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Found 96 results

  1. I bought this guy a while ago at the local game shop during a Serenity campaign. I grabbed the usual suspects but thought someone might want a ninja-type character so here he is... COBRA The Blue Ninja As always C&C are welcome.
  2. And here is the mini I will probably be entering in the Single Mini portion of the Spaceship Superstar contest. His casting was a bit off, and his face is lopsided, but them's the breaks.
  3. And here is Rex, Dark Future Hero, for the current Bones Beauty Contest, and maybe for the Spaceship Superstar Single Mini. "I'll be back."
  4. In my continuing effort to work with more subdued palettes, I decided to paint Edna, the Crazy Cat Lady (50235) and Baron Simone LeCroix (69029) When painting Edna, I had in mind an old lady who smokes 3 pack of Camels unfiltered a day and drinks copious amounts of gin straight up. In short, I wanted her to look a bit sickly. To that end I painted her skin in a green/grey tone and continued that in her skirt and in the linoleum floor. With the Baron I wanted to be very minimal with my palette and to also use subdued colours for the figure. I made both bases myself from Super Sculpey. They are a bit on the thick side and could look better. But if you don't start somewhere, you'll never get anywhere and in time I hope to improve this skill. Thank you.
  5. So after getting a little frustrated with some defects on my last Bones mini, I decided to take a stab at a couple of the metal models I picked up during the 12 days of Reaper. I purchased 3 of the 5 'SuckerPunch' minis: Whitney (aka BabyDoll), Karla (aka Rocket), and Grace (aka Sweet Pea). I'll probably pick up the other two at some point. My plan had been to paint these using the SuckerPunch characters as a reference, and I sort of did that. However, as I made progress, I decided the SuckerPunch color schemes are too drab, and wanted to brighten them up. Here is the BabyDoll reference poster. Here's my take on her: The base was made with a recently purchased Happy Seppuku base stamp. It doesn't convey well in the static photos, but the base has a lot of reflective steel color in it that tends to disappear when look at sideways. It looks a little less rusted in person. Comments, and especially suggestions for improvements are welcome! I feel like I've plateaued in painting ability, and would welcome any feedback or ideas on how to step it up further. Thanks!
  6. I painted up Horace Action Jackson (Bones 80023) up really quick (2 hours) as something different from Teronus the dragon. The NMM on the gun is the first time I have succesfully done steel NMM, yay. The white shirt was done to test the recipe for white (Reaper MSP Cloudy Gray, Misty Grey, Pure White) from paintdawg in this thread http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/52298-reapers-anima-tactics-and-one-ancient-ral-partha/ . I think it came out very nice, and will definitely use that recipe again. Maybe there are some Unicorns in my future. Fulumbar (Bones 77011) was started at the painting faces class at GenCon with Lyn Stahl (Thanks Lyn, I really enjoyed your class!). I finished him a while ago, but I hadn't gotten my photo setup out until now. Michelle (Bones 77022) is the one I like the least out of this bunch, the casting was a little flat in places, so I didn't spend a lot of time on her. At least she is fine for table-top, which is where most all my minis will end up. The picture actually looks better than the figure does in real life. That is a first. And last I will show off some mini's I painted 20+ years ago using Testors enamel. I am pretty sure all six are from Grenadiers Julie Guthrie lines:
  7. So, I've got a few bugs for the IMEF to hunt, but in order to do it right, there need to be some grungy, steam-filled corridors for them to hunt the bugs IN. Thanks to a trip to Skycraft (a local surplus store in the Orlando, Florida area), and to the generosity of my friend Chris Stadler (who has practically every Hirst Arts Castlemold ever made), I've got a good start on some modular sci-fi corridor sections. At Skycraft Surplus, I picked up a bunch of "Fluoroware" 2" square tiles (some slightly pressure-warped wafer trays), plus I've got a bunch of plastic cross-stitch grid and assorted interesting plastic textures (from plastic deli trays, etc.) that I've been saving because "I could use this for some sci-fi scenery