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  1. Just came across this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/johnwrot/game-night-bags
  2. the author, Kevin Kulp, is a friend of ours. please consider this offering when it launches in January. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kevinkulp/timewatch-gumshoe-investigative-time-travel-rpg he has information on a Google+ page, as well as on Pelgrane Press's blog pages, TimeWatch, by Kevin Kulp, is a GUMSHOE game of investigative time travel that Pelgrane Press is about to Kickstart. You are a defender of history, an elite TimeWatch agent plucked out of your native era and trained to stop saboteurs from ripping history apart. Your training allows you to diagnose disruptions in the time stream and track down the cause, making conclusions that less capable investigators might just guess at. The TimeWatch rules presume that you are a highly competent badass. Who are you to prove them wrong? If youve played other GUMSHOE games like Nights Black Agents and Trail of Cthulhu, TimeWatchs mechanics will look familiar. It uses a pared-down ability list (Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, and various engineering abilities are all grouped under the ability Science!, whose exclamation point tells you quite a bit about the games tone) and can be played in a variety of different styles. You can play it in Pulp style if you want more dinosaurs and aliens, Rebel style if you want to be the people changing history for the better, Cinematic style if you want to emulate your favorite time travel movie, and more. The default is Patrol style, acting as time cops to save the timeline. Traditionally, the two big road blocks to time travel games have been game research and handling paradox. The former has gotten to be surprisingly simple over the past few years; with Wikipedia for research and innumerable, excellent alternate history message boards and podcasts (such as Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff or Dan Carlins Hardcore History) out there, its easy to track down good ideas. The TW rules will contain a number of mission hooks, of course, and our plan is to offer superb guest designers the chance to write missions as part of the upcoming Kickstarters stretch goals. In TimeWatch, paradox is handled through an ability called Chronal Stability, which takes the place of Stability in other GUMSHOE games. Cause paradox and you lose chronal stability; lose enough chronal stability and you become unanchored in time. This allows fun flexibility when solving missions; you can time travel forward to check the work of historians fifty years hence to figure out what happened in this timeline, or even have your future self leave you a cryptic note about what happens, but doing so risks chronal instability. You can plan your investigation accordingly, solving conundrums while keeping paradox to a minimum. Whether youre dealing with a rogue time traveler who gave Hitler nuclear weapons, or mongols who sacked and burned all of western Europe, you may want the extra help. The biggest change between TimeWatch and other GUMSHOE games are stitches (as in a stitch in time), an action point mechanic that rewards fun play and allows players to decide for themselves when to refresh their ability pools. If you find yourself getting nervous about how many Shooting points to spend because you cant predict when theyll come back, youll want to give stitches a try. Weve also worked hard to get all the joy of breakneck chases matched with time travel. Chase someone through time on your personal time machine, and youll find yourself slipping from historical chase to historical chase as you try and catch up; from Roman chariots, to riding a stegosaurus during a dinosaur stampede, to racing high altitude fighter jets after them. Above all, TimeWatch is a game that embraces everything that time travel should be. Want your future self to come back and help you in a fight at the OK Corral? You can do that. Want to play a caveman, or a starship pilot, or Amelia Earhart, all figuring out why the Titantic didnt sink? You can do that. Want to produce a disintegrator rifle with Preparedness, just by reminding yourself to come back later and hide it under a floorboard? You can do that. This leads to some interesting solutions when solving mysteries. When you end up arranging the very same mysterious ambush that almost killed your earlier self last session, just to prove to a local bandit king that you have prophetic powers, you know youre a member of TimeWatch. TimeWatch is an upcoming Pelgrane Press GUMSHOE RPG about time cops, by Kevin Kulp, due to be Kickstarted in January 2014. Stay in touch at @timewatchrpg. To be notified when the Kickstarter goes live, click http://bit.ly/1hSd99K
