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  1. I just received the rest of my stuff from the Marvel Zombie! Kickstarter, so I figured it was time to get started on the core box....that I received last year some time..... I popped the box open, and had forgotten just how organized CMoN has become over the years with their boxes. So in the core box version of the game (which is a variant of Zombicide) you play Zombie superheroes (the green ones in the above pics) against the humans. A bit different from the original Zombicide. You can play the heroes against the zombies in the X-Men Resistance core box, which is up on the shelf and I'll be getting to...someday. Besides the zombie Supes, you get a bunch of named Bystanders (who are trying not to get eaten) and 3 types of SHIELD soldiers (Troopers, Guards and Specials) who are trying to stop you, as well as some still living Supes. So my goal for the weekend is to get some of these primed (haven't checked if there are any mold lines yet) as I have a bunch of priming to do this weekend for other games as well. Then I'll probably start with some SHIELD grunts to get a paint scheme down and get used to how these paint before going on to the Zombies.
  2. After another longer than intended break from painting I've finally started a new project. As the title says this is another chance to clear my desk of miniature clutter that has once again accrued. At least it's not as bad as last time as only a handful of miniatures have built up. Starting off I grabbed two similar miniatures and got to work. Luckily I've known the exact color scheme I've wanted for these two for awhile now, so I was able to just jump back in. I'm definitely out of practice but I'm still pleased with just one night's work. Spur of the moment I decided to switch things up and start another figure. I had only intended to try out my new green but ended up nearly finishing it too.
  3. Thank you to both @Inarah and @Darcstaar! I was asking about how to finish the smoke, flame, explosion thing needed to be painted. Good direction, so thank you.
  4. I'm hitting a wall. A few actually. My patience is running thin on this all white color, which I did my best to add color to and depth. It's taking me a lot of layers and carefully placed highlights. Overall the white is working, but making the cape, outfit, and hair all different colors is not easy for me. Now the second issue. I'm struggling with the explosion below her. I need a reference or a video that does a good job of showing off how to paint an explosion. I'm thinking orange,yellow, Grey colors. I tried to start it and ended up running out of steam. I'll need high contrast to make it look awesome and different from her outfit. Help!
  5. I got this set for Christmas, and was excited to paint them. Then I started prepping and got less excited. Even with the wax tool this was looking like hours and hours of extensive mold line work. After a while, it started to look like another mound of grey. At this point, we had enough play sessions under our belt to square up priorities: survivors will get cleaned up and painted as we get ambitious/inspired, as well as abominations. Walkers, runners and bloaters, however…. Here’s the walkers: I figured I’d use up some long since boxed materials: citadel primers in rattle cans and AP paints through the airbrush. This was actually a good exercise in airbrushing, especially WRT aiming. Airbrushing the rim was especially good practice. I gave up on the AP stuff pretty quickly- even thinned 5:1 they would inevitably cause the brush to cough up a hairball. I hit a few highlights on some with a brush afterwards, and then gave a flesh wash to the skin. Oh, and some blood. That’s it. With prep, priming and painting, it was probably 3-4 hours, most of that was spent moving them back and forth. Next up, runners! They’ll get yellow rims. note: they need washing - paint barely stuck without it. Tossing in boiling water for 2min, however resulted in warped bases. I’ll stick with soap and warm water next time.