some day." I put these down on some foam-core illustration board that I marked off in 1" grids (maximum size of 6"x6" for the basic modular tiles), and used some of the Hirst Arts Industrial Edge pieces (cast by Chris Stadler) to create short wall indicators. I LOVE the Industrial Edge castings. They have some conduits/pipes that nicely visually link the pieces together, and techno-bits that allow for numerous ways to fit them for variety. The "tech" is a little dated, in that, for instance, there's a CRT screen in one of the corners, but it would work perfectly for classic Space Hulk. I am thinking of trying to supplement it with some "high-tech cues," though for right now this nicely communicates some grungy, maintenance-access corridor type areas. So far, all I've done is to glue down the floor sections and the edges, then to thoroughly base it black, then to messily spritz it with grey so I end up with a grungy base look. I need to go back and do some detail work for things such as indicator lights, the conduits, gratuitous caution strips, etc. What I'd really like to do would be to make some "holo-terminals" with some translucent "neon" (green, yellow, orange, etc.) plastic strips and etch in some "display" details. I've seen the sort of plastic that would work for this, but I'm not sure where to get it without chopping up something that's perfectly useful. For now, I guess I'll just have to keep an eye out at the thrift stores and hope I get lucky. I don't figure there's anywhere I can get a sheet of "neon green" plastic cheaply. For doors, I'm likely to fall back on some Space Hulk doors. I was thinking of using some old Sci-Fi Supply vacu-form pieces I've had for a while, but they have fairly shallow details compared to the sharp details of the Hirst Arts pieces, and hence I'm not sure they'd look like they belong. (But then ... cardboard Space Hulk doors are even flatter.) For the segments, I've got an assortment of T-sections, 4-way intersections, straight-aways, rooms, and dead-ends. I also have a few corridor sections that do not have the wall edging, so they can either be used for straightaways, or else I can combine them together to make a larger chamber.
  8. My exchange mini has arrived safely, and I've finally managed to get the pictures off my phone! Rumor has it that she's been a pretty big hit with DispatchDave. He indicated a preference for a steampunk lady, and I've been looking forward to painting up Sascha for a while now.
  9. This guy was sitting unfinished for a long time; you may or may not remember the WIP thread where I was looking for T-shirt suggestions. So I thought I'd finish him up, and knocked out what was left today. As you can see, I went with a Deadpool T-shirt. Why Deadpool? Well, if you have to ask then I can't help you, sorry. I also made a half-posteriored attempt at freehand on the drink bottle, but it ended up as squiggle writing. It was kind of interesting to come back to a figure that I hadn't touched in months, since I've been painting a lot more in the meantime. I noticed a lot of little things that could have been done better, and made adjustments as best I could to try and improve the figure.
  10. As soon as I looked to this mini, I knew what I had to do:
  11. Here is my take on the metal version of Sascha. I decided to try the dark skin triad on her. Her face looks better in person than in the picture, so I think I didn't have enough contrast in the skin tones to make it look good on camera. Also her hair is probably too close to the accent color of her jacket. Not 100% happy with the color choices on this one. Comments for improvement always welcome.
  12. Finished this gal tonight, just time for the Bones invasion, which is scheduled to land Wednesday. I picked her up a few weeks ago as I wanted to try something with less of a fantasy spin while waiting for Bones. My unpainted mini's collection is now 0...at least for a day. I'm quite happy with how this one came out. The eyes turned out much better than my last attempt. There's probably a bit too much dark outline left, but since she's supposed to be wearing makeup, it's tolerable on this figure. The floor was done by filling in the base with some modelling paste, getting it as smooth as possible, then adding 3-4 layers of sealer over it until it was mostly smooth, then finally painted over, and finished with some gloss for a polished effect. Hope you enjoy, and C&C welcome as always.
