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Found 2 results

  1. Painted up the Bones V boulderkin - and I love them! Fun, quick painting, got to try three color schemes, and gave me some ideas for the table - another model that outperformed my expectation of 'meh - some boulder people'
  2. It's the weekend, and you know what time it is! Sadly, I've been finishing off quite a few minis for the Bones 5 paint club thing a few of us participate in, but I haven't been posting the work as I finish it. Thought I'd take a little bit of time to catch up and do some posts on the work. Obviously, these still need to be based and possibly put into a diorama, but I always find it helpful to share and get your input on what you think, too. Let's get to it. BATTLE REPORT! I wanted to try doing 5 different colors and rock formations with these boulderkin models. I think it's pretty safe to say I'm venturing away from "realism" and more doing it for the color values. I learned a lot and enjoyed doing these fun little rock dudes. Blue: Wins - * Learned that dark to light colors and keeping the blues in the same cool value was a big help. Often I venture into different shades of blue and don't quite grasp why it looks so weird. This time I really tried to keep to cool blues and mixing them in to each other so they transition wasn't as stark - I mean, aside from the highlights. * Still refining the drybrushing technique and pushing what I can do with it. There's only so many of those dang Artis Opus videos I can watch without becoming frustrated thinking, "How can I not do this?" I needed to try and feel the results were decent. * The eyes on him look the most natural of all of them. Just a simple black dot seems to have worked. Keeping him looking off-center is the way to go. Something I woudl learn on the others soon after. Misses: * Using my regular dry palette on this is a mistake with drybrush. It really needs to be a medium that allows the paint to lose a little moisture. As long as I move fast, it's not an issue, and I really don't need as much paint as I was putting down. There's a big win that comes from this when I get to the Red/Yellow boulderkin. * sky blue color may be a bit bold, but still looks good. Brown: Wins - * The browns look natural enough, but needed to be really pushed for highlight. Neutral tones seem to need a bit more focus on color value. * Using a cream color to push up wasn't good enough, so went back to a sky grey and it helped. * Using a nuln oil wash to deepen the cracks worked great. Misses - * Eyes. Sucked. * The teeth separation looked a little strange, so I tried to fix this on the Grey boulderkin. Grey: Wins - * Basic rock color palette. I did try to mix a little warmth of the cream color into this one too, but it didn't work as well. Covered again with grey - win. * Nuln Oil really helped bring out the cracks. Then dry brushing over that again was a big win. * Overall the transitions for this guy is pretty tame, but if I were going for just "rock" look it works. Misses - * The most basic of colors and looks. I wasn't wow'ed when I finished. * Eyes sucked again. * Drybrushing had a miss with a few spots where I didn't realize the brush was a little damp and streaked some of my work. Green: Wins - * Changed my palette to a piece of paper to drybrush off of and I was shocked to see how much better I could pull the moisture out and get a good result. No paper towels were hurt in the making of this model. * Moving much faster on my 3 colors on the palette was a benefit. Having a better understanding of how the colors were working with each other as I stacked them was a big advantage. * Using my black/green ink wash (Matte medium, Black ink (DR), Green ink (DR), flow improver) really brought out the recesses with very little pooling. May switch from my nuln oil to this wash mix. Me likey! Misses - * The color is just not strong enough to represent green, imo. I tried to lighten it with a different shade of green and may have lost the color I was going for. * The green just doesn't seem to fit? Maybe I'll cover this guy with some moss and make it look more 'earthy'. * Had a difficult time getting into some of the areas to really drive home the dry brushing. I'll have to keep that in mind as I work on others that have hard to reach spots. And finally - my favorite! Lava: Wins - * Going in reverse order on the colors to get a glowing effect was AWESOME! * Started with a grey primer, layed down a white ink wash to bring out the recess and leave some darker color on the rock, went to yellow dry brush, then used a bright yellow ink wash on the cracks, then to red, then to bright red. Really helped sell that glowing internally effect. * Areas that somehow didn't have drybrush coat or the grey still showed through, I used the yellow ink wash to go over the missing spots, but it was so nice and tranparent it didn't affect the red tones. WIN! * Mix for the ink wash: Yellow DR ink, and a couple of drops of liquitex air brush thinner - big win! No running, no pooling, and gave the ink enough grab without being watery. Must do again. * The yellows stayed nice and bright in the cracks with this wash and I can't believe how nicely it went in reverse order light to dark. Misses - * The eyes yet again sucked. I was going to leave them a glowing white, but decided to do a red dot. Miss. * The yellow is pretty hard to work with, so using the white base coat was helpful, but must be vigilant to watch for spots it just didn't coat well. Two coats or three may be needed. * Mouth feels like it needs something else to it. I kind of thought about going back and highlighting some of the rocks, but opted not to. Something is just a little off... Overall, these three were all done with drybrushing, which I'm learning to LOVE. I can cover many more models this way and feel like the work is good and if I want to go back and use regular methods to paint them, I can easily do that. Let me know what you think and if you have done yours. I also need some ideas on how to base these. I was thinking of doing a fun diorama that had 5 sides and each side had the representing rock carved out where these guys are standing in. Maybe?
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