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Found 18 results

  1. Presenting my Beastman Champion and true child of Atmos (In my own fantasy setting I base some of my Games Workshop stuff in, Beastman are a race of former humans who were changed by worshipping an ancient, goat-headed god called Atmos. Occasionally, an actual goat-headed Beastman will be born amongst them and will be considered Atmos's offspring, they then get all the best food and stuff and grow up to be one of the leaders or shamans of the various tribes.) Who is from the Warhammer: Underworlds range by Games Workshop. I'm super pleased with how this guy turned out, but I really need to buckle down and actually finish one of these Underworlds sets. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  2. Okay, I couldn't really resist the silly title that had a touch of alliteration... Guess it's a thing for me or something. Anyways, I figured I'd want to do up a long-term WIP thread featuring a themed army that has the goal of being made mostly of Reaper miniatures... That and hey, I like gnolls and minotaurs, so... Why no! Not quite certain what the precise theme is just yet, but we'll roll with "spots and stripes are awesome, as is a love for axes and mythology in general" as the starter of it all. Initially, this army will be made mostly (if not all) with Bones figures, but eventually metal minis will find their way in. Bones are rather convenient with their pricing, and there is a wide selection on offer! It's also something to paint other than my various Games Workshop armies (Tau, Catachans, a scattered amount of Space Marines, a few Tyranids (for now), Skaven, as well as (fantasy) Orcs, although I have nowhere near as many greenskins), and my main focus is purely on fun, with fluff to come as things go. That and I very much so plan on spending a good amount of time on each mini, not just for detail, but to improve my own skills in general. One could potentially argue that I intend on making these guys more of my "showpieces", which is something I don't mind the thought of at all I like how @Glitterwolf formats their posts, so... I'm thiefing parts of it, as it's a nice formatting, and of course provides a reasonable amount of detail for it all, so why not Pictures were taken with my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) because at the time I didn't quite feel like messing around with my G85 - or something to that effect ~_^ First and foremost, we have double trouble with a handsome hunk, I mean a minotaur who means business! 77012 Gnoll Warrior, 77013 Minotaur, and 77236 Bloodmane. White bones doesn't quite look appropriate in my eyes as it's "naked", so let's fix that... ^Both gnolls now have primer on them... And of course the couple of mold lines I missed are blatantly visible... Not that I mind, it's always nice to find them NOW other than a few hours into things... I'm planning on going somewhat darker for their fur, hence why the medium-ish grey priming job. Paint used: 09108 Brush-on Primer 09065 Grey Liner Two parts primer, three parts grey liner, one drop of water to improve flow. ^Not to be outdone, our fearless minotaur jumps into the fray as well, although somewhat lighter than the gnolls. Something about how a fox is thinking about going with a more "traditional" medium brown. Would have used brown liner, but, uhm, don't have that, so grey liner it is. Paint used: 09108 Brush-on Primer 09065 Grey Liner Three parts primer, two parts grey liner, one drop of water to improve flow. ^And since I just had to have him on my last order, here we have most of what I'll call our first leader, or even general of it all, 77376 Minotaur Demon Lord, partially test-fit. I ran out of time to get the mold lines on the other six parts, but I'll be working on that today. Goal is to have him assembled today, and quite possibly primered as well. I'm not quite certain as to precisely what colour I'll be going with on him, but for some reason an almost "aflame" reddish-coppery-orange with hints of brown in it come to mind.
  3. Long time I did not post a little painted guy :) That’s the left over figure from the diorama, so I finally got him paint.
  4. My 5th bust. Forged Monkey - Shaâ un Ram Warrior painted as a Slaangor. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72600-sha%E2%80%99un-ram-tribe-warrior-bust-by-xherman1964/ Hope you like it!
  5. Finished this guy up as part of my son's Dragon Rampant army I'm buying and painting for him for Christmas this year. Super quick, by my standards - 2 hours, including a bunch of time spent messaging a friend. And yeah, I know things are rough and I missed a bunch of mold lines... I'm trying to paint an army, not a competition piece. Comments and criticism welcome!
  6. This is a heavy detailed bust from Legendarion. Meet Gebhuza the Hyena Warrior. In my mind he's an assassin / Bodyguard type, look at all those knives he's carrying besides his sword, I tried to make him into a Spotted Hyena. Hope you guys enjoy him. For those interested the WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62312-gebhuza-hyena-warrior-bust-by-xherman1964/
  7. *** Rise Creatures of Chaos !!!!*** *** It's time for Mankind to fall !!!*** A while ago I purchased this one through the Bay of Evil. It is supposed to be the Forged Monkey's bust. I have some doubts though. It was shown as an original,but it came without the original packing. Also I had to remove a lot of flash and needed heavy greenstuffing.. Could be a knock off. However I will paint it.. Started prepping.