  13. I started this guy over a year ago and stopped about halfway though as, at the time, I didn't really have a style yet and was just switching away from a Wet Pallet and learning a new way to paint. I decided to call this summer the "Summer of Shame" as I'm forcing myself to finish projects as I've got a whole slew of things coming in the new few months via Kickstarter so I need to show some discipline. When I picked him back up the coat was about the only thing done so I did some quick touchups and then moved on to the rest. Trying out a new technique that's basically a mix of wet blending and glazing. All the black on him (which is actually purple) was done in about 90 minutes with this technique so I think there's some validity to it. The base, outside of the metallics, was all done via pigments. Comments are, as always, welcome.
  14. Trying to figure out what's what in the Vampire Reward. Of course, there's the new Sophie and the PDFs, but what about the existing minis? Here is an incomplete list of the Stretch Reward freebies.... Fighters Undead Horde BBEG 03084: Virina, Female Demon 03361: Shaeress Nashanneth, Dark Elf Queen 14560: Kavorgh, Black Orc Warlord 03451: Norgol, Irongrave Knight Elves Klocke Classics 03098: Astrid, Female Chronicler 03364: Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin 14093: Finari, Crusaders Hero 14022: Lysette, Elven Mage Townsfolk I Fire it Up 03425: Spell Effect: Burning Sphere 65128: Wall of Fire Haunts 03274: Grave Wraith 03395: Ghostly Summons 14547: Night Spectre 03475: Labella DeMornay, Banshee 03298: Spirits Heroes Chronoscope Mister Bones Interglactic Marine Expeditionary Force 50014: Nick Stone, IMEF Squad Leader 50022: Reggie Van Zandt, IMEF Heavy Gunner 50175: "Torch" McHugh, IMEF Flame Thrower 50254: Jazz Jenkins, IMEF Marine 50263: Erik Proudfoot, IMEF Marine 50274: Sarah Blitzer, IMEF Sniper Bedevilled 03315: Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue 03419: Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin 03565: Sinessa, Hellborn Sorceress 02633: Vandorendra Demon We Be Goblins Dark Elves 14575: Tierdeleira, Priestess 14590: Liela Mordollwen, Dark Elf Sorceress 14571: Zalash Dark Elf Assassin 14570: Dark Elf Warrior NOVA Corp 50004: NOVA Corporate Security Guard 50005: NOVA Corporate Security Sergeant 50103: NOVA Corp Soldier 50146: Female NOVA Corp Officer 50173: Garvin Marcus, NOVA Corp Hero 50183: NOVA Corp Rifleman Vermin Zombie Hunters Iconics Seelah, Damiel, Merisiel, Feiya, Valeros, Amiri, and Seoni Pirates Dungeon Dressing 02990: Crypt of the Vampiress Townsfolk II 02845: Townsfolk VI: Gravedigger 03123: Townsfolk VIII:Village Mob 02572: Overladen Henchman Mummies 14236: Neb'nesew, Nefsokar Warlord 02156: Mummy Of Hakir 14064: Khadath, Nefsokar Captain 14370: Nefsokar Tomb Guard Dark Heroes Iconics II Ezren the wizard, Kyra the cleric, Lem the bard, and Seltyiel the Magus Wild Things Griffon Owlbear Grave Danger 14016: Judas, Necropolis Warlord 02766: Arrius the Black, Skeletal Champion 03244: Ghast and Crypt 02991: Ghost King Storm Giants Half-Size Heroes 02510: Balto Burrowell, Gnome 03071: Hellakin Goregutter, Halfling Thief 03082: Ingrid, Female Gnome 03441: Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard Golems 02706: Clay Golem 02751: Stone Golem 02865: Flesh Golem 03204: Battleguard Golem Necromancers 03337: Terezinya, Bone Pander Wizard 14060: Leisynn, Mercenaries Mage 14040: Malek, Necropolis Mage 03126: Ghoul Queen Familiars 03596: Anzen Contar, Mystic and Familiar Further insight appreciated
  15. At my local Barnes & Noble, I spotted a few Halo "Micro Ops" toys in the clearance bin for 50%, and I had a gift card to use. Although it was pretty clear that the figures in "Micro Ops" are NOT compatible with, say, Chronoscope ("Master Chief" in the set stands at slightly over 1" from bottom of feet to top of head, or about 1:72 scale), I thought it looked like it'd still be big enough to make use of. The "High Ground" set main pieces -- the Gate and the Tower -- were listed at $35 each (so at 50% off, I managed to get them together for $35). I was guilty of over-estimating the size of the toys from the pictures of