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Found 105 results

  1. Here are some cool PDF files for basing: News Papers, Magazines, Beer Cans, Waning Signs On page 55: more News Papers, Magazines, Cans, DVD's and others Oh, important, on page 54 you can see how you can make Coke Cans with a Q-Tip!!!! Different Police Lines and Warning Signs (does not work anymore) If you do know more similiar Documents or Pictures, please post them!!!
  2. I got a photo setup over the holidays and managed to mess around enough to get some photos. You can find the second part of the WIP (and links to the start) here. I tried a bunch of backgrounds but ended up really enjoying the wood veneer and the standard grey background. I'll maybe show a bit of both. 77045 Orc Stalker 77051 Orc Hunter This was also the first time I tried basing. I'm pretty happy with the results. I feel like the contrast got lost along the way, and if I were to redo this, I'd push it a bit further (though I used a wide range of colours).
  3. This is continued WIP that used to be part of my gigantic continued WIP. It will essentially be for the basing of the 77045-Orc Hunter (Spear), and 77051-Orc Stalker. Both by Tre Manor. I'm mostly done the basing, but I thought I'd create a new thread for that before I post in show-off (hopefully on the weekend). I just need to get dinner started and convert pics, so stay tuned for posts showing basing progress. I will be using a similar basing technique with my other orc berserker.
  4. And here is the final product of my first WIP thread. For me this one was a real challenge. This mini started its painted life as a live paint session mini on Google Hangout (can we do that again?) with a few folks from the Reaper forums. I wanted a dragon that looked like it was rising from the lava itself and cooling to its new form. In a lot of ways, this dragon was perfect for that, lots of depth to the scales and skin to allow for much color change in the skin. this also meant a lot of crevices to be taken of and a lot of blending work. Most of the scales required 4 colors and 2 washes to blend acceptably to me and many washes were used to prevent the dragon from looking like an orange dragon with chicken pox! the wings were another challenge, I wanted wings that looked like they were cooled from the main beast but also had developed a layer of ash over them. I am pretty happy with this effect, but getting ash without it looking chalky was time consuming and took a few tries. The mouth I left as a normal creature, I think it gives the whole thing a bit of surrealism. The base is complements of Happy Seppuku's river basing mold. Hope you like him as much as I do. I get to keep him for the month and then he is off to my nephew Jake as a Christmas gift.
  5. I'm currently working on some minis for Infinity. They're motorcycles (with riders) that come with fairly standard 40mm thin plastic bases. http://www.beastsofwar.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Image-A.jpg I'm pretty certain that they're not going to remain put on the bases as is, so I'm intending to pin them through the back tire and then attach that rod to the base. The base though is just a very thin piece of plastic. Something like this in cross-section: __________________ / \ Does anyone have experience or recommendations with what you should fill in the underside of the base with to give the pin something to grab onto? Greenstuff maybe?
  6. I am thinking about getting some of the Happy Seppuku base stamps - herring bone brick, cobblestone, and cobblestone accents (for steampunk bases) and narrow planks (for pirates). Anyone have any experience with them? Pitfalls to look out for? How well do they work with slotted bases, etc.. They definitely look good - but I want to be ready for any problems. The Auld Grump
  7. Being a big fan of prepainted plastics, I have not got a lot of painted stuff for Show Off, but I've got some techniques, weapon swaps and basing ideas to share. There will be a lot of these as I've got a small hoard of Dreamblade, clix, WoW and assorted action figures that could use a round base. Bobby pin blade swap, a Future floor finish water effect, twine as grass experiment and coffee grounds with static grass basing.
  8. Found this guy growing on a tree outside the office today. I suspected the tree was a River Birch. So, my question is: at what time do we harvest these seed pods to make mini leaves out of them? I haven't really observed these trees before, so I'm not familiar with their cycle. There are several outside, and I assume that I'll be able to set myself up for life in a few weeks… I could be persuaded to send a few out to anyone who'd like to experiment with them as well. -K
  9. Hey! What kind of flowers does everyone use? I've seen some very nice ones and would have liked to add some to my recently completed Bladesinger. I'll probably order some for the next few projects, but was curious who's using what and are you pleased with the results? I've seen some especially nice white flowers on a few bases. So… what's the sitch?
