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  1. I've painted up a few members of my 5e adventuring party, and decided to paint one up for the DM as well. Since we seem to be fighting a lot of undead I decided to go with an undead guy. But lest the GM get too confident, I gave him a "very special" cloak. There's quite a bit of unpainted or just primer spots on the guy, but when the DM saw him on Saturday he couldn't tell it wasn't done. Since I've been in kind of a slump lately, I just fixed a few spots and called him finished. I'm very happy with how the cloak came out, despite the fact that I used ridiculous colors for it. I think it's because I really got a lot of contrast in there, and also while I didn't spend a ton of time blending, I did use more steps than usual which paid off. The base color for the cloak is RMS Breast Cancer Awareness pink (for maximum irony on a skeleton), shaded down to Red Shadow and up to nearly white. As usual, the pictures don't quite capture the right color - it's a pink that leans slightly towards magenta.
  2. My next installment in my monthly Reaper Chibi, Gus. He was an experiment slightly mono-chromatic. I used various shades of blues in all but the highest white. Thanks for viewing and any C&C.
  3. Over halfway through the month and I decided I needed to start my next reaper Halloween chibi. So random draw at the start of the month was Gus. I had him all prepped up over the month. So I started him up today. Base coat of RMS Ghost White. Not original I know, but I wanted to go blue. So I shaded down with 3 layer of a mix of ghost white and sapphire blue. After that I blended back in some ghost white. Then I highlighted up with Pure White. I then base coated the chains with a mix of cloudy grey and sapphire blue. Here is what I wound up with after all that.
  4. I did her in more muted to colors just to see what I could do with them. I also decided on red eyes as I did not want her to be so warm and friendly in appearance.
  5. I paint this one a couple of years ago. I did not want a pale ghost. I wanted one that was bright and vibrant. So here she is (despite needing a few touch-ups)
  6. This guy was a TON of fun to paint! I was originally going to paint him up all steampunk-ish for NomadZeke for the Secret Sophie 2014 exchange, but the more I looked at him, the more I kept thinking how easy it would be to make him look like Red from the movie Hellboy (though I drew inspiration more from how he looked in the sequel); albiet a mirror-image, since Red's big arm is supposed to be on the right. :) I filed off all the buttons down the front (with a mental apology to the sculptor), carved the goggles to look a bit more like sawn-off horns, and carved off most of the patterning on the big gauntlet-thing. I contemplated adding in a tail, but couldn't figure out a way to do it that wouldn't look really strange. I then put down several coats of Reaper's Brush-on Sealer over his shirt to smooth out the little pits and scratches left from my conversion. I free-handed his abs on (poorly) because it's a tight t-shirt, so it would look silly for the outline of his pectorals to be visible, but not his abdominals. I...need a lot of practice with freehanding, lol. It looks a lot better when it's not under a spotlight. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D EDIT: Changed the tags
  7. From Reapers FaceBook page. Expected for Valentines. It's like Reaper listens to us.
  8. Well, I 'finished' her. I see in the pictures a few touch ups I missed, but that always seems to be the case for me. "Woo hoo, finished. time to take pictures" turns into "wait, dangit, I missed a spot, or three, or twenty" But I'm not going to set up my photo rig again, so this is it for pictures (unless someone suggests something I just have to try) I totaly forgot to go back and re-line the familiar for example, but you know what? at this point, I don't really care a whole lot. I'll fix it when I start my next project. As always, comments and critiques are eagerly desired. Trust me, they all help me get better, and that's important to me.
  9. So, I did her for a Halloween contest last year, but I wasn't happy with her, and being the season again, I decided she needed a redo, with my somewhat improved skills. So I stripped her and started again. Because of her...limited choice of clothes, and the season, I've come to refer to this figure as the queen of Pumpkin Cheesecake in my own mind, hence the file name. Primed and lined, and more or less sitting properly on her base. Going to add a few things to clean up the look when I finish her, so ignore the bit of tab sticking up. Heather blue slobbered on her main clothes. Just for a covering layer under the purple. Even with the heather blue, it took a couple of layers to get the base of imperial purple. Lovely colour, but it suffers from poor coverage. The black however didn't. and only took a single thinned coat to cover in most places.
  10. Earlier this year Reaper added the Deadlands Noir collection to Savage Worlds. When I saw those figures in the Preview Gallery I knew I had to have them. They are all sculpted by Bob Ridolfi and as such they have loads of character. Also, there is enormous room for creative interpretation with these sculpts. Although I was not able to do so, those of you who want to work in greyscale will find these the perfect figures for that technique. I carved the base myself from Sculpey. Thank you for looking!
  11. The adventure continues. First up, the only Reaper mini I've stumbled across in the several lots I've bought on Ebay, a Guardian Wraith by Bob Ridolfi: I recently saw dispensed some advice about highlighting black with turquoise. So I tried that, here--a very light turquoise. I liked the looks of it, so I also used that for the detailing on the shield, hoping to get a glowing look. And then there's Lanah the Lost, Barbarian Princess, from Ral Partha's Fantasy Adventurers line: My first bikini-babe warrior-chick. Love love love this sculpt, even if it is a little ridiculous. I really made an effort not to holdback with the highlights on her. I double washed with Reaper's flesh wash and then dry-brushed with what I felt was a super-light tone to try and make her pop. Also, the first butt cheeks I've painted. And finally Grenadier's Necromancer (or Illusionist (Evil): Another sculpt I love (though it's a wee wonky in a couple spots). I really wanted to embrace the Necromancer sort of feel to this piece that was at least sometimes billed as a necromancer, so I thought blue was the way to go. Hoping it's popping. I also assumed it to be glowing, and I tried to limit my highlighting to areas affected by that glow--not OSL or whatnot, obviously, but I'm kind of feeling that general territory out. Don't know if it even remotely makes sense as-is or not. But. Yeah. Also tried making a little wood grain on the staff. As always, I'm totally open to feedback, especially if it'll help me improve. Thanks for looking.
  12. When I wandered onto the Reaper store today I saw the newly released Savage Worlds minis sculpted by Bob Ridolfi and painted by forum member Wren. They're really nice, and Wren's atmospheric paint jobs (all black and white and grayscale with a single color for accent) totally bring out their retro noir eerie preternatural look. I especially like the a woman in a spiffy vintage outfit with a gun, the African-American sorcerer, and the mad scientist, but they're all welcome additions. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Savage%20Worlds/sku-down/59036 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Savage%20Worlds/sku-down/59037 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Savage%20Worlds/sku-down/59038 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Savage%20Worlds/sku-down/59039 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Savage%20Worlds/sku-down/59040 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Savage%20Worlds/sku-down/59041
  13. Finally finished him. My TMM needs work, as does some of my blendings on the wings,but now that I have a slow dry/blending medium to play with, we will maybe see a new level in my mini painting. Still, here he stands, as is. Wyrmgear the Eternal
  14. Here is Bob Ridolfi's Incredible Woman. I went for an outfit idea based upon a super hero character of mine. The base is my own sculpt, a broken street which is her usual entrance.
  15. Okay, I'm going to try it this way. Originally I tried to post links to all of my current painted pieces, but apparently there were some issues for some in viewing them. So, I'm going to try posting just a couple of them here one at a time for size conservation. If you'd like to view any of my other painted pieces please do, they can be found on my Deviant Art profile page. This piece is Ellen Stone, scuplted by Bob Ridolfi.
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