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Found 220 results

  1. Bobby Jackson's Darkshade Raider. Thought this mini was so cool; had a beast of a time painting it. But yeah. Still love her motion et al. Also turned into my first messing around with basing, such as it is. Saw this stuff post-Christmas at Hobby Lobby, all marked down, some Santa's Village kind of stuff I guess, and thought it'd be useful for something. Didn't buy it, though. Then my wife went back the next week, saw it marked down even more, and snagged it for me. I married very well. Anyway, it's just a roll of felt-y plasticky whatevery stuff. I disassembled all but the top layer with the actual paving stones and then just glued it on, cut a hole for the tab, and bam. Democracy. Or something. More crappy pictures (still the same batch as before with all the trouble I was having), and of course poor painting. But a lot of fun. Thanks for looking!
  2. Heya, so this is the first thing I've finished in over a year. I painted some goblins for bloodbowl half way through the year, but never really finished them properly. Overall I'm pretty happy with this guy. The potions went from rainbow, side pouches, front belt and then the back potions. I got better as I went along. As far as the pictures go - well apparently I need to practise that some more as well. For his base I went with checkerboard (love the checkerboard pattern) and I carved out some holes for a splash damage effect. It doesn't show too well below. But looks quite good on the table top.
  3. Hey all, I thought you might like to see this--and that I should publicly apologize to Derek Schubert. ;) My gaming buddy wanted a male half orc fighter/paladin, and Derek's Irabeth is the best half orc fighter type in the shop, so I decided to try my hand at little (get it? it's a miniature!) gender reassignment. I would say I did some sculpting, but really it was mostly filing and grinding, though I did have to bulk up his waist. Irabeth is a tough lady, but had a very girlish waist. I painted his face to be a little more masculine, including some awesome muttonchops and a scowl. The metallic paints are from Scale75. It was the first time I had used them and I like them a lot, though they have a tendency to separate on the palette. This is meant to be a gaming level paintjob, as well as an experiment with the new metallics. What do you think? Suggestions for next time?
  4. I was messing with trying to get the parchment looking right and forgot to put words on it. I also messed with doing lightening. I think I failed rather badly at that part, but at least it does not look horrid in spite of that failure.
  5. A speed paint, only took me 5 hours...um that's fast for me. :-) Well, 5 hours to paint him and a month to get him based. ;^) He's a little sparkly in places. While I was working on him, I accidently rinsed my brush out in my metallics water cup. Oops. The figure and base were from the Box of Goodwill. Thanks BoG :-) Thanks for looking. As always, C&C welcome.
  6. I wanted to create a fairy tale atmosphere for an unusual subject. Goblins don't get much love but they don't see themselves as evil creatures. So I give you the proud hero of Goblin town, slayer of 20 men, keeper of the shiny armor and his faithful charger Bert. His armor was a test of the Scale 75 nmm sets, which I love and the rest was done in badger paints and ghost tints with some GW washes. ETA: Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
  7. Here's my version of this new sculpt from Bobby Jackson; I have a feeling she's going to be as popular as Alastriel and Juliette, both of whom I'm assuming sell a lot. She was painted with a Reaper Master Series Round #1 and the following 10 Reaper Master Series Paints: Brilliant Green, Black Green, Fair Skin, Pure White, Sun Yellow, Redstone, Red Shadow, Auburn Shadow, Dark Elf Shadow, Mint Green. C&C always welcome form any level painter.
  8. I painted up 77034 Male High Wizard for the 2014 Summer figure exchange, and he's now happily living at Siri's place. :) WIP thread is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56488-77034-male-high-wizard-by-oneboot/ Lots of pictures incoming! This sculpt is just filled to bursting with personality, so many fun little details to paint! My favorite is the tiny lizards; the other one is just barely visible diving behind the skull in the 4th and 5th pictures. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  9. Finished up the month with Bobby Jackson's Satheras, Elf Warlock. This is the metal version. I'll be using him as an NPC in the Pathfinder Game I'm running--Gerinnes Lefelen, an elven wizard who's the de facto ruler of a town and the PC's benefactor . . . for now. Mwah ha ha. I'd had this mini on my to-get list for quite some time, having wanted to paint it since the moment I saw it, but I must confess that once I started getting into it I found the robes a little silly, regarding what's part of what and what's not. I just kind of winged it, in the end, hehe, without being altogether sure how it should go. But it was still pretty fun. Thanks for looking! Comments and criticism are always appreciated.
  10. I would like to present my take on Turanil in bonesium: This is my first mini done entirely using NMM for things metallic, and it is a technique I really want to master, especially after working on this figure. I see lots of room for improvement: getting the blends right for the light getting that entire contrast thing down picking a good set of colors to work with I painted myself into a bit of a corner on the last item. I ended up basecoating a lot of the figure in pure black, which in hindsight was a mistake for how I approached the subsequent layers (thin paint takes a looong time to layer over black). Lots to learn! Your critiques and comments are very welcome. Please do not hold back!
  11. It has been months since I picked up the brush to paint for more than 15 to 30 minutes at a sitting. Now that I have a health issue managed and under control, I can finally get back to painting! I have a list of projects I would like to finish by the end of the year, so I'm working on a piece or two to get back into practice. I have long admired NMM, so I decided to give it a go and see if I can learn the technique. Turanil has a variety of surfaces to practice my blending, so here we go. I started in on his cloak, working with a base coat of carnage red, followed by shading with deep red and brick red, then working the midtone back in with blood red. Highlights are, so far, a mixture of blood red and burnt orange. The front of the cloak shows plenty of interesting folds, which were really helpful in setting of the blends. I like obvious and logical folds (thank you Bobby Jackson!). I see a need to push the highlights up more, so I'll be going back and working up to pure burnt orange. I am hesitant to go much further into yellow. The back of the cloak is flatter, which begs for some freehand work, but also makes placing the shadows a bit harder. I definitely need to spend more time there to get the right contrasts in place.
