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  1. Hello, I have a new kickstarter project featuring PDF and printed maps in 25 mm scale of fantasy building floorplans. The are currently over 20 maps available with more to come as stretch goals are met. Please take a look, and pass the link along to anyone you think might be interested. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1592014779/maps-3
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2023606288/boomblastic-booms-and-blasts-for-tabletop-wargame?ref=nav_search Might have to go in for the bursts and clouds if they get unlocked and use them for breath weapons About this project Whatever your game - AWESOMIFY your miniatures with these Movie Style Upgrades! Ramp up your tabletop battles with live action style elements Gunfire, Launching Missiles, Flame Bursts, Magic Spells, Smoke, Steam and Cannon Fire! We have upgraded gaming miniatures from our own collection! MORE FWMMOOP - MORE DAKKA - MORE ZAPP & MORE KABOOM! We have upgraded gaming miniatures from our own collection! All in LIGHTWEIGHT GREY PREMIUM RESIN Uber high detail (made from the best mini resin in the industry!) Uber light (so it won't overbalance your miniature!) Booms come with PLUGS sculpted onto the ends making attaching them to guns EASY! Just drill your holes in your gun barrels with a hobby drill and glue the Booms in! You can even magnetise them with mini magnets so that you can attach them during your turn and remove them during your opponents turn, or simply use this ability to remove them during transportation between gaming venues!!!! We have ours glued on all the time tho - because we love them! If we reach our funding goal we can unlock THE BULLET
  3. I am planning on attempting to run a second project on Kickstarter for my "Corvus Corax Miniatures", and I am looking for some feedback of the preview link. I realize that it is very basic and by far as graphical and flashy-looking as many other projects, but those are my limitations. If anyone is interested, feel free to follow the link below and give me some feedback (either on the KS page, here or in PM). Any feedback is appreciated (spelling, re-shuffling of text, other pictures, pledge-levels, etc. etc. etc.) and no offense will be taken. Unless I get a load of feedback that would make me have to re-design the entire approach, I plan on launching it in August. Oh, and also, before someone mentions it, I might have to redo all of the pledge-levels into local currency (KS limitations), so don't get too hooked up on the "$" as it might get to change into SEK before launching. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/831472366/corvus-corax-miniatures-dawning/description
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/951486445/legends-of-british-steampunk-roleplay-and-wargames we seemed to have missed this one somehow.. About this project For years they have walked among us... the dashing heroes and their extraordinary adventures, the bold engineers and their amazing inventions, the resourceful and steadfast leaders who take our hands and lead us gently and humbly through incredible worlds. They are the pioneers, the Legends of British Steampunk. and now they are to become immortalised in the showcases of collectors and on the tabletops of gamers across this wide world. Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding for the LEGENDS OF BRITISH STEAMPUNK! Steampunk? I first came across Steampunk back in 2006 when Brass Goggles first appeared upon the scene. Prior to this I'd been something of an eccentric who never quite fitted with the fashions of the times, always seeming like he'd been born a century too late, away in worlds of weird fantasy and bizarre science and who'd rather be steaming leather or building ray guns from junk than playing football. But with the discovery of Brass Goggles came the incredible revelation- I was not alone! There were others who shared similar ideas and passions and they had a name, they were STEAMPUNKS! Over the last ten years the UK Steampunk scene has grown insatiably and is now, dare I say it? Something of a fashion trend... but there have been and still are emergent pioneers from all over the globe who have broken and continue to break the cliches and assumptions and drive Steampunk forwards as a progressive craft movement that refuses to be defined and boxed. It is my longing to add some of these magnificent men and women to the growing number of 'steampunk' miniatures available as a tribute to their advancement of the name of Steampunk, thanks for the inspiration they have given me and as a reminder that we shouldn't try to define these things too tightly. Of course, I couldn't possibly claim to define who is or isn't a Legend of British Steampunk, we all have our own heroes and heroines. So although I've chosen a few of the people who have inspired myself (and I'd wager many others) over the last decade and these form the core sets of the range the Brass Goggles and UK Steampunk Community on Facebook have also had their say, nominating and voting for 'Regional Legends', the top 5 nominees being added to the range as the first Stretch Goal. There's also a way to have yourself, or an admired Legend of your choice, featured. Of which more later... Miniatures? Alongside my love of Steampunk lies my love of gaming, and the two have had equal bearing on the founding of Oakbound Studio. Some of the most popular tabletop game systems right now are not only very influenced by Steampunk aesthetics but are also in 35mm scale, and even some of the traditionally 28mm systems have seen 'scale creep' push their miniatures up to 32mm and beyond. For this reason I have decided to sculpt the Legends in 35mm to make the most of the detail in bringing out the characters. The added bonus of this size is that even if gaming isn't your thing the figures make great ornaments and with the inventiveness that comes with Steampunk you're certain to find all kinds of uses for them. For those not keen on painting there's an option to have your figure/s electroplated in Nickel and buffed to bring out the detail. Steampunk Miniatures? Legends of British Steampunk miniatures are designed in 35mm scale to fit with some of the most common current skirmish games. They are traditionally sculpted and cast in metal in the UK. So without further ado allow me to introduce you to the Legends of British Steampunk: WAVE 1: WAVE 2: WAVE 3: WAVE 4: WAVE 5: REWARDS:
  5. RPG and Wargaming Tabletop Accessories https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1978496658/rpg-and-wargaming-tabletop-accessories Lots of fiddly bits to put on your terrain. All 3D printed or in resin. Not a fan of the aliasing but I might get past that just for the slots some of these things fit into.
