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Found 11 results

  1. Painting Pack: Kolinsky Sable & Wolf Bristle Brushes I've never tried wolf bristle.
  2. Since vhaidra mentioned using 1000 grit sandpaper for prep in another thread, I thought I'd throw out one of my tips. After I'm done removing flash from my mini I go over it with a nylon brush in a rotary tool. This gives me an extra smooth finish, and smooth painting is something we all pursue. Then I wash and prime as usual. Q: But doesn't that remove detail? A: Not that I can tell. Q: On metal minis only, or also resin/plastic/Bonesium? A: I've only used it on metal minis, since my experience with other materials is extremely limited. I would definitely test it on a non-metal scrap piece first, as metal is much harder than other materials.
  3. So for those of you who are experts on this kind of thing, I have a question that's bugging me a fair bit, and hoping to get a few answers. Started using my Windsor and Newton Series 7 size 0 brush, which had pretty much a perfect tip to it when I bought it... I have a few hours with this now, maybe 3, and it's been doing this since around the ten minutes in mark.... ^That's how it looks right after I take it out of my paint water, and then blot the excess water off.... Well, about 95% of the time anyways, but still. ^This is what it does just lying on my desk within 2-3 minutes after the fact -well, about half the time anyways, sometimes it waits until paint goes on... ^For example of how the bristles go in odd directions and won't hold a point, this is right after a quick dip into one of the washes I'm working with at the moment, although usually the split is most of the way through the bristles. For reference, this is how it looked brand new (sadly, I don't have any shots of it out of the tube and with the protector off before initial use) So, a few questions come to mind: - What is happening with this? - Can it be fixed? - What can be done to prevent it from happening again? Kind of... Okay, I won't lie, I'm rather annoyed (to use a forum appropriate wording) at a $25 CAD brush behaving in a manner none of my other brushes have (well, until they've seen a LOT of use) Thanks in advance!
  4. My wife got me a nice set of brushes for Christmas. Aside from two she got me a few years ago, I have never had nice brushes before. I have never properly learned how to care for brushes, but would like to do that now. What resources are out there? What should I buy?
  5. So, I've just started recently and after much research, I figured out that I'd need a few 'throw' away brushes for dry brushing, gluing, etc, and then at least one decent brush. I picked up a cheap variety pack of brushes from walmart for $3 and a winsor newton #1 . My expectations on the WN were...not met. It doesn't hold a tip well at all, the moment I touch it to anything, it starts to splay out. In fact, the cheap brushes from Walmart seem to do better. Bad brush possible? Or bad technique? Am I expecting too much? I've definitely not let paint into or dry in the ferule, I rinse often, and i tend to twirl the edge of the tip to bring it to a point on the pallet.
  6. Hello all, After watching many painting tutorials I have noticed that it seems like many more professional artists use somewhat larger sized sable/kolinsky brushes than what I expected. I am currently using a size 0 and a size 000, but it looks to me like people are using sizes 1 or 2 and they are able to maintain much finer points when painting. I am struggling to maintain a fine point while painting with both brushes and I was wondering if the larger brushes were better for that? Maybe I am just actually painting wrong? I am still learning a lot about paint consistency too so can that be a factor? Learning to paint with real hair brushes is much different than learning with synthetic ones. I may be the only one who thinks that, but to me, the brush just behaves differently. Thanks for your input!
  7. So I'm gradually gaining some confidence with this hobby, but I'm abusing and ruining my brushes. I just broke out a 1-Reaper Pro Paint brush that I got at my FLGS and was painting some more Zombicide figures. I was dipping and painting, and dipping and painting, and basically never rinsing since I was using the same color. Now, I've lost my point. The brush separates at the end which makes it next to useless. Was this from my failure to rinse? How often do you need to, particularly when you're not switching colors? Also, I thought I read someone talk about brush soap, preservatives, etc. Would they have this at my FLGS? Please tell me what I need and some brand names so I can stop going through brushes. Thanks.
  8. I've been painting for many many years, and for most of those years I've had the same detail brush. Old faithful. Well, Old Faithful finally fell apart on me. I bought two detail brushes from Reaper since. Both have hooked on me after the first use. I have no idea why. I don't ever put my brushes face down in anything, I clean them off after every application, I leave them sitting on my table touching nothing until the next use. Why are my new brushes hooking?!!! Please help!
  9. My detail brush of 17 years is on its last legs. I"ve bought other brushes since but there always seems to be something wrong with them. Any advice on where I can get a good brush and what sizes are good for detailing? (Yes i've been painting for almost 2 decades and I dont know much about brush sizes) Reaper is almost always sold out of brushes and the last one I got fell apart on me.
  10. So, I am trying to organize my painting area better. I recently made a new box that has room for over 100 bottles of paint, organized by colour, so the first problem is sorted out. The second is my brushes. Are there any tips on how they should be stored to prevent problems, and still have them at hand?
  11. **I am NOT posting this so that it can turn into a political discussion about import and export laws. Please, don't turn it into one.** A few days ago, in a thread by Buglips, I said: "I was given a Dickblick gift certificate. "Cool! New Brushes!" I go to the site? Sold out. They have BEEN sold out for a LONG time, and I check, a LOT. My personal feeling is that because of all the miniature Kickstarters lately, a lot of new painters are looking for what brushes to buy, they come here, or to another site, see those 2 brands, see the reviews about WN S7 being hit or miss, and they go with the DM's. Anyone else having this problem, or is it really just me?" I wasn't following the topic, so I kinda just saw this, but MonkeySloth posted: Well, sadly, it looks like there is some truth to this: Click me. If I had to venture a guess, this isn't going to just affect DB.com. Why do I feel like my Sables just became collectors items??
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