  12. So here we go again. Another WIP Let's see if I can keep up with it as well, or better than the last one. here he is lined, and cloak done in Dark Elf Flesh. and to prove I really am bad for stopping in between, Here is his tabbard, mostly done, and looking far smoother than I would have thought I could manage. 1/1 mix of carnage red and oiled leather for the base, brought up with palomino gold, and down with a bit of leather brown
  13. So yes, I have actually been painting stuff, even though I haven't been good about updating my WIP. Here's my latest. Comments and critiques eagerly desired. Anything to get better is a good thing, even if it means pointing out everything I did wrong.
  14. After a lot of trail, error, frustration, and procrastination I finally am happy enough with Renault to call him good and put him up on the show-off thread. This was a lot of learning trying to get the NMM on his body armor done to look passably right and the TMM on his shield/sword done. If you are interested, here's the start of his WIP in my WIP thread, be warned it gets chatty in there though. This figure is Duke Gerard (Reaper Bones SKU #77063) sculpted by Bobby Jackson, but I did convert his sword by taking the scimitar from the Iconic Pathfinder Cleric (bones version). For my purposes, he is a figure to be used at my group's Pathfinder Table and his name is Renault, Paladin of Iomedae. Without further ado: C&C are welcomed and appreciated!
  15. This one is a speed paint for gaming. I wanted for a while to try painting a miniature with an almost-all brown palette, and with this mini in the queue, it seemed a good match. I painted this figure once before, 3 years ago, and I probably did a better job that time, but I put many, many more hours on it then. This one probably only took about 5 hours, not including basing. I made a custom enlarge base again, too, which is becoming standard for my fighter-type gaming figures. And here's the version I painted three years ago, for comparison:
  16. When you are a baddie, you should be really, really, really bad. Anval is my second bones mini fully painted, not counting a couple of rat piles. I gave myself no more than six hours to finish him up to the point I was willing for him to appear on the table. That goal was met...with me kicking and screaming the entire way. "I'll pose for my portrait before hitting you with my oversized axe." "Does this make my back look bigger?" Given the time deadline I set, I spent far too much time working on his skin, which forced me to use all kinds of shortcuts for the rest of him. Instead of my normal (glacial) layering and glazing approach, I had to use less-thinned paint to simply get faster coverage of the model. I used washes to get the shading done, a technique I tend not to use that often. I also used simple edge highlighting on the leather bits instead of multiple passes. All in all, it was good to get out of my normal workflow and think more creatively about how to paint. Speed painters...I have nothing on you (yet).
  17. Here are two more speed-painted tabletop figures for D&D. They are Reaper Bones line versions of 02811 Dain Deepaxe and 60044 Damiel Iconic Alchemist. They took me longer than my last speed-paint, because they are more detailed. (Darn Damiel and his fiddly bits!) But they still are speedy for me, about 5-6 hours each, instead of my usual 12-15. They each have a coat of gloss, covered by a coat of matte, for heavy handling, and so they have a few shiny spots here and there.
  18. Thanks to some great advice from the wonderful folks here, I've picked my next project. Overall, the goal is to paint two minis prior to watching the Haley/Forester DVD collection, then paint those same two again after to see how much I can improve things. As always, C&C is appreciated, Setup is pretty basic, using all Reaper paints from the Learn To Paint Kits (1-5) with the addition of the Army Painter Strong Tone and the Fair Skin Triad. Brushes are from those kits supplemented by 2 W&N Series 7 (2/0 and 4/0) and a new Reaper size 2. Got a start on the first last night, 03547 Juliette, Wizard by Bobby Jackson. Started with the eyes, which were a ton easier on this mini than any of the previous humanoid ones. They're nice and big, and the right (our left) is easy to access. The other is slightly hidden behind some hair, so it was a bit more of a pain. Eyes were done by painting the socket Walnut Brown, then coming back in with thinned Linen White, with Walnut Brown again for the pupil. Skin that's been done is all the Fair Skin triad, done as outlined in L2PK4, just enhanced a bit. Started with the shadow colour (Fair Shadow oddly enough), then layered up 50/50 Fair Shadow/Fair Skin leaving blocked out bits of the Fair Shadow to suggest muscle. On top of this was straight Fair Skin in a smaller area, then 50/50 Fair Skin/Fair Highlight, up to straight Fair Highlight. Just to bring a little more detail to the face, I took Blood Red and thinned it down about 1:10 paint/water, then used that to layer up some red on the lips. Turns out this was pretty messy (she ended up looking like a bad Joker ripoff there for a while...), so I had to do a fair amount of touch up to get that right. Once I was done with all that, I tried to darken the shadows a bit with a wash of the Army Painter Strong Tone, but that appears to have been pretty messy. Notes to Self: 1. Primer (Krylon) didn't cover near as well as it appeared, need to touch this up with the Reaper Brush on Primer 2. Fix the right (her left) leg, shadows are too big at the top and under the knee 3. Fix the left (her right) hand, wash made it awfully messy 4. Cover up that awful Strong Tone mess on her chest/neck
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