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Found 23 results

  1. Middara - Unintentional Malum: Act 1 (aka. Middara) was a Kickstarter game that one of my friends picked up and brought me (and two other people) in to play on a regular basis. It was so much fun that, when they re-ran the Kickstarter, one of the other players and I backed it to play with other friends of ours. Middara is a story based, cooperative dungeon crawl. Your characters each have a special ability unique to them, but none push you to build your character in a specific way. All the characters are equally good in any given role. Another thing I like about the game is the
  2. Hello folks! AngerSmash will be launching in Kickstarter on September 15, 2021 and you may now follow the project with this pre-launch link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uncreatedspace/angersmash-a-game-making-fun-of-your-anger But before launching on Kickstarter, I wanted to get some pre-feedback on the game box design that we've come up so far. Please refer to the photo below. We'd love to hear your thoughts! Thank you so much! 🙂 (August 27) Edit: Just finished reading the guidelines, so far I think I might not be violating any rules, except fo
  3. Kemet: Blood and Sand is a reworking/second version of the popular game Kemet. Set in Ancient Egypt, you gain powerful abilities and monsters by building pyramids of various colors. Emerald/Green is a completely new color to this version and adds new mechanics and a bit more of a sinister feel. It brings in the ability to sacrifice your troops for enhanced powers, and summoning gods to the table that behave similar to, but slightly different from, creatures. In addition, if you want a more Lovecraftian feel, you can replace the two core gods with Lovecraftian gods/monsters that are mechani
  4. Kemet: Blood and Sand is a reworking/second version of the popular game Kemet. Set in Ancient Egypt, you gain powerful abilities and monsters by building pyramids of various colors. Onyx/Black was first introduced in an expansion to the original game, but it is now part of the core game of Kemet. All the Onyx figures - Spear Clan Mercenaries - Sword Clan Mercenaries - Khnum's Sphinx - Griffin Sphinx - Amout, The Soul Devourer -
  5. Kemet: Blood and Sand is a reworking/second version of the popular game Kemet. Set in Ancient Egypt, you gain powerful abilities and monsters by building pyramids of various colors. White/Diamond was the last color that was in the original core game. It is mainly focused on economic power, so there are only two creatures. Diamond duo - The Deep Desert Snake - The Mummy -
  6. Kemet: Blood and Sand is a reworking/second version of the popular game Kemet. The original game had 3 colors of power tiles, with a 4th in an expansion. This new version has 5 colors total, 4 of which can be used in a 5 player game. You can buy power tiles to make your armies better, or get more stuff, or to command monsters on the table. I am a little worried there will be some confusion as there are red armies as well, but honestly, if you can't remember if the giant scorpion is on your side or not, you probably need to pay attention more. Ruby has the most creatures (sort
  7. Kemet: Blood and Sand is a reworking/second version of the popular game Kemet. Set in Ancient Egypt, you gain powerful abilities and monsters by building pyramids of various colors. If you work on you Sapphire pyramid, you can buy some of the creatures featured below (assuming your opponents don't grab them first). The blue crew - Ancestral Elephant - The Sphinx - The (optional) Sandworm -
  8. I started painting the figures in Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower mostly to get myself back into the groove after not painting for a while. Which is a good thing since I just got two Kickstarters that have a few more minis that may need painting up. Adventure Tactics is a campaign style board game that feels a lot like the video game Final Fantasy Tactics (and similar, I preferred Vandal Hearts). It isn't as heavy as Gloomhaven or Middara, which is fine. Choosing your character and how they level is where a lot of the fun for this game comes from. Your wizard can become a
  9. CLANK! is a great deck building game where you are a thief trying to rob some sort of ruin better than your peers, while trying not to attract the attention of the resident dragon. CLANK! Legacy adds a story element where you are building a franchise of Penny Arcade's Acquisition Incorporated, so not only do you have to loot better loot than the other players, but you also have to build the franchise WITH the other players. CLANK! Legacy is also a bit more expensive than the original game for all sorts of reasons, but one of the things they added were miniatures for the characters.
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1296268806/board-game-bag-and-board-game-calendar/description This is an updated, as in reinforced, version of the bag first brought out by Board Game Tables .com With an advertised interior dimension of 12"x12"x20" / 31CMx31Cmx51CM this bag will easily accommodate several of the Reaper Paint Boxes [which are enough larger than a Plano deep tackle box to make it difficult to find a tote for] plus all your painting supplies, including an OTT Light in padded security. I'm picking up a couple of these for my own paints and boardgames G
  11. Hi, I'm pleased to share this awesome kickstarter from Cryptozoic, The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary. It's based off the AMC series The Walking Dead. I apologize I should have posted this sooner, just been very busy. But there are still 5 days left to join, and I think it's totally worth it! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cze/the-walking-dead-no-sanctuary The game design looks intriguing, designed by brothers Adam and Brady Sadler. The figures are exceptional, very finely detailed and sculpted by Stephan. I was really impressed how well they came out. I was asked to paint some of t
  12. I did a quick paint of some game pieces taking up space. I didn't do a WIP but took a few pics during, if people want to see. The cat got one of my fave pieces, the third punk. I didn't have orange paint handy, so I used yellow. The other base colors were ashen blue/rosy skin, and Brown liner. I also tried a flesh wash out of curiosity. Unlike the last set, I remembered blood, but couldn't find the nice dried blood brown color, so not as gory as planned.
