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Found 6 results

  1. Hello All, I was looking on the internet for some buildings to use with my Cav forces so having a look at the scale a lot of reasonable models pre-painted came up as well as the 4ground ones you need to put together yourself then I came across these ready damaged buildings. And theres a few different variants and they don't break the bank either. looks a nice kit comes flatpack and easy to just clip together, the Cav is for scale and as you can see not bad, just deciding whether to spray it then add some burns marks for recent damage or weathering to make it a bit more like the ones that I've seen done for drop zone commander with all the foliage on them. what do people think will use this topic to show any progress with my painting regards '66'
  2. Its that time of the year when we shut the shop down for a bit to allow everyone a bit of time to rest and relax! As a result, any orders received from June 7 to June 19th WILL NOT ship until June 20th. As a bit of a way to say "We're Sorry," any orders made during that period will receive a SPECIAL SURPRISE GIFT when it does ship! So, enjoy your summer!
  3. Well its time to start planning for CAV-CON 2019 and while we work on updating the web site (www.cav-con.com), I wanted to share with you some of the events we have planned this year! All CAV-CON 2019 events are FREE, though some may have a limit to the number of participants allowed. Paid admission to ReaperCon is required. - Group Painting sessions allowing our staff painters and some great fans out there to help improve your painting techniques! - Open Gaming every day from open to close! We will have some great boards set up for you to try your luck! - Lots of Learn-To-Play/Demos of CAV: Strike Operations throughout the show! - An exclusive Learn-To-Paint CAV table! Grab a FREE mini, some paint and a brush and show us what you got! Keep the mini when your done! - Our first Warmaster (Mini)Tournament on Friday! - 2019 First Strike Tournament sponsored by Talon Games! The CAV-CON First Strike Tournament for 2019 will allow 16 players to match their wits and skill against one another in a full day (Saturday) of gaming and comradery. The tournament is a Level II, Silver-Tier event allowing for CAV and vehicle models. Rules and info can be downloaded here: http://www.talon-games.com/downloads/FIRSTSTRIKE2019.pdf - Painting Contest! Talon Games will be sponsoring a series of awards for those entries featuring one or more CAV models (see categories below) in the ReaperCon Master Series Paint Open. For more information on the MSP "Rules," go to: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/forum/23-reapercon/ Categories include: - Best Individual CAV Model: Any single-model figure. - Best CAV "Squad": This category allows for multiple models (minimum four models) as part of a cohesive unit. - Best CAV Diorama: This category covers models with a scenic base where the entry is telling a story to the viewer and may include multiple models. - Talon Games will be there in the Vendor Room with lots of cool CAV stuff and will be releasing the 2019 Special Edition CAV-CON metal miniature at the show! - An exclusive 2019 CAV-CON T-Shirt!!! (I wonder what color it is this year???) - And MUCH, MUCH more! Keep an eye here and www.cav-con.com for future details as they are available!
  4. Hi all, I'm currently nearing finishing my UTF '66th" army and I was wondering how many of you use infantry in games I've just picked up some PA, PA panzerfaust, Reg Inf & Reg with Hvy weapons so by my reckoning thats 3 bases from each pack so 12 bases, 6 each of PA and regular infantry, is this enough generally or do you use a lot more? I'll Add my painted figures to the UTF thread when they are ready regards '66'
  5. Some of you may remember the worksheet I created during the first Kickstarter. As someone new to CAV, I made it to help myself understand a little about force construction and to plan my purchases in the Pledge Manager. It helped me a lot and some others also seemed to benefit as well. I have been working on revising the sheet for CAV: Strike Operations II. I am not 100% confident that there aren't mistakes but I'm putting it out there for review. As always, error reporting is really helpful and constructive criticism is welcome. A few notes: The Colors on the model list are irrelevant at this point. Those are remnants from the first Kickstarter. DT and TV are completely off after revisions to the game. If Cavboss has a new list or if anybody else would care to help with editing, those can be fixed. The "Force and Squad Construction" tab only pertains to models from the 1st Kickstarter. There is already an official CAV: SO force construction program so I'm not sure if I need to do more here but if experienced players would like to submit their forces using the new models, I will consider adding to that tab. This file was designed in Excel and should probably be viewed in Excel. Google viewer is only passable and I've heard that the layout and many of the advanced functions just aren't right in OpenOffice. Download the file and open it in Excel if you can. **One important chance from the original file: Add models in sets of 2 or 4 by putting a "1" in the options column.** Update: August 11th, 2016 (08:31 JST) Updated as far as I can until we receive an updated Model List with the new models Reworked model highlight Colors to signify models introduced in KS1 (Light Blue), KS2 (Tan) or offered in both (Light Purple) Added "The Almirithil Principality" as its own faction Seperated Wisper and Ripper to "Faction: other" and changed task to "Specialist" Added a "Specialist" Category to the "Total Forces" tally (i.e. the number of models in your order) Removed dead links to metal and added links to Bonesium versions on Reaper Store Fixed "SA: Bulky" changes based on Data Card List Future updates: Add DT and TV for all models (waiting on a new Model List) ***For those using this worksheet and updating as we new models are introduced, beware*** You can copy and paste the columns from your older worksheet. Just be aware of new models being introduced during this Kickstarter. You need to copy everything up to the new model from your old worksheet and paste it into the new one. Then copy the remaining numbers from your old worksheet and paste it just after the new model in the new worksheet. I will try to list all changes to the structure below to make it easier for you. Javelin from The Adon Economic Confederation ($32k stre​tch goal) Link
  6. Welcome to this week’s Friday Feature! NEW DATA CARDS Today the focus is on aircraft so I’ve included the two from the CAV: SO Kickstarter… The Terran Tsuiseki Tsuiseki PDF And The Rach Kraken Kraken B PDF NEW ART Here is a piece of interior art highlighting an Adonese dropship and its fighter escort under attack by the Rach. UNIT PAINT SCHEMES People have been asking lots of questions about how to paint their minis when they show up so I thought this week I would discuss how the armies in CAV: SO decide that same question. First, a brief description of the technology being used: Adaptive Thermal Camouflage Adaptive thermal camouflage is used on aircraft, CAVs, vehicles, and even powered armor to help them blend into their surroundings more naturally. Thousands of small, interlocking panels make up the outer “skin†of a system using this technology, and can be rapidly heated and cooled to match the outside temperature or mimic the thermal signature of another object, such as a small car or a rock. These panels are also treated with a special polymer containing paramagnetic iron oxide that can be programmed to project any color or pattern on a system’s exterior. By using an electric current to adjust the spacing of the oxide’s crystals, the level of light reflection is affected and thus influences the color or design a person sees. Excerpted from The Technology of War (2269), Dr. Theodore Wynn, ArSa Press, Vega As a result a pilot can quickly choose whatever design they wish to display in any type of environment. As we do write-ups on a specific unit, the base “parade colors†will be provided if you choose to be more specific. Hope that helps! See you next week!
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