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Found 23 results

  1. First couple of Halflings for a Blood Bowl team commission. These gals are ridiculously fun to paint. So many silly little details on them! Flocking will be done on everything at one time once everything is painted. 12/31/23 - ALL THE HALFLINGS HAVE BEEN ADDED. Please scroll down to see them all.
  2. Finished the second Treeman for the Halfling Blood Bowl Team. Took me a while to realize that it was a second squirrel IN it's mouth! 😛 Now it's on to painting 14 Halflings! 🤪
  3. Finished the first of two Treemen for a Halfling Blood Bowl team, manufactured by Greebo Games. Painted with Army Painter Speed paints and Pro Aryl. Ton of silly details on these guys! Since they're with a Halfling team, they seem to function as mobile larders as well as heavy hitters, hence all the food they're festooned with!
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/greebo-games/thundercoguarfalconbeards Story By participating in this campaign you fully accept the Terms and Conditions - as stated in the Risks and Challenges section - in their entirety. Depending on the amount of orders received for each project, delivery dates might vary. The initial shipment dates indicated are not final, and even though we're committed to giving all our customers the best service we can, sometimes the amount of orders received might make the final shipment date vary compared to our initial estimates. Please keep this possibility in mind before placing your order. Regarding both the bundles and the stretch goals described above, no swaps of model of any kind are allowed. Therefore, please don’t ask us to swap any stretch goal with other add-ons or any perk models with other miniatures, because that cannot be done. Wait a minute… the estimated delivery time is after only three months? A Greebo campaign?! Oh yes, and here’s why: We’ve started production already! We’re convinced that we can at least reach the main campaign goal, which is why we started the whole manufacturing process. Therefore, the second you complete your Pledge Manager (let us remind you, if you don’t complete it, there will be no shipment, so do it!) your package will be processed and sent, as simple as that. We want to open and close this campaign in a record time, and we’re confident that we can do it! To follow, we would like to demonstrate to you how our renderings are identical to what you will receive: The top image is the digital 3D rendering of the piece, the bottom one is a photo of the actual miniature you will get.
  5. As every year I make at least one Pit Fighter as a sacrifice to a Mordheim revival, I started out early this year. For the holidays, a friend got me the Greenfield Grasshuggers Blood Bowl team, despite me not playing, he said it felt weird to have a team named in my honor but I didn't own it. So instead, he enabled this horror: Out of the cruel depths of Mordheim's cheapest fighting pits comes the never-victor, the eternally battered Halfling Gladiator only known as Bloodytoes! The other is an as-is Ogre Gladiator from Knightmare Models. Delightfully retro.
  6. Here's my team in their new display case. Cheers, H
  7. Hello, and welcome to my first venture into creating a Fantasy Football team! Based upon some of the Demon miniatures I've already produced, it was hard for me to resist making this team, even though having to be proxies for other races/teams was always going to bring its own challenges, but nevertheless, here were are... The team consists of Imps and Behemoths and the idea is to be able to proxy as Halfling, Goblin and Ogre teams (and the Behemoths would totally work as armoured Ogres/Trolls/Monsters in general) and here are some pics of the already created models: Here's the link to the Kickstarter for anyone who might be interested: Hell's Minions There's also plenty of room for input from backers for the rest of the models in the campaign should you decide to join in, thanks for looking!
  8. As soon as I saw these pygmy figures, I'd thought they'd make a great Blood Bowl team. Positional goblins required a few bits and bobs, plus some greenstuff. Here are two trolls, Ripper (star troll), Pogoer, Looney, Fanatic, Doom Diver, Bombadier and a host of regular goblins. Still need to convert one to a 'Ooligan… just haven't had the inspiration yet. May I present: The Sneaky Tikis
  9. Done ! Here is my Nurgle's Vomit Dream Team The names are humorous french names (diseases and so on) The Chaos Beast, Bernard Tumeur : From left to right, the Nurgle warriors : Michel Pustule, Gerard Bubon, Raymond Furoncle, Marcel Verrue From left to right, the pestigors : Robert Pus, Anatole Diarrhée, Roger Morve, Yves Mycose From left to right, the rotten #1 : André Lèpre, Gilbert Gangrène, Jean-Claude Herpès From left to right, the rotten #2 : Daniel Scorbut, Serge vérole, Albert Typhus
  10. So I am interested in trying to play some blood bowl the next time I go to a convention, and wanted to know if I specifically need to use GW mini's or can I bash together my team from mini's I have?
