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Found 56 results

  1. prophetic_joe

    77210: Sarah the Seeress

    Ok finally got the Spring Exchange mini completed. It has no base because Buckyballs requested it be non-based as he will just clear base it anyway for gaming. I am terrible at painting ladies and this one had a lot of fiddly bits. I didn't do a great job but for a tabletop gaming piece I think it will do the trick. I just hope my partner likes it. Better pics taken with an actual camera! Original pics from the cell phone using the light box.
  2. Werewolvians

    92763 Sir Rook of Chesston?

    First thing I thought when I saw this guy was Rook. Definitely a hero with that big impractical armor.
  3. Werewolvians

    92761 Heroes and Villains

    Looks like a Villain, but maybe he has a pure heart. Who knows? Do skulls on your armor automatically make you evil?
  4. robinh


    Critics!!!! Lem and his friend were just having a jam session at the local bar when an oversized cranky, horns on too tight, minotaur takes exception to the music... We now join in as the Demon Lord asks , not so nicely, the gnome to stop torturing that poor cat while lem looks on in amusment. This is made using Lem from bones 1 and the Minotaur Demon Lord as well as the Gnome Bagpiper from Bones 2. The floor, barrel and spilled tankard are all me. I tried my best at getting good pictures but something this large just screws with my camera. Coments, critique, suggestions are welcome.
  5. robinh

    BONES II Bagpiper gnome? 92904

    While working on a diorama concept I have painted up two musicians. This is the second one playing one of my favourite instruments.. the Bagpipes! He will be removed from his base once I have determined how he fits into the diorama. Please remember he is 1/2 the size of a normal bones mini or in real terms 15MM from the bottom of his feet to the top of his hair. Comments/likes/crtiques are fully appreciated.
  6. Well this my take on the Mashaaf figure. Mashaaf the Devourer of Worlds. ~She is One of the Great old ones from the outer planes. Her home is a deep chasm in the bowls of the earth. She only surfaces to feed during great cataclysmic events or when called upon by her followers with a horrific ceremony. Legends say she feeds on the nightmares of people during times of strife.~ The figure to me looks to be a amalgamation of Slug, Maggot, Caterpillar, Spider and maybe some Crab. I tried to make it look as though her top was possibly a hard surface the stone fused to it. I also tried to make the belly portion look slimy and light emitting like a glow worm. I also wanted to try and make it look like she had purple internals partially showing through her skin, but wasn't able to figure out how to do it. In the process I have about 8 coats of various paints on the belly. So I just went with stripes for coloration contrasts. Also the glow effect I tried on the base doesn't show to well in the photos but it is obvious when looking at it. I'm still learning and developing my skills and being my 3rd figure to do since my long (25+ years) break from painting I like it. Was fun painting and putting the base together. Also I am using a tablet for my camera and no light box. Still trying to figure out how to take good pictures too. 3 different front views hoping you can see the glow and eyes. First time ever doing multicolored eyes effect. 2 side views for the back detail. Its another perspective on the figure. I brought to the game room and the guys liked it and can't wait to see it used in a game. C&C always appreciated. Joe
  7. Pampala

    77221: Ardynn (Bones II)

    I thought that my first painted mini from Bones II is going to be the peanut giant Krug, but I received request for the first paid commission in my life (hooraaaay :) ) So Krug will have to wait until next week. So this was elven hero, now it's human witcher. (Test question: How do you convert elf to human?). Don't know much about his lore, the only thing I know is that he might very soon lose his arm... Hope you like it, any comment is welcome. higher res picture here
  8. "And it's so easy when you're evil This is the life, you see The Devil tips his hat to me I do it all because I'm evil And I do it all for free Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need." -Voltaire (the modern mucian, not the 17th Century writer) "When You're Evil." So there was something about Gauntfield that really attracted me. It wasn't just that he looked evil, but that he looked so damn happy about it. There was something very joyful about the sculpt - that and the lines of action on it really made me want to paint it. So I did. In particular I wanted to do him up in very "autumn" colors - a lot of varying browns, a lot of red, and a bit of orange. I took a number of pictures from a few different angles: Incidentally, the spots on the underside of his hat in picture 2 was a bit of the metallic that got there. I covered it after the pictures, but it wasn't worth taking a new one, I think. Questions, comments, and criticisms welcome!
  9. Jasonator

    Sir Conlan, Crusader Sergeant 14037

    This is the FIRST of my Reaper Bones II miniatures that I have painted. Its been a LONG time since I haven't primed. Took a bit to get back into the smoothing out paint mode. I really like my primer, and I'm a bit spoiled with being able to dilute my paints to the maximum with base coats and layering. There are a couple of extreme challenges in this mini. One is in the area between the blade,the cloak, and the leg. The way the cloak wraps creates a visual void that must be addressed. The second is that left foot that on the plastic version is Way Too Big, and needs to be clipped back. The fact that you can do some clipping easily is an asset also in this miniature. All in all a nice challenge, and a lot of fun to do. C&C greatly solicited and appreciated. Here is Sir Conlan: .
  10. Lochar

    Silver Dragon 77329

    And it's even the color the model says. Actually Honed Steel, with Polished Silver drybrushing, then a light touch of pure white in places. Washed black, then drybrushed polished silver again. Wing membranes are Polished Silver, then Atlantean Aqua, then Gem Purple. Glazed Aqua back over the purple, then a light coat of Polished Silver over the whole thing again. Belly scales are Ghost White, with black wash. Wash was quickly wiped off with a dry brush to leave just barely an impression. The base I tried to make it look like snow over cracked ground. Terra Nova Tundra based, with Woodland Brown washed it. Then several drybrush coats of 2:1 Pure White:Snow Shadow (I don't own the actual snow color!). Then gently washed in a very watered down Snow Shadow.
  11. MojoBob

