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Found 43 results

  1. Chris Palmer

    Village Rioter (Bones)(77140)

    Knowing I would be short of time for painting this past week due to Spring Break traveling, I skipped doing another figure from the Bones I Kickstarter "Necromancers" set that I had been working on recently, and instead selected one of the simpler figures from the Bones I Kickstarter "Townsfolk II" set to paint: the Village Rioter. I did a quick tabletop paint job on him and think he turned out pretty good. As always, C & C welcome.
  2. Chris Palmer

    Malek, Necromancer (77172)(Bones)

    Last week, before I left for the Cold Wars miniatures gaming convention in Lancaster, PA (Hopefully some photos from that on the House Tabletop thread later today!), I put the finishing touches on Malek Necromancer from the Bones I Kickstarter Necromancers set. I'm now half way through this set, with two done, and two to go. After he was painted (for tabletop use), and sprayed with Dullcote, I superglued a green nail-art gem to the circle at the top of his staff. I think this detail turned out pretty nifty. As always, C & C welcome.
  3. Chris Palmer

    Ghoul Queen (Bones) (77175)

    This past week I started working on the Bones 1 Kickstarter "Necromancers" set, and over the weekend I finished painting the Ghoul Queen figure from this set. I had previously modified this figure, removing one of the scabbards she originally came with. You can find the thread where I showed the conversions I did, here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/67463-quick-and-easy-ghoul-queen-sword-conversion-bones-77175/ I painted and based her for tabletop use, to use as my Necromancer apprentice for Frostgrave. I'm generally pleased with how she turned out, though the highlighting on the scabbard bones came out a little heavy-handed. As always C-and C welcomed.
  4. I wanted to add a couple properly snow based necromancers to my Frostgrave collection, so I looked through the Bones I "Necromancers" set and selected two, one of which was the Ghoul Queen. I figure she will make a good apprentice for my Necromancer warband. As I studied the figure, I was bothered by the fact that she seemed to be wearing two scabbards, one with a sword and the other empty. I thought the empty scabbard looked kind of useless and redundant, so decided I would reduce her scabbard count down to one, and make it one that had a sword in it. Now, the easy thing to do would have been to remove the top sword, which is a glued on addition anyway, cut the hilt off and then glued the hilt to the empty scabbard. But the scabbard on her back is the cooler one with the bone additions, so some more intensive surgery would be necessary. First thing I did was use my hobby knife to pry the bone-scabbard sword off her back. Next, I very carefully cut the empty scabbard below the lower attachment ring, and then sliced it off the back of her dress. I then took the bone-scabbard sword, and cut it into four pieces, hilt, center section, lower section, and the little pin knob that fit into the hole in her back. After the surgery, it was a simple matter to glue the lower half of the bone-scabbard in place, then attach the hilt, and secure the cords hanging from it to the empty scabbard piece that remained below her right hand. I then glued the pin knob into the hole in her back and when it was dry, I sliced it down to be even with her back. I'm really pleased with how this conversion turned out. In my opinion, it makes the figure look much more streamlined and less busy. As always, C & C welcome.
  5. Chris Palmer

    Orc Berserkers, converted (Bones)(77059)

    This past weekend, I finished up the four Orc Berserker figures from the Bones 1 "Orcpocalypse" add-on set. I tried to do minor conversions to each figure to give them a little individuality. Armed with my hobby knife and some Gorilla superglue gel, I had fun cutting, repositioning and gluing the orcs to make each one look a little different. Looking at the row below; The first orc is the untouched basic figure. The second has had his forearms flipped around and repositioned opposite of the way they were, so the sword now is in front of the orc. I also replaced the sword blade with one from one of the Orc Stalker figures. The third orc has had the sword removed, his hands drilled out, and a toothpick spear-shaft inserted. I borrowed the spearhead from one of the Orc Hunter figures. The fourth orc, has had his forearms removed and replaced with a pair from one of the Orc Stalker figures. With surgery complete, I went to work giving them a quick tabletop paint job. I'm happy how they turned out, and I think they work well as individuals even though they're the same basic sculpt. As always, C & C welcome.
  6. Chris Palmer

    Liela, Dark Elf Wizard (Bones)(77121)

