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Found 128 results

  1. http://www.kickstart...re-set-chibi-an This set of minis has 6 archetypes based on old-school D&D, but with an ADORABLE chibi twist, like SDE. For $30, you can get a chibi Magician, Barbarian, Cavalier, Thief, Ranger and Acrobat! More minis will be unlocked as the kickstarter gains suppoer (however it seems they will be primarily add-ons, not freebies). The first unlock is at $5,000 and is a DM mini. Happy pledging . ETA: Checking the comments, the minis are expected to be spin-cast plastic by Troll Forged.
  2. There was a Paint and Take being run by some of the PAX Australia volunteers over the weekend and my husband and I were there on the Friday afternoon. They had a small selection of Reaper Bones (the ones already on the online store) and some Super Dungeon Explore chibis from Soda Pop miniatures. This was a real challenge for me, I am completely and utterly a perfectionist when it comes to my work and a creature of habit. We were using different paints than I am used to, (I use Reaper paints) cheap brushes and plastic lid containers for palettes. (Until now I hadn't realized how great it is that I use a wet palette, the paints don't dry up on the palette while you're using them. Which means a nicer paint consistency to work with and less paint wastage.) I also couldn't remove any of the mold lines. Oh the horror! I painted a little angel, cherub-y girl: My first attempt at OSL. I painted this mini in about 2 hours...? And my husband's little Cleric! With honestly the most horrifying smile I have ever seen. My husband's mini is not quite finished, he's going to finish it now we're back at home. I think he did beautifully considering the brushes we were using and the fact that this is the second mini he's ever painted. I must admit I really had fun at the Paint and Take. Husband and I are in the same D&D group and we game together but never painted together, and it looks like we're going to make it a regular thing! After the Paint and Take we talked about paints, brushes and went to a gaming shop in the area before flying home and bought some more swag: A set of Reaper paints, a box of Mouslings, some W&N series 7 brushes and some more basing materials. Hubby has already placed dibs on painting Sweeny, and I agreed as long as I get to paint Ferdinand.
  3. It took me about 8 months to complete my Super Dungeon Explore Set. I was excited enough about this to build a lightbox and try to take proper photos of them. I had only painted maybe two dozen minis or so before I started this project so you can definitely see my skill improve over the course of the project. You can see all the photos on my flickr, but I've put a few of my favorite below. Comment. Criticize. Hurl broken glass. Whatever seems appropriate.
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