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Found 4 results

  1. Retrofuture Mars is a cold world, a dry, harsh world--but not quite a dead world, yet. Survival is tough, and most of the remaining fauna is gaunt and quick. The Martian Ravener has an ecological niche approaching that of our Earth coyote or tiger. Here, one stalks a pelgrane. It must be stealthy, for the pelgrane is easily startled and can fly. A pounce, and a clean kill! The ravener will first drain the corpse of precious liquids before consuming it, bones and all. This meal will last it for Earth-months to come. The Ravener is not a tool-user, but it is cunning, and has been known to mimic the calls of other species, and even Martian words, to lure prey closer. Humans were surprised to find that such a predator in a resource-scarce world would need--and could afford--horns! The Martians could have told them, but the Weinbaum expedition found out on their own. Weinbaum's Cloaker! (the Martian name cannot be properly pronounced without the telepathic emphasis). A flying apex predator that haunts sandstorms and windswept canyons. Ingenious countershading means it appears like the dark, starry sky from below, and a cratered field from above. Martian children, sporelings, and buds are taught from early age to watch for sourceless shadows. Humans and their Space Ape pals are learning the same lesson! **** The Ravener is a Hound of Tindalos, 50289 with the head removed and swapped out for a GW demon skull and Ork mandible from their Skullz box, glued onto a neck made out of sprue. That body is lean and athirst all right, perfect for Mars!
  2. I'm clearly not up to the Minivember challenge, but I did manage to complete a few items that have been siting on my desk. Some highly contagious rats And a trio of stealthy Cloakers
  3. For April I am continuing to paint the Dungeon Saga minis, with other kinds of minis thrown in for variaton here and there. As usual, I will be posting just the Reaper minis and maybe a few others that I think might be interesting here in show off. The rest can be found in my blog and will be linked to my post in this months resolutionary painting challenge thread where I will keep a tally of sorts. A bit of variation from all the Dungen Saga, while still keeping with the dungeon theme, of sorts: Reaper Bones KS2 77391: Cloaker aka Cloak Beast Your basic dungeon hazard or random encounter, a cloaker will drop down from above and envelop it's victim while biting down hard. Much like an octopus, come to think of it. This version looks much more like a great big leech with batlike wings, than like a cloak which the original AD&D monster is described as -a great big flying/dropping cloak-like "sheet", with teeth and a bad attitude. I do not know if that stalagmite is meant to be the stand for the cloaker or not, but it fits and came in the same KS shipment, so maybe it is. I used one of the MDF oval bases from Warbases. 77391: Cloaker Reaper Miniatures, Bones KS2 Bones PVC 20x30mm oval base
  4. Reaper's version of a D&D Cloaker from what it looks like to me. One of my favorite cave/dungeon monsters. I messed up on his back, I had a nice blend from dark to very light at first and I won't go into the whole story, but it was either start over or try to cover it up by painting over it and making it darker. Anywhoo, I like to think the thing blends into the ground until some unsuspecting adventurer gets too close, possibly even stepping on the thing, and then.....no more adventurer Tsk, Tsk...You should always have a spotter while summoning.
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