  6. CMON has launched a new KS campaign for another iteration in the Zombicide franchise. This one, like Zombicide: Black Plague, is set in a medieval fantasy setting, so it'll go well with D&D. Unlike Black Plage, it's winter themed, and also based on more eastern mythology and history. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/zombicide-white-death/description I think perhaps the most interesting thing about this set is that you get a good set of city guards, and then a horde of zombies in the same city guard armor! :D There are of course several other monsters and heroes that are very interesting, including minis for several different types of beastfolk that'll work well for tabaxi, werebear, etc. I'm in for $1 so I get access to the pledge manager later. Oh yeah, and there's a set of extra heroes with designs based on the members of the metal band Lacuna Coil. I like some of their songs, but I don't really care about that specifically. They look like they might be some nice minis to have, though. :P
  7. Lately I've been working on things that have languished for too long and this project is no exception. I bought Cmon's Kick The Board Game over a year ago and immediately cleaned and primed the miniatures. Since then they've simply sat in a box unpainted. Last night however I finally got started. Having bought this game mostly for the hero miniatures I decided to start this project with the generic enemy figures. My thinking is that this will give me a better understanding of the miniatures before moving on to the hero figures I actually care about (and bought the game for). As the generic foot soldiers don't exactly have uniforms apart from their masks I decided a hodge podge color scheme would be best. Starting off though I quickly decided to paint all the coats as leather jackets. That decision called for a bit of reference photo gathering, which had the added benefit of throwing off all my targeted ads as now Google is convinced I need a new jacket. Armed with nice reference photos of the various colored jackets I intend to paint I finally began. The first batch recieved a bright red leather jacket based off the jacket seen in Fight Club. After all of that not much thought went into the rest of their outfits. Honestly I basically just grabbed some of my go to colors and got to work. I think it worked out though and I ended up with some passable miniatures after only one night of work. Tonight I started my second batch. For these guys I also went with a red leather but in a darker shade. I didn't quite finish them in one session but they're close. Choosing to paint two reds may have been a mistake as they look nearly identical. Side by side however the difference can be seen. So after only two nights I've nearly finished two batches of generic criminals with only three more to go before I start on the bosses. I'd call that a good start.
  8. Here's one from the Marvel United X-men set. Was really unsure about doing darker skin, but I think she came out pretty good. Always open to improvements and feedback.
  9. Thanks to some good input on this, i managed to put together a decent base for this model. I admit I'm not a fan of the chibis, but i will say it makes practicing on the eyes 10 times better. What do you think?
  10. The painting aspect is all done, but now i need some basing ideas. I was at a friend's house painting this and his wife said to do a rubble area that looks like demolition. I think that could be really fun. I need some ideas, folks! Also, what color would you make the ground since this is a comic style character.
  11. First painting in.... 6 months? I just got my Marvel United X-MEN delivery (more here) I will be painting up Alpha Flight first. Washed Primed ( I'll fix the bases later) Lots of really hard to reach angles. Still cheesed they only included one twin (no Aurora).
  12. Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City - The Board Game CMON project. I usually avoid those.
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/massive-darkness-2-hellscape Story Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape takes the exciting dungeon-crawling action of the original Massive Darkness and brings it to a whole new level! Take on the role of Lightbringers, a group of Heroes fighting the forces of Darkness in this thrilling cooperative game for 1-6 players. Inspired by classic RPG games, this board game needs no game master to take you to the depths of Hell and beyond, fighting a variety of mobs and epic enemies to save the world!
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2lm/household/description Came across a Kickstarter from CMON's RPG publishing arm (Didn't know they had one) for a RPG about various Fairy Folk living in an abandoned mansion. Not a RPG player myself, so I can't comment much on the game, but it does use special dice which seems a bit limiting:- There is a link to some quickstart rules on the page to have a look at though. My interest is in the set of minis (It is a CMON Kickstarter after all):- Unfortunately, I can't get the figures without also pledging for the RPG at least at the PDF level, so I've got this on remind while I ponder if the minis are worth the extra $30.
  15. Move Marvel United Chibi's https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/marvel-united-x-men
  16. I painted all the figures in the box during May last year. Almost killed me.
  17. Trying new stuff with this one, I started by priming the model black and dry brushing it with fleshtone. Then I used a wash of Flash Red Color shift paint mixed 1:3 with water for the tops of the tentacles. I used Flash purple mixed with a bit of black to deepen the color to purple and painted it full strength underneath.
