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Found 957 results

  1. About this project Check out our Early Bird Special pledge level which ends in a few hours! Save money by backing now. :-) Check out our Codex, Cards, Counters, and Chronicles tools which can transform the way you run 5th Edition fantasy roleplaying games! The 5e Gamemaster Toolkit is a series of tabletop game aids to help you run well-organized, dynamic roleplaying games. The 5e Gamemaster Toolkit has four parts: Gamemaster Codex — A 36 page 8.5x11” booklet that is meant for use during the session to build adventures on the fly. It is loaded with tools to create quick non-player characters with stat blocks, generate locations, determine loot such as treasure and magic items, and construct interesting combat encounters with no advanced preparation. Gamemaster Cards — This deck has cards to track Initiative and basic stat blocks, Conditions such as ‘Blinded’, Rules Summaries for Death & Dying, Healing, and Grappling, and Role cards to equip players to assist the gamemaster in various ways. Damage Counters — These special plastic tokens are sized to fit under standard 1 inch miniature bases. This allows you to use our Stoplight Damage™ rules to track hit point damage. Run large scale encounters without the hassle of tracking hit points for each creature by hand. Chronicles Booklets — These four digest-sized booklets are meant to be written in. Malloy’s Almanac is a fantasy calendar with 20 sets of encounter tools. Imaginarium is an idea log with blank dungeons and encounter worksheets. Session Planner includes gamemaster tools to plan game sessions. Game Diary has player tools to log adventure notes. GAMEMASTER CODEX For those who’ve bought our Dungeonesque RPG products, you’ve already seen our approach to quick adventure design. This new product takes some of the most useful Dungeonesque Gamemaster’s Guide content and adds new features for on-the-fly games. Not prepared for an adventure you’re running? The Low-Prep Adventures section has 10 instant adventure types to jump start your game. Need an encounter or event to toss players after they’ve ignored your pre-planned adventure ideas? No worries, the Codex has tools for everything from hexcrawls to tavern brawls. We’ve intentionally kept the product small (around 36 pages) so you can quickly find the tables you need without halting the game to wade through 250 pages of dense text. Here is a tentative list of the Codex contents (these might change a bit based on consumer feedback and layout constraints): People — Names, Quick NPCs, Quick Character Stats, Occupations, Reactions, Traits Places — Hexcrawls, Tavern Names, Weather Things — Quick Treasure, Quick Magic Items, Selling Gear & Magic Items, Costs for Food, Drink, & Lodging, Costs for Services Adventures — Low-Prep Adventures, Adventure Generator Encounters — Wilderness Encounters, Urban Encounters, Something Happens, Plot Twists, Quick Encounter Design Rules — Converting Early Editions, Healing Potion Effects, Mass Combat, Quick Chases, Complete 5e Rules Summary, GM Rules Reference Example of Interior Layout GAMEMASTER CARDS This deck has several types of cards to help gamemasters run the game. Put the Initiative cards in plastic protective sleeves, and use wet-erase pens to write on them. One side tracks Initiative and the most critical parts of stat blocks. Arrange them behind the GM screen or in a stack to keep track of turn order. Key Character Stats On One Side; Player-Facing Name & AC On Reverse Round Tracker cards let you track the end of a round and effects which might expire in a future round. If you’re not using a gamemaster screen, you can use our add-on Card Holders to stand them up in view of the players. Write the creature’s name on the player’s side of the card. If you want, you can write down the Armor Class of opponents and let players track if they’ve hit the creature or not. Conditions scards track the 5e conditions such as ‘Poisoned’ or ‘Stunned.’ Rules Summaries present rules for Death & Dying, Healing, and Grappling. Hand these cards to players so they can quickly know the rules without turning to a rulebook. Role cards help the gamemaster recruit volunteers to help during the game. The gamemaster selects things they want help with and puts the cards out on the table. Volunteers take a card which lets the GM know which roles still lack volunteers. Here are the eight role card descriptions: 1) Turnmaster — Run initiative on behalf of the GM. Consider alerting players in advance when they are up next in the turn order. 2) Battlemaster — Manage miniatures, game tokens, and terrain on the battlemat. Could include marching order and coordinating who is on watch at night. If asked, track damage taken for GM-controlled creatures. 3) Rulesmaster — Have a copy of the core rules and be ready to look up rules as questions come up in the game. 4) Soundmaster — Use devices to play background music that is thematically appropriate for scenes and battles. 5) Grubmaster — Coordinate meals for the group which could include ordering take-out, Keeping track of menu orders, and picking up food. 6) Logkeeper — Track game-world time and the locations to which characters journey. This could include calendar dates and drawing maps. This could also include names of players who attended. Give a copy of your notes to the Chronicler (if you have one) at the end of the session. 7) Quartermaster — Track rewards characters receive: money, treasure, and group treasure. Includes knowing where you keep group treasure. This could also include experience points. Give a copy of your notes to the Chronicler (if you have one) at the end of the session. 8) Chronicler — Take notes about the story during the game, and collect additional notes from the Logkeeper and Quartermaster at the end of the game session. After the game, write up an overview of the game session and publish in a blog post or other medium. We’re still working on the art for the deck back cover and deciding how we will package the cards (tuck box versus plastic case), but we will share pictures and details on that before the Kickstarter ends. DAMAGE COUNTERS These special plastic tokens are sized to fit under standard 1 inch miniature bases and allow you to use Stoplight Damage™ rules to use tokens to track hit points. Run large scale encounters without the hassle of tracking hit points for each creature by hand. Ever have a dozen Orcs on the battlemat, and have trouble keeping track of each creature’s hit points? Logistics of tracking a large number of minis can be