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1393708645/marine-tactical-unit-15mm-scale-miniatures?ref=nav_search Welcome to our kickstarter for the 15mm Marine Tactical Unit. Taken from within our Shattered Void Universe that we have spent 3 years developing and building on. While we are working on Shattered Void, a fast-paced space dog fighting game, We wanted to explore some other areas of the universe and with what better way but some ground forces? So your first question comes to mind..... The Marine Tactical Unit are the frontline soldiers of the Earth Exploration Fleet in the Shattered Void universe which we at White Dragon Miniatures are currently creating. The Marines are the true boots on the ground, working with modern tech and trained in advance warfare for FIBUA (fighting in built up areas) and ship boarding actions. They operate in small teams of 6 men per section, and 18 men in a multiple. They are able to quickly improvise, adapt and overcome whatever the task issued. Each Multiple of marines are assigned an Armadillo Support Bot, able to carry heavy equipment without effort and also carrying one of 3 support guns (Chain cannon, Grenade Launcher and Missile Launcher). It also features a large armoured plate on one side, able to protect soldiers using it as cover in exposed areas. The armoured plate features a reactive armour shield while the Armadillo provides the squad much needed covering fire with their choice of weapon turret and finally as a resupply and communications hub. Finally the Proteus Frontline Battle Mech is one of the main spearhead unit available to the MTU forces. Carrying huge calibre weapons in its arms and thick armour that can with stand some severe punishment, they march across the battlefield bringing destruction and ruin to their opposition. Based on past experience (of us and others), we will be charging shipping after the Kickstarter concludes based on the actual costs incurred to ship. We will collect this via our pledge manager after the campaign ends. This is so we can be fair to all our backers (shipping is rarely one size fits all). As a rough estimate, the pledges will cost about £4 within the UK, £5 within Europe and between £6-8 elsewhere (for a 1kg parcel), but this may increase or decrease depending on the quantity of stretch goals we unlock and your choices. Thank you for your understanding. We at White Dragon Miniatures wish to bring our exciting new 15mm sci-fi range into production but we need your help to do it! The aim of this Kickstarter is to allow the highly anticipated Earth Exploration Fleet Marine Tactical Unit (EEF MTU) to hot-drop onto your table top battlefields. The EEF MTU range is composed of 18 individual infantry miniatures, 1 Armadillo Support Bot and the mighty Proteus Frontline Battle Mech. (added note, White Dragon Miniatures is part of the British Indie (Brindie) group of companies that includes JoeK Miniatures, Arcworlde and Infamy Miniatures so have been involved in the background of several KS projects that have either delivered or look to be delivering successfully)
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/artana/the-best-damn-gaming-coins-evertwo Their last sets were spectacular.. I hope their fulfillment debacles are behind them About this project After selling over 1 million of our original coins, the creators of The Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever are excited to present SEVEN new thematic sets to give your games the flavorful personality and integration you deserve, along with our new modular approach to set creation - PiecePacks! NEW Chinese theme! NEW Japanese theme! NEW Mongol theme! NEW Persian theme! NEW Indian theme! NEW Anglo-Saxon theme! NEW Early English Kings theme! We've learned a lot since our first coins campaign. And we know that there is no "one size fits all" package for everyone. So we're not going to offer you just one package... we're giving you several! Provided here first to our loyal Kickstarter backers, The Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever are now available in THREE modular and fully integrated options: PiecePacks ($6 MSRP, $5 in this campaign) - We heard you and delivered. While our original 50 coin sets have been a huge success, many of you have been asking to purchase small quantities of specific coins from across our various themes without purchasing entire sets. Well, now you can with our new PiecePacks - an affordable, modular offering that let you mix-and-match to your heart's delight! Our five different PiecePacks are: * 18 tiny coins from any one theme * 15 small coins from any one theme * 12 medium coins from any one theme * 9 large coins from any one theme * 6 jumbo coins from any one theme ThemeSets ($30 MSRP, $25 in this campaign) - For those of you that like things preconfigured or just want to make a quick decision, we still also have our famous thematic sets. A ThemeSet includes six PiecePacks: one for each of the five coin types in a thematic set, plus one free additional PiecePack of tiny coins. This will give you enough coins - 78 - and denominations to play a long list of tabletop games with these plug-and-play sets (see our matrices below). DeluxeCollections ($60 MSRP, $50 in this campaign) - Finally, for those of you seeking the ultimate in numismatic glory, we've created our six DeluxeCollections. Each DeluxeCollection combines the three largest and most luxurious coin types from three different and complementary thematic sets to provide a beautiful integrated set of coinage. DeluxeCollections work just like our ThemeSets in your games, except that you have nine unique pieces of art from three different sets instead of just a single theme. Each DeluxeCollection spans an amazing 12 PiecePacks and provides 117 big and beautiful coins: * 72 medium coins, 24 from each of three themes (6 medium PiecePacks) * 27 large coins, 9 from each of three themes (3 large PiecePacks) * 18 jumbo coins, 6 from each of three themes (3 jumbo PiecePacks) In addition to our seven new sets, we're also bringing back all of your old favorites for this campaign. You can order any of our original 13 thematic sets below as well as PiecePacks, ThemePacks, or DeluxeCollections! Ancient Greek theme! Ancient Rome theme! Ancient Egypt theme! Celtic theme! Viking theme! Middle Ages theme! Renaissance theme! Pirate Ships Theme! Pieces of Eight theme! (Please note: Pieces of Eight are a unique theme that do not follow our common sizes and finishes. PiecePack quantities are different as a result.) Pirate Doubloons theme! (identical denominated sides) Dragons theme! Mythological Creatures theme! Mythological Monsters theme!