  8. For this particular project, I start in the middle. That is, I already painted up four of #2763, "Shrend, Alligator Man" (by Jason Wiebe) for an over-the-top "Pirates of the Spanish Main" RPG campaign a few years back. One thing I love about this miniature is that the arms and head allow for some slight variation in posing, so even if I have four of them, they don't look like complete clones of each other. Now, a friend of mine is starting an Iron Kingdoms "Unleashed" campaign (after my own Iron Kingdoms campaign wraps up, so we've still got a couple months or so), so our thoughts have turned to writing up characters for this campaign. As it turns out, the "gatorman" race has been pretty popular -- I was even considering one myself, but we've got TWO players in the group (aside from myself) who have settled upon playing a Gatorman. I happen to have a few Iron Kingdoms gators on hand, and the Unleashed box set has "Longchops" -- a big happy gatorman with a rifle. As it turns out, "Shrend" is comparable in size to "Longchops," so it looks like these figures should work nicely! My first step has been to (with some regrets) remove the gatorman minis from the 40x40mm square bases they were on, and place them on 40mm round lipped bases for Iron Kingdoms instead. The integral base on each of the "Shrend" minis actually fits reasonably well into the 40mm lipped base central gap, and I used some putty on each one to pad out the remainder, using a hobby knife to try to add a bit of texture (tangled roots/vines, the occasional boulder) for interest. One of the PCs is going to play a gatorman chef who happens to be a bokor and a bone-grinder in game. A "bokor" is basically a practitioner of magical voodoo who can speak to spirits of the dead, and even raise "swamp shambler" undead servants -- as necromancy is apparently a lot more widely-accepted in the barbaric lands of "Unleashed" than in the big cities of "Iron Kingdoms." A "bone grinder" is a sort of grisly alchemist who takes trophies from slain enemies/creatures and turns them into talismans, potions, and such. In Iron Kingdoms, you pick two professions to combine and largely define your character's starting point. The player is inclined to go for a bit of humor here, so the idea is that I use some putty to give the gator a chef's hat, and he'll have a leather apron. It was suggested that the apron say "Kiss the Croc" on it, but I don't know if the GM will tolerate such anachronisms. The most challenging part will be a weapon swap -- going from the axe and sword currently held, to a two-handed battle hammer that happens to have "tenderizer" spikes/ridges on the face. I'm pretty sure I have a hammer in my "bitz box," but I'll have to hope that it's sufficiently over-sized that it'll look all right in the hands of a gatorman who occupies a 40mm base. Then there's the matter of either bending or replacing the arms for a two-handed stance. Again, scale is a factor here, since this figure is larger than most of my fantasy warrior figures I have "bitz" accumulated for. Instant Mold isn't likely to help me out. Worst-case scenario, I could make wire armatures and use the green stuff, using the existing arms as a guideline for proportions. The other PC is going to be a chieftain/warrior type, and the only specs I have so far for his costume is that he'll have a "big headdress." Toward that end, I've started with an Ogre Kingdoms skull (gator skull?) that was used as a battle standard piece, and affixed that (with a little putty) to the top of the gatorman's head. (This figure is partly obscured in the background in the Longchops comparison picture.) I'll probably dig into my Chaos Marines bitz for some other "barbaric" touches for his headdress and costume. As accessories, where possible to add, I also have a few bitz left over from a Tau Kroot set -- racks of ribs, chunks of meat -- that might be attached to belts, etc., as snacks. (Snacks are VERY important to a gatorman PC -- and to the continued well-being of anyone around him.) My generic base texturing really doesn't scream "swamp!" much, so I'm thinking of trying to make some cattails with pieces of wire and bits of putty. I guess we'll see how that turns out. Other general work will include using some putty or "zap-a-gap" to try to fill in the gaps around the neck joint (as right now it looks almost turtle-like, as if the head is poking out through a hole in an outer shell), and touching up various dings and dents in the original paint jobs, as I've got some metal showing through. Finally, I've found that marking off facing arcs on bases in IKRPG is pretty critical for heading off arguments during battle. (It's one reason why I've found that just using any ol' mini regardless of its basing doesn't work all that well.) Right now, the figures are on some translucent red Malifaux 40mm round bases I got on sale (cheaper than the black bases); I've normally just been painting those over, but I might leave the front arc as-is since the ruby red looks kind of nice. I'll just paint the rear arc black, and then add some divider lines (white) at the edges. More later. :)
  9. Another member of the current band of beastmen (and women). Front view: link NSFW
  10. I started three thugs for my Frostgrave evil warband, but only managed to complete one of them before month's end. and here he is: So, the Brothers Grimm; Billy, Goat and Gruff. This is Goat, the middle one. The two youngest are naturally good at avoiding trolls. 77253: Beastman Warrior 2 Reaper Miniatures, Bones KS2 Bones PVC 30mm base.
