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  1. Painted up my Christmas familiars. I'm keeping the seal, and giving the polar bear and the penguin to my two sisters for Christmas
  2. I'm going to do a snow base but here he is anyway.
  3. This topic is about sharing a bit of joy at Christmas. Got a favorite family tradition? A positive, uplifting story? A song that warms your heart on a cold Winter's night? Post it here.
  4. So, it's that time of year again. Instead of running another painting exchange at the moment (which would run into next year), I've decided to do a Secret Sophie (secret-santa-style exchange) again. Here's the rules (shamelessly stolen from last year's exchange by MS): Alright, down to brass tacks. If you want to participate DO NOT post here saying you're in. You can post here with questions, with comments, or suggestions, but I think it will make it even more secret and fun if no one knows who else is in on this. Rules! 1. PM me with the answer to my short list of questions (See Belo
  5. Thanks to another topic about Sophie, I was poking around on Miniature giant and found Harapan, the elephant warrior disaster relief mini. Who doesn't seem to be sold online anymore, at all. I really like elephants. Really, really, really like elephants. And I would be ever so very happy and pleased and grateful and joyous if you'd make this fine fellow available for the 12 days of reaper. That's the only way I can see me getting him, even if he was available on mini giant, I'm just not spending $40 on something that small. http://www.miniature-giant.com/harapan-elephant-warrior-tsunam
  6. Dresses in Red, Sneaks into Houses at night, Has a list of all the naughty and nice, and has a penchant for hot chocolate. Yup, it's Sophie WIP can be found here http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/52609-2002-christmas-sophie/
  7. Well, I wasn't going to do a WIP. Wasn't even going to start this until Monday, but like in a lot of things, I blame Buglips. More than that, I blame how his was coming which is why I went ahead and after primer slobbered on brown liner in a very Goblin-like fashion. As I said, I wasn't going to do a WIP, but the sun was getting in my eyes at my work table so I had to take a break anyway, and decided to snap a few pictures
  8. You know those Christmas countdown calendars you can get, where you open each of the 24 days in turn and there's usually something behind the number 'door' - a picture, or in the more elaborate ones a chocolate etc. Well...... Imagine one of those with random Reaper bones minis behind each door! Obviously would be the smaller bones minis for the most part, but they could be randomly inserted by the packing staff so that no two calendars was identical - adds to the mystery and fun aspect and creates more interest for gift giving etc. Could be another entry point for new collectors/painter
  9. My exchange mini finally arrived safely to my partner, since Orion knows who I am I doubt they'll mind me sharing photos. If I painted a Christmas-themed mini it was requested I use a blue colour scheme. I also sculpted some mistletoe to add to the border out of green stuff. Some work in progress photos:
  10. Just shipped this one off to my grandmother for Christmas. My daughters painted Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, and the arch, and I painted the shepherd, sheep, and base. The details are in the Work-in-Progress thread. Twas a fun family weekend project. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46833-nativity-01430-and-sheperd-sheep-01433/
  11. In last nights' episode of The Big Bang Theory Leonard ran a little Christmas themed DnD campaign. I like that idea, so I'm gonna try to get my husband to run one next year (a little break from our regular story arcs). But I think I'll have better luck convincing him if I have our Christmas NPCs painted up and ready to go. I've already got Santa Dwarf and I'll be getting Krampus, but I need little workshop elves. All the elves in the reaper catalogue are too tall, and the gnomes aren't really suitable either. I thought of the Mites (60066) or the gremlins (03621) because they're the size I
  12. Just in case i get lost in the unavoidable swarm that is my home during the holidays (although now i have a room fool of paint and nekid minis I might be able to use as a hiding place) I wanted to let everyone at Reaper, and everyone in the forum community know to have a great thanksgiving and holiday season. I'm sure ill poke in but just in case... If im not back by jan 5th send a search party
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