    For those that have followed along with my "All Bones About It" blog, where I'm chronicling my effort to paint all the Bones 1 Kickstarter figures I purchased, I was happy today to have reached the 200th figure out of the 266 that I am painting from Bones 1. It feels good to hit another milestone on this adventure! It seems all down hill from here, with only 66 figures left to go. With some real determination I think I can get it done by the end of the year. Currently I'm working on the Dark Elves set, and this past week I completed Liela, Dark Elf Wizard, from that set. I did a quick table-top paint job on her, and I'm generally pleased with it except I feel her face came out rather flat, and her expression rather dull. I don't think I was thinking in terms of the added difficulty of doing a pure black face when I did hers. I'll be more prepared next time. :) ​As always C & C welcome.
  7. Chris Palmer

    Dark Elf Warrior (Bones 77124)

    This past week I started working on the Dark Elves set from the Bones 1 Kickstarter, and completed the Dark Elf Warrior figure with a simple tabletop paint job. As always C & C welcome. Full painting write-up on my Bones blog: http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/2016/02/dark-elf-warrior-figure-198-of-266.html
  8. Chris Palmer

    Orc Marauders (Bones) (77042)

    This past week I started working on the Orcpocaplypse add-on set from the Bones I Kickstarter. There's 4 each of 5 different poses, so I thought I would paint them in groups of 4 like poses (to speed up painting time), and I would modify 3 of the 4 poses slightly so as to create some individuality. The four Orc Marauder figures are what I did first, with simple tabletop paint jobs. As always C & C welcome.
  9. I finished up the Bones 1 KS "Bedeviled" set this week with the completion of Vandorendra, Snake Demon. I enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with a non-caucasian, yet realistic skin tone, (as opposed to the blue, red, and green I've done recently). Photo is linked due to nudity. As always, C & C welcome. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-p0izIXXhPi4/VqX3ncfI2wI/AAAAAAAAHnM/tddsBCrewx0/s1600/IMG_6174.jpg
  10. This week I found time to start the Bedeviled Set from the Bones I Kickstarter, and completed a nice tabletop paint job on Sinessa, Hellborn Sorceress. When I was looking at the figure and considering how I wanted to paint her, I thought she might work good as some kind of ice demon for my Frostgrave games, so I decided to paint her in a more wintery paint scheme. I also thought I would experiment with the techniques presented in MonkeySloth's Ice Base tutorial http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/43463-tutorial-creating-ice-bases/?p=605514 As always, C & C are welcome. I'm very pleased with how she turned out, and think she looks suitable frosty. :)
  11. Chris Palmer

    IMEF Set from Bones 1 KS

    Some of you may remember that I recently posted the IMEF Reggie Van Zandt figure I had completed as a test figure for painting the rest of the IMEF set from the Bones 1 Kickstarter: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/65909-imef-reggie-van-zandt-80017-bones/?hl=imef Over the Christmas break I had the time to finish the last of the figures from the set with quick tabletop paint-jobs, and here they are: As always, C & C welcome
  12. Chris Palmer

    IMEF Reggie Van Zandt (80017) Bones

    I completed the IMEF Reggie Van Zandt Gatling-gunner figure over the weekend. This was my test figure for a paint scheme for the rest of the IMEF crew that came with the Bones I KS. I did a nice serviceable tabletop quality paint job on him, but was quite pleased with how is face turned out. All C & C welcome.
  13. I recently completed painting the Elquin, High Elf Adventurer figure from the Bones I Kickstarter. I wanted to use him as my Chronomancer wizard for my Frostgrave games, as I felt his outfit was vaguely reminiscent of a French Napoleonic uniform, and would be fitting for a time-traveling wizard. Some of you may remember I recently posted my Sascha Dubois figure, which I had painted as the Chronomancer's Apprentice http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/65273-sascha-dubois-chronomancers-apprentice-conversion-80004/?hl=%2Bsascha+%2Bdubois because of her vaguely 18th century looking outfit. I modified the figure, to help bring across the Chronomancer look, by adding a small disc punched from thin cardboard to the top of his staff to make it resemble a sundial. IMG_5674 by cnjpalmer I painted him for tabletop use, so took some shortcuts. I'm pleased with the results, though I wish I had taken the time to get his eyes focused where his hand is pointing, and not glancing off to the side. I was just so thrilled to get them relatively level and even, and both looking in he same direction, that I didn't want to mess with them further. Here's the finished result: IMG_5887 by cnjpalmer And here is the Chronomancer and his Apprentice: IMG_5900 by cnjpalmer
  14. MisterSwarm

