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  1. I'm working on a Greek Myth army using the a Greek Legends expansion from Bones V. These minotaurs are actually earlier models but all Reaper Bones. I'm then working on some new rangers for Rangers of Shadow Deep, and I've painted up Derrell, Liara, and some other characters I like the look of. One step I took, which I'm pleased with, is to not base the human size models on rounds and then use modelling paste to disguise their bases. They've got very nice oval bases and I can make it work in the games I'll be playing with them.
  2. Here is a female elf archer from the bones V core set - didn't find her in my quick search of the reaper site. She is to table top, but I grew rather fond of her after initially being discouraged.
  3. Really happy with this one. I've been wanting to work on really pushing my highlights, and I figured this would be a good one to go nuts on. I reasoned that her clothing would be made of a silky/satiny material, so it would catch light quite a bit. My original plan was actually to paint her in a color scheme similar to Queen Bavmorda from Willow (since their outfits look so similar at a glance). But, I opted for a last-minute change to the blue-based color scheme right before I started painting. I still think a Bavmorda color scheme would look cool on her, if anyone else wants to run with the idea. This model is beautifully sculpted and was great fun to paint. Special thanks to kazmania for the tip on photographing against black felt. I haven't mastered it yet, but I'm already noticing the improvements in photo quality.
  4. My first time painting something bigger than a regular size mini. I kind of learned as I went. Lots of dry brushing went in on the scales and the wings. Overall, I'm happy with the outcome, especially given that it's a first time deal. I will definitely try out bigger things in the future. The one thing I'm sort of disappointed in is the black lining on the chest-stomach area. The grooves weren't smooth, and I couldn't seem to keep those lines clean. Maybe there is a better/smoother way of doing it? Some sort of a controlled wash? Let me know! As always, all sorts of comments are welcomed! 🙂 EDIT: I realized that he has a name and a number. Narthalyssk 1120 from the core set. I'll make sure to refer to the KS graphic for the future posts.
  5. I painted this little guy up on a whim a while back. He doesn't have much going on from the front, but there's a ton of cool mushroom detail sculpted into his back.
  6. This is what happens when you spend an afternoon watching a double bill of Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans (80's version), you remember you picked up a big Zeus-alike in a Kickstarter and you must paint him NOW:- Here he is all washed, boiled, straightened, scraped, assembled and primed. Since I'm a messy drybrusher, I did the base first. The stone started with a base of Stone Grey, while the dirt is Leather Brown, it all got a Black Wash, then the stone got a heavy drybrush of more Stone Grey and then everything got a lighter drybrush of Ghost Grey. Since he's so big, I'm going to paint him in sections, starting with his left leg.
  7. Painted up the elves from Bones V, but the sword weilding one was not with his unit! So I pulled out Elanter as their leader. I must say, I still never get the groove of painting a unit.... but I really wanted these elves for the game so I went for it. Others have been more creative with these and/or more skilled - but they look a lot better than when they were unpainted 🙂
  8. Painted up the Bones V boulderkin - and I love them! Fun, quick painting, got to try three color schemes, and gave me some ideas for the table - another model that outperformed my expectation of 'meh - some boulder people'
  9. So this is what took me most of March and half of April to paint.... and well... hmmm.... given that I thought this was the type of thing I would really love, I realized I kind of prefer the little guys at my skill level. I also feel I'm missing something color composition wise... my painting issues I am aware of, but would love comments about how I could have made better color choice given I was set on giving him purple skin. Enjoy!
  10. Here are the faun and satyr from Bones V Greek Odyssey - they look nice in hand if not up to the wonderful standard as seen here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/96965-reaper-bones-v-satyr-and-faun-from-the-greek-odyssey/#comment-2036313. Most please I've ever been by how the grass compliments a mini on the base
  11. Here is the wonderful sculpt known as the Bronze Golem from Bones V Greek Odyssey. Such wonderful detail - could have spent a really long time on this - but that's not my current painting goal - so I went a quicker route - and the sculpt still looks impressive in hand - it is very forgiving - really I could have painted it solid bronze, duncked it in a dark wash and it would still have been beautiful!
