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Found 22 results

  1. Yog-soth knows the gate, yog-soth is the gate. Yog-soth is the key and the gate. Past, present, and future l, all are in in Yog-soth. He knows where the old ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where they have tried Earth's fields and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread Man she was a pain in the but to get into the correct position. Had to peel her off the base twice. Once because i forgot to put the 'arms' on, the second the reposition the arm holding the pillar so i could actually glue it onto the pillar.
  2. Here are some minis from the Bones Kickstarter V campaign. After Christmas, I was finally able to get some paint on some minis, and have a productive month. #1003 #1013. I love the expression on this guy. It looks like he's not impressed by whatever he's hearing. #1026. I tried a different recipe for painting his red cloak. I like how it turned out.
  3. I painted up this Bronze Golem from Bones 5. It's been on my desk for some time now, and I'm happy with how he turned out. Black base coat with a heavy drybrush of Army Painter "Evil Chrome" metallic, then drybrush again for highlights with Citadel "Retributor Armour", and finally given a Reikland Fleshshade wash. The Roman "mohawk" thing is Army Painter "D&D Dragonfire Red" highlighted with Reaper "09094 Clear Red". The leather skirt is Reaper "09653 Deadrose Red-HD", with a Citadel "Nuln Oil" wash, but the colour disappeared a bit in the photos.
  4. You didn't come here to read my ramblings, you came here for the girls! So, without further ado: All Hallow's Eves! Now, I'm going to yammer for a bit. The girls were originally intended to be companion pieces to the Halloween Knights I did earlier this year. Unfortunately I hit a creative wall while working on them. The Black and white was originally intended to be a bit less stark. All the white washes her out. I was originally going to use more black and grey. I should have stuck to that. You can't really see it in the picture, but her "overskirt" employs Sparkling Snow and Sophie Silver for some shininess. Her washed out flesh is the Vampiric Flesh triad. The "underskirt" and top are Pure Black with some Midnight Blue for a bit of highlight. If I had it to do again, her dress would be more grey. That would help her flesh stand out a bit better, and she would look less like she belonged in Star Wars... I also need to thin my Pure White. It's a bit gloopy and that made things a little more difficult than it needed to be. Ms. Purple-Orange-Green is, IMO, the better of the two. I did lose some detail because I ended up redoing her purse and tassle multiple times (and I'm a "bit" heavy-handed with the paint, anwyay). I also got a bit frustrated with it all. The little details are great, but can take a bit to paint. Overall, I thought the details were a bit shallow. But these really are more "display" than I am accustomed to working with. The brooms were easy enough to attach (Ms. Monochrome is a bit off, though), but I had a bit of difficulty with the right arms. One arm had to be glued three or four times. One thing I learned (too late) is that there's a little crease by her right hip that is where the sickle nestles into her skirts. Using that would have helped my place her right arms, and given a bit more sturdiness. Thanks for dropping by!
  5. Pumpkin issues? Pumpkin issues?! I don't have any idea what you could possibly mean. I've loved this guy for some time. I've even got one of the metal ones buried in my mini-stash somewhere (and also [All Hallows] Eve...I'll get to her soon enough as she has a pouch/purse that is somewhat...pumpkin-shaped). I'll have to get it that one soon. Anyway, as soon as I saw this guy hit Bones V, I knew I was going to be getting a couple. So here they are! And I've just realized that I didn't paint the hilt on the white pumpkin's sword. I'll have to get that done pretty soon. The orange cape was done with a sample that Reaper sent some years ago when I returned to painting and some Pumpkin Orange and Hallowed Orange. Everything else is standard Reaper colors. I'm thinking I drybrushed the Shadowed Steel a little too heavily over the Adamantium Black. I tried to take it down with a little black wash, but I don't I got it quite right. I'm also wondering if I shouldn't re-paint the dagger as well and do something blacker/greyer. These guys were a pleasure to paint up! I'm normally pretty slow when it comes to painting. I don't even understand how some folks can plop down a figure and say that it was just a couple hours work (or less)! But, by my best estimation, these only took about six hours--which is almost unthinkable for me. ...and a gourd time was had by all. Thanks for dropping by!
  6. My pumpkin issues continue to develop. When I decided I needed to do something non-HeroQuest I rummaged through the Big Bones V Box and grabbed a few things. This is the second one I've finished. I'm not going to go into a longwinded bit about the colors. I've got most of them in paintRack, though, in case anyone has a burning curiosity. I might not be 100% on the base, though I should be close. Overall, I felt like the jacket was originally part of a uniform, so I tried keeping that in mind when I did the colors. And since the pumpkin is orange, I wanted a nice contrast (which means I was going to select a blue for it). And you can't really tell it, but his teeth are metallic. I figured if you're going to go through the trouble of animating up an ogre-sized scarecrow, why not splurge a bit for some extra chompatude. This one was lots of fun, and he painted up nicely (I think). I still wonder what army got their ogres in fancy getups like these. And a shot of the base because it deserves it. I've got to admit that I was a bit confused by it, though. To my eye, the stalks looked fresher than the fall theme of the pumpkin might suggest. I decided to go with "fall" and make the stalks nice and dried out. The skull is a nice touch. I accidentally clogged the nasal opening, though, and my brief attempt to fix it didn't work. I ended up just accepting it. The detail on the corn is a little shallow, the same with the skull. I'm sure I covered up more than a little bit, but I'm not exactly painting for display or competition. I'm just trying to do a nice tabletop (maybe a little better) level. Thanks for dropping by!