  3. http://kck.st/1Kxu9LJ Campaign is live! While I'm still not exactly sure I'll go through & commit as the price is a tad bit more then I really want to pay for em. I do like the design, kinda follows the Rise of the Runelord set they did (minus all the extra bits on the edges). If I do go through with it. it'll be my first metal dice set so I'm intrigued that's for sure. Hopefully they get funded & hopefully the stretch goals are worth the effort. Better hurry when I pledged there was only 21 (now 20) early bird sets. Knocks $10 bucks off the price in the process. Early Bird sets are SOLD OUT!! Got my AP subscription today & there was a flier for a upcoming dice Kickstarter Pathfinder metal dice set by Paizo/Q-Workshop Starts in September but link will let you sign up for updates & such. While I pretty much bleed Chessex dice, I do have a few QW sets, mainly Pathfinder ones & I know QW sets are either loved or hated by the gaming community, but if the pics of the dice are what will be offered I think they'll look nice on the table. (if anything the link to the store after you signed up showed that they've released quite a few Pathfinder AP sets (like 3 or 4 of them). Something that was beneficial for me at least)
  4. **FUNDED** I'm a sucker for Cyberpunk. Not enough of it these days :) So....this looks pretty awesome. I do not know much about the developer though. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1803723298/human-interface-nakamura-tower Launched. Rules: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehjanbgn70m2342/HINT%20Tutorial%20scenario%20ONE.pdf?dl=0 Render: Real Resin Prototype They have some cool story snippets about the characters and world on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hintthegame?fref=nf
  5. http://dp9forum.com/index.php?showtopic=16501 Looks like plastic mecha are all the rage. Between Robotech and CAV I'm going to be up to my ears in mecha...but the idea of gears that don't cost an arm and a leg may be too much to resist. Don't know that I'll go big on this one, probably one of the army boxes or a $1 pledge with some add-ons. These aren't likely to be used with their game so I'm not looking to get more than handful, definitely not more than say, 20. Says starting in October, not sure when though. MOD EDIT - project live. Link to kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heavygearblitz/heavy-gear-blitz-war-for-terra-nova-starter-set?mobile=0
  6. I don't know about the gameplay yet, but these board games look pretty cool. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1034852783/shadows-of-brimstone?ref=category
  7. Link to the kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/dungeon-saga-the-dwarf-kings-quest?mobile=0 Some postings from the Mantic Forum: For me End of July is to early to start with a new KS. :-(If they start it so early, I think I will be part of the KS with only $1+few Addons.
  8. Barbarian Hordes by Red Box Games by tre manor Hello again kickstarter! Red box Games is back again to fund the production of a new set of figures intended to finalize the Helsvakt hordes with the most requested units from the very dedicated and much appreciated fans of Red Box Games. First on offer are the HELSVAKT CHOSEN. These 5 figures can be selected individually or as a themed set. So to begin the campaign I offer The Chosen: Armoured Elite Hordesmen the elite corps of Hel's army of marauding murderous lunatics. these are the men who heeded her mad cry for blood and fury, wandered into the northern wastes, survived it's perils and scaled the great Mountain of Madness to bear her blessing and carry her vengeance out into the world. These are the mightiest of her warriors who have survived multiple campaigns and multiple proving battles. They are inhumanly strong and resilient. As ruthless as a rabid beast and equally fearsome. They bear no mercy in their hearts and no love for man or woman, kith or kin. They live for battle and carnage. Maniacs and marauders. Behold and tremble...... My ambition for this kickstarter campaign is to fund the creation and production and distribution of the final sets needed to " finish " the HelsVakt range of miniatures within the RBG fantasy world. I have already funded through a recent KS campaign a set of semi modular rank and file troops, the Hordesmen, along with a set of murderous archer / assassins called the Craven, and a group of a few Heroes of renown within the HelsVakt Army, Hakar the Horrible, Bloody Garm, Valda the Black hearted, and Svartulf the Savage. NOW I want to fund the the expansion of the army with in no particular order.......: THE CHOSEN 5 armoured elite warriors. CHOSEN CHAMPION both mounted and afoot COMMAND Leader, horn blower, standard bearer elites HELSMAIDENS 4 female warriors. HELSMAIDEN CHAMPION both mounted and afoot BERSERKERS 4 new berserkers CRAVEN 4 new ranged helsvakt warriors JOTUNN 1 maybe 2 Helsvakt allied giants HELSRIDERS 4 new mounted warrior elites EDIT: Pics in my 2nd post below as these pics are messing with Darsc's adding the "live" tag to this thread.
