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  1. Here is one of the "and Friends" from the Bones 4 Core, Sophie and Friends subset. She is now known as Bryn, Half Elf Rogue, sculpted by Gene Van Horne and is now available as SKU: 77753. I drew inspiration from Yennifer's Witcher 3 costume. The stairs is just made of cut layers of cork.
  2. So we are nearing the end of the road. This is the very last of the 163 miniatures in the Bones 4 Core set! Last but not least! Or more accurately, Last and the largest by far! Who am I? I am known as Millstone Shover, Barrel Drinker, Demon Rider and Camel Puncher! But I am no one when compared to you, O Gauth the Magnificent! Gauth the Golden! Gauth the Tremendous! Gauth the Unassessably Wealthy! Gauth the Mighty! Gauth the Terrible! Gauth the Stupendous! Gauth the Tyrannical! Gauth the Impenetrable! Gauth the Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities! Gauth the Does Not Fit
  3. I see the light at the end of the tunnel! Grinding through the Bones 4 core set, we have reached the last two dozen....and a full dozen of those are kobolds! Soon there will be less than 10 left! Today I did the Ape Attack! subset I chose to go different paths with each of them. These are so big, I think they are more useful as individuals than as a team. After all, there is only so much you can to with three giant apes, one of which that for some reason seems to have joined the Roman legions. And I was not kidding when I said they were giant apes:
  4. The "pictures or it never happened"picture: The entire Bones 4 core set completed. 163 minis, including a few scenery bits, some chibis and a great big Dragon. All for a hundred bucks. Plus shipping, fees and taxes. So maybe around 200 bucks for me then. Still a massively good deal. Not pictured are also two different bags of bases that I did not use, and 4 more of each of the pillar toppers that were included in the set. Ah, the quiet satisfaction of completing a project. *Achievement unlocked* so, onto the next. Onwards and upwards! Which of the expansions to
  5. One of my favorite monsters out of the D&D-sphere is the Beholder Owlbear. I mean. Half owl, half bear. all insane murder monster screaming though the woods looking like a fluffy snugglebunny. Free Hugs! In the Bones 4 core set, there was what I presume must be a juvenile fledgling, chick or cub (what would the term be?) It looks a bit small and scraggly and has what seems to be underdeveloped wingarms, especially when compared to other Owlbears by Reaper. #6 Owlbear: So I painted it as a Great Horned Owl's fledgling, which in general are lighter in
  6. or as those Texans keep spelling it, "Griffon". (Texans are lovely people, I wouldn't dream of antagonizing them over their simpleton spelling. These folks have guns. I mean, not even the more common "Griffin"...) I went with the African Bateleur Eagle, as it has a striking black, white and red colouration with large creamy panels on the top of the wings. The back bit is just a generic big cat, with reddish brown hairy bits to balance all the red on the front. This model is made in regular 3rd generation Bones plastic. Which in spite of being much more rigid than ea
  7. #54: Dire Crocodile "The Enormous Crocodile grinned, showing hundreds of sharp white teeth. "For my lunch today," he said, "I would like a nice juicy little child." -Roald Dahl, The Enormous Crocodile 125x50mm 3D-printed base. “Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill and eat you. People are harder. Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first.” - Steve Irwin #54 Dire Crocodile, from the Dire Consequences subset Bones 4 Core set, 2019 Reaper Miniatures unknown sculptor Made in Bonesium PVC should
  8. The term "Kobold" is originally German for "goblin", "gnome" or "faery", the scary and dangerous beings from outside the campfire's light in preindustrial times. In D&D the name has been used on 1st level mooks who used to be doglike goblinoids but these days are dragonkin, i.e. small reptiliads. These newer kobolds from Reaper are very much more dragon- or reptile-like than earlier versions that might have been doglike... There are 12 of them in the Bones 4 core set. 6 mooks and 6 leaders. #103-108: Kobold Leaders Thes
  9. #81: The Wyvern I always thought this one has a strange pose. I think mostly this is because of the tilt of the neck and head. 60mm base. A massive crocodile and a smallish (?) wyvern. #81 Wyvern Bones 4 Core set, 2019 Reaper Miniatures unknown sculptor (look like Julie Guthrie?) Made in Bonesium PVC should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future in Bones.