  10. Hey! We're finally done! Here's 4 different views, and please, let me know how I can improve on this. I'm still having camera issues though. This is a combination of an Ott light, an overhead dinner table light, plus a 100W reveal bulb. They're obviously at very different temperatures, but hopefully I'll be able to rectify that soon. At any rate, enjoy! P.S.: I'll probably add my standard "only under ott light" pic just so followers of the WIP can see her like normal. The WIP for this figure can be found here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/53668-jazzys-garden-and-bladesinger-sister/
  11. Okay! In lieu of playing with the XBOX as one of my guilty as sin animals gnawed through the charging cord on the headset, I'll start my next WIP thread... From the title, this will actually be 2 WIPs: 1. My 6yr old wants a fairy garden, so a fairy garden she'll have! 2. A Bladesinger Sister that I ordered quite a while back as an opponent to *Varaug, whom I recently completed. So, without further ado, here's the sitch.... Jazzy's Fairy Garden This will be our first attempt at a diorama. Now, please note that this is for a 6yr old and she will be doing a lot of the work along with me, so goodness knows what we'll end up with! I'm not even sure if it will be a permanent fixture, or something she can switch up every now and then. I'm not even sure if she knows exactly what she'll want it to be/do, but we do know that it will have at least one custom tree, Liriel Silverlocks (03398 and 02458, depending on the mood), and a buttload of animals! (02756: Familiar Pack IV & 02848: Familiar Pack V) We'll be doing a large base, fallen trees, leaves, and whatever else my 6yr. old can think of. It should prove to be interesting and she'll be doing a lot of the painting... There may also be an occasional Kagunk (03162) in the woods, although she's not overly fond of the idea... Bladesinger Sister I'll be using model 14645: Bladesinger Sister for this build. I'm honestly a bit nervous about her as she's so dainty and, well, bendy! I'm going from Varaug, who's model seemed to be the definition of sturdiness, to this delicate model. It should be fun at any rate! Right now I'm debating on whether to glue her arm and hand on now, or simply attach them later. I was on pins and needles while drilling out her feet to insert the, er, pins in them. I don't have a definite direction for this build as I'd originally intended her as a combatant for Varaug, but haven't settled on that yet. I may go ahead and go in that direction so I can continue to work on my cork rock basing for now. At any rate, here's Jazzy's Garden Gang and the Bladesinger Sister (I'll have to name her soon...) in all of their *mostly* cleaned up and pinned glory! I'm not priming tonight as I don't feel like washing brushes... I've washed a lot of brushes lately. Enjoy! Comments? Suggestions? Let me hear 'em! *Varaug is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/53647-varaug-the-great-finished/
  12. Over the weekend I've been looking at a lot of basing vids and tutorials, to try and level up my basing skills a bit. Only problem is, a lot of these involved using a stonking huge stack of thick cork that often rivals the mini that's going to be standing on it in size,and i'm having trouble finding anything similar (its surprisingly difficult to source cork in the UK, I'm beginning to wonder if there's some secret British method for making bases that they're keeping from me). So far I've managed to find rolls of cork, these are pretty large but very thin (1.8mm) and two types of cork tiles, a 3mm thick one (I get quite a few in a box, but they're coated in plastic so I don't know if I can use these) and a 6mm thick one (these are very pricey so I'd rather not buy these if I can avoid it). Are any of these any use? And how high would I typically stack them? Or should I consider using something else?
  13. Few weeks ago I used Sandpaper to make out of cork, cork dust. Used water and a green color to get it green. I had it at first in a small glass container, but it needed very long to dry. So I dried it on a baking tray. I think it is really good, but sometimes there are bigger parts in it. It will not be the same as static gras, but I do not want to buy static gras for a big 180x120 gaming board. In Germany it is very expensive and only available in small bags. In the moment I'm thinking of getting fine cork dust or fine wood/saw dust. And try this. Has anyone experience of making selfmade gras?
  14. For those not familiar, http://www.happyseppuku.com sells basing stamps. Apply modeling epoxy to your base, press on stamp, instant cobblestone, metal plate, wood grain, etc. They have announced a kickstarter that should be launching this month to improve their stamps and expand to new textures. I am eagerly looking forward to this one! Edit1: Launch date announced - June 14th! Topic Title updated to reflect this. Edit2: The kickstarter is now live! Title updated to reflect this!
  15. I have yet to paint or flock a base. I have primarily just painted and washed the broccoli base of a mini with green/brown. I would like to change this, but I need your help. I found this compendium of materials, but it feels overwhelming. Where do I start? I am a fantasy RPG player and have BONES plus a dozen or so add ons headed this way once they get to my order. Ideally, what I hoping to get from this thread is something like: "At minimum, I suggest ordering _____, ______, and ______, which can be found for the best prices at _______ or _______ usually. If you want to go one step further with it, then look at getting ________ because ________." Thanks guys!