  8. I have been waiting for this one! As an avid collector of rules I'll be adding this to my collection of western rules. This is an upgraded version of Fistful of Lead a set of rules I have enjoyed in the past. There is plenty to go along with this one to; miniatures, custom card deck, status markers and, of course, the rules. Even if you end up not liking the rules odds are everything else can be used in another western rules game system. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/592450292/fistful-of-lead-reloaded?ref=users[/size] [/size] [/size] [/size]
  9. COUNTERBLAST Heavy Support offers vehicles, robots, and creature miniatures to expand your Adventure Battle Games! Why return to Kickstarter? We have all of the digital models shown ready to go into production, but digital printing, molding and mastering, and casting runs are expensive. It would take longer for us to raise the funds to put these models into production over time than if we ask for funds to make a collection of them at one time. We want to get these models to the players as soon as possible, and Kickstarter can make that possible. Visit the project here!
  10. I'm not sure if this is much interest to the regular crowd here but I like this style of kit and as an historical gamer it gets really good looking buildings on to the table with out a huge amount of finished effort. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/179272384/normandy-photo-realistic-28mm-terrain About this project The Plan Our plan is to design and manufacture a range of twelve 28mm model building kits for WW2 Normandy gaming using our new photo - realistic model making techniques. These kits will contain simple, robust parts, laser cut from 3mm Medite and 2mm MDF combined with detailed parts cut from coloured mounting board, perspex glazing and downloadable high quality cover sheets to print out to easily complete your models to the same standard as the ones in these photographs.The following buildings are available now: Normandy Mid-Terrace Normandy Left Hand End-Terrace Normandy Right Hand End-Terrace Normandy Stone Built Detached Town House Norman Church Normandy Corner Shops The following buildings are included in the project as Stretch Goals. The House at Dead Man's Corner Normandy Cafe Ruined Normandy Town House Terrace Shop Factory Buildings Factory Admin Building Details of these and other stretch goals including free removable first floors, alternative textures, ruined roofs and cobblestone sections can be found at the bottom of the page, past the pledge and add-on sections. We have many more photos of the different layout / pledge levels and the terrain being tested at gaming conventions in our photo-realistic terrain gallery. Click here to visit it. The Concept Photo-realistic Normandy Terrain What do we mean by photo-realistic buildings? This is a model making technique that Sally 4th have been developing over the last year that combines the advantages of laser cut MDF kits with high quality, digitally printed photographic cover sheets. This combination has significant benefits. Our MDF building shells are robust, accurate, easy to assemble, light and will not warp. Walls are cut from 3mm Medite, floors and roofs from 2mm MDF. Each building also contains glazing, laser cut from Perspex and fine detail such as shutters and glazing bars which are laser cut from quality mounting board. Buildings are finished by covering them with cover sheets that are based on photographs of real plaster, stone etc. These are emailed to you as a PDF file which can be printed on any inkjet or laser printer. The tiles for roofs are printed and then laid in overlapping strips to quickly and easily build up a realistic looking roof structure. All pieces are the exact shape and size needed, so once the shell is completed all that you need to do is print and cut out the cover shapes and glue them into position using PVA glue. This technique hides all MDF joints, so there is no way that you can tell that it as an MDF kit underneath and provides consistent results, so any model maker can complete a kit that looks exactly the same as the manufacturers photographs. We finish off our buildings by coating them with hard wearing decoupage varnish that gives a very hard wearing surface. Once varnished buildings can be distressed by applying weathering powders.
  11. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/plague-fields-best-plague-fantasy-bowl-team#/ hen we had finished the ogres design progress, I spoke to the scultpor Sergi Torras and we both wanted to make the same team! A Plague team. This is the start of this team. You will notice the love he has put on every miniature. About us: Hungry Troll is a small company producing terrain, resin bases, customized trophies & markers, and of course high quality miniatures. COMPONENTS All warriors comes with two head options Warriors and Putrid beasts have 4 alternative mutations: Warriors: Tentacles, crab claw, big hand and tail Putrid Beasts: Tentacle, Crab Claw, Big Hand and 2 heads MOTHER PLAGUE Only casted in resin. 2 Head options 2 Left arm options I will include a smaller size miniature to Prone/stunned on the field MATERIALS! RESIN OR METAL? Mother Plague will be casted only in resin. Casted in metal it would weigh too much. You´ll agree when you start playing with her ;) Only 30 basic teams will be casted in resin. 1 Mother Plague, 4 Putrid Beasts, 4 Warriors and 5 rotters. The unlocked stretched goals will be in Metal. Why a limited number of resin teams? This limited number of 30 resin basic teams doesn´t mean that it is a limited edition, later they will be available for purchase on the shop. I decidied to limit the number for timing reasons, because the Ogres Campaign, casted in resin, was delayed, and I don't want this happening again. PERKS - What you get? More perks will be open with the new unlocked stretch goals. Every team, level 7 to level 10 , will get: (All different) ------------------------------------------------------- 1 Mother Plague (RESIN) -2 Head options -2 Left arm options -1 small scale miniature to Prone/Stunned on the field 4 Warrior -2 head options every warrior -1 Mutation sprue W 4 Putrid beasts -1 Mutation sprue P 5 Rotters 1 turn Marker 1 RR Marker FREE STRETCH GOALS (the ones that are free, if you want the Addom ones you will have to take their corresponding Perk) FREE WW SHIPPING ------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/497254986/big-bastards-monster-trolls-by-effincoolminis?ref=category_newest About this project EFFINCOOLMINIS: Effincoolminis is a small Ohio based miniatures company and casting facility. John and Phillip have been life long role players with a serious itch when it comes to minis. We own our own casting facility for both 100% lead free pewter and resin. THE PROJECT: Glogg Bangshead , Krump and