  10. #99 The Ettin: or two headed giant if you will. I went with a not typically European skin colour to clash jarringly with the very typically European-looking shield on it's belly, just to annoy those who have a problem with that sort of thing. 50mm base. It still only counts as a single giant. #99 Bones 4 Core set, 2019 Reaper Miniatures unknown sculptor Made in Bonesium PVC 50mm bases, pig and cart on 100x60mm base. should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future in Bones.
  11. #55: Dire Crab The crabs in my local fjord are all small and black. Easy for kids to catch with a piece of shrimp attached to a clothes peg and some string, but far too small to eat, so they all go back in after beeing ewwed and arghed at. Actually most of them are about the size of this mini IRL. I chose to not do the common yellow/orange food crab colours in favor of what are the colours of the far more exotic (for me) Blue Swimmer Crab found off the coasts of Australia. 50mm base. And it is Dire-sized. #55 Dire Crab
  12. #17 & 18 The Pig Cart: Obviously at some point I have messed up the mini count, as I was not aware that this was in fact counted as two minis in the Core set graphic. I have been counting it as one all the time. At any rate there still are 12 kobolds, a croc, a gryphon, an owl bear, a wyvern and a dragon left, which leaves 17 minis to do after these three. So Ser Francis here is pulling a cart full of autumnal produce such as pumpkins, apples and a large aubergine. I made a 10cm x 6cm oval base for the whole thing. Also, this might be just the model
  13. The male devils from the Bedeviled subset of the Bones 4 core set: I did them in different colours just because I wanted to. They seem to be mirrored twins with the variations being in arm positioning and weaponry. I based them on 40mm bases. #73 Male Devil with Khopesh (no idea what the official name is / will be) #74 Male Devil with Trident (ditto) Hello most valued supplier! We would like to make you an offer to purchase your soul. In exchange I am sure you would like some earthly power? Maybe the jewelled crow
  14. The King in the Kingdom of the Blind: Another simple paint job, this one is mainly skin and a few details here and there. The skin is done in Citadel Bugmans Glow drybrushed onto a black undercoat, followed by a drybrush of Citadel Cadian Fleshtone and Scalecolor Basic Flesh. I put a glaze of thinned Citadel Druuchi Violet shade on the underside and in the shadows. Suitably large compared to humans. That rock will make a paste of whomever it hits. I removed his original base and put him on a 40mm base I printed out to keep my basing style uniform ac
  15. #72: Female Devil or Succubus Full Frontal Frontal from a slight angle The classic side-boob shot Aha! This shot has a strategically placed arm! No link needed! Take that censorshippers! The bedeviled subset. From the front. #71 Female Devil from the Bedeviled subset Bones 4 Core set, 2019 Reaper Miniatures unknown sculptor Made in Bonesium PVC 32mm base should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future in Bones.