the boxes and the sheer size of the boxes -- once I got them home to open up, I found there was a whole LOT of empty space. (You don't get to see the actual set pieces through blister plastic as you might through typical toy packaging, or else it'd be obvious just how small they are.) The Gate is about 9.5" wide and 4.25" tall, including a 1:72 scale Warthog, a stationary gun, and a couple of Spartans. It features a slide-open door that is approximately 4" wide and 1.8" tall. The Tower strikes me as being overall larger, as it's 9" wide at its widest point, and about 7" tall; if you include the removable canopy, it's up to about 10.5" tall. "Features" include the removable canopy (the "camo netting" is a separate piece that can be removed from the frame), a "Ghost" vehicle, Master Chief, and an alien rider for the Ghost. (Sorry, I'm not up on my Halo lore to know what the type is.) A nice touch is that the pieces not only fit together, but they can fit together in a few different ways; the gate has two connection points (one on each side), while the corner piece has three points and serves as either a corner or a T-junction. In the unlikely event I should somehow get a cache of these things on the cheap (thrift store jackpot?), I could very well string together several to make a ruined fortress battleground. (There's a separate set that's billed as part of the "High Ground" set -- the "exploding bunker" -- but it's much smaller and in my opinion overpriced, and doesn't link up with either.) Of the two, I felt like the Tower was a better detail, scenery-wise, but I have to confess that having the gate is pretty handy. (I need more sci-fi doors.) For 32mm scale minis, such as my Chronoscope IMEF troopers (or the nonheroic dollies, for that matter), the doorway arch is almost a head-bumper. It looks OKAY for use with 32mm scale minis, but it's problematic for anyone with "weapon held high" poses, such as Nick Stone. It'd probably work better if you do like Froggy the Great and put your minis on pennies, so the base isn't quite so thick. The upper level is definitely head-bumper territory, with the arch pieces. I suppose that's going to cause some trouble if you want to use this for miniatures wargaming; pieces with open platforms or lots of head clearance would work better. But, boy, the pre-paint effects are kind of nice. Maybe there'd be some hope with a bit of conversion. The Tower piece, on the other hand, has more clearance; it's got 3 levels, and on all 3 I can put Nick Stone or Sarah Blitzer without their upraised guns hitting the ceiling. (Well, okay, the top level is pretty easy, lacking a true ceiling.) Of the two, I think it's pretty much ready to go for tabletop gaming. The Ghost vehicle, despite the scale problems, could work as a passable "futuristic sci-fi hoverbike." (Its "alien" nature works in this sense, as it's not recognizably clear just how large or small it should be compared to its rider.) As for the other Micro Ops sets, none of them strike me as particularly useful with Reaper minis (except perhaps for the Wolf Spider gun turret), though I suppose if you wanted to play a scaled down "Halo the Tabletop Miniatures Game," they'd work well among themselves. (Sadly, my stash of Halo ActionClix won't play well with these guys AT ALL.) Now for the "work in progress" part, there are a few screw holes that are visible, and I plan on filling those in with putty. I'm entertaining the thought of trying to find a way to elevate the upper arch on the gateway to create more head clearance. The idea of raising the clearance on the gateway is somewhat appealing, but would be a major undertaking (and would require me to lift up the Tower piece as well, so that they'd still be able to link up ... ANNNND it means if I ever get more of these, I'd have even more work to do -- so I'm a little reluctant).
  16. Hey all! First time posting a mini to these forums, it's taken me long enough. This guy is coming along nicely for me, but I'm wondering what to do about his t-shirt. I don't want too comlpicated a design, otherwise I'd do the Reaper logo! The Punisher logo has been suggested, but what are your thoughts? Thanks!