Plash We designed these Giant Trolls as a fun sculpting project. We liked how they came out, so we printed them up and decided to cast them. We personally love large models for use in a game, and can easily imagine many scenarios around these guys. They are inspired by a mixture of Giant Trolls from the First edition Fiend Folio, and David Trampier's Trolls from the Wormy comics in Dragon Magazine. The Big Bastards measure nearly 80mm to the top of their ears, and will only be cast in 100% lead free pewter. They weigh in at nearly 6.5 oz a piece, so they are very weighty. Great for shaking up the country side. The picture shows the initial resin test prints. Krump is actually not sized properly and is now quite a bit larger to match the scale of his flea infested buddies. The models are also being cast as multi part so some minor assembly will be required. With such a small funding level in place, we are confident that we will reach our goal. We do however have a couple very fun Stretch goals planned for this. We have tapped on veteran Dungeon Magazine contributor Willie Walsh to write a scenario for these Giant Trolls, and if you are familiar with his work, you can bet that it will be a fun filled roller coaster of an adventure!STRETCH GOALS: $3,000.00- All backers at the Hero level receive 1 free PDF copy of Glogg Bangshead and the Cavern of Curses for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game . All other backers will have the option to purchase a copy of the PDF $5,000.00- All backers at the HERO level receive 1 physical copy and 1 PDF copy of Glogg Bangshead and the Cavern of Curses. All other backers will have the option to purchase a physical copy. $5,500.00- Glogg Bangshead and the Cavern of Curses will be converted to be compatible with OSRIC/1st Edition rules, and will be available as an alternative to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game version. $6,000.00- Glogg Bangshead and the Cavern of Curses will be converted to be compatible with 5th Edition rules, and will be available as an alternative to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game version.Timeline for Release : Since most of the primary work is done on the miniatures end of this project, we actually should be able to start shipping them out during the week following completion. If the adventure is completed by that time it should be able to ship as well, but we will keep our backers updated on the progress of that part of this Kickstarter.Shipping & Handling: Shipping and handling charges will be invoiced at the end of the Kickstarter, as per USPS flat rate
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lasertouch/laser-touch-miniature-wargaming-carry-cases?ref=category_newest About this project EDIT: Independence Day Deal now open! Check Update #2 for details. Laser Touch has been supplying quality laser-cut foam and perspex products to the gaming community for more than two years. Craig and Jackie Laird have 30 years’ experience in manufacturing custom medical-grade footwear & orthoses and now bring that passion, precision and quality to the best gaming carry cases in the industry. The Cases Construction Material: 5mm Moulded EVA Outer Fabric: Double stitched Black PK with silver piping Case Lining: Multispandex Dee's: 2.5mm, 4.5mm with rivets Other features: Rubberised grip, multi-riveted attachments, long pull tabs, Laser Touch monogrammed logo, adjustable shoulder strap with heavy-duty clips [Only on Campaign Case; can comfortably hold up to 7kg]. Strike Case Our small case, the Strike holds two 380x190x35mm trays, perfect for a small war-game skirmish army, a single model train or games with limited miniatures. Strike Case Starter Kits X-Kit - The Strike Case plus foam trays to hold your X-Wing Starter Kits, and a Laser Touch dice bag. X-Kit Action Kit - The Strike Case plus foam trays to hold your Bolt Action Starter Kit. Action Kit Campaign Case Our larger size is the Campaign Case, holding six 380x190x35mm trays horizontally, or five 380x290x35mm vertically, allowing for customisation of your miniatures storage for a whole tournament or carrying several train sets to a convention. During fulfilment you will be able to specify which bundle you want. We will be conducting a poll of backers to see which other thicknesses you would like, from a choice of 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm [all with an 8mm base layer]. Campaign Case
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/497057119/magic-missile-dice-d4-1?ref=category_newest About this project Magic Missile d4+1 Numbered 2 through 5 (includes the +1) Get these interesting, fun dice for your caster and watch everyone at the table look on with envy! "Genius." -Luke Gygax Last year I ran a Kickstarter project for Magic Missile dice and it was a success. We sold out of them at GenCon this year on the first day. Ever since then people have been asking when we will have Magic Missile dice again so: Here we are. This time we have hired Martin Siesto of Dark Wolf Design, to do the graphic (which looks AWESOME) and have teamed up with Q-Workshop to manufacture these great dice. If we hit our goals we will also offer these great dice in 5 different colors. We even have another great goal for some bonus dice. T-Shirt Add-On Want to look awesome? Yes you do! Add-On the "Magic Missile" T-Shirt for only $15. Sizes S-4XL (please add another $2 for 2XL and larger) Get it in Black, Red, Blue, Green, or Purple! Add-On this great T-Shirt for only $15
  15. live https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1273312680/shieldwolf-war-is-coming
  16. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/770568564/adventurecraft-dungeons-ii-ice-grotto I got his last set. They are nice. He's a small one man operation and not super technical with layering. things took a bit longer than planned but I'm pretty happy for my $20 investment last time About this project AdventureCraft Dungeons tilesets are print and play PDF files you can use to craft a variety of awesome dungeons with. I want to make sure this is very clear so am including this on the top of the page. What you actually receive are PDF papercraft files, not a finished product. While I did all the hard work designing the files so it is simply print and cut and glue, I want to be certain people are clear. Inspired by retro video games I took a slightly different approach to the gritty realistic tiles that are often offered. These are all hand designed graphics that are meant to inspire the fun of those classic themes. These tiles go great with a variety of role-playing and miniature games. I recommend using them with D&D, Heroquest, Super Dungeon Explore (and the new Legends Campaign system coming up, these will work perfectly with) and pretty much any other game you can think of! The tiles are designed to