  7. I've been wanting to get this guy under the brush for quite some time. It was one of my favorites from Bones V, but I just found the inspiration. It would seem my inspiration is avoiding painting HeroQuest. Most of the Overgourd was done with Phoenix Red, Fire Orange, Marigold Yellow, Sun Yellow, and Lemon Yellow. The sclera was Linen White while the iris was True Blue, Sky Blue, and Ghost White. The base is a bit of a disappointment. The colors didn't quite work out the way I wanted them to go, especially on the pumpkins. The Amber Glow followed with a nice drybrush of (unsurprisingly) Pumpkin went well enough. But the final layer didn't work out. Sunshine was simply too bright, and when I mixed some Pumpkin in to try and dull it down there wasn't enough of an effect. So a wash of Terra Cotta sort of brought things in line. I don't even remember what I used for the stems or for the ground. The stems worked out "ok", but I'll have to hope nobody looks to closely at the dirt patch. Thanks for looking in! Bonus:
  8. This was fun and relatively quick. I used metallic paints on this one, trying to practice using them. I'm not sure I got it quite right but I learned some things doing it. Not much to say about this one. It was pretty fast and easy. Weirdly I'm having a harder time getting my head around how to use TMM than NMM. I basically did NMM but using metallic paints and I don't think it worked very well here. Any advice anybody wants to give on how to paint TMM style on miniatures would be welcome. Also, how to add rust, or verdigris to metal. That is something else I have not done successfully, I added some red to the chain mail but I don't think it looks like rust.
  9. I really wanted to paint this so that it looked like the horse was black. I couldn't make it work. All the pictures I could find were very shiny black horses and it always looked wrong when I tried to paint it -- due to my skill mostly --after three or four times painting over it all and starting over I settled on this brown and blond colored horse. The minis was fun because it gave me lots of opportunity to practice my NMM technique.
  10. Approach I tried out to a different approach to quick batch painting. I already have a lot of undead painted and I didn't really want to spend too much time on the skeletons. So to do them quickly I undercoated them in a dark brown paint, dry brushed them with Titanium Buff and the glazed on colours. Transparent Yellow Oxide was mixed with some Burnt Umber for the bones. The Results Ahh My Love...: The yellow coat required some normal painting to get it he right colour. I love how it came out. I also decided to paint the compass needles. Where Is My Booty!: I did some basic OSL on this figure. It looks better in real life than what came up on the photo since the centre of the lantern is bright yellow and the glow is green(the lighting was wrong when I took them and the phone autocorrected them to dark, amusingly enough the clock colour is quite close to what it is in real life) Diggy Hole: I like the colour of the treasurer's shirt. It a really bright teal. Sadly the auto correction has darkened the photo considerably and I seem to have misplaced the picture of the back Being Dead Doesn't Stop Drunks!: This where fun to paint. I choose to do as many colours as I could on the drunken pair. Has Someone Seen His Hand?: I choose not to use any metallic paints when painting these figures. I considered doing rust on the weapons, but decided against it since the sculpts of the weapons showed them to be in such great condition. I consider the pirates to be raised from the moment they died and be programmed to always polish their weapons (at sea they would get damaged quickly other ways). Has Anyone Seen His Leg?: The peg leg could have been a better colour but it is not something that I wanted to draw attention to so it can be how I left it (minimal details and same colour as boot). Anchor Of The Damned!: The anchor used my favourite rust painting method. Do a base coat of the desired undercoat (in this case a really dark warm brown). Then use paints consisting of real rust! Red Iron Oxide wash/layer (wash has a nice effect where the colour gathers in the places rust would, and if it is the correct consistency a sufficient amount would be left in other areas you painted). Then highlight with Yellow Ochre (whose pigment is Earth that has a large content of Yellow Iron Oxide. You could substitute for Yellow Iron Oxide or Golden Ochre if you want rust that is brighter). I like how there are two round pieces under the broken arm bone of the bottom skeleton. You could leave them as rock but I chose to paint them as Two Pieces of Eight.
  11. Halloween Knight from Bones 5. Putting him in the theme category at my local IPMS show. Monsters and Machines, the obvious and machines with monster names like a C-130 “Specter” gunship. Pretty sure this fits.
