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Found 7 results

  1. These guys were among my first completed miniatures from Bones 5 because, well, they were easy. Not much too them, and a simple paint-job at that, but dang, they sure are fun! For whatever reason my metallic paints seem to go bad more quickly than everything else, so it ended up being more challenging than I expected to even get the paint on the model. It was a good opportunity to experiment with a tarnished and greasy brass look, so I made it work. The reaper bases were great here because I was able to nest the built-in bases inside and just match the texture with GS rather than go through the hassle of removing it. for quick sessions shortcuts like that are crucial or it bogs down the whole process.
  2. My wife, @Shinma, started to paint the Clockwork Dragon several years ago. It got to a point where the body was nearly done, and the wings and base remained. We had prepared a big gear salvaged from a monitor stand, sanded down by a friend. Then, inspiration and drive was lost and it sat on the shelf, staring at her, unfinished. Recently she allowed me to finish it. I did the wings, small part of the body, along with the base. Here's our result!
  3. Hi everyone! I though wyrmgear would look good with some parchment with various math diagrams and equations on its wings so I painted it like such. I also wanted it to pose in some sort of vanity position so I changed its limbs to be more elevated on the upper half and used green stuff to attach the wings at an angle so they are visible from the front and back. I will add more photos from different angles once the green stuff dries. Enjoy! :)
  4. Starting to paint again.. woo free time! Base of brown liner and then clockwork brass Silver is grey liner and AP plate mail metal
  5. OK here is another bones I did recently. I wanted it done for a high level game we were playing but never finished it in time. I have seen some of the others on here that have been done and borrowed from a couple. Of course I am not up to there level of detail as I am just getting back into painting. Not saying I will get as good, but practice does help. Also I need better mags to see. It's Strange that the camera on my tablet here picks up so much more detail then I can see with my eyes with what gear I have. Now as you can hopefully see I tried to make it look like it is made of my thrall and adamantium. This was going to be used by my technologist character but now too late. So I will have to hope I can work it in with my gnome I will be playing later. Might put butterflies or some other gnomey thing on the shields. I also tried to make the wings look like they are leather with a weathering look. I used gloss cote on the body and flat cote on the wings membrane. Joe <EDIT> un inverted the last to pics to what they should have been.
  6. Finally he's done! After trying to initially paint him shiny and metallic, and having him laugh at my efforts, I decided to just ruin him on purpose. Slowly managed to do passable rust after soooooo many layers of paint! But here he is, enjoy! PIctures of winged and wingless versions. The wings will remain unattached and only put on if the husband wants him winged for a game. Base is from Dreamforge. WIP thread here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55988-rusty-wyrmgear-wip/ "It seemed like such a good deal. Braythick Bearhammer the dwarf mapmaker/treasure salvager had been poking around some gnome's antique dealings stall and seen it standing there, looming in the back of the tent. It was massive, a masterwork of engineering, gone to rust and ruin. Still, it could potentially be useful to the dwarf. It did after all have a blade upon its tail, and long legs. It could carry his tools! Yes, it had been a brilliant plan. Something to carry his tools, and any 'rescued' loot he found in abandoned ruins. Something to defend him from the wilderness [and natives of said ruins that might disagree with his right of salvage]. And it had been a steal. The gnome had been desperate to get rid of the thing. It seemed too good to be true! Something like this could save him the cost of hiring lackeys to carry his stuff, of hiring thugs to protect him. It wouldn't need to eat, or sleep, it could guard him while he slept. Definitely too good to be true. And it was. Because apparently it had a few screws loose. Literally and figuratively. It had the attention span of a jackdaw. Braythick did not want the confounded thing to get distracted by a butterfly while he was trying to fight off a mountain lion or troll. And yet, as he unslung his hammer to remind the local natives of his right to found loot, the darn thing would turn around and trot off without a care in the world, leaving Braythick to run in an undignified manner after yelling at it. And most likely, the gnome that sold it was laughing as he counted his coins, grateful to be rid of the troublesome, ancient war machine"
  7. So, I got my Bones. They're awesome. And Wyrmgear is a big dragon (not a BIIIG dragon, I'll get to those eventually, but a big dragon nonetheless), and I'm doing something fun with him, so here's the WiP of the process. First, my wyrmgear's name is Glockendrache. It sounds like it means "Clock-dragon," but it doesn't. "Bell-dragon," I like, if you consider the metal bells are often made from, and the type of dragon Glockendrache represents...wait, bt Bronze dragons aren't actually clockwork... Exactly. My Eberron campaign has a bunch of House Cannith craziness going on. Cannith West, for the sake of SCIENCE!!, likes to play with things the house learned about constructs while making Warforged...so we have cyber-wolves, people with golem grafts, and the like. What very few people know about is that an expedition to Argonnesen managed to smuggle a dragon carcass back to Aundair a few months ago, and Cannith West has been playing with that little toy ever since. Hence, Glockendrache. I'm taking the wyrmgear model and plan to putty some musculature, wing membranes, etc. onto the body. But first, prep work! Dry fitting the model worked well; everything fits nicely, and he fits well on the base I have for him. It's from Micro Arts Studio, in their "Arcane" line. Oh, and that's a Warlord dwarf-lady standing on the base; Sir Forscale wasn't at hand. . The base by itself, next to a 30mm round for scale: . Next, I removed his integrated bases from the feet. I used a clipper to get rid of most of the base, then used a jeweler's saw to remove the part directly underfoot. At first, I was worried that the PVC would gum up the saw; I've had that happen when using a saw to cut pipe. Instead, the friction from the saw melted the Bonesium, which then adhered back to itself. This picture shows a foot, sawn clean through, but still adhering to the broccoli: . Miraculous magic regeneration! I was able to pull with a fingernail against the seam I'd created with the saw, but it wasn't budging. Luckily, it was now perforated enough that a hobby knife went through easily, and now my Glockendrache has clean feet and can sit on the base. . Next up, the wings. the wyrmgear model is socketed so his wings are vertical. For Glockendrache, I want an angle, but I don't want to mess with the weird warping issues that happen when boiling the rigid Bonesium used to make these wings. So, I carved angles on the pegs. Here is one wing peg cut down to an angle, and the other still out-of-box. . And here's how it fits into the socket. It won't stay in place without glue like this, but it looks pretty cool, and players will have a better grasp of his wingspan now. . I haven't glued the wings in yet, but I have assembled the rest of the body. The torso, legs and tail will serve as an armature for the putty I need to put down. That'll be sometime this week; I'll keep y'all posted!
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