  17. Really Pleased with how she came out.
  18. So, by-and-large, the point of Chronoscope is that there is no setting. No canon, no lore, no baggage to drag it down. No one ever accused me of being quick to get the point. So, without further ado, Chronoscope lore! ---------------------- The Set-up Our story begins in Paris. However, this is not the City of Lights. This is a city of smoke, and steam, and soot. It is the center of Europe's Second Enlightenment, and no group is more enlightened than the Académie des Lumières, an organization of the most brilliant minds in France. Well, those minds blessed with the right, shall we say, anatomy. Women were not allowed, on the basis that a woman's delicate sensibilities would surely be offended by the naked light of progress. Or so said Georges Verne, the president of the Académie. And so when he learned that Sasha Dubois, daughter of famed Natural Philosopher Pierre Dubois, had been continuing her father's work, he demanded that her equipment and notes be turned over to the Académie at once, sending his nephew, Andre Durand. Andre had qualms about taking Sasha's work, but he was a dutiful nephew and member of the Académie, so he attempted to wrest the equipment from the young woman. In the ensuing battle, they were both flung through time and, they later reported, space as well. Their adventures discovered the Milieus, different times and even worlds. Pasts that never happened, futures that couldn't be, even stranger lands where magic ruled. During their travels, they came to become friends rather than rivals, working together to return home. But something went wrong. They discovered something that should not have been. Creatures that lived between the worlds, looking for ways to break through. Their travels had weakened the walls between realities, and the Darkspawn began to weaken them further, and Milieus began to leak into one another. They found the last bastion of the once-great Bathalian Empire, fallen beneath the influence of the Darkspawn and their cultists, only one city remaining free. With the help of one of their newfound allies, whom they called Professor Kraken, they managed to return to Paris, where they told the Académie des Lumières of their findings and of the danger. Already, the Académie had seen the effects of the weakening walls, as vikings raided the shores of the Seine, and confused gray beings landed in the countryside. They gathered the greatest adventurers of the known Milieus and founded the Time Chasers, who, using the science of the Académie and the magics of the Bathalians, set to work opposing the Darkspawn and setting the Milieus to rights. The Milieus One important note is that while each Milieu has its own rules, travelers bring their own rules with them, in a manner of speaking. So a mage can work his magic in a Milieu without magic, and a technologist's devices will work in a "fantasy" Milieu. Milieu Verne In this world, the Industrial Revolution took a very different turn. Steam technology advanced far beyond where our own did, and the science behind things like aether and phlogiston is well-founded, leading to advances that never happened, could never happen in our own. This is the home of the Time Chasers Andre and Sasha, as well as other "steampunk" characters, like Dr Charles Bennet or Decker Lugstampf. Think lightning-zeppelins and mechanical musketeers fighting over the skies of Paris. Milieu Gygax This is the homeworld of the Bathalians. They, and other races, lived in peace until the Darkspawn and their Cultists came, swiftly conquering the world. Only the shining Bathalian City of Khuldrath survives. The psionicist Professor Kraken hails from this Milieu. Milieu Stoker-Voorhees This is a world rather like our own, but with important differences. There is much less globalization, leading to a world where on the one hand you have modern high schools, you also have villages in Europe still effectively in the middle ages. Magic works, but only a dark and twisted magic powered by darker powers, though most people in the more "modern" areas are skeptical, by-and-large dismissing it as superstition. Werewolves and vampires walk the nights. Immortal serial killers rise from the grave to kill teenagers. This is the world of horror movies. Heroes still rise to fight against these horrors, but their fates are rarely happy ones. Dracula and the Wolfman can be found in the darker parts of Europe. Zombies rise from the graveyards from ancient curses. Serial killers stalk the streets. Milieu Kirby Four-colored