    Townsfolk Mother and Childrens

    Hello! Don't have link for vote ^^
  15. Edsterdoom

    3 pieces of Bones Terrain

    Here are another three bones models to be used as scatter terrain for an upcoming Frostgrave game. These were sprayed black and then dry-brushed to highlight. Nice and simple. I decided to keep the colour choice simple and subtle to tie in with my other terrain. As always comments welcome.
  16. Silvervane

    Bone 1 Skeleton Gang

    I finally finished off my bones 1. Ok I was dreaming a little bit there. In reality I finally finished off my Bones 1 Skeletons. Several were test pieces for trying rust. Another was a failed attempt at bluish white. Its taken me a while but here they are. My Bones 1 Skeleton Horde [Ok Not a horde so much as gang] If you want to see any closer shots let me know. Thanks for looking and any C&C your feel inspired to give. Edit: Woot I made 1000 Post!
  17. Because of the rules change, I decided to give the new format a try, even though this figure would still work just fine in my consolidated WIP thread since it's from the Bones 1 KS. So! Without further ado, here is the WIP for the figure I painted up for the Summer 2014 Figure Exchange, 77034 Male High Wizard. Note: The figure is already out of my hands, so I guess you could call this a retroactive WIP, since it's actually already done. Second note: All paints used in this WIP are Reaper Master Series Paints. ~~~~~~~~~~~ My exchange partner was Sirithiliel, and she requested a humanoid, like a caster/ranger/warrior. As soon as I saw "caster," I instantly thought of this figure, because he's my favorite wizard figure ever. He's all twisty and cool, and there's so many fun little details on him! Plus he came pre-based, pretty much, so there was the added bonus that I wouldn't have to worry about basing him. Here he is with my usual "priming" step of a Brown Liner wash: Note that this only works on Bones figures that have been thoroughly scrubbed and well-rinsed. Otherwise it just beads up and goes all wonky and makes a huge mess. I couldn't find my usual photography background pictures ANYWHERE, so I tried printing one out on my regular printer. It...didn't work so well, but it gave the right light/color balance to the pictures, so I rolled with it. Trying to decide where to start was a bit tricky, since there's so much going on with this figure, but I decided to focus on practicing the "work from the inside out" method, since I tend to have problems getting paint on finished sections if I do it the other way. So, skin first! I also had to remind myself to basecoat in the shadow color, instead of basecoating in the base color and then having to work both up to the highlights and down to the shadows at the same time. It just gets messy when I try to do that. Here's the shadow coat of Tanned Skin. Then the base coat of Caucasian Skin over that, followed by highlights of Maiden Flesh. I was pretty happy with how this turned out, since I was able to use the Brown Liner wash as a substitute for blacklining here, as long as I was careful to stay away from the edges of things. I hadn't liked blacklining in the past, but after having seen so many amazing examples of it, and how it really makes a mini look sharp, I've decided to incorporate it into my painting. Next was the beard, where drybrushing wasn't as much my friend as I'd expected it would be, particularly for the mustache which didn't have nice deep lines carved into it like the beard. I tried to leave as much of the Brown Liner showing as possible, so I wouldn't have to try to add it back in later. Basecoated it in Aged Bone, followed by Polished Bone, then highlights of Linen White. Not too shabby, but I did still end up having to do some tidying up at a later point to deepen the shading on the left side of his face. Now for his robe! This is the part I'd been looking forward to the most, actually, because there's so many fun swooshy folds! Also, from the first I knew he was going to have amazing deep green robes, because that's my favorite color, and because it would look awesome. But first, I wanted to fiddle around with the color a bit and see if I could find a good way to shade it. First, I went through all of my dark greens (including several that I ordered just for this project) and painted a bit of each onto a piece of paper, before deciding on Mossy Green as my favorite. Then, remembering the advice I'd been given in my other thread, I wanted to try washing red into the shadows to make them look darker (or something to that effect). But I didn't want to experiment on the mini itself, so instead I utilized a goblin minion intern who unluckily happened to be standing nearby after being on the receiving end of the extra Brown Liner wash I'd had left over from the wizard. Two coats of Mossy Green followed by a quick wash of Red Shadow onto the bottom of the fold: Oh, hey, that looks kind of amazing. Okay, I'm totally doing that! Next post will be the robes, since those got a bit...complicated. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D