  11. I’ve loved Blood Bowl for a long time, and I was super happy to see Games Workshop bring it back (ok, some of us were playing the whole time, but it is still great to see their new minis and boards). Here’s a team that I got to do for a client. I’ve always favored the Bad Moons, so I was really happy that he wanted these guys in Bad Moon Yellow.
  12. When Super Dungeon Explore first hit the scene, I almost immediately wanted to start making characters from some of my favorite 16 bit JRPGs. For some reason, my favorite characters in Final Fantasy 6 were always the least central ones, but the chances that Sodapop were going to make a suitable Mog or Umaro mini was pretty low. So, when I saw that a local Blood Bowl commissioner had some Big Foot Minis for sale, I had to jump at the chance to make an Umaro. I only had to adjust the hair a little and it was perfect. For Mog, I started out with a Giri creep from the Super Dungeon Goro set (I ended up with lots of extra Giri after the Forgotten King Kickstarter. Anyway, here they are:
  13. A Troll for Blood Bowl, as chosen by my Patrons. Pretty fun to paint, but 19 pieces for a single model is...ridiculous? Also tough to photo - all the deep, crossing-over parts cast big shadows, and in order to light them you get major hotspots elsewhere. I feel he turned out pretty nice.
  14. Just finished my Reikland Reavers, now onto the Gouged Eye. Just finished priming with Army Painter Greenskin. I will update as I go on. These will be getting a simple tabletop paint job as I need to get them done and move on to the other 4 teams I have in my collection. So many minis, so little time.
  15. All of these were commissioned, painted to a display or high tabletop level... Druid Gone Wilder - Privateer Press Artemisa II - for Bloodbowl - RN Estudio, Spain Wood Elf Sorceress - GW Cheerbeer Girls - Valkyries Team for Bloodbowl - Sukkubus Studios Nurse - Valkyries Team for Bloodbowl - Sukkubus Studios Markers - Valkyries Team for Bloodbowl - Sukkubus Studios A couple of others for Bloodbowl - Willy Miniatures
  16. NEWS FLASH! A Mad Goblin has been seen wandering our peaceful streets, allegedly armed with a sack full of explosive devices & waving one about while laughing maniacally. The local constabulary will soon have this Mad Person in custody. Public laughter is not tolerated in these parts: ...with a slightly better look at the bomb: ...the Little Loony will soon be deported to distant Indianapolis. He's destined/doomed to be a hired sword in an all Orc & Goblin Mordheim Campaign....AND good riddance!
  17. This is an old Ral Partha miniature that has been re-purposed into a Blood Bowl coach (this one was for a client, but I've definitely considered getting one of her myself). She has a certain Elmore style about her that really works, and the sculpting was better than I expect from minis the same age (especially on the face). Anyway, here she is:
  18. I working for a long time on my first Blood Bowl Team. The Muddy Nunstoppables I'm doing the lust details and varnishing, now and will present them hear. First the Linewoman:
  19. Here are some pictures of a minotaur I made for one of my Blood Bowl teams. He's pretty big for the game, but reposing the plastic minotaur was a whole lot of fun. The colors match the other minis on the team. Here he is:
  20. I seem to be doing a lot of side projects lately. This is the Ultimate Halfling Team by Willy Miniatures funded through Indiegogo. All the Halflings are now finished although I still need to paint the three treemen that came with the team. Those are primed and ready to paint just looking for a little inspiration. These were first shown in the painting binge thread. Here is the team shot and one of the close up shots. If you would like to see more then head over to my blog at: http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2013/11/painting-ultimate-halfling-team-for_30.html#comment-form
  21. I haven't posted pictures here in a long time but I just finished these and figured I would. I just finished this little Blood Bowl side project. I needed a distraction from my western town of Calamity as I was definitely in a rut with that and this looked like something that wouldn't take to much time. One of my buddies is heavily into Blood Bowl so I set out to find a team that looked like it would be fun to paint. This team, from Neomics,of biker dwarves, with a couple of fill ins from Gaspez-Arts, fit the bill. Here are some team pictures (which have been cropped because the cheerleader is NSFW). The bases still need a little work but I'm calling this project done since I can pack it up and take it to a game. Not my best work by any means but they will look fine on the table. I have a lot of individual shots (along with uncropped team shots) on my blog: link
  22. The Atlantic Coast Charity Cup is coming up, and I got the chance to paint the official scheme for their tournament mini. Well, here he is.
  23. Well, I don't know that there's a whole lot else to say about them. Most of them are pretty old minis (they came out with the 3rd edition of Blood Bowl, and I bought them and left them unpainted for quite a while...). I converted a minotaur from the plastic kit- I'll get some photos up of him later.
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