print on standard US Letter with 25mm squares. I recommend printing on Matte Photo paper for the best results possible, however even plain cardstock will give you a good finish. Ice Grotto The first tileset we are offering during this campaign is the Ice Grotto tileset, take your adventurers to the frigid north with this set, the basic set comes with 16 tiles, and we'll be unlocking more as the campaign progresses! We'll take a closer look at the tiles through updates as well. Ice Grotto 104 River Crossing Here are a few photos of the sets used with miniatures from Soda Pop Miniatures as well as Impact Miniatures. The photos show about half the tile options from the base set, as well as one of the tiles that will be featured as a stretch goal later on. Stretch Goals! Everyone loves stretch goals, and here at AdventureCraft we are no different. $750 - Valleys of Glensdale Tileset - The Valleys tileset provides an entirely new play area, designed to blend with all the original sets this set provides a wonderful crossroads for your adventures, who knows what mishaps may occur to adventurers making their way through these grasslands. Forest TempleAdd-Ons All the Tilesets from the first kickstarter, as well as Unlocked sets from This kickstarter will be shown here for you to purchase. Each set is $7. At retail these sets will be approximately $9 for reference. Dark Castle - $7 Dark Castle Serpent Caverns - $7 Forest Temple - $7 Forest Temple Ice Grotto - $7 Ice GrottoAbout AdventureCraft I saw many posts about the 2.5d dungeons over a year ago now, some cool stuff was being done. But I felt it could be better, so I did a little work and made my own tileset up, posted it online, got tons of wonderful feedback. Had a few folks ask me if they could buy them. Well at the time I couldn't do so. So I did a bit more work and put my first set the Dark Castle together. I put it up on kickstarter with a nice low funding goal, and the feedback blew my mine. I love doing these, and I love providing gamers with the resources they need to make amazing games. Without your help and support I never would have considered doing this, I greatly appreciate you all! Now to make this as successful as possible, share it up folks, tell your friends, your local clubs, anyone who you think may want a product like this, most of all, enjoy your gaming!Fan Photos If you have a finished tileset from the first kickstarter, shoot me a message and get me a picture and I'll share it here, I love seeing what you folks do with the dungeons. John Madigan Risks and challenges Our first project had far more mishaps and delays than I am happy with, I bit off more than I could chew. To prevent that problem from occurring again, I already am finished with all the tiles. I will likely go back as the campaign progresses and do some alterations based on fan feedback as well as the fact that I'll have additional funds to work with which will allow me to hire an artist to do some additional detail work that I am currently forgoing.
  17. Hi, I just launched my second map kickstarter. These maps are all fairly simple, and intended to be inexpensive and easy to use. I am offering custom drawn map tiers as well as map packs. The lowest cost all digital tiers start at $5.00 US, and includes 4 maps currently, with the potential to grow as stretch goals are met. Please take a look if you are interested. --David Ford
  18. Impact Miniatures are launching their latest Kickstarter soon (planned for next week). I'm guessing the ponies from their previous projects did well as this one is nothing but. Preview images in spoiler tag. The Paladin looks great, I hope the undead ones translate as well to sculpt. EDIT: Now Live https://www.kickstar...rers-miniatures
  19. Funded.. plus a discount on the Vampire Queen https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/werewolf-queen-miniature-michael-kontraros#/ After the VAMPIRE QUEEN miniature (54mm Elite series), "Michael Kontraros Collectibles" is proud to present its new release. The second Queen "Werewolf Queen (54mm Elite series). Your contribution is very important in order for the whole idea to be utilized and for the figure to be molded, copied, packaged and released. WEREWOLF QUEEN The unpainted kit contains 2 miniatures The Queen (size: 54mm) The Werewolf (size: 75mm) Includes a High quality scenery! Only 6 pieces of High Quality Resin Casting in a metal box. Box Art: Kiriakos Simos
  20. MOLOCH - THE MOUNTAIN GIANT After Rocco, Jérémie Bonamant Teboul and Allan Carrasco, two stars of the miniatures scene, are teaming up again to produce Moloch, the tallest Figone miniature ever! This is your chance to help bring this ambitious project to life. As aficionados of his work can attest, monsters and orcs are Allan’s specialties. He first gave our brushes a massive mounted orc. Giants, by their proportions, are monsters which allows him to show his ability to give life to impressive miniatures. FIGONE is a French miniatures company founded by Jérémie in 2009 and dedicated to producing and selling high quality figures for collectors, sculptors and painters. FIGONE has what it takes to make a finished sculpt commercially available. With Indiegogo and your help to fund this huge, highly anticipated project, Rocco was born. Moloch will be the tallest miniature ever produced by FIGONE and the one of the largest ever sculpted by Allan Carrasco. Moloch will be a large 54mm scale miniature cast in high quality resin, the tallest ever in Figone 170mm!!!! Here you'll see the final miniature, along with the final concept by artist Bertrand Benoit. Don’t forget that Allan is an artist and these drawings have served as inspiration rather than a concrete blueprint. He followed them closely but added more details here and there, e.g. a larger claymore, various ornaments, slight changes on the position (back for instance). As part of this campaign, Romain Van den Bogaert sculpted a new funny bust: Flap. Straight from Jérémie and Romain's imagination, this bucolic character opens a very wide interpretation panel which should appeal to artists and collectors. "It is said that Trollus vulgaris, in order to fertilise their mushrooms, splash living beings on their heads. What's more, if they can not find something, they bludgeon themselves to bleed. - Woaw...THAT explains a lot of things." The IndiGoGo campaign will finish on beginning of November. Allan Carrasco has started sculpting the miniature, so that we'll be able to start casting minis as soon as the main goal is reached. The resin miniature will normally be available in December Regular updates with WIP shots to all contributors … The creation of a miniature of this scale requires a lot of investment in terms of time and resources. The team members make their living from painting and sculpting so a certain degree of profitability