  16. In the Bones 4 Core set there were some "pillar tops". Six each of five different styles. These were a bit strange, as they were obviosly designed to fit into *something*, but nothing that they even remotely might fit in was included in the Bones 4 KS. Or elsewhere in the Reaper lineup as far as I know. I was not the only one that found this a bit strange, and luckily one of these others was Curufin, who designs stuff on Thingiverse. He has posted some pillars that fit said tops, and here I have used one of these designs. I printed out the four different, and quickly decided that t
  17. I have been away and had alot to do at work ever since, so no painting has gotten done for some time now. I did however manage to make some time today, and have painted up the Rat Ogre from the Bones 4 Core set. Oh, sorry "Giant Wererat". Massive, overstated, muscle bound torso and comparatively short legs, giant apelike arms...This is definately a Skaven Rat Ogre. Just another simple paint job to get something done. I put him on a 50mm base. #12, Giant Wererat Bones 4 Core set, 2019 Reaper Miniatures
  18. The "Minitaurs" from the Bones 4 core set, one of the earliest strech goals added to the set. I have no idea whether these represent something specific in D&D or not. They might be stunted minotaurs, swole beastdwarfs, goatmen, large implike demons or maybe something entirely different. Whatever the case may be, they are quite comic-looking in their art direction. Probably has something to do with their wide muscular torsos more than anything. #68: #69: I do find it a bit strange that there are three of one type with cowlik
  19. Still plonking away at the Bones 4 Core Set, Here is the Dire Boar from the "Dire Consequences" subset. Pumbaa or Piglet. You decide. Drybrushed from a black undercoat. Greys on the bottom part, browns on the top. Oink oink. "I want the funeral feast to be the biggest the kingdom ever saw, and I want everyone to taste the boar that got me." -King Robert Baratheon George RR Martin, A Game of Thrones #56, Dire Boar from the Dire Consequences subset Bones 4 Core set, 2019 Reaper Miniatures unknown sculp
  20. More from the Bones 4 core set: we have arrived at the subset "Hungering Dead": Yup, these are your archetypical ghouls. Flesh eating horrors out looking for some nosh. Gnawers of bone, eaters of the dead. Which begs the question: do they count as cannibals if they no longer are human? Here is my very fast method of painting ghouls and similar effectively: These started out with a solid black undercoat. Then each was drybrushed several times with different beige tones, such as Citadel Ionrach Skin and Karak Stone. Then they were given washes on the undersides with s
  21. #157: Here I went much more heavily in with the Dungeon Slime, and further mixes with white, and pure white at the edges. The head, chest, hands and sabre was given a dark grey wash. The sabre was then given a thin coat of Scalecolor Black Metal painted on while the grey wash was still wet, which resulted in an excellent see-through metal effect. Eyes in Vallejo Magic blue and Reaper Copper Verdigris. The dead man's chest was done in different browns and black metal. My schedule is increasingly packed these days, so painting time is getting scarce. These are even more
  22. #156: This one I drybrushed more heavily (and also globbed some straight on) with the dungeon slime, and again with DS mixed with white ending lightly with pure white at the tips. The bottles were carfylly stained with Citadel Reikland Fleshshade wash, wiped off and then once again. The face and chest was the Dark Grey wash, and also some Reikland Fleshshade in the mouth-area. Eyes in Vallejo Magic blue and Reaper Copper Verdigris. My schedule is increasingly packed these days, so painting time is getting scarce. These are even more speedpainted than usual, ju
  23. #158: This one is really off centre because of the base. I have simply glued the integral bases to the 30mm rounds, which keeps the original off-centre feel of the model. Here is a simple drybrush with the dungeon slime, then with white. Dark Gray wash on the face, hair, hands and sabre. The sabre was then given a thin coat of Scalecolor Black Metal painted on while the grey wash was still wet, which resulted in an excellent see-through metal effect. Eyes in Vallejo Magic blue and Reaper Copper Verdigris. My schedule is increasingly packed these days, so painting
  24. #159: Here I have tried edge-highlighting, that is painting the edges directly with the brush and not drybrushing or similar other techniques. I am not really satisfied with the results, but live and learn. It would seem I have been a bit heavy handed or even missed what I have been aiming at here and there. The other bits are painted in the same way as above, apart fromt he monkey on his back that was first done in brown ink, but did not work. So I went over it with two tones of brown paint instead. Eye in Vallejo Magic blue and Reaper Copper Verdigris. Oh, and I used blac
  25. #155: The banshee or female ghost is the one I think worked the best. Here I only drybrushed very very lightly with the Dungeon Slime, just to accent the raised details Then I used old Citadel Turquoise Glaze from the top to the waist, easying up a bit the further down I went with the brush. After that I used Old Citadel Blue Ink on and around the head and shoulders. I used Orange Ink on the face and exposed flesh bits in front and wicking most of it away after a short while so that just a hint was left. I did some further light drybrushing with dungeon slime then pure wh
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