  11. Beastman warrior I painted a while back (2015 or so). Painted to look like Moon Clan Goatman from Diablo 2, nothing amazing but gets the job done. Axe is supposed to be mithril.
  12. I've got a new gaming group and they have expressed strong interest in using minis and maps on the table. So I'm looking for figures that fit our characters. We're playing GURPS in a modern alternate universe where magic is real, things are weird, and slightly silly. We've got: -- the genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist -- the sexy female cat burglar with a cat fetish -- a dwarf minotaur, with an axe -- an anthropomorphic cat-man who plays football -- a teenage witch -- a caveman And we're all college students. I'm willing to do basic conversions, in fact I already started chopping up 14131: Elsabeth for the cat burglar (she uses a whip) and I pulled Juliet the mage out of my Bones pile to use for the witch. I'm taking suggestions for the rest, looking for Bones to keep it cheap and easy to do conversions. The minotaur and the cat-man are the ones I think I'll have problems with.
  13. So, here is the first piece I have done after an almost 3 month hiatus. Granted, the picture is a little bleached out due to the bright white of my LED lamp. I think I need a light defuser to offset some of the starkness. At any rate, I painted this one in about 4 and a half hours, using a limited pallet and a few washes. I am trying to ease back into the hobby again. Hope you all like it! CAH
  14. As another part of the 54mm challenge Ub3r N3rd and Dontfear started I have chosen this one from Legendarion. Gebhuza Hyena Warrior Bust, Awesome sculpt, no flash at all... Only the sword is separate so no filling gaps with greenstuff, just clean it, paint it.. The "paint it" part is easier said then done, sooo much detail.. all those knives... He's amazing. So first Pic, right out of the box. Pleas be patient with me, I've got three busts a 54mm and a 28mm on my workbench now.
  15. The first mini I posted in show off was a conversion, using a whole plethora of parts, including a Reaper Aries. Now, most unexpectedly, I managed to rescue the other half of that mini, and I've just gotten her back from Drifter (along with a bunch of others, as I had nothing to transport them home safely in last time I visited him), so having just got home from an event which has left me with a delightful case of the snuffles, I decided to paint her up. Pre-paint photo - https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/12004064_10153319519548451_4452142472692741466_n.jpg?oh=7644bc61478c65c31192f385c917f662&oe=56789FF9(much underboob!) Her body was too short, so I did have to sculpt her a new stomach... This was one of the first things I did, sculpting wise, so it's not incredible, but what do. The big chunky legs she's been given are, unless I'm remembering wrong, from Games Workshop, but yeah... Bit of milliput, bit of poking with a pencil, and there she is. She may not be the most seamless of things, but I was super happy to get her back, and finally slop some paint on. Front view linked for underboob - https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/12003159_10153320842503451_2531991186193805901_n.jpg?oh=193ab5f72eb95e376c0d82fb02c30576&oe=56720FDA Slightly different angle, linked for underboob - https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xlf1/v/t1.0-9/11988588_10153320842553451_7522507180659653723_n.jpg?oh=3bd60913f4344acd3db0cbea16a15b8c&oe=567474E1 So this one's a bit of a bonus mini, really =] as I wasn't expecting to be able to find a use for that top half of Aries when I originally started planning my conversions. Paints used... Oh lawdy. GW Citadel: -Flayed One Flesh -Screaming Bell -Seraphim Sepia -Nuln Oil -Auric Armour -Runelord Brass -Temple Guard Blue -Druchii Violet -Abaddon Black -Khorne Red P3: -Menoth White Highlight -Thamar Black -Bloodtracker Brown
  16. I am making a WIP post on this guy late in the game. I have mostly detail work such as a burning hammer effect and his eyes to complete. I think I also have a couple more layers of skintones to highlight up. Comments and suggestions welcome. There are two in the game and his "brother" is painted along the same general scheme with green as the accent color instead of red to make them easy to distinguish on the tabletop.
  17. Hello friends, I've officially finished 2 of the figures I started painting a week ago at Starbucks. Here are photos of the Beastman of Reven, and the Wraith Harvester. Both figures were speed painted with the Beastman getting about 4.5 hours of work, and the Wraith about 4. Both were also painted using only 6 colors, the same six for both figures; Brown Liner, Red Shadow, Worn Navy, Brilliant Green, Splintered Bone, Sun Yellow. I used my Reaper Round #1 for some details, but mostly just used cheap utility brushes for the 90% of what I painted. These weren't painted to perfection, I just wanted to see what kind of results I could get with 6 colors and to get it done as quickly as possible as a personal challenge. Feedback always welcome.
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