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  1. the first of my resolution paintings for this year and (once you get the base coat to stick) a really fun mini to paint. This is one of the chibi dragons from Impact miniatures. I tried to do some side lighting on the miniature rather than just top down. The pose is repeated through out all 6 of their dragons, which are basically the same body with different heads and wings. As I have said with others of their product, the biggest issue is getting paint to stick. for whatever reason a combination of washing, sandpaper, and just patience is required to get a smooth base coat, whether it is paint or primer, and the darker the resin, the more trouble you're likely to have. Sorry for the camera lighting, me and by little cannon are having issues again. I need a camera that lets me control the shutter speed! With that,here is the mini. I hope you enjoy him. I enjoyed doing the eyes and the "I'm cute, don't hurt me" pose is interesting on a dragon. C&C welcome as always!
  2. Another Chibi done and onto the shelf! Lon the werewolf... 01538 sculpted by Julie Guthrie These Chibis are a relaxing paint and fun to do. Feel free to through tomatoes or comments / critiques my way
  3. This is Patch... another quick paint of the halloween Chibi sculpted by Bob Ridolfi I hope you enjoy.
  4. I decided to take a break after completing my Secret Sophie project and paint something quick... ??and cute?? (so to speak) As I was turning around to select a mini I bumped my painting table and was immediatly attacked by a small crazed Zombie with an oversized head! Bart leaped off the shelf of "I will get to you someday ness" , dodged the paint bottles and the cleaning water on the desk, rolled over and off the desk and attacked viciously... landing on my foot! After showing such intiative I decided he earned a quick table top paint job.. so here he is. 01535 Bart sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
  5. I am close to finishing up with the Bonesylvanian minis I bought so I thought I would start posting them. Here they are in the order they were painted. 1. Jack 2. Esme 3. Gus 4. Gil 5. Patch 6. Morty 7. Van 8. Drak 9. Bart
  6. I have managed to paint another Chibi from the Halloween special so without further ado I give you (drum rollll) 01536 Sandy Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
  7. I have managed to paint another Chibi from the Halloween special so without further ado I give you (drum rollll) 01540: Morty Sculpted by Bob Ridolf
  8. Here is a pig from Impact! miniatures chibi lineup. I don't know that he belongs in anyone's game, but he was definitely fun to paint.
  9. Did these as a commission job. The client requested I paint them as the reaper site list them and here's what he got! A little over 6 hours for the lot. The ones that are missing I forgot to take pictures of. I will next post!
  10. So, here's my take on the giant vampire bat from Super Dungeon Explore. Part of me thinks I should have gone with bright green to match Dracula's "True Form" from Symphony of the Night, but for some reason I decided to go with a more subdued color pattern. Here he is.
  11. Well, I've ended up getting a lot more fireflow denizens than I ever anticipated I would. My wife painted the first two sets of fire gels (they're so cute, she couldn't help herself) but I got to paint the third set. Naturally, all of the more normal ideas were taken (you know, painting them as if they were some kind of fire, maybe even different colored fires). So I took an evening, and put on some Doctor who and here's what I ended up with.
  12. So this is my first attempt to paint a chibi and I am very happy with him. Unfortunately he is not mine to keep. Right after the Bonesylvanian announcement I was asked to paint a miniature for my game group's Halloween party raffle and he was the chosen one. Who knows though, I could win him. Any input would be appreciated.
  13. This is the first Bonesylvanian chibi I have painted since receiving my order last week. I even used some of the paints that shipped with him. I submit to the Reaper members JACK critiques and comments are very welcome.
  14. Another Chibi Mini's Kickstarter, this time for Cthulhu Miniatures. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674003445/chibi-gaslight-horror-cthulhu-mythos-and-sci-fi-mi Some of them look pretty nice. The monsters are adorable. Very tempting.
  15. Here is the fine undead captain from Super Dungeon Explore. I rather enjoyed painting him- especially the trimming. He turned out just a bit darker than most of my SDE, but I feel that this is working well with the undead feel. I'll have to give someone pink hair to make up for it.
  16. I think Medusa was my very favorite of Impact!'s chibi sculpts. Anyway, here's my version of her.
  17. http://www.kickstart...re-set-chibi-an This set of minis has 6 archetypes based on old-school D&D, but with an ADORABLE chibi twist, like SDE. For $30, you can get a chibi Magician, Barbarian, Cavalier, Thief, Ranger and Acrobat! More minis will be unlocked as the kickstarter gains suppoer (however it seems they will be primarily add-ons, not freebies). The first unlock is at $5,000 and is a DM mini. Happy pledging . ETA: Checking the comments, the minis are expected to be spin-cast plastic by Troll Forged.
  18. There was a Paint and Take being run by some of the PAX Australia volunteers over the weekend and my husband and I were there on the Friday afternoon. They had a small selection of Reaper Bones (the ones already on the online store) and some Super Dungeon Explore chibis from Soda Pop miniatures. This was a real challenge for me, I am completely and utterly a perfectionist when it comes to my work and a creature of habit. We were using different paints than I am used to, (I use Reaper paints) cheap brushes and plastic lid containers for palettes. (Until now I hadn't realized how great it is that I use a wet palette, the paints don't dry up on the palette while you're using them. Which means a nicer paint consistency to work with and less paint wastage.) I also couldn't remove any of the mold lines. Oh the horror! I painted a little angel, cherub-y girl: My first attempt at OSL. I painted this mini in about 2 hours...? And my husband's little Cleric! With honestly the most horrifying smile I have ever seen. My husband's mini is not quite finished, he's going to finish it now we're back at home. I think he did beautifully considering the brushes we were using and the fact that this is the second mini he's ever painted. I must admit I really had fun at the Paint and Take. Husband and I are in the same D&D group and we game together but never painted together, and it looks like we're going to make it a regular thing! After the Paint and Take we talked about paints, brushes and went to a gaming shop in the area before flying home and bought some more swag: A set of Reaper paints, a box of Mouslings, some W&N series 7 brushes and some more basing materials. Hubby has already placed dibs on painting Sweeny, and I agreed as long as I get to paint Ferdinand.
  19. It took me about 8 months to complete my Super Dungeon Explore Set. I was excited enough about this to build a lightbox and try to take proper photos of them. I had only painted maybe two dozen minis or so before I started this project so you can definitely see my skill improve over the course of the project. You can see all the photos on my flickr, but I've put a few of my favorite below. Comment. Criticize. Hurl broken glass. Whatever seems appropriate.
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