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/awakenrealms/the-edge-new-miniature-universe?ref=category_newest Holy cow the angel of death Hey there, Welcome to The Edge – skirmish miniature wargame set in post-apocalyptic, steampunk universe. We are asking for your support to bring this unique project into life and deliver you combination of fresh gaming experience, high quality miniatures and original universe. Hope you will enjoy your journey into the world of The Edge! The Edge is planned to be a standalone universe with a long term development plan. One of our goals is to keep the feeling of consistency in our story and models. We are dedicated to create a great universe with compelling story and grim, steampunk environment, supported by well-thought and fun to play mechanics and the best quality models. Models will be set tin 28mm scale and will range from smaller infantry through beasts and vehicles to huge constructs and gigantic monsters. Everything will be cast in quality resin to ensure highest level of detail.
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1584169644/spellbook-gaming-boxes?ref=video About this project Hi there! We’re Quentin and Dan, and it's a pleasure to meet you. If you just watched the video this next part might sound familiar. We’ve been working on Spellbooks, a gaming box designed to feel like an arcane tome and crafted to capture the timeless appeal of classic leather, wood, and metal. Spellbooks are stylish and functional reliquaries for your favorite gaming gear. They come in two basic styles; “card deck†and “rolling tray." The card deck is made for trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, while the rolling tray is for the generalists out there. You can further personalize the rolling tray interior with removable foam inserts cut to a variety of templates. Inside the cover is a new Elderwood feature: the Reflecting Pool. Each Pool is crafted out of a variety of metals and acts as a fully functional dry erase board to keep track of temporary stats. Finally, we offer an array of luxurious leathers with which to bind each Spellbook, and offer a range of art to customize the cover and spine to make them uniquely your own. To close out the package, hidden magnets together with a book belt keep your treasures safe and secure. We know holiday shopping is important to some of you, so scroll down for our gifting options to learn more, and may the dice roll ever in your favor. CRAFTING YOUR SPELLBOOK Options, options, options. We want to make the Spellbook that’s just right for you, so we’ve tried to create the right options that let you select your level of customization. Leather - To start, choose your binding leather, which comes in onyx, chocolate and sandstone. Keep an eye on our stretch goals; if we hit our marks, even more leather options will become available. Art - Next, you’ll want to decide how to adorn your Spellbook. Each reward offers one of four options: blank canvas (the "unadorned" look), signature (any one of our existing pieces), personalized (signature plus your choice of text), and fully customized (any image you send us that we can create). Then, choose what color ink you’d like us to use; right now we’re offering silver and gold, but that will grow if we hit our stretch goals. If we aren't able to offer an option that feels right to you, there are two choices. Arch-Mage lets you work directly with Quentin to design your very own custom art that we'll emblazon on your Spellbook for you. Or, if you're into DIY, you can also opt for the blank canvas; we'll be releasing a tutorial later with tips on our favorite techniques for decorating the leather covers. Signature art Premium art features text areas that are customizable. (Sorcerer, Wizard, Holiday Wizard) Example of a signature art in practice Wood - You’ll want to choose the wood base for your Spellbook. Check out the reward descriptions for what woods are available to you. Dan favors the walnut base because it has a powerful darkness and the swirling grain adds an air of ancient mystery. Quentin likes the maple best because it glides under his fingers and has a book-like feel to it. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Choose an accompanying wooden trim to line the reflecting pool and interior of the Spellbook. Trim options include cherry, walnut, and purpleheart for all reward levels, but check out our stretch goals as more options may become available. Base woods for Conjurer, Warlock, and higher reward levels Base woods for Sorcerer and higher reward levels Base woods for Royal Wizard and higher reward levels Inlay trim options for all levels! Interior design - Your Spellbook is nearly complete! You’ll have to tell us what you want to use your Spellbook for. If you need one for trading card games, the card deck style is designed to hold 80 single sleeved cards (100 single sleeved card variant available - see Add Ons). If you prefer the rolling tray style, the full interior measures approximately 5 x 7 inches. Every open style Spellbook comes with one of several options for foam lining. We offer several stock layouts, but we’d like to hear from you about how you’d cut your foam. If we don’t offer the perfect shape, we offer partially perforated foam blanks which you can customize to perfection. Here are some examples of foam inserts we will offer. We will add more here near the end of the campaign based on what you all tell us. Reflecting pool - The reflecting pool is available in several metals, and doubles as a dry-erase board during your