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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! I just got some Warhammer pink horrors and have no idea what MSP colors to buy to paint them. I have no pinks at all and don't know what would be best. Does anyone have any advice? Note that I have all of the citadel shades so I think I'm covered there. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, i have many Reaper Colours in triads, but i dont know if maybe the store that sold them to me some years ago had an old batch or else, as i see that some of the colors are not as shown in the reaper site. So wanted to ask anybody that has the "undead skin tones" and "vampiric skintones" , if you have any pics that show the true colour of the "moldy skin", "bloodless skin", "ghoul skin", "vampiric skin", "vampiric highlight" and "vampiric shadow", as i want to compare and determine if maybe my colors are wrong or something :( and see what i need to add to them to make them be as intended :) Thanks for the help !
  3. Hello all, This is not about the quality of paint but for a color comparison. I was recently asked to do a paint job by a friend. He supplied the paint; Citadel just awful to use. Has anyone done a color comparison to match up approximate equivalents between a Citadel paint and Reaper paint. I can only get Reaper paints online now; and comparing the display colors in the store has not worked out that well for me. Thanks, Gene
  4. Favorite color of dragon. GO! Mine is blue!
  5. Just as it sounds. Of all the dragons released for the Bones 3 kickstarter, which color dragon do they resemble most from D&D or Pathfinder? And we're going to set aside the great oogly moogly, that one is a special case. :P You don't have to limit yourself to chromatic or metallic, any of the dragon types will do. If they resemble a particular kind, I want to hear your opinion.
  6. There be dragons here. OK, so do dragons have defining features that designates them as a certain type(color) of dragon? Because if they do i'm not seeing it. It's been brought to my attention that Blightfang is a green dragon because of his leaf shaped scales. Fair enough. I already irreversibly started painting him blue. But I'm fine with that. The silver dragon is obviously a silver dragon, though I painted him white. He actually looks like one variation of a white dragon I've seen before. (Pathfinder art work) Just google pathfinder white dragon under imagines. I'm assuming Cinder is red just because of his name, and nothing else. Verocithrax... ummm. Looks Japanese-ish? Gold? I'm going to make him green i think. Nathavarr- Red? He was painted red for the website, but was that just the artist's choice or is he really supposed to be red for reasons i dont know? Narthrax. No idea. So, anyone have any insight for me? Final thought-- Reaper should make a Tiamat model.
  7. I am sure someone knows all the special edition MSP & MSP HD paints which have been released, so please, pretty please, post it here. TIA!
  8. Hello! I'll apologize right now if this isn't in the best place for it. I am a painting virgin, having only flirted with craft paint and plastic army men; but I think I'm ready for the big one. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Bones 2 Kickstarter, and I want to have the widest variety of colors to cover the most situations. I am purchasing the Bones LtPK durring this glorious promotion that Reaper is doing, and I will have the first MSP HD paint add-on from the KS. Given the paint that comes in each, what colors/items am I missing that would help me have the widest range of colors for the best price? (I only need an item or two to get up to the $40 threshold to qualify for the Ghoulie bag). For help's sake, I will list the colors I will have below. 9030- Leather Brown 9037- Black 9039- White 9053- Honed Steel 9054- Polished Silver 9085- Shadowed Stone 9200- Harvest Brown 9228- Viper Green 9271- Dirty Bone 29801- Crimson Red 29806- Fireball Orange 29809- Pale Saffron x2 29811- Turf Green 29815- Dragon Blue x2 29820- Gem Purple 29822- Suntan Flesh 29823- Caucasian Flesh 29827- Griffon Tan 29829- Woodland Brown 29830- Ruddy Brown 29832- Concrete Grey Are there any glaring holes in my color selection? Are there any recommendations you have for what I should get in the name of variety and coverage? Is Reaper's brush-on primer worth it? I look forward to reading your wisdom! Thanks! IryokuHikari
  9. Hi folks, I recently picked up Erin of the Flame and I was considering painting the two balls of fire he holds in contrasting colors - one traditional red/yellow/orange fire and one as blue fire. What colors and techniques will make blue fire look good? Hell, even tips on making regular fire look awesome would be helpful - I'm a bit of a noob still. Thanks!
  10. Hi - this is probably a little bit of an unusual request compared to the norm but I'm really having problems and could use some help. I bought a little plastic dog (just a cheap job, from Michaels, though the details aren't too bad). It's a golden retriever - I want to paint it up as a present for a friend and paint it to match my friend's retriever. The problem is - I've been mixing and mixing and I can't even come close to the fur color of this dog. (See attached) This dog has 4 shades of fur really. Darkest is an orangeish brown color. Next is a lighter shade of that Then there is a light blonde color (makes up the majority - and is the color I've come least closest to) Finally a white/khaki color (this I can actually match pretty closely). The Reaper power pallete gives me things like "tanned highlight, and rosy skin" for the blonde color - which I have, and they aren't even close :/ Everything I've tried on my own comes out too yellow, or too brown, or too plain (i.e. not "golden" enough). I mostly have GW paints (the old kind, before they redid them recently) but I have pretty much all of them, in addition to ~2 dozen Reaper (those are almost entirely skin tones though). I've been trying by mixing mostly light browns with yellows, or browns +oranges for the darker colors. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm not averse to picking up paints if needed but be aware that my FLGS (where I bought at least a half-dozen triads) no longer carries Reaper paints :/
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