics later. I'm still trying to repair it. I thought the line of chibi figures from the old animated series "Dungeons and Dragons" were a terrific idea but I think I will pass now. Last of all here's Bob Ridolphi's wonderful Succubus sculpt. I am really happy with this piece. Bob is a great guy and a terrific sculptor.
  24. bobthebobish

    Ghosts and Chainsaws and Muscle!

    Finished a few more reaper bones that I forgot to post silly me! We are using the chainsaw chick above and the barbarian below in our Warhammer quest games with much hapiness. And of course the bones were a perfect source of ghosts for that very same game. Hope my FLGS will be able to stock bones again soon. On the other hand I can't blame reaper if they want to take a little well deserved vacation :P
  25. Lathula, Female Barbarian, Reaper 03019, sculpted by Ben Siens, painted by me. I like half-orcs. They always seem to be painted with black hair, but I figured since orcs don't have hair it would be the human parent who provides the hair color. So why not a redhead? I didn't paint her hair shiny, though, because it kind of looks greased up and pulled back. I used this figure in my tutorial on how to paint illusionistic grass.