  16. I decided to open up a thread as a sort of an interactive experiment in basing. I don't see this thread as proprietary, if anyone else wants to put their own experiments in here feel free. To provide background, I am specifically looking at materials used to fill out the base on a mini after gluing it down onto a fender washer of an appropriate size. In some cases I am cutting away much of the broccoli in order for me to reposition the feet. I have used a number of materials in basing. I'll go over them to give more context. I first picked up a tube of "Squadron Green" from MicroMark at my local Hobby Store. It is relatively cheap ($4 for a tube,) but is not terribly easy to work with - it is sticky and the back is full of warnings not to use your hands or breathe the fumes. It is relatively tough - though I have used oil to prevent it from sticking to the tool, and I have found this makes it brittle in places. Two-part epoxy putty works absolutely great - I have no concerns regarding it's durability, nor do I feel any hesitation in working with it with my hands. The trouble is I believe it may well be overkill for simple basing - it is relatively expensive ($20 for two tubes,) and the level of detail it holds is entirely unnecessary if you are going to flock the base. So I am looking for a cheap alternative when I plan to cover the base. I consulted the "Basing Materials Compendium" in the forums, and found air-dried clay on it. I decided what the heck and picked up a 1 kg bag of "Polyform Model Air" from my local Michaels. It was $10, but it was 2.2 pounds. If I ever run out of this, I will be very surprised. In fact, I cut off half of the block and sealed it with my vacuum sealer, since it may well be months or years before I get to it. It is easy to work with, my concerns are its durability, which is the reason I am opening this thread. So, this is my experiment: I cut most of the brocolli off and repositioned the feet of the Bones "Orc Berserker". This left an irregular space on the base. It looks like this: I then used the clay to fill out the base. I have a dull x-acto blade, I used that to shape the clay, particularly between the legs where it is hard to get to with my fingers. When I was done, I took a bit of water and ran it around the outside to smooth out any cracks, help it adhere to the base and mini, and remove my fingerprints. The results look like this: Btw, yes, I am using old pictures. I don't have my camera here, and I don't feel it necessary to take new ones - it is the same mini and I'm using the same technique. Now, the back of the bag says let dry for 24 hours. In 24 hours we will expose it to some stress tests and see how it holds up. My reasoning is as follows: - Its a Bones mini - I'm not going to hurt the mini itself unless I take a knife to it. - Similarly the fender washer is not going to get damaged. This makes it a great test of the basing material. - We can see just how much the air-dried clay endures. - If I destroy the base, I can just redo it with another substance. Tune in tomorrow! I'll probably use a camera at that point to record the damage.
  17. I picked up a handful of bases somewhat cheaply, but they're the kind with slots. Some of my minis are too small to cover the slot, and I was wondering if anyone had tricks for covering up the slot before basing. For my sea nymph, I had a little strip of plastic that I glued down over it. (The little pointy piece of flat plastic that is often stuck into the collars of mens dress shirts so that they don't lose shape. I cut one of those up.) I seems to work okay, but I thought I'd see if people have other tips, since I don't have an infinite supply of those.
  18. not sure if this is the correct location but I thought this may be useful for some peoples basing & terrain: Basing Pads - for 1000's of unique bases of any size & shape!! http://www.kickstart...and-mi?ref=live PLEASE have a look as soon as you can and let us know your thoughts about it all. Our THICK resin Basing Pads are easy to use, easy to look after and easy to store. in fact - we think we may have covered every need that a gamer needs from a product such as this - if we havent then let us know that too OH and i forgot to mention another thing... They are 20% to 41% Off the MSRP - and have free UK and seriously subsidized International shipping on them all too Thanks - and we hope you really like our idea! Dave & Sally Baker - WargamesBakery www.wargamesbakery.co.uk www.wargamesbakery.com
  19. Hello everyone! Just got some of the green stuff and thought I'd share what I'm doing with it. At first I was just going to use it for improving the bases of my minis, but I quickly realized I'll be using it to mod some of them and eventually do full on figures of my own. First up, I made some rocks for this wizard's base: Next, after finding that working with the stuff is so fun, I decided to make a lil' skull: And for fun, here are a couple of digital sculpts I did when I first got ZBrush earlier in this year. An orc head, and a Chinese style dragon that I got frustrated with and didn't finish: Anyway, I'll just keep updating this thread as I sculpt more stuff in the future. Comments and critiques are welcome.
