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Found 21 results

  1. Finally painted her up! Is that a wolf head, an elf head, or... your friend's head in the sack? Can't see too well in the photos, but I did add some blood...
  2. I have wanted to paint this one since I first saw it and it's probably the reason I bought the Dreadmere expansion. It was a really fun paint and during the entire process I imagined this pair slogging through the mire from small town to hamlet and even single dwellings bringing news and exchanging trade goods between people isolated by their environment. It's a lonely job, just him and his tortoise buy someone has to do it... Hope you all enjoy it too.
  3. Here is some more February painting - a bones IV crone with her black cat out of the familiar pack. Of course it was after pics that I noticed the bare spot on the base!
  4. So here is a pair of bandits from Bones kickstarters that finally made they way to my painting table - needed to add to the gang interrupting my group's trip to town. The guy with the flashy shield is the leader. Tabletop with trying to work with highlights/washes - tried going the no lining route.....
  5. So here is a pair of bandits from Bones kickstarters that finally made they way to my painting table - needed to add to the gang interrupting my group's trip to town. The guy with the flashy shield is the leader. Tabletop with trying to work with highlights/washes - tried going the no lining route.....
  6. Here is the fisherman from Dreadmere Bones IV expansion.
  7. Here is the owlbear from Bones IV - it will do. I was going for the Eurasian Pygmy Owl, being as it's a small owlbear....
  8. Here is the giant cobra from Bones IV. For some reason I got hung up on this figure for a while - spent a lot of time not painting him.....
  9. was having trouble even picking colors for the sage, then the name Beesbury wandered though my head. lets try some free hand! Old Nan was just a quick study. mostly the bone triad, and then 4 different browns. Next up ill pint the male beggar with a 4 color pallet, I bet it will be just as effective.
  10. Here is a pair from my Bones IV upainted horde - a dreadmere merc and maggotcrown guard. The Mercinary had a gap in the back of his head, which I just painted over... They are ready to join my bandits!
  11. This guy was in the villager group from Bones IV - but I don't think I want him to join in the town meeting.... I am using him as a bandit. I'm happy with the textures and the bottle, but once again the photos show me I need to push my highlights more!
  12. Hi all - I painted up the tree part of the tree of despair for my in-house game. Basic, but serviceable, and great terrain!
  13. It seems I was stuck on doing browns over the holidays. First the Stygian Barge and now Baba Yaga's Hut from Bones IV. This took a bit of time to do especially the Roofing Shingles as there is are least 5 different colors on each one (all done individually by the way... ooooh the hand cramps!) This beast was quite heavy to paint and usually rested on my leg as i turned it around to get to all the parts. Some very interesting brush gymnastics were required. Enough of my complaining... onto the pictures. Picture heavy of course. As usual comments, critiques, rotten foo
  14. I have just completed the Stygian Barge after working on it most of the summer. Most of the work (99%) was done with trusty size 1 and the rest with my size 0 brush. Sadly the Size 1 has decided to move on to a primer brush as I apparently broke its back (snap) using it for this large ?? mini?? . Critiques are fully appreciated as I know I have a long way to go to even get close to most of the painters on here. From the port or barrel side From the starboard (anchor side) And Above showing the build up of ecto plasma in
  15. Howdy, Bones IV some more... Kev!
  16. Howdy, Bones IV goodness... Kev!
  17. These were so fun to paint - again with the goal of getting them done for the game table - first bones IV kickstarter minis I've painted! I'm kinda meh about the little one - I might go back and explore a base and redo it, but I like the big one.
  18. Well, I managed to fight my way back into hobbying...at least a little bit. The wraiths were some of the minis I was anxious to get at, so I wasted no time. I thought about doing the expected (black and grey), but that left me uninspired. So I thought about ROY-G-BV-ing them. But I didn't have any OYs that I thought would be appropriate. So I just muddled my way through. My apologies to Bob Ridolfi, your sculpts are wonderful and deserve better than what I can throw on them. The new wood paints were brought out to work the haft. Muddy Soil s
  19. Beyond all comprehension they had lost the asset. They knew the Emperor wouldn't tolerate such incompetence which only left them one option, they had to take it back. The Rupert called for his best and brightest, well the best and brightest the Guard had to offer. The Rupert quickly briefed the squad's sergeant before sending him off with a gruff, "Get it done". The "Fabulous" squad charged the greenskins with cries of, "That's my purse" and "I don't know you!" Through difficult fighting the "Fabulous" squad prevailed, but not without heavy casualties. Once
  20. Here my version of the "Dance of death" from Reaper Bones IV. I'm still very hesitant to show it off because till the last second I was really insecure about the outcome. First of all, the palette: right now I kinda like it, but I'm not 100% sure about 1. the base and 2. the color of the lower dragon. My first idea was to paint it white, and make it reminiscent of a battle between England's white dragon and Wales red dragon. But to paint white is always a challenge and given I'm not that familiar with the material, I decided to go with the other hard color to paint. Now it ju
  21. It's a Snek!! Because he came pre-glued and sat on my desk staring at me for a week, he became my first Bones IV miniature .. I tried for an 'awakening statue' feel, but am not sure that I pulled it off to my satisfaction, but either way, fun to paint. Painting this guy, I had the wild idea for a diorama that will never see the light of day.. A pair of these fellows at the top of a grand staircase tomb entrance.. but the second one (and this is why it'll never happen) is bent and twisting towards the adventurers that have just passed between the two
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