  18. Another Rum & Bones pirate painted up for you. This is Captain Sarah Kale from the Mercenary Heroes #1 expansion set. She's packing heat and is destined to serve as the gunner in my nautical campaign. You can see more pirates and read more about this explosive lady in my Dark Tide WIP thread here. Like I said last time, CMON minis have a lot of character which can be a blessing or a curse, but here it works really well.
  19. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/cmon-presents-the-animation-collection? I checked out the Scooby Doo cooperative game play looks like something fun to play with the kids (since he will probably be 10 when it delivers )
  20. I've been painting up a lot of Starcadia Quest. It only seems fitting to start out with the Star Wars characters. For most of my Starcadia Quest, I went with a Borderlands style- with lots of black lining against bright colors and even black hard edging to create that Borderlandish look. I plan to convert a few Starcadians into Borderlands characters as well. Also, it just seemed right to start out with the Star Wars inspired characters.
  21. i’m really trying this year to expand and improve. at the same time this is a game piece and i want to speed up to get on the table. 4 of these done in a day.
  22. Another day another devil. Several months ago I was searching for a suitable mini for a chain devil. I was in need of a few of them to represent hellish prison guards. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of options that I liked. Most of the official pre-painted chain devils look like awkward Michelin Men. So I went looking for a suitable substitute. I settled on the Pelegarth Brutes from CMON's Wrath of Kings. A few modifications later and... Three frightening and unrelenting guards of hell. More Photos Below the Spoiler: I really liked working on these guys. It was a lot of fun reinterpreting an existing monster and finding a way to make it unique. They're definitely a favorite of mine. Plus I love that the chains actually dangle and swing when moving the minis around. Check out the rest of my Infernal Army HERE. How have you reinterpreted a mini in your own projects?
  23. I've got a bunch of minis to post from my Cthulhu: Death May Die set. Here are the first ones- I'll be back to update as I get more pics.
  24. So CMON came out with an updated version of Project: Elite, a game that has been lauded as a super fun real time game. Thankfully, the contents of the game are a bit smaller than Zombicide: Invader, and the gameplay is a little bit more fun if I am being totally honest. Additionally, the scale of the miniatures are slightly larger, so instead of being around 25mm, they are closer to the 28-32mm heroic scale. Now that being said, this is a real time game. Which means that the miniatures will be handled a lot, and sometimes roughly. As much as I would like to slave over some of these, I am trying (key word here, trying) to keep the time investment shorter on this one. The chances of a paint job getting dinged up are just greater than some more casually-paced game. All figures receive a generous coat of varnish to help protect them as much as reasonably possible. Here are some shots of the work so far... Gustav (The 'Ahnold' clone.) Pretty pleased with how his face turned out, probably one of the better ones I have done if I am being completely honest. This sculpt of the face was pretty clean and well-detailed, so painting it was really straight-forward. Sandra (Totally not Jennifer Anniston) This sculpt's face was a little wonky, specifically the lip area, which made getting her expression looking correct difficult. Additionally, I had accidentally ripped up a layer while using ScaleColor's skin tone paints, leaving some additional texture that I did not want. Still some areas to tidy up. Gunter Used a combination of inks, Contrast paints, and regular ol' paint here. Skintone was actually done using ScaleColor's flesh tones, which I find tend to work pretty well for African skin tones. Shading on the shoulder pauldrons was done using purple, which gives a lovely and natural looking effect. This mini's color scheme though is totally all over the map, and the reds and greens are a little "Christmas" like. Not a huge deal, just not my favorite color choices here. The Runners The runners have been my speed-paint job so far. They have lots of texture that a wash hooks into easily enough. They were given the typical zenithal priming treatment, but using a fairly bright pink color as their top highlight (this would be close to Rosy Skin Highlight in Reaper colors) and Reaper Burgundy Wine was used along their spine. They were given a coat or two of GW Reikland Fleshshade, and finally their lips/gums were highlighted with some Kimera Magenta + Burgundy Wine, and teeth with some Vallejo Flat Yellow + FW White Ink.
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