adventures. Depending on the tier you can select from copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, hammered brass, nugold, or sterling silver. Copper, brass, and aluminum stock before being installed. Add-ons and customization Want some help filling your Spellbook with magic? We’ve partnered with our friends athttp://norsefoundry.com to include some add-ons to get you started. add $35 and your order will include a 7-piece set of your choice of Dead Mans Gold or Chainmail Silver metal RPG dice add $90 and your order will include a 7-piece set of Lapis Lazuli Gemstone RPG dice add $15 and your order will include your choice of a 10-piece Steampunk Metal Coins Variety Pack or Dwarven Metal Coins Variety Pack Finally, add $10 for a thicker Spellbook designed hold 100 sleeved cards instead of our standard 80. Metal and gemstone dice from our friends at Norse Foundry!Adventure Coins also from Norse Foundry! Various interior configurations
  11. From Hrothgar's Hoard, cards for 5e that change the effects of a crit...whether hit or miss..I think it's kinda cool https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1658949603/critical-htis-and-miss-decks
  12. From Gate Keeper Games, the designer and publisher of The King's Armory, comes A.D.A.P.T. Being supported by over 20 professional reviews, it is now funding tremendously well on Kickstarter (95% at time of posting! : ). Take a look and please consider backing today. A.D.A.P.T. is a card and dice game for 2-3 players, with stunning art, and fascinating new game mechanisms. "I was a little leary ...fish? But when I got to play it, yes, it was a lot of fun. The way they put this game together is pretty awesome." -NVS Gameplays In A.D.A.P.T. players start by choosing 1 of three guppies along with their color matching dice set... A.D.A.P.T includes 3 all new sets of our exclusive line Halfsies Dice. "For $29 you're pretty much getting 3 sets of dice a free game." -NJAPG ...from there they must Adapt new bodies and parts, upgrading their fish, their stats, and their abilities as they go... (Prototype shown, picture courtesy of Club Fantasci) "A.D.A.P.T. is a rather fun and clever card game that has some interesting aspects to explore. You’ll enjoy building some of the freakiest creations this side of Pripyat. A.D.A.P.T. is a tense back and forth tug of war battle with some surprising depth." - Club Fantasci Finally battling to the death to become "the last Masterfish in the sea". "This is the game some of my players were hoping for when they playtested Evolution. Personally, I like ADAPT better than Evolution." -Game Theory Gate Keeper Games is also introducing "UFRST" worldwide flat rate shipping. That means free to USA and $7 to everywhere else, no matter where you live, how many copies you order, or how many bonus packs you add to your pledge. I really like the streamlined stretch goals... Also very impressed with the low flat rate worldwide shipping. -Hillary, Current Backer Thank you for reading. I hope you join us for a really fun campaign on Kickstarter. With gratitude, John Wrot! Its really amazing how different these campaigns feel compared to most KS. There is, to me at least, a sense of "fun" and excitement! - Mr. Gomez, Backer --- Contents: 58 Unique Body and Fish cards (no 2 are the same, every card has unique art) 3 Player Aids 3 Player Mats 3 Sets of Halfsies Dice (21 total dice with standard numbering) 1 Rule sheet 1 Extra thick box to hold it all (keeps cards and dice safely separate)
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/campaigncoins/13th-age-coins-and-icon-tokens?ref=nav_search We are Campaign Coins from Australia. We make beautiful metal coins for tabletop games. With your help, we'd love to make licensed coins and icon tokens for the 13th Age roleplaying game designed by Rob Heinsoo & Jonathan Tweet, and published by Pelgrane Press. and also I'm a big fan of 13th Age as a setting and system, and these tokens look super neat!
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/761700834/elegant-dice-boxes?ref=category_newest
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bravefrontierstudios/nightmare-forest-dead-run This project is in it's final few days. It's a vs. card game that sounds like it has some fun potential. The players are camping in a forest when there is a zombie outbreak, and the game consists of a mad dash to your car and safety. According to the FAQ, it will also have a solo play option. Edited to re-add pics.
  16. Phoenix: Dawn Command is a new card-based RPG by Keith Baker and Daniel Garrison launching on Kickstarter April 6th. The game was developed by Keith and Dan as the first release for Twogether Studios. Tha Game is Now Live!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/twogetherstudios/phoenix-dawn-command --------------------------Previous Post-------------------------------------------- Many of you may already know Keith Baker's projects, but if not he's best known as the creator of the Eberron Campaign Setting for Dungeons and Dragons as well as the outstanding card game Gloom. Here's a blog link to Keith's website where he posts additional details: http://keith-baker.com/phoenix-dawn-command-whats-a-phoenix/ I've had the good fortune to playtest this game a few times. The system has many strengths that I think narrative / story based RPG players will find interesting. For tactical minded people, the card system developed by Keith and Dan are very interesting in building combos in combat scenarios, like using the best parts of a deck builder in an RPG.
