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  1. Now Live! Not much to show yet - I have to take a lot more photos! but here's a quick heads-up: Next Monday we are launching a new Burrows & Badgers project, with at least 20 new anthropomorphic animals... cheers Michael
  2. Dear Friends, I am so grateful to all Reaper Forum members for your support and help with "Legends: Fantasy Violin" and "Excalibur" releases, and I am proud and happy to have prepared a new musical experience that I would love to share with you! During the past 10 months, I have been writing a fantasy symphony, combining the traditional musical language and techniques with fantasy elements, themes, and sounds. The inspiration for this work came from Skyrim, video game world of fantasy with incredible gaming aesthetics and profound mythology. The power and missions of the main character, Dragonborn, became my inspiration for this work, Symphony No.1 in D minor "Dragonborn". The symphony is in 4 movements, each featuring different atmosphere and characters, that are united through motives, rhythms, and themes to create a symphonic portrait of Dragonborn and the external and internal realities of being immersed in the world of fantasy. I started a Kickstarter project to record, produce, and release the symphony in December - as a CD and digital download featuring live and synthetic instruments. This is the first composition of such complexity and scale I have ever written, and your support means the world to me. Please visit the project at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/okrusko/fantasy-symphony-no1-dragonborn-album-release to learn more, and THANK YOU so much for your enthusiasm, help, advice, and inspiration. Thank you! Julia Okrusko Violinist & Composer Dear friends, I wanted to thank you for welcoming the new fantasy symphony with so much encouragement and support! Thanks to you, we have already raised 17% and are on a great track to our project goal, and I wanted to thank you for being there and for making this music possible! I also wanted to share some of my music with you and wish you a great weekend! THANK YOU! Julia :)* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgyDQwa1m08 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/okrusko/fantasy-symphony-no1-dragonborn-album-release
  3. <<<MOD EDIT>>> Link to kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1629942774/minion-miniatures-the-monsters-of-underdeep <<< >>> http://prefundia.com/projects/view/minion-miniatures-the-monsters-of-underdeep-28mm-fantasy-miniatures/2656/ Please click on the above link to our new Prefundia page - The Monsters of Underdeep. This time we are offering our Bugbear Ironshield and Flesh Golem to the world with addition parts to customise your creature through our stretch goals. Whats more, you can also unlock our awesome Monster stretch goals including the Zombie Hulk, the Lizardkin Deathscale and our new Miniotaur Guardian! All the miniatures are in high quality resin. The KS itself will launching mid October with a target of only £2000!
  4. I've watched this one for a bit and they went live today. They've got various levels of Sci-fi and psudo cyberpunk minis planned. I backed for just the Rayne figure as It's done and I like it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1590314354/miniature13-creating-miniature-realities They've also go an alien finished. Everything else (stretch goals) are concept only.
  5. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/crooked-claw-goblins/x/3798092#/story Crooked Claw miniatures is selling 28mm miniatures with an oldschool touch since 2012. After a successful Indiegogo campaign in early 2014 we are now looking to bolster the available range of marauding Goblinoids.
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2023606288/basius-25-the-tabletop-wargames-base-stamp-system/description About this project Since the Basius 2 Kickstarter last year we have received so many requests for pads that we decided to do it all over again! This project gives new gamers a chance to get their first pads, and previous backers a chance to get more pads from the ever growing collection. WHAT IS BASIUS? For those who don't yet know - Basius is a brilliant way of sculpting your own unique miniature bases & scenery. By using your own plastic bases, some green stuff and our series of 7 Inch Purple Double Sided Solid Resin Negatively-Textured Press Pads you can enhance your armies and collections in awesome ways. Every 7 Inch Square BASIUS Pad has textured areas on each side that are 6 Inches by 6 Inches - and as you get 2 sides on each BASIUS Pad - you get a LOT of texture to sculpt with! They are easy to use & easy to store - Just place them vertically on a shelf like a set of novels when you are not using them! A BASIUS Pad (Spine - Like a book spine) Side A of the same BASIUS Pad Side B of the same BASIUS Pad How To Use BASIUS Just grab a base Cover it with a blob of Green Stuff Wet the Pad texture & base surface (I use a little spray bottle & tap water) Press the base hard into the Pad & remove it (don't worry, they are very strong) Cut off the overhanging Green Stuff and save it to use on your next base (no need to waste a speck of the stuff that way!) Edit the sculpt to suit you - Press figure foot prints or miniature 'Bitz' into it if you like, as well as magnets or flight sticks etc - whatever you want! Newbie Hints: In order to capture all the detail apply a good deep blob of Green Stuff to your base, and press into the Pad hard until the resin pad texture touches the plastic base, then pull it off. Most of the Green Stuff will then be overhanging the edges of your base - slice this off and use it on the next base you make! I like to use hobby pliers when I pull the base off the Pad and when I slice the overhang so I dont get fingerprints on my bases. Doing this = No Wasted Green Stuff & Uber Detail!Made using the BASIUS Pad shown above - This 20mm Warhammer-Style base shows just one of many 1000's of unique sculpts that YOU can make using BASIUS The BASIUS Collection - 19 Pad Designs
  7. News is leaking out of a Kings of War (mini) kickstarter from Mantic, launching next week. And its live https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/kings-of-war-fantasy-battle-game-2nd-edition
  8. With Reaper shipping its Bones KS now, I have come out with another line of storage solutions for all these minis we are about to get. These are made from solid hardwoods, domestic and exotic, and have some options so you can upgrade your chest to your personal preferences. I have a preview link up now and I'd love some feedback. No video yet, and I need to take some final pictures, but take a look and tell me what you think.