  13. Mice & Mystics is a decent board game and a great one for playing with the family. Unfortunately, the box insert could not be more terrible. I didn't take a picture, but it is just one diver straight down the middle of the box. It is so terrible that I went searching online for a solution. After coming across a set of plans on BGG, I found that I was not alone in wanting a better solution. It took a couple of hours, but I now have a great game organizer. I modified things a little. Made a couple sections a little bigger, and added a flat piece to go on top of the components an
  14. Well, it took me long enough but I finally finished painting an entire board game's worth of minis. The final minis I painted were a cluster of Space Bugs! Thematic paint used - Hazard Yellow for the eyes. And, since I finally painted all the minis, here they all are (well, at least one of each) for a group photo. Time to get this to the table.
  15. I actually painted these up a few months ago but finally got around to photographing them. I wound up using the camera on my phone because I was having a difficult time trying to get the focus right for my real camera. I debated long and hard about doing their eyes, but since these are for a board game, I decided to leave well enough alone. My skill isn't quite up there yet. Thematic paint used: Punk Rock Pink on the Yeoman's space suit Only some space spiders left, and some touch up work on some other models and this game will be complete!
  16. Armored Coreâ„¢ RTS is a real time strategy board game where all players pilot mechs, fire weapons, activate equipment and direct support troops simultaneously. This new system captures the speed of the video games in a smooth, accurate and action-packed flow that's compressed into a series of 20 minute missions. This officially licensed version of Armored Coreâ„¢ has been designed to be fast to setup, fast to teach and fast to play. Featuring unique components like LED pointers built into each miniature's base to provide instantaneous line of sight as well as physical buildings to provide c
  17. The roots of my obsession can be traced back to this glorious game, this box of wonder and enchantment that combined adventure in a magical dungeon with cool little figures and furniture. It was like a Hyborian Age doll's house, but you got to play a game with it, too! So naturally, as soon as I was all grown up with a job and access to internet auctions, I bought copy of HeroQuest to recapture the magic of my youth. Then another two copies, because reasons. Plus some expansions. Anyway, this is what I've got: That's three copies of the base game (one of which came with triple the ca
  18. Brains in a Jar from Stronghold Games "Space Cadets: Away Missions", a dungeon crawl style cooperative board game set in the classic sci-fi movies of the 50's and 60's. The original concept of the Brain in a Jar was, sadly, lacking a glass jar. The final version is a two part mini with a removable "glass" top and it looks much better, even unpainted. NOTES: I didn't paint directly underneath the brain because I was afraid the jar wouldn't fit back on or be able to be removed again if it did go back on. However it is much more visible than I thought it would be and now I'm debatin
  19. Space Cadets: Away Missions is a cooperative, dungeon crawl style of game set in the era of classic science fiction. Stronghold Games funded the game through Kickstarter in order to add some nicely detailed minis to the game, and by the end they included over 100 minis in the game. For a board game, they are very nice minis and while they are mostly fine as is, they are practically begging for a good paint job. Before I tackled the heroes and classic, Mars Attacks! style aliens, I quickly pained up the Space Leeches and Sentinels to see how they would look.
  20. Hi folks, My name is Ruben Segura, producer of Koti Games, a company founded by an enthusiastic group of professional entrepreneurs. Together, we have over 30 years’ experience working in leading companies in the videogame industry. Since we all love games, we have some exciting news that we believe you might consider interesting. We will be soon launching our next project: Battle Arena Show, an innovative board game inspired by the style of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) videogames. At April 7th the Battle Arena Show's Kickstarter campaign will be launched. Battle Arena Sh
  21. The second CMON Expo is taking place in Atlanta from May 23rd to May 25th. The web page with additional information is here: http://www.cmonexpo.com Painting Contest There are 13 categories within the show, and bronze, silver and gold placements will be awarded in each. The best in show of the entire contest becomes a Crystal Brush qualifier, winning airfare to the finals, but this is not the Crystal Brush itself, and you do not need to be a painter of international renown to enter or win a placement! Painting Seminars and Events Painting guests include me (Wren, aka Rhonda Bende
  22. Thyrm is doing a WIP of his Talisman figure painting in the WIP forum and I'd mentioned that put some paint on my Talisman figures last year. He asked to see them so now you all have to suffer my mediocre painting and awful photography! These are board game pieces so I opted for some simple base coats and brushing on Army Painter Strong Tone. It's not high class stuff, but they have a very good protective coat and were super fast. Plus, they look better than plain old gray plastic! This is all the figures from the Talisman box, Highlands Expansion, and Grim Reaper Expans
  23. http://www.kickstart...an-gaming-board Thought I'd share the Kickstarter page for this, in case there are other Settlers of Catan fans here. This is an officially licensed board for use with Settlers of Catan. The board will make it possible to play on uneven surfaces, pick up the game board, and ensure all the hex tiles stay in place. I think this looks fantastic, and I look forward to watching it's progress and stretch goals.
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