  17. Aiviq Miniatures is the latest range from Ekmel Sword, they are a trio of Walrusmen that can be used in tabletop games, RPGs or just collecting, they are 28mm scale and are about 60mm big and cast in resin. The Kickstarter will be running for the next 14 days. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ekmelsword/aiviq-miniatures-from-ekmel-sword/description
  18. It's live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1700755582/mercs-recon Thanks estrus. Borrowed from his post. :) Pledge Levels: Stretch Goals:
  19. Haven't seen this posted yet. It's doing well and looks like fun. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/drinkingquest/drinking-quest-journey-into-draught
  20. Stonehaven is at it again with Halfing Adventureres!! HALFLING ADVENTURERS! Halflings are a hearty folk. Consuming seven or more meals each day keeps them in fine form for questing and merrymaking. Although they deeply love savory vittles and pleasant company, they are surprisingly agile and deadly when pressed. The Halfling Adventurers Miniatures Project is about creating miniatures to represent a set of Halfling heroes and their various pets, companions, and foods. Choose from any of our amazing Adventuring Parties. The goal here is simple: get the miniatures sculpted, cast, and distributed to all of you! We have a variety of stretch goals planned that will enhance and diversify your Halfling Adventurers. The Halflings will represent a relatively balanced adventuring party and/or a selection of Halfling heroes to lead any fantasy army. The Halflings will be sculpted by sculptor Mike Evans on a 28 millimeter heroic scale and cast in lead-free white pewter metal; fitting well with almost all tabletop wargaming and RPG miniatures. Included in the project will be printable character cards that can be used with our upcoming game: Stonehaven Peacekeeper's Oath (Currently in Beta Testing) Feel free to download and print the RULES and some starter CARDS and TERRAIN and try it out! So that you can anticipate the level of quality and the style of the miniatures that you will receive, here are some of the dwarves that were made possible through our Dwarven Adventurers KS! Dwarves were sculpted by Mike Evans. Dwarves were painted by James Wappel (who also made the scenic bases and took the photographs) We want to make as many halflings and halfling-related stuff as we can stand. We have stretch goals planned that will add either a Halfling miniature, a Halfling-related item (Second breakfast!), a companion, or a terrain .PDF to the Adventuring parties for every additional $2000 in funding that is pledged! Some goals will add to existing backer levels, others will require backers to increase their pledges to access the fruits of meeting the goals. Mike wanted to give the minis away for free but the rest of us need to eat. When we hit $7,000, The Paladin will be added to the Midwinter's Guardians Adventuring Party. While somewhat less concerned with religiosity than other races, those halflings who do seek religion are keen to "encourage" the good works of those they encounter. When we hit $9,000, The Druid will be added to the Midwinter's Guardians Adventuring Party. Halflings have a deep connection to the land and to growing things and gardeners hold a place of prestige among them. When we hit $11,000, The Apprentice will be added to the Midwinter's Guardians Adventuring Party. The Apprentice is still kind of deciding which class to choose. Proper mentoring will hopefully allow him to find his destiny. $25 - Midwinter's Guardians Adventuring Party Includes:
  21. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1946588239/midknight-heroes-super-chibi-miniature-line Sorry it's been a wile since I updated you heroes. With the holidays and getting ready for the Kickstarter I have been very busy. That's a good thing right? :) Anyway it's time for another update, and rememebr you can also follow us on Facebook to get updates as well, and the Chibi Gamers Group on FB, we are there allot. :) Its time for the update.! When we first talked about the Kickstarter we said that the miniatures would be 30mm and be cast in metal. That has changed. Now the miniatures willbe 30mm and cast is resin. Yeah I know you will like that. We also said that we would have 10 miniatures, 2 that you will fund and up to 8 stretch goals. That has changed as well. The max will now will be 8 miniatures and not 10. Also we said that each charcter would come with a card for the SCC game. At this time we can not do that but, when the game is launched all characters will have a card for the game and will be included in the game. Speaking of the game. In the KS we have a limited pledge that will allow you to get a "Playtest" version of the game. This will be limited to 35 backers so, first come first serve. This is not the full blown game but is 95% there. If you back at that level you will be expected to play the game and give us feed back to make the game better. Right now we are working the numbers for the KS and trying to