  9. Launch Date April 27 This year at Gary Con, Iron Wind Metals is announcing plans for the return of Ral Partha's Chaos Wars, in celebration of Ral Partha's 40th Anniversary. The product line will include not only the classic rules (availabe in paperback and as a PDF), but also 3 ranges of figures, each composed of some of the best miniatures that Ral Partha has produced over the last 40 years (including some previously unreleased miniatures). The first wave of the Chaos Wars releases is being done by way of Kickstarter. The Kickstarter launches April 27, 2015 and the dollar threshold has been set to cover the costs of new production molds. Wave 1 consists of 24 Elves and 24 Orcs and Goblins, all from Ral Partha's original 01-Personalities, 02-Fantasy Collector, and 12-All-American ranges. All 48 miniatures were sculpted by Tom Meier. Several of the figures that previously held steel wire spears will now come with a variety of weapons to choose from; including halberds, pikes, spears, swords, and axes. Iron Wind Metal's new Dungeon Equipment line will be adding more new weapons periodically, to further increase your customization options. The miniatures will be made available individually, and in regimental sets to make purchasing armies more cost effective. If the Kickstarter is successful, over 1200 currently available classic Ral Partha miniatures will be added to the Chaos Wars range, providing initial forces for: the Undead, Chaos, Gnolls, Centaurs, Atlanteans, Ratlings, Dwarves, Halflings, Samurai, Fae, Treemen, Half-Elves, and Kingdoms of Men (which includes Norsemen, Desert Nomads, Jungle Warriors, Hoplites, and Arthurian Knights). Future releases include new advanced rules for Large-Scale Battles, Skirmish games, Campaigns, and Scenarios, as well as more releases of long out-of-print and previously unreleased minis. For updates and more info go to the Iron Wind Metals homepage. Although its just an information page, I didn't link because its a commerce site.
  10. I don't push to many Kickstarters but I think this one is worthy of pushing. They have long since reached their funding goal but they are pushing for another stretch goal that will add another design option to your choices. As evidenced from the title they are pushing the pre-painted and flat packable aspect of the project but looking at the pictures its obvious that the components are modular and durable as well. The ability to flat pack for both storage and transport is a big key to this effort and the two designs that are currently available are wicked, they reach out and say Sci-Fi to me more than anything that 40K has done and your Space Marines will still look at home with these buildings in the background. While this is a new company the backers have been involved putting together successful kickstarters before so they have the experience to pull this off. If you are looking to be able to put together that table of building terrain for Infinity or 40K or any other Sci-Fi game I think this is a worthy investment. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2075845336/pre-painted-flat-packable-sci-fi-buildings-by-hexa/description
  11. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gbg/fantasy-resin-custom-miniatures-collection?ref=category_newest These are the guys that are actually making the figures for Fairy Tale Games https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/682539325/fairytale-games-the-miniatures-campaign They look pretty sweet.
  12. Just started http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1816687860/cthulhu-wars EDIT: Yep, spelled it wrong in the title. Doh! Now fixed.
  13. Forge Prints is at it again, this time with objective markers. They hope to have everything finalized by the end of the week, and be live by the end of next week. I have bases from their first KS, and a few freebies that they threw in for good measure (including the Mushroom Clump objective marker that's featured here), and I like them. The bases take primer and paint well, if you get the un-colored versions. They feel slightly rough, but that's to be expected from 3D-printed models. I had a positive experience with their first KS. Communication was good, and the product delivered on time. I'm still in communication with them, in fact (that's how I've been getting sneak peeks at the objective markers). EDIT: Kickstarter is now Live!
  14. And the 3D printing craze continues... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/printablescenery/winterdale-medieval-fantasy-citadel-collection-for/comments Even just the hamlet pledge @ $10 USD is pretty cool looking.