  20. Okay, Leanne ... TURN AROUND AND LEAVE THIS TOPIC. J/K. She's not on the forums. I think. Anyway, the Jabberwocky in question is not the Bones Jabberwock from the Kickstarter. Those disappointed may want to stick around anyway. Feel free to comment or point and snicker. Here it is: I got this on the holiday clearance sale at FRP Games last December. The manufacturer: As you can see I already pulled it out and played with it a bit to see how it assembles and what shape it's in. Overall it's a stout figure with the caricature wings and a fairly standard jabberwocky face. The legs were askew from the blister so after some careful adjusting I managed to get it close to where it will stand on it's own. Sadly it was rather boring looking as it was kind of head down. Sorry, I was working on this in between getting home from work and dinner out with the family so I forgot the unpackaging and initial setup shots. So, after getting him set, I picked out a piece of slate for him that was big enough for his base and the figure. Then I figured out where I would attach him to the base. Marked the stone with pencil. Then pinned his foot. Measuring where the pin was, I drilled a hole through the slate with a masonry bit. I wanted to dress up his base and angle him up a bit on the rock so he's looking more level without manhandling his head up and then trying to angle it forward. The base included is a large, slotted, lipped round. I covered the slot with a little tape, put down the smaller piece of slate with some superglue, filled the lip with black ballast and brought it to the edge of the first piece of slate. Then after lining up the larger piece of slate with the hole, I added superglue to the smaller slate edge and the lip at the other end. I filled in the open space formed by the angled pieces with more black ballast. As you can see, the smallest masonry bit is too large for the pin so I added some green stuff and smoothed it out. In this instance, I don't plan to paint the base at all. I like the look of it and it's not a gaming piece. It will get sprayed at the end with sealer and Dullcote. Once I had the base assembled and things set where they should be, I didn't like how his feet were placed on the rock and wanted to adjust it a little. So I put some green stuff on while holding it to the rock and molded it into more of a heel. I intentionally left it a bit larger then I think the end result will be so I can sand it back. Here he is resting in on the base from both sides: Later tonight I will attach his wings. His heels needed time to cure a bit so I don't mess them up while working on his wings. Tomorrow I sand the green stuff out and prime him. For a paint scheme I was thinking of pink-purple on the belly around to purple-green on top and the back ridges blackened purple with some pink-purple around the mouth from under his chin and the top armored portion of his face being the purple-green. Or a reverse of that. We'll see. I have until Friday evening to finish it. Earlier if I plan to wrap it. LOL .
  21. Some of these minis are done, but most I'm still working on, which is why this is in WIP. These started as plain flat bases except for the little green and grey one in the middle, which is an RAFM mini with a nicely-sculpted but too narrow base which I glued to a penny. The two on the far right are Reaper minis I glued to one-inch fender washers. The rest of them are Hasslefree minis on the slotted plastic bases that came with them, 25mm except for the little girl who is on a 15mm base. The three on the left have asphalt-effect, which I did by stippling with a small round hog's bristle brush in shades of black, white, grey, and brown. It's hard to see in the photo, but the lower left figure, a vampire, doesn't have a shadow where the other two do. The four on the front and right are stippled for grass, with a small flat hog's bristle brush held parallel to the base and subtle shades of green mixed with yellow and brown put on. The three in front center also have rocks painted on, using similar colors to the asphalt but with sable brushes using washes and blending. The two in the back have rocks and flagstones painted on with shadows and in one case lighting effects from fire, painted with sable brushes, washes and blending. All of the bases (except for that RAFM one) are flat as pancakes. A different view of the bases. A view of the grassy bases. A view of the asphalt and stone bases.
  22. Several people were asking about brass foliage in DKS's thread in the showoff forum. I didn't want to hijack the thread. There are several sources out there, but the one I am most familiar with is Hasslefree Minis. http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?category=accessories~etched-brass-%28foliage%29
  23. I'm generally not a huge fan of fancy basing, but I thought it would be a nice treat to put the minis I paint up as the PCs for my upcoming D&D game on some custom bases. However, no one seems to sell pre-made bases for fewer than six at a go (most places I've found sell packs of ten) and I was hoping to be able to pick a different style of base for each mini, as appropriate. Does anyone offer such a service, either selling individual bases or mix-and-match packs of a given size?
  24. A while back I ordered some elves from Thunderbolt Mountain by the legendary Tom Meier of Ral Partha founding. They are beautiful, but I have a question -- advice to ask, really, about the horses. These are definitely elven horses, impossibly elegant, refined, like an Arabian cubed, almost insect-like, like the three-dimensional embodiment of George Stubbs' stunning eighteenth century horse portraits. Which means they are gorgeous, but yikes, their legs are thin. So I have, for example, this model: Which, by the way, is true 25mm scale, so even smaller than it looks. Now of course it needs a little filing and clean up, but my question is a little more material. I am scared to remove the support sprues under its legs. I have terrible visions of that one rail-thin rear ankle supporting the entire model and succumbing to even gentle in-game handling. I appeal to the combined wisdom and experience of the boards. How would you deal with this? Is it kosher to leave the sprues in? Can they be maybe camouflaged? Painted black and pretending they are not there? Covered with tall grass? Will more experienced modellers mock me for my cowardice? Help?
  25. After the disaster of trying to order reaper l2p kits from amazon (me yelling at a vendor after 3 weeks of nothing being shipped) I picked up a couple bones to play with to pass the time I have run into a problem. I ordered a vampire kit for eventual use in pathfinder and using the standard 1" chessix's maps, after debrocoli'ing the cave troll I found to my horror the only way to get (him?) on a 1" base is bending him bolegged which Doesn't look good at all imo. I have a few 1" square swamp tiles like these and a handfull of 1" circles that just seem tiny compared to the stances the bones mini's use. anyway thoughts/advice?
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