get all the characers finalized but we are pushing it. Our main issue to be honest is shipping. Shipping is expensive now days and we are trying to figure a way to do it right. Right now it looks ike Shipping will be charged after the fact unless we can find another way of doing it. Our main thing with this KS is that you have 3 pledge levels $1, $30, and $50, and no matter what level you pledge you get everything with no added extra add on's out side of shipping. The main pledge is $30 wile the limited pledge is the $50 that will give you acces to the "Playtest" version of the game. The $50 pledge is just like the $30 but, again with the game added. So there you go an update. We are trying to do a January 25th launch but we will see if we can make it. Wish us luck! Natakue We start off with Elizabeth "Sweetie" shown above and below. She was sculpted by the amazing Heriberto Valle Martinez for a very special cause to us here at MidKnight Heroes. You see on November 16th 2015 my wife Elizabeth (natakues wife) had two brain aneurysms and lived. It has been hard on our family and had hot the pocket book pretty hard. In an effort to help, he sculpted a miniature to help raise money for medical bills. Thus Elizabeth was born. We designed a character inspired by her but fit our would as well. That is why she is a hair dresser/warrior as the real Elizabeth is a hair dresser. We hope you enjoy this character as much as we do and she will be a main stay in the MKH universe. Elvia is a character in our up and coming world known as “The Omega Sagaâ€. The Omega Saga will be a very special world and have a very special tabletop skirmish game to go with it but, the world/characters and game of The Omega Saga are still under development at this time. We plan to have it ready by early 2017 or sooner.
  22. KritterKins is now live on Kickstarter! Click here to visit the project.
  23. Link to the kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1620164718/star-trooper-miniatures/description Only just saw a link to this kickstarter on Reapers home page so figured it needed its own thread. The minis are sculpted by Bobby Jackson and the project has already reached funding and is into stretch goals.
  24. Well!! today we officially announce the upcoming launch of the Champions from arround the ancient world: SET 3 Kickstarter campaign! The campaign will be launched febraury 8 (monday), and this time we are adding some special for you to use with the minis! As novelty-and since this is the last campaign for 28mm characters from Menhir Games- we communicated with 2 companies that created, each of them, rulesets that fit perfectly with the so particular miniatures: rules for skirmishes of about 4 to 12 miniatures (average) per side, having both rulesets a RPG “touch†making it possible to make very customized profiles to each Champion. By pledging certain level, you as backers will get a "coupon" to use to get the PDF rules, the Printed rules or both of them at an important discount when visiting the editors page webstore. :::::::::::::::: From Metal Express we have Bladestorm: “Bladestorm is ICE’s classic fantasy “skirmish-style†miniatures game. Each figure represents one person or creature. Simple and fast-pace, it’s a raw, hard-edged game with an emphasis on action and color. Bladestorm is designed to stand alone; you never need a referee. Use the Bladestorm rules to fight miniatures battles set in virtually any fantasy world.†https://www.facebook.com/BladestormTabletop/ ::::::::::::::::: From Spiral Bridge Studio ( http://www.spiralbridgestudios.com ) “Rack & Ruin is a campaign-based skirmish game designed for 25mm-35mm fantasy miniatures. Players design the 4-5 miniatures they want to use as characters and add more as monsters or apprentices that follow their heroes. This book contains all the rules for building your party of Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Orc, Goblin, Risen and Beastman characters. Choose your party’s goal from the 6 provided and then customize your characters with 18 different skills, over 130 traits, and over 70 items." https://www.facebook.com/SpiralBridgeStudios/ :::::::::::::::::: Important! you can already get the free downloadable version of the quick start rules to give them a try! You can found them on www.WargameVault.com Pictures of the models that will be funded: We printed the giant to give a better idea of his... impact? Salutes and stay tunned!!
  25. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/967512676/dungeon-monsters-28mm-miniatures-undead-zombies-an?ref=category_newest I need more money ... "Dead Sonja" ... priceless ;) About this project Welcome to my 4th Kickstarter. A pledge of $40 guarantees you the following 15 zombies and skeleton miniatures shipped unpainted averaging out at $2.66 each. If all stretch goals are reached, you will receive an additional 17 Dungeon Decor miniatures, bringing the combined total of 32 Monster and Decor miniatures to an average price of $1.25 each.
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