  15. Includes N scale cars (same scale as CAV) by Johnny Lauck: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/967512676/car-combat-miniatures-and-road-kill-game-system About this project New table top car combat components are rare these days. Your much appreciated support of the basic $35 pledge will net you one each of the twelve unique vehicle components above (six chassis, and six bodies for Viking, Spartan, Centurions, and their variants.) 10 weapon and accessory sprues as depicted below, plus any stretch goals achieved in level one (up to seven). The 10 weapon/accessory sprues contain the following. Machine Guns x 4, Machine Gun Turret x 1, Mine Layers x 2, Oilers x 2, Smokers x 2, Flamers x 4, Flamer Turret x 1, Grenade Launcher x 4, Grenade Launcher Turret x 1, Shotgun x 4, Shotgun Turret x 1, Cannons x 2, Lasers x 2, Rail Gun x 2, and Missile Rack x 1, Rams x 2, and Tombstones x 2. Road/Kill is the tabletop strategy game where horsepower meets firepower! A blend of tactics, anticipation and chaos, Road/Kill can be played by up to six players in under an hour. Design and build your own custom death machine, then take it out on a futuristic highway known as the Steelback in glorious battle. But be warned, your adventures on Helen IV are just beginning…
  16. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/warploqueminiatures/arcworlde-the-fantasy-skirmish-wargame?ref=users This looks pretty cool. Its a 4 faction skirmish game... the video hints that more factions are coming. The first 4 are Humans. Orcs, Undead and halflings. The Human faction comes with 7 minis and just unlocked a 8th one. The Orcs are swamp moonshiner looking orcs with little goblin followers. The undead are pirates.. And my Favorite... The halflings... I may get 2 sets of them...
  17. Some Steampunky tasty goodness https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/infamyminis/infamy-welcome-to-the-big-smoke
  18. We Launched yesterday, and are going strong! I want to give everyone who is new to this thread for the first time a peak of where we are now and a glimpse of our Kickstarter. In 1976, while working with TSR, the original publishers of Dungeons & Dragons, James M. Ward created the foundation for another genre of adventure role-playing. His game, Metamorphosis Alpha™ Role-Playing Game, established a foundation where Science Fiction storytelling could harness the imagination of players in this classic paper and pencil role-playing game. Game enthusiasts have been waiting a long time for Metamorphosis Alpha™ to have miniatures that represent even a small portion of the incredible creatures and survivors on the Starship Warden. And YOU are a crucial part of making that happen! Pretty much everything is available at early Pledge Levels as an ADD-ON!! With your backing, we have the unique opportunity and honor to bring a portion of this world of imagination to life in the form of 28mm miniatures. Being able to do this is a huge honor, and we are thankful that James M. Ward is giving us this opportunity to make miniature representations of his world. We agree with Mr. Ward when he says “gaming on the Warden is better if there are visuals to look at.†Your support will allow us to purchase a license from James M. Ward to not only create the miniatures for this kickstarter, but also establish a schedule of quarterly releases of new Metamorphosis Alpha™ Miniatures. To make this all happen, we've engaged the talents of a number of artists to create sculptures using both traditional materials and 3D digital sculpting:Anton Ducrot Mark Evans George Fairlamb Shane Hoyle Jason Wiebe STRETCH GOALS: Should the community exceed our basic funding level we will match their generosity with additional miniature options...LEVEL 1 - $9,250 Unlock Miniature 1 as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 2 - $10,000 Unlock Miniature 2 as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 3 - $10,750 Unlock Miniature 3 as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 4 - $11,500 Unlock Miniature 4 as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 5 - $12,250 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 6 - $13,000 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 7 - $13,750 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 8 - $14,500 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 9 - $15,250 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 10 - $16,000 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 11 - $16,750 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 12 - $17,500 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 13 - $18,250 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 14 - $19,000 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 15 - $19,750 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 16 - $20,250 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On LEVEL 17- $21,000 Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On OBSERVATION DECK - $20,000 Unlock James Ward's Miniatures Combat Rules for Metamorphosis Alpha Miniatures as Tier 2 Add-On. Facebook "Effin Cool Minis" 800 Likes Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On Facebook "Effin Cool Minis" 1,600 Likes Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On Facebook "Effin Cool Minis" 2,400 Likes Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On Twitter "@effincoolminis" 1,000 Followers Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On Twitter "@effincoolminis" 2,000 Followers Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On Twitter "@effincoolminis" 3,000 Followers Unlock Mystery Miniature as Tier2 Add-On ORIGINAL "PRE-LAUNCH" POST BELOW! