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Found 1 result

  1. Today, I unveil my first successful sculpt. That I am somewhat PROUD of, that is. I once sculpted a very passable goblin head. In 62mm. Trouble is, it had started out as 25mm. But today, I break the streak of failure; the BLACK GLOBULOID is complete and ready to face off against adventurers! Now, the Monster Manual calls 'em Black Puddings, and I suppose that's what this is, but I find the name indistinct; google "black pudding," and the first thing you get is a bunch of recipe and cooking sites from Yorkshire and suchlike. That's not what I wanted. In Soviet D&D, pudding eats YOU! So this is a Black Globuloid, and you can jolly well use the BP stat block if it suits you, or not. Awhile back at a FLGS, I noted in the glass case full of singles that WotC had released a Black Pudding miniature. It was on a largish base, and was designed like an enveloping wave, big enough that you could put a medium mini INSIDE it, on the same base. I LIKED that idea. And then I priced the single. They wanted fifteen bucks for it. "$15? For something that looks like I could do it in fifteen minutes with... a hot... glue... gun....?" I thought, as the wheels began to spin... And so I began. It started with one of the big Reaper bases left over from a previous Kickstarter; I figured if it didn't work, I could just peel off the hot glue and reuse the base for a more successful project. I then centered a little glass bell jar on the base, and ran a bead of hot glue along the bottom, sorta fastening it to the base... and then building upwards a little... messily and gloppily. From there, I basically built half a birdcage out of hot glue, let it cool, and then carefully pried the bell jar away from the glue. The bottom of the cage came loose from the base in a couple of places, but a dab more hot glue fixed that. And from there, I just glopped hot glue into the gaps in the bird cage... until I had a solid, semicircular wall. Then I stuck the bell jar back in there, and glopped more hot glue over it until it was a sort of breaking wave, then let it cool, popped the bell jar out, and laid a coat of black paint on it, inside and out. It was mostly dry when these pictures were taken, but you can still see a few damp spots. The Dwarf Butcher is included for scale. Altogether, I find it a perfectly acceptable ooze, at the cost of a base, about three mini hot glue sticks and some paint. I do think it'll look even better after a coat of gloss varnish, though. In the course of this post, though, it was mentioned to me that when you beat up on a Black Pudding, it splits into smaller puddings. I guess I'll need to make some more.
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