battles between costumed heroes and mighty villains! Captain Griffon battles Crosswire in the streets of Schuster City, while Nova Security Agents fight the forces of Dr. Ervin Friedman. Milieu Leibowitz War... War never changes. Well, that's a lie. There's a whole lot more leather and chains involved in the 22nd century, after the bombs fell. Survivors roam the landscape scavenging what they can in the face of raiders, mutants, and other threats. Meanwhile, the last bastions of civilization attempt to find new homes among the stars, sending the Interstellar Marine Expeditionary Forces to find worlds to colonize. Milieu Derleth In this world, the forces of the Darkspawn have taken root in a world that could have been like our own. Cthulhu sleeps in R'lyeh, while shoggoths wait in the wings. Milieu Spenser Wizards and knights battle in a faraway land where dragons fly the skies. C'mon, they have more Dark Heaven figures than anything else. Why not add some traditional fantasy into the mix? Milieu Hensley It's... Okay, it's Deadlands. Look, they're Reaper minis, okay? And for added points, you can tie in the Darkspawn with the Reckoners! Or you can just make it a standard Old West with cowboys and indians. I'm just sayin', you could have undead cowboys fighting Bathalians and superheroes. Why wouldn't you want that? Adventurers Now, you obviously will need some adventures to go along with all of this. The Time Chasers include heroes from all the different Milieus, using their particular skills to battle the forces of the Darkspawn. They find disturbances where the walls of reality are being weakened, and deal first with the immediate threat of contamination, and then with whatever plot the Darkspawn are setting in motion. Perhaps they come to a town in Transylvania where raiders from the 22nd century are firing lasers at vampires, only to learn that the Darkspawn are recruiting Dracula to their cause. Or they travel to the fantastic city of Everbright where the elves are being attacked by Ape-X, and the Darkspawn have started a cult. The idea is to mix up genres, creating adventures that could never happen otherwise. So, thoughts on other Milieus needed? Or characters that might be fit into Milieus already named?
  19. Reaper Chronoscope #50024 "Townsfolk: Modern Children," painted, re-based on laser-cut Gale Force 9 25mm round bases, modified with some Apoxie Sculpt two-part epoxy and decorated with 600 dpi printed paper elements. For an upcoming Savage Worlds RPG campaign I will be running in November (using the "War of the Dead" setting rules from Daring Entertainment - http://www.daringentertain.com), I have been painting up miniatures of zombies and survivors, some from Reaper, some from Guillotine Games (Zombicide), and some from Wargames Factory. One thing I've been short on would be anything to represent kids. (Not that I expect the PCs to PLAY kids, but there are bound to be some among the survivors they'll be rescuing ... and, quite possibly, among the zombies, though I haven't gotten there yet.) The background terrain piece used for these pictures is a section cut out of a broken "Hot Wheels City" play set I found in a thrift store, glued down to some mat board, repainted, and decorated with some more paper signage. (I basically put together a whole sheet of images via Google Image Search of newspapers, magazines, signage, "police / crime scene tape," hazard stripes, and other details that I thought I might be able to apply as 600 dpi paper print-outs rather than attempting to paint it all by hand. I just don't have that sort of skill.) "Pavement" texturing on the bases was achieved by applying thin layers of Apoxie Sculpt two-part epoxy putty to each base. I then dipped the whole thing in water to apply a temporary wet film, and jammed the base, putty-first, down on the work-table I was using (which has a rough surface that makes for a passable "pavement" texture once inverted). Due to the layer of water, I was then able to lift the base back up without the putty being pulled away by the texturing, then flip it back over, and apply additional texturing, such as cracks, sidewalk curb, etc. Here's the "hoodie" kid, holding an EXTRA JUMBO-SIZED edition of the Zombie Survival Guide, or else maybe they've started releasing binder folders with ZSG covers for those back-to-school supplies. I wanted to add little details to the figures that would somehow say "zombie apocalypse!" but without going so far over the top to include blood spatters and zombie gore all over. After all, I might get some