needs to be assured before they can commit to the project. The funding we hope to gain will cover the sculpting, molding, casting, packaging and release of Moloch, Flap as well as future stretch goals and as a thank you for your support, offer the model at a discount price for contributors. So if you want to have your own copy of this marvelous miniature or if you just want to help Moloch see the light of day, now is the time to contribute. A range of perks are proposed below to encourage those who would like to help make this project a success. IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have a few black shirt left of Figopedia's campaign. For this campaign, we have decided to print a white shirt. If you prefer a black version, please send us an email as soon as you have ordered your perk, we'll tell you if there are left in your size. PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING WORLDWIDE IS INCLUDED IN FOR ALL THE PERKS! We have planned a couple of stretch goals if the funding is far above the objective. A new Queen is planned, as well as news stickers, bigger than Figopedia's (9cm diameter) and various mushrooms to help you enhance your display bases :)
  21. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/spartan-team-fantasy-football-txarli-miniatures#/
  22. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/froggodgames/the-lost-lands-borderland-provinces Over half way funded.. About this project We’re incredibly excited to finally reveal the long-awaited region of the Borderland Provinces, one of the most important key locations in all of the Lost Lands campaign world. The Borderland area connects the legendary dungeons of Rappan Athuk to the award-winning Lost City of Barakus, and also to several other Necromancer Games books from the d20 era. Not only that, it also links up the long-awaited northwest route from these areas to the city of Bard’s Gate, and ultimately connects Bard’s Gate to the campaign area described in Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms and the Domain of Hawkmoon. The Borderland Provinces are balanced on the knife’s edge of history, as a decadent, declining empire retreats slowly, clinging to power even as it unravels. Award-winning authors Matt Finch and Greg A. Vaughan weave a tapestry of high adventure in the context of a gritty, darkening region of the Lost Lands. And as with everything in the Lost Lands, all is not as it seems… The central part of the Kickstarter is the Core Campaign Book for the Borderland Provinces, a complete guide for running campaigns here. There are also several additional resources that can be added to the campaign book to assemble an extended kit for sandbox adventuring and traveling through the wild and tumultuous realm of the Borderland Provinces. The main campaign book contains rich descriptions of countries, cities (some with individual maps), encounter tables for road and airborne travel, several individual lairs, historical background of the area, and much more. The Adventure Book provides a set of stand-alone adventures much larger than the lairs in the campaign book, and the Journey Generator is a resource for GMing free-form traveling adventures on the stone high-roads left behind by the ancient Hyperboreans. You can pick and choose what kinds of resources you want, and put together the kit you need for your particular kind of game. And that's not all! There are two player books to introduce the campaign to players in different ways, including a copy of the poster map (don't worry -- the secret locations aren't shown on it). Plus, there's a free first-level adventure module, Rogues in Remballo, to let you get started right away! Read on about the individual parts of this campaign kit you can build on top of the core book!How it Works It Might Look Complicated... This Kickstarter is pretty complicated because we have two main hardcover titles (The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces and The Lost Lands: Adventures in the Borderland Provinces) in three different rules-versions (Pathfinder, Fifth Edition, and Swords & Wizardry), plus two softcover player-resource books (a Guide and a Gazeteer, for any rules-version), plus a softcover GM's resource (Journey Generator, also for use with any rules-version), plus a limited printing of the free module Rogues in Remballo. Overall, that's a total of 6 possible hardcover titles to choose from, and 4 different softcovers. Complicated. Our Brilliant Solution! So for the hardcover books, the pledge levels over on the right are organized like a buffet. You don't have to scroll around forever looking for the exact combination you want. Instead, right now, all you have to do is pick the number of hardcovers you want. When you get the BackerKit after the Kickstarter, that's when you tell us which exact titles and rules-version you want. So right now, it doesn't matter if you specifically want two copies of the Campaign Book in different rules-versions, or one copy of each book in the same rules-version. Those are the same pledge: two hardcover books. Want only one book? You don't have to tell us any more than that until the BackerKit. Just pledge for one book at this time, you don't have to specify which one. The Books The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces (core book for the campaign) Available for Pathfinder, Fifth Edition, and old-school Swords & Wizardry. This is the central book of the Kickstarter, containing campaign material that connects not only Rappan Athuk and Lost City of Barakus, but many other previously-published adventures from Frog God Games and Necromancer Games. Written by Matt Finch, a founder of the Old School Renaissance*, it contains the history of the Borderland Provinces region, descriptions of the countries, cities (some with maps), towns, important places, major geographical features, and extensive encounter tables for the ancient Hyperborean roads crisscrossing the Provinces. For those familiar with Lost Lands geography, the campaign book covers the Western part of our Sinnar Coast Region map, an area in great peril, located only a few hundred miles from Bard's Gate and directly adjacent to the Sundered Kingdoms. This is a hardcover book with separate versions (not dual-statted) for Pathfinder, Fifth Edition, and Swords & Wizardry. We estimate it roughly between 175-200 pages depending on which rules-version you're looking at, how we finalize the layout, and so on. The Lost Lands: Adventures in the Borderland Provinces Available for Pathfinder, Fifth Edition, and Swords & Wizardry. Chief Editor Ari Marmell assembled a team of definitely-not-insane authors to add several brand-new adventures located in the Borderland Provinces. Immediately re-naming their project "Creeps on the Borderlands," they retreated to their lairs, chuckling and sharpening