  12. Bones 5 WIP is where the work starts in this thread. Expansions Dark Depths: WIP SHOWOFF Dungeon Dwellers: WIP SHOWOFF Brinewind: WIP SHOWOFF Brinewind Extras: WIP SHOWOFF Encounters Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen: WIP SHOWOFF Dwarf King's Crypt : WIP p4, 7-10 SHOWOFF Shadows of Ravenhome: WIP SHOWOFF Spiders of Emrith Kul: WIP SHOWOFF Add-ons Adventuring kids: WIP SHOWOFF Arakoth the Ancient: WIP SHOWOFF Handmaidens: WIP SHOWOFF Yog Sothoth: WIP SHOWOFF Maybe more I don't remember yet Starting with a dry fit of 19507 Spiders of Emrith Kul encounter set. Not sure what to do with those bodies in webs on the slot. Need to go back and look at the pics to see if I should cut them or see if I have a spare slotta base to stand them up. Backdrop is a black cardstock.
  13. Here is the pirate captain from the Bones V Brinewind expansion. Had a lot of fun with the coat and using an orangy red.
  14. Hi all - I had so much joy painting this up becuase I didn't really like it but then saw posts which inspired me and I shamelessly copied parts of! And it painted up quickly and is quirky/unique for the table! So her it is (inspired by Inarah: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/96811-bog-homonculus/#comment-2034051, and Mocha: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85036-03902-bog-homonculus/#comment-1800696)
  15. I've been working on this guy for the better part of a month and just finished him tonight. He was a blast to paint, and I'm pretty happy with the finished product. The green wrappings could have probably used some more intense highlighting, but I'm not gonna lose sleep over it. Initially, I wasn't a big fan of the vultures (I put them off until the very last phase of painting). But, one I got some paint in them, they grew on me.
  16. Definately inspired by the glow and blue spiders from this post: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/96576-19507-bones-5-spiders-of-emrith-kul-encounter-set/#comment-2030326 Had fun with this - maybe someday will come back and make a large scenic base to integrate - for now need to break down to store. Bonus - I will get to use this at the table! Lots of pics...... but lots of pieces 🙂
  17. Here is the Hippocampus optional figurehead for Sophie's Revenge. I wanted a more warn wooden underneath, but ended up unable to restrain my love of shiny paint! I may work this over more once I have th ship ready (so maybe next century....)
  18. Here is the troll from Bones V Dungeon Dwellers Expansion. He was easy and fun to paint - I kept trying to make his hair a dark green, but it didn't feel right - so the orange hair!
  19. Golem-palooza continues! I know this guy has been around for a while, but I first got him with the Bones 5 core set. I see a lot of people paint the clothes a different color, and that's definitely a good way to make him more visually striking. But I wanted to go for the "statue come to life" look. The only real pops of color were the color shift blue I used in the eyes (to make him look more magically animated) and bits of light blue in the dry brushing (I didn't go too heavy with it and it doesn't really show up in the pictures). Overall, though, I'm happy with him. Any feedback welcome, as usual.
  20. This guy is one of the models from Bones 5 that I was most looking forward to painting. I gave him a coat of gloss clear so he'd look wet and slimy. Realistically, the white/yellow teeth don't make a lot of sense. But, his color scheme was inspired 100% by Clayface's design in Batman: The Animated Series. Any thoughts/feedback are welcome.
  21. Didn't really get much done in Jan. Finished to bones V campground scenics. Then there was Cerberus. I put him together sans base, seemed to go well. Gap filling etc. Painting. Painted the base. Realized that the way one of theads was it wan't going to fit onto the base! Dispair! Making of another base and trying to fix the issue of the low head below the level of the front paw.... Well I did finish.... so pardon the several pics of the doggie...
  22. Here is a quickpaint of the boy and girl from Bones V townsfolk - I see a lot of flaws, and in another dimension with more time I would redo their hair in particular! But they are cabin boys on the Heartbreaker (aka Sophie's Revenge) for now,....
  23. It's Krampus time! 🙂 So, the challenge here was to use the Holiday Paint Set as the main/core palette. Which turned out to be a no challenge at all. This figure is pretty much calling for a certain palette to be used on it. Never the less, the fun has been had with this one 🙂 All sorts of comments are always welcomed!
  24. Started converting my bones v robot kobolds. The idea was to arm them with scifi weapons to use them as a little starship boarding party. The plan is to do a total of 9 when ever they hit retail, all with different weapons. So far axe guy has a plasma gun and a samurai banner. Then there's rocket launcher kobold Knife kobold has a flame thrower.
  25. This is the 22nd project my wife and I have worked side by side together on. Posted tbis on Facebook but first time adding our project to the forums. I hope you like our Interpretation of the KS Mammoth not sure if the is a SKU for it. C&C more than welcome. Felt with it being a mammoth a more wintery theme should be more in keeping. Enjoy. Stay safe in these troubled times.
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