more use out of these figures in a Ghostbusters or Men in Black or some other modern-scenario game. Hence, things like this which COULD be appropriate for a zombie-apocalypse setting, but might very well just hint that the kid has some peculiar reading interests. Alas, my scaling estimate was a bit off, so the "book" is suspiciously large for the figure. Here's the "flower girl" figure. What I was going for here was EXTRA CHEERFUL, so I put some extra work into trying to make those big expressive eyes (with little speck-of-white highlights), and took quite a few passes to get something resembling a toothy smile. Good grief, but I tried all the techniques to keep my hand steady, but I kept on jiggling the brush several millimeters at bad moments, so this took several tries to get even as far as I did. The newspaper she's standing on has a headline with something along the lines of "ZOMBIES ATTACK - THE DEAD RISE!" that I found as a "bogus newspaper headline" image via Google Image Search, so I claim no credit for any of the printed elements. (Well, except for the caution stripes and the "POLICE LINE - DO NOT CROSS" where they apply.) And here's the kid on the skateboard. I had a bit of trouble basing this one, since the wheels of the skateboard didn't provide very much surface area for pinning, nor for just gluing straight to the base surface, once I'd removed the tab. (Perhaps I shouldn't have been quite so hasty.) I added the curb with some Apoxie Sculpt since I thought it might add a little more "cool kid" aura if it looks like he's "jumping" off the curb with the skateboard (such as it is). During a Google Image search, trying to find pictures of packaging I might use as papercraft trash for the gutter, I found several images of a Chick-Fil-A take-out bag from different viewpoints -- enough for me to make a "micro-papercraft" of a bag. I used dots of paint instead of glue to hold the fragile little bag together, as I didn't want to overdo it with the tacky glue or craft glue. The bag "handle" is affixed to the outstretched hand with a dot of super glue. As for WHY he has a Chick-Fil-A bag in the zombie apocalypse, I have no idea. If it's the apocalypse (or if it's Sunday), it's highly unlikely Chick-Fil-A is open, but it was just sort of an impulse thing. Having the bag sticking out like that just did a little extra to convey motion, to my mind, like the kid is really buzzing along (and there are some zombies off camera, to whom people "taste like chicken"). The poster in the gutter is a bogus "safety poster" on tips for what to do in case of zombie attack (though once reduced to that size, it's all quite illegible).
  20. Pictured, L to R: Reaper Chronoscope #50202 ("Government Agent Jones"), Reaper Dark Heaven #P02756A ("Pug" from "Familiar Pack IV"), and Reaper Chronoscope #50203 ("Government Agent Smith"). I still need to figure out how to pad out the number of agents a bit, but I painted up Agents Jones and Smith, using a crumb of Apoxie Sculpt to give Agent Jones a more masculine chin (since the original miniature sculpt is a bit chinless). After I shared a picture of the two figures with "Professor Kraken" as an obligatory alien, someone suggested to me that I needed to add an "Agent F." As it so happened, I had a pug from Reaper Familiar Pack IV, so I painted it up this morning with a little black suit, and clipped a piece of wire to give him a cigar, to represent "Frank the Pug" circa the 2nd MiB movie. I'd like to add an Agent L (Elle) or equivalent to the mix, but I'm undecided on how to go about it. Reaper Savage Worlds #59023 (Texas Ranger, Female) looks almost doable, if I remove the hat (and fix the crown/hair with putty), and do a weapon swap, scrape off the badge, and don't mind the big overcoat. Reaper Chronoscope #50071 (Kelly, Corporate Assassin) is probably closer, but I really don't like the head, so I might do a head-swap conversion if I go that route. Other possible agents to fill out a nice round convention scenario party of 6: Chronoscope #50081 (Father Thomas, Vicar), Chronoscope #50010 (Daniel Sterling, Secret Agent of GUARD).
  21. I'm going to ask this here and in the conversion forum... I'm wanting to do a conversion with the end result being a Gamma World Hoop. I like the head of the rabbit on the Alice and White Rabbit mini in the chronoscope line. But not knowing how big Alice is, I can't judge well how big the white rabbit's head is... Can anyone tell me the size of either Alice or the rabbit? Thanks! Keith
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