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- As some of you are aware, Effin Cool Minis is a small startup and as such we are looking to crowdfunding to help us get our start and make the First Ever Miniatures for the First Sci-Fi RPG Ever Written. This is a huge honor, and we are thankful that James M. Ward liked us enough to give us this chance to make miniature representations of his world, for as he has said, "gaming on the Warden is better if there are visuals to look at." Game enthusiasts have been waiting a long time for Metamorphosis Alpha to have miniatures that represent some small portion of the creatures and survivors on the Warden. In 1976 James M. Ward worked with TSR, the original publishers of Dungeons & Dragons, when he created the foundation for Science Fiction to meet the imagination utilizing paper and pencil through his RPG scenarios. The Warden was an enormous and benevolent ship whose A.I. made certain everyone was taken care of and every machine stayed in its place. At least, it did before the event that changed everything. In Metamorphosis Alpha, anything is possible as it takes place long after the radiation based event that reshaped the living creatures who were fleeing on the Warden to what they hoped was safety. They were wrong, and most perished but for those creatures that survived in their remote sections of this enormous ship new cultures evolved. Small pockets of humanity still exist though they are often tribe-like with simple rules passed down from generation to generation. Other creatures evolved their own cultures with their own set of rules, some more advanced than others. These rules have enabled a primitive form of survival in a high tech environment where stepping ever so slightly outside of the known and finding some new object could yield more understanding and prosperity, but most often brings destruction through ignorance. Effin Cool Minis has the distinct opportunity to bring a portion of this world from the imagination into a person's hands in the form of miniatures, but first we will need a bit of help from the fans of Sci-Fi that would like to see this made a reality! To join the discussion on Twitter look for @EffinCoolMinis or @felipe_effin. Or like our page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metalphaminis For More information: http://metamorphosisalpha.com/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metamorphosis_Alpha
  19. 1-4 player Co-Op ghost busting with quite cartoony stylised caracters. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cze/ghostbusters-the-board-game?ref=hero_thanks Cryptozoic have produced a lot of licensed games (most of them available in large chain bookstores here in the UK) so I don't think there are any worries on ability to deliver the product, but from what I can tell their other games are more like deck building games or have tokens rather than figures. Anyone know if they've done figures before and if so the quality?
  20. A Kickstarter to update the Primeval Thule to 5e rules https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/809579963/primeval-thule-5e
  21. Lots of animated GIFs in this one so you'll have to go to the KS to see them https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/754081504/wyrmwood-dice-trays-and-dice-vaults-for-warmachine?ref=category_newest About this project A love of gaming lasts a lifetime. At Wyrmwood, we believe your gaming accessories should too. That's why we've teamed up with Privateer Press to create officially licensed, high quality Dice Trays and Dice Vaults featuring all twelve factions of WARMACHINE and HORDES!. Handcrafted in our New England Workshop out of the finest materials, every piece is backed our 100% satisfaction guarantee - for life. The Faction Vault is a stand alone carrying case for your set of dice. Designed for holding seven 19mm Casino dice or up to ten standard d6s, the Faction Vault stores perfectly in most army bags. Eight rare earth magnets and the customizable foam lining protect and secure your dice. The Dice Tray System is the complete solution for rolling at the table. It includes both the Dice Tray and Dice Vault. The Dice Tray features a six inch engraving of your faction in the premium leather rolling surface, and keeps your dice out of the fray, and on the table. The Dice Vault safely stores up to ten dice and is engraved with your faction name.
  22. Troll Lord Games has a new KS up for their campaign setting of Aihrde. It consists of both a world setting Codex and a player oriented Player's Guide. The setting has been around for awhile, 2001 I believe. Kickstarter Here - They "soft launched" for their established fan base and have pretty well hit the initial goals. "Aihrde is a complete campaign and world setting for your favorite RPG. Whether you're playing Castles & Crusades, Dungeon Crawl Classics or any other RPG, you can find a home in Aihrde. There is an in-depth history, mythology, descriptions of all the races of the world, from dwarves to giants and elves to orcs, a case by case study of all the relevant kingdoms and peoples and the geographical regions they live. It also includes deities and all the relevant info needed to run them: guilds, orders, significant terrain features and so very much more." ToC Preview Codex of Aihrde Preview If you've ever dreamed of channeling your inner history teacher, there is an option for a 4'x6' vinyl map. Also, since we've been discussing KS woes, Troll Lord is an established company that has done kickstarters before. While there might be a printing delay, complete non-fulfillment seems pretty unlikely.
  23. new kickstarter campaign to fund 12 new episodes of MST3K. edit, add url https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mst3k/bringbackmst3k
  24. Resin Fantasy Miniatures from Germany https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/35352648/troll-outpost-fantasy-miniatures
  25. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/244627251/dungeon-worlds Looks pretty nice. Similarly priced to the Stones KS from December (full disclosure:I backed that one), about $1 per 2x2 tile. I think I actually like the tile sculpts a bit better on this one, but the lack of defined 1x1 grid I'm kinda debatable about.
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