  12. I wasn't originally going to do a WIP for these. I've taken so many pictures and just junked them, and it's not like I'm a competition-level painter. I always feel like a kid wearing Dad's shoes when I do a WIP--just going around pretending to be of a level that I'm simply "not." Still, I need to keep some notes somewhere. So here we go... Merfolk Rangers: I have finally gotten the blue to where I want it. I started off with Ritterlich Blue, but that was too dark, it kept reading as black when I would take pictures. I finally resolved to starting with Brilliant Blue. I gave it a heavy drybrush with Cyan Blue, and then I bumped up the Cyan Blue with a bit of Sky Blue (2:1 or 3:1). Now it finally looks "Blue" and not "Black". I'll be adding some black details later, so it's important that there is enough contrast to be visible. I feel like I started the skin off too dark. Those dark lines are all that I can see, now. I'm starting the fins with Sun Yellow. I'll be putting some Pure Black (or super dark blue) edges on the fins as well as a stripe and loop design down the side. I still don't know what I'm doing with these two. Those greens will not stay, they're just not working for me. Not even a little bit. Such a dark brown, made from a 3:2 mix of Red Shadow to Green Black (or was it Black Green?). I'll be bringing that up a bit with some reddish browns. Then I've got some orange and white details to do on the bodies and fins. And I need to figure out where I'm going with the flesh on the female guard. The male guard is going with some Olive Skin triad. The crest is the Gory Red triad, and the armor is done with the golds. I just need to put the top layers on. I didn't actually paint a tank top on the redhead. There is such a dramatic difference between tail lengths. The tails started off with straight Moth Green. I mixed 1:1 with Maggot White, and then drybrushed straight Maggot White. Pure Black for the stripes. I'll probably do some more work on those stripes for some depth. They should probably be widened a bit, too. The ginger started off with Carrottop Red and Highlight Orange. I used Saffron Sunset for the final drybrush. The black hair is just Pure Black and given a little bit of a drybrush with the same Red Shadow/Black Green mix on the Guards' tails. Her shells were done with the Bone Colors triad.
  13. This is the 22nd project my wife and I have worked side by side together on. Posted tbis on Facebook but first time adding our project to the forums. I hope you like our Interpretation of the KS Mammoth not sure if the is a SKU for it. C&C more than welcome. Felt with it being a mammoth a more wintery theme should be more in keeping. Enjoy. Stay safe in these troubled times.
  14. Painted with acrylics and oil paints. Work-in-progress photos and videos on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cokane/
  15. Just in time for the season! I happened to be going through some sort of a creativity crisis. I would start on a figure and almost right away stop feeling it. This guy seemed to shake me up quiet nicely. Although, I did get tired at the end and rushed a few things. But, as I remember, the profys recommend "paint more minis" as oppose to sitting over one for eternity trying to get it to perfection.
  16. Hello all you denizens of Reapershire! So been working a little bit more on some Bones V goodness, and today I finished the Female Halfling from the Dungeon Dwellers set: As always, couldn't choose colors, but once I got the colors figured out, it was pretty smooth sailing from there. I have a little bit of flash issues, it seems that plastic flash works a bit differently than metal. I am seemingly merciless with metal flash, but too cautious with the Bones material, but I don't know if that can be noticed or not here. In any case, enjoy and have a very nice weekend!
  17. My first Bones 5 mini, after receiving the full package a few weeks ago, is the Mamlord / Mammotaur from the Fan Favorites expansion. I have no idea how i want to use this in my D&D games, but it was just screaming at me to stop unpacking and start painting. So I did. That guy can scream loud and intimidating, I'm sure you would have aswell! I went for humanoid skin with the skin triad instead of a wash (first time), and chose to fill his weapon with gemstones instead of iron pieces or such (first time gemstone painting aswell). Overall I'm quite happy and pleased on the results! note: The toenails have been darkened since taking the photo's with a sepia wash.
  18. I’m starting my first of the kid heroes from the Bones 5 core set. I really like the character design with the sharp looking long coat, cool hair and bone sword. I want to do something different with the skin on this one. I want to paint them as a moon elf, with cool undertones and warmer highlights. im going to try basecoating with a blue and highlight up to pinkish highlight. Not sure if this is going to work. Starting with a basecoat of ritterlich:dark elf at about 1:1. This is along the lines of what I’m going for with the skin. Putting this here for reference.
  19. I have to confess when I pulled this guy out of the core set I thought it was a goblin. In particular, it reminded me of a certain space goblin that backwards talks in riddles he does, mmmn. So he's green.
  20. Basilisk from the Bones 5 Core Set. I wanted to give him the classic green and gold coloring of the basilisks of lore, and I am happy with how he turned out. Learning how to blend and layer is a continuous process of improvement for me, so tips and advice are welcome!
  21. Grim Reaper from the Bones 5 Core Set. First time trying a transparent glass effect (on the hourglass). The glow eyes didn't quite work out like I thought, and tips on how to fix those will be greatly appreciated. I also kinda meh'd my way through painting the integrated base, so I'd like to revisit him and give him a more complete base at some point.
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