pencils, to emerge later with a set of dastardly challenges for those who pursue gold and glory in the Borderlands. The "Creeps on the Borderlands" team is Ari Marmell, Eytan Bernstein, Scott Fitzgerald Gray, Gwendolyn Kestrel, Rhiannon Louve, Anthony Pryor, and C.A. Suleiman. Borderland Provinces Player Guide. The Player Guide isn't specific to any set of rules, so it's exactly the same book whether you're playing Pathfinder, Fifth Edition, or Swords & Wizardry. Of the two player books, this one is designed as a series of letters from several members of an occasionally-ill-fated expedition across most of the Borderlands. It's not quite the Donner Party, but players will definitely gain a sense of some of the risks involved here. Borderland Provinces Player Gazeteer. Like the Player Guide, the Player Gazeteer is information about the campaign, not specific to any rules. It's the same book for Pathfinder, Fifth Edition, and Swords & Wizardry. The Player Gazeteer is a detailed and flavorful "key" for the poster map, containing only the information that well-informed characters might know about their world. This resource lets the players come up with their own ideas and plans, and puts them right into the middle of the campaign immediately. (Includes a Poster Map of Borderland Provinces for your players). Journey Generator. Available in one non-rules-specific version. The Journey Generator is a resource for the Game Master, a tool for coming up with adventure hooks for journeys, destinations in the Borderland Provinces where those journeys might lead, and other useful tools for a campaign where the characters tend to saddle up their horses and travel to distant places. When the road goes ever on, this is the resource you need. Rogues in Remballo Limited Printing. For the Kickstarter, we're printing a copy of the free module Rogues in Remballo as a special item. It will be approximately limited to the number ordered on the Kickstarter, and marked as a "Limited Printing." It's at the normal price for a printed module, but a nice collector's item, proof that you liked the Borderland Provinces before they were cool, or just because you hate printing your own pdfs. Rogues in Remballo is a a city adventure that gets first-level characters embroiled in strange plots, sinister intrigue, and fierce battles. Is the thieves’ guild of Manas encroaching on the territory of the Remballo guild? What is hidden in the sanctuary-courtyard known as the Four Corners? How is the powerful banking house of Borgandy involved with all of it? What starts as a straightforward mission actually involves a host of complications — some of which can be deadly if the characters don’t play their cards right.Stretch Goals $46,000 Walls of Broch Tarna: Free short-story fiction, set in the Borderlands. “The Walls of Broch Tarna†by Nathan Shank. A maimed veteran of the Wilderlands Clan War returns to the site of the final battle on its tenth anniversary only to discover that a new evil has awoken in the ruins. But what can a crippled warrior do to save a kingdom? When we reach this pledge level, the free pdf of The Walls of Broch Tarna will be a gift for all backers over the $35 level.LOCKED $48,000 Alternative Wilderness Tables (Basic tables): Region-Level Wilderness Encounter Tables as further described below. LOCKED The Campaign Book is designed for far-and-fast travel on roads rather than a hex-crawl, so wilderness encounters use what we call a "road-and-risk" system. They are handled as “High Risk†versions of the nearest road, with details provided in the road encounters for the different Risk Levels. However, we know that many GMs will want traditional wilderness encounter tables too. These would clutter the campaign book itself, since there's already the road-and-risk system in place, and they'd probably occupy a large number of pages. So for those who prefer traditional tables, we’re going to use stretch goals to determine the interest in this as an alternative to the road-and-risk system, making them more specific to particular regions as we advance. In essence, we’ll build them as we hit advancing levels of stretch goals. Once we reach the end of the Kickstarter, and have a chance to do the layout on these, we'll release the tables as a free pdf to everyone who pledged above the $10 mark. The first of these goals is a set of Region-Level Wilderness Encounters. This would be a set of standard tables for Terrain Types, applicable across the Borderland Provinces, not broken out into the specific regions. This will be useful for catching the flavor of the campaign, but it will still be quite generic, involving only one table each for mountains, hills, etc. As we start hitting these Wilderness Encounter Table stretch goals, Matt will start building the tables depending on what level of detail they begin to reach. Stretch Goal #3: *TO BE ANNOUNCED* Stretch Goal #4: *TO BE ANNOUNCED* Stretch Goal #5: *TO BE ANNOUNCED* And More...Add-Ons Extra copy of The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces Hardcover ($35) Extra copy of The Lost Lands: Adventures in the Borderland Provinces Hardcover ($35)Recommended Add-Ons All the items listed below have a connection to the Borderland Provinces in some way, as designated. 1. Poster Map of the Borderlands: because pdf maps just don't compare to a great big poster map spread out across the table, possibly held down by daggers (daggers not included). All the Borderland Provinces campaign books come with a poster map, and so does the Player Gazeteer, but you might want extras, especially if you really do stick daggers into the corners.(Add $3 for PDF, $7 for Poster) 2. Extra Softcover Books: Extra copies of the Players Guide, the Journey Generator, and the limited printing of Rogues in Remballo are all $10 each, and extra copies of the Player Gazeteer (including poster map map of the borderlands) are $15. Other Add-Ons: If you want to build up all the resources located in the Borderland Provinces, we recommend the following add-ons (probably in this order of priority): 3. The Lost City of Barakus. (PFRPG and Swords & Wizardry only)The City of Endhome is a central location in the Borderland Provinces. It is described generally in the Campaign Book, but the Lost City of Barakus contains much more detailon Endhome as well as the staggeringly awesome adventure in the Lost City itself. This is a fairly inexpensive, award-winning book. We don't have a fifth edition version, and Swords & Wizardry versions are limited. ($15 for PDF, $36 for book). 4. Rappan Athuk. (PFRPG and Swords & Wizardry only)This massive book contains a lot of information about the eastern part of Eastreach Province, along with the legendary mega-dungeon itself. PFRPG and Swords & Wizardry versions only. ($30 for PDF, $90 for book). 