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Found 14 results

  1. I saw this ad in Fantasy Modeling #5 back around '80 or '81 and immediately sent off for the Dragontooth catalog, and promptly bought the dragon. I think it cost something like $20, if you factor in the shipping. I knew when the box containing him arrived, because I think the box must have weighed twenty pounds. He was about the size of my hand, five and a half inches from tabletop to wing tip, and weighed approximately fifty pounds. Solid lead. Eight parts; Two wings, torso, four legs, and the top of his head and upper jaw. Wings would NOT stay on with crazy glue, epoxy, solder, o
  2. I died fairly quickly, that spring of '83. I was, to my shame, only the second to fall. ******************************************************* It was the sort of thing that wouldn't be tolerated these days. NOWADAYS, you see some yahoo running around on the quad with a gun, someone calls 911 and before you know it, you have the cops, the NSA, and Homeland Security on the scene. Back then, it was just another day as a dorm rat. The game was called "KILLER." And it didn't involve real guns, of course. Back then, we didn't even have paintball guns. It was played with water pistols, toy da
  3. NICHOLAS, DUKE OF NOMADS SYMBOLISM: Craftiness, ambition, facial tattoos When reversed, do NOT give money to panhandlers today. When upright, today is a good day to look for treasure in the usual locations, particularly Hot Topic and your favorite hobby shop, but NOT used bookstores; to a Nomad, a book is something you use to level a table with one short leg. QUOTE: "I have something in which you may be interested..." PIFFLE, FOOL OF DRAGONLORDS SYMBOLISM: Humor, fun, sheltered idiocy When reversed, do NOT get into arguments online, and stay away from the comments sections. Whe
  4. I’ve done it. I’ve done it. I’ve finally figured out what my Super Power is. Now guys like Superman, they get the combo platter. Not me. I knew I wouldn’t get anything like that. Hell, I’m amazed I got anything at all, and Murphy’s Law firmly dictates that I wouldn’t get anything USEFUL. At least not without a little thought. For years now, I have not much cared for the chore of grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is a pain in the tuckus. For some reason, in grocery stores, people don’t seem to notice my existence. People blaze in front of me like t
  5. “Well, there’s no such thing as cowboys,” the child said. “They’re imaginary, they’re in movies and TV and stuff. They’re not real. Like Santa Claus and dinosaurs.” The conversation between the sixth graders had been about Halloween costumes, and whether or not Li’l Shannon could reasonably go as a cowboy. Not a cowgirl; a cowboy. Jeans, boots, and so on. She seemed to feel that cowboys were cool, whereas cowgirls were lame, and where does one find pink jeans and pink Stetson, anyway? And Josh blew it all out of the water with “I don’t believe in cowboys. They aren’t real.”
  6. So I hear they're making another Star Trek television series. Apparently, they think this one is so good, people will pay to watch it, like HBO and Game Of Thrones. I have my doubts, but I haven't seen it, so what do I know? Star Trek has had several spinoff series of varying quality. I didn't expect to like Next Generation, but they lucked out with a combination of a cast that could do ANY durn thing (Patrick Stewart's one of the few actors I know of who can literally carry a one man show) and enough good scripts in the first two years to carry them past the bad ones (planet of the black peo
  7. The last time I felt like God was back around 1984, ‘85, or so. I was working for the news department in the campus radio station. On my first day, they showed me the Zombie Wire, the AP ticker where periodically, a bell would ring and the teletype would begin spitting out copy. My job was to rewrite the copy into short lucid bursts suitable for the news reader to read live on the air. One bell meant a standard news feed. Two bells, something important; a Presidential speech, a bank robbery, something. If TWELVE bells were heard, at an odd time, it was something of TRANSCENDENTAL
  8. I teach special education. And sometimes, I use Dungeons and Dragons. Why not? It's a great multifaceted tool and addresses a variety of core standards and diagnostic purposes. 1. You HAVE to read and write in order to play. In particular, if you HAVE a thing, but it is NOT WRITTEN DOWN? You don't have it. I don't care if Odin himself showed up and handed you a zillion gold pieces and the Spear of Destiny, if it isn't written on your sheet? Didn't happen. And if I can't read your handwriting? Didn't happen. Be happy I don't make you put it down in complete sentences. There, see? Now you
  9. A feghoot is a subcategory of “joke” and “pun,” and is sort of a fusion of both. In the case of a standard “joke,” you tell a short story that leads up to a “punchline,” a twist that renders the preceding story funny. A “pun,” on the other hand, is a humorous play on words. A short joke, for example would be “I went to bed last night, and dreamed I was eating marshmallows. Then I woke up, and my pillow was gone.” A pun, on the other hand, would be, “I’m sick of bad chemistry jokes. Let’s barium.” A feghoot is both, with the added element that the recipient m
  10. This one time, many years ago, I got sick. Not HUGELY sick, but snuffly, runny nose, not feeling great, drink lots of liquids, skip work, stay home, and stay in bed sick. A cold. Minor flu. The sniffles. Whaddever you call it. Not sick enough to seek out a doctor, but sick enough that a day or two in pajamas and lots of OJ and chicken soup seemed called for. I lived alone at the time, with two cats, Faust and Chaos, in a small apartment. The bedroom was also the living room, and the main trash can was a large box at the foot of my bed. This made it convenient; sit up, blow nose, toss tissue i
  11. “So what’s a Corn Stalker?†said Little Ricky. “It’s just something I made up,†I said. Oh, wait, no I didn’t. That would have been dull. I don’t DO dull. These kids have a whole lifetime of classes and teachers just as dull as church, and often moreso, and I can’t bring myself to contribute to such delinquency. I got standards, y’know. So I made some more &%$# up. “Weeeeelllll,†I said, because it’s more interesting than “Uhhh...†“....well, you’ve heard of scarecrows, right?†“Yeah,†said Li’l Daryl. “That’s that guy who fights Batman sometim
  12. I've been playing roleplaying games since 1977, and I have seen some things. RPG games are a great way to get to know people, sometimes better than you wanted to. It gives an insight into their thinking, as well. As most of you who know me, in person or by text on a screen, could figure out, I play RPGs for the STORY. I'm a person who enjoys immersion in a narrative, playing a character, building a world and a gripping moment... and poking my head out a little later and oh, my, it's been nine hours, who's chipping in for pizza? Lot of people like that. Others play for different reasons. W
  13. "Um," said Dib. "I... uh... I knock on the door and say 'Can I come in?' " I kept my face impassive. Inwardly, I facepalmed so hard. ************************************* Some friends from out of state had a problem: they were moving back to the Denver area, but needed a place to stay while they got life organized and built up a nest egg and got the kids back in school. So bein' friends of the family, we put them up in the basement; it includes a bedroom, full bath, and the downstairs living area, albeit with a vintage orange velvet couch circa 1973 and my Call Of Cthulhu movie poster in th
  14. Because it has been requested, I am going to try something new. The link below leads to a story that happened to me last year. It is linked due to containing one dirty word. Let me know if the link works, and if I should continue this project/thread/exercise in narcissism... https://www.facebook.com/notes/tom-o-bedlam/bass-ter/953286354693870
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