    FitzBones II: 77227 Stone Lurker

    77227 Stone Lurker. (Bones II) Whatever Reaper choose to call it, it's clearly a roper. It doesn't look precisely like any of the ropers described in various D&D Monster Manuals, but it's a stony pillar with six long tentacular arms, so really, what else could it be? I've based it on a big, heavy washer and extended the base stonework with greenstuff.
  12. hosercanadian

    First Bones II

    I had a bit of time with brushes and got some colour on the Mind Eater as my first mini. Done more as a test on painting without priming on the Bones, this guy isn't much more than a speed paint. Comments criticism appreciated.
  13. Lochar

    Mushroom men 92822-92824

    So, I figured before I painted up Bowser, he'd need a few things to threaten. Thus, the mushroom men became my next painting target. The two smaller ones are supposed to be 'children' and thus still a bit green. :) Colors:
  14. I'll take any and all criticism, Juliette was my first real attempt at shading. I failed at shading/blending skin tones, but I think I didn't do too horribly on the cloak. She'd just gotten her nails done and was sporting a nice fingerless glove... When she was attacked by a nasty adventurer! The poor abberation was doing well until the crazy adventurer summoned her golem! Which then led to a merry chase scene.
  15. Mordarby

    LED Lights Recommendations?

    Looking at the clear Bones II minis, does anyone have some simple LED recommendations to light them up from a base?
  16. Flamehawke

    77323: Blightfang- Bones II

    Now I got my idea for how I am going to do Blightfang from her scales. I might let you guys see if you can figure out where I am going while I do thins instead of telling you. I have not decided quite fully yet Anyways. Here she is primed up. I used Brown liner ANd here she is with the first ink I am doing on her, but its does not seem to do much so I'll will be skipping this on other parts. Its likely due to the fact the colors are too close. I used chestnut ink Sorry. My cats like to try and photobomb my pictures and so I had to keep them out while keeping the camera steady. Not totally successful at that
  17. wax_eagle

    77228: Chthon

    Still very much a noob at painting, but I feel like this guy is ready to move off my bench and onto the done shelf. This is my first attempt at any sort of free hand detailing, and I feel like it came out *fairly* well, but not excellent. The suckers could definitely use more depth (they look kinda flat). Definitely need to also work on my photography. No special lighting setup this time (I really wasn't happy with what I tried last time). Planning on grabbing a couple of cheap reflectors from walmart and lighting my spare desk in my office for both painting and shooting minis. So without further Ado, here's the thing that's coming for you in your next dungeon:
  18. We needed Bugbears for D&D and with the timing of my Bones II delivery on Friday I dug these guys out, washed them and sat down to paint them. I spent 4 hours on Sunday painting and basing these guys. Considering that breaks down to about 40 minutes a mini I am happy with them and now they can hit the table this week. And as a bonus they will also bring my total for the RPChallenge for February to 8. After looking up their sku's I discovered Reaper named the three new sculpts and I must say I love that they have names. Makes me feel they have so much more character now and feel sorry I didn't spend a bit more time on them. Sorry only took one group picture of these guys as I didn't feel they each deserved their own photo.
  19. Today I will be beginning Golan. I'm picking him up sooner than I had intended in order to work on my lighting and shading, as I assume his larger features will better help me pick out what should be brighter. I'll also be working on my blending and glazing again, as the previous dwarf had some blending issues as well. I've primed him with a grey primer, and now I'll begin the task of picking a color scheme. :) Any quick suggestions?
  20. I've been working on some of the Dungeon Horrors from the new Bones box. Here's what I have so far: The Mind Eater is almost finished, but I'm pondering a creative base for him since he's a bit big for medium, and making him fit on a base/map could be a challenge if he's sitting down. Thinking about designing finding something for him to stand on. (Also C&C on the paint job would be fantastic). The Chthon is still in the very beginning stages. I've slathered him with Brown Liner and base coated him with the primary colors I intend to use. I'm trying to decide a few things on him. First and foremost, what colors to paint the tenta-teeth and also whether or not to try to free hand suckers like the MM art from 5e, or whether to make the tenta-teeth more fleshy on the inside (or both really). My painting skills are relatively rudimentary (I have, and have read for the most part, the Bones LTPK, but haven't had a chance to paint those figs...plan to work through them together with the missus when we both have time to sit down). But that's also pretty much the extent of my paint supply too (plus the promos from the past year, some samples, and a selection of craft paints purchased for various other projects and mini painting).
  21. EbonStorms

    77394: Filth Beast

    Just in time for our next gaming session. This is the Filth Beast from the Thank You Pack in the Bones II Kickstarter.
  22. I'm procrastinating from the bigger minis to paint these two mascots from the Kickstarters. They are fun.
  23. Here's a quick treatment of some of the dungeon decor. I've mounted them on 30mm washers, and expect that they will see service as objective markers.
  24. Rob Dean

    77283 Necromancer

    It has worked out that I've been painting undead all weekend, so I decided I'd round them out with a necromancer to lead them for Song of Blades and Heroes. I like the Reaper flesh tone triads for my quick tabletop painting style, but the "fair" set is almost too pallid.
  25. Lidless Eye

    Lidless Eye Hobbies vs. Bugbears

    After 4 days, the Bugbears are ready to menace some rookie adventurers.