5. Cyclopean Deeps (volumes one and two). (PFRPG and Swords & Wizardry only)This is the Under-Realm below Rappan Athuk, although it can also be reached by several gates in the Borderland Provinces. These are regions alien to humankind, so deep that reality itself begins to fray. Enzeitgeist's #4 pick for best product of 2014. PFRPG and Swords & Wizardry versions only. ($15 each in PDF, $30 each for book, discount price of $25 for both in PDF or $50 for both books). 6. Quests of Doom 1 (2 volume set for Fifth Edition buyers). Available in Pathfinder, Fifth Edition, and Swords & Wizardry. The adventure "Perils of Ghostwind Pass" is located in the Borderland Provinces near the town of Elet in Aachen Province. The other adventures in the book are also excellent, but are located elsewhere in the Lost Lands. Available for Fifth Edition, Pathfinder, and Swords & Wizardry. $20 for pdf(s) or $50 for book(s). Books include free pdf. 7. Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms. (PFRPG and Swords & Wizardry only) The Sundered Kingdoms are directly adjacent to the Borderland Provinces, both on the Sinnar Coast regional map. Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms provides not only a wider scope for the characters' wanderings, but an entire adventure path of its own. ($20 for PDF, $50 for book). 8. Poster Map of the Sinnar Coast. This is a map of the Sinnar Coast Region, which includes the Borderland Provinces and the Sundered Kingdoms. It shows fewer details than the Borderland Provinces poster map, but a larger geographical area. This map interlocks with the map of the Gulf of Akados, which is the location of Bard's Gate. (Add $3 for PDF, $7 for poster). 9. Poster Map of the Gulf of Akados. This is another regional map, like the one of the Sinnar Coast mentioned above. Only a small part of the Borderlands shows up on this map, but it is needed if you want to see the entire route between Bard's Gate and the Borderland Provinces. The Gulf of Akados Region map was included with Sword of Air, so if you have Sword of Air you probably already have this. (add $3 for PDF, $7 for poster). 10. Vellum Map of the Sinnar Coast. A map of the Sinnar Coast (same as above) but printed on real vellum. It is slightly translucent and is awesome for framing (or use in the game if you want to use a really authentic prop). This is an organic material, so keep it from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or you get a smell of the tanning materials. Price: (Add $35 to your pledge).Shipping Costs We had the option of collecting shipping fees during this Kickstarter campaign or through BackerKit. We have decided to collect shipping fees through BackerKit for the following reasons: 1. Collecting shipping fees during the campaign artificially increases the funding level of the campaign. 2. Collecting shipping fees through BackerKit prevents our backers from having to pre-pay for shipping months in advance. 3. By collecting shipping fees shortly before fulfillment, we will be able to most accurately determine shipping costs based on actual book weights instead of estimating. All backers are required to pay additional shipping charges beyond their pledge. Please refer to FAQ at the bottom of the page for estimated shipping charges. These charges will be assessed for payment upon completion of a BackerKit survey which will sent after the successful conclusion of this Kickstarter. TEMPLE DALLAS PLEDGE LEVELS The Temple Dallas 1 pledge level gets you everything in the $487 Leather-bound Book Set Pledge Level, PLUS the convention (see below). Shipping for the books is free anywhere in the world. The Temple Dallas 2 pledge level gets you everything in the Ultimate Collector Pledge Level,PLUS the convention (see below). Shipping for the books is free anywhere in the world. Both levels of the Temple Dallas pledge also mean that you join the Froggies at North Texas RPG Con 2016, where we will pay for: Your convention badge Your hotel room Your meals and beverages All you pay is your transportation to and from the convention! Shipping charges apply as normal for any additional purchases through Backer Kit. *We credit Matt with starting off the DIY old-school publishing movement called the OSR, when he wrote OSRIC with Stuart Marshall, basically inventing the concept of the retro-clone. But we can't legitimately mention the OSR without also mentioning a host of other people who founded the 2006 surge in old-school publishing, including (but definitely not limited to) Stuart Marshall, Jolly Blackburn, Steve and Mark of Dragonsfoot, Jerry Mapes of Knights & Knaves, RPGPundit of the RPGsite, Rob Kuntz, Dan Proctor, Jim Raggi, James Maliszewski, the Troll Lords, Doug Rhea and Mike Badolato of NTRPGCon, the ex-TSR guys, and many others. We owe a debt of gratitude to all these folks!
  23. As the title says. Funded. 11 Days to go: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/64ouncegames/braille-rpg-dice-from-64-oz-games?ref=discovery There are also some keychains and earrings available.
  24. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dthulhu-bath-sculpture#/ Dthulhu! Hello Mythos fans, Duck enthusiasts and Indiegogoers! Dthulhu is a high quality vinyl sculpture that will look great in your bathroom and be hours of fun in the tub! I made this project because I had a dream about it and I wanted one! Since there was none available, I decided to design Dthulhu. In addition to the Sculpture there are two different posters: a limited edition art poster and a downloadable 3-D rendered poster. There is also a downloadable paper sculpture of Dthulhu (for you to print and have fun building!) and a desktop image. Dthulhu: The Vinyl Sculpture Dthulhu the vinyl sculpture Dthulhu will be medical and food grade, PVC, Phthalate, and BPA free recycled vinyl. Just like a regular rubber duck, (many quality rubber ducks are vinyl) Dthulhu can play in the tub and will also squeak when squeezed! What could be more fun than your very own Old One in the tub! Dthulhu started as a concept painting and was then sculpted digitally in a computer Dthulhu Packaging Dthulhu will come in a full color box which will have the theme of the poster as well as a window so you can see The Old One sleeping behind the great doors in front of the palace in R'lyeh. Dthulhu's madness packaging Across the front of the box is the chant of the cult members and on the right hand side is the translation: On the opposite side is an original poem dedicated to Dthulhu and written by my wife Sasha Prince,
  25. West Wind Productions announced that their new 15mm Ancients miniatures line and game (under their Forged in Battle brand) will be launching it's Kickstarter Friday, Nov 22nd at 3 pm GMT. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/832150598/war-and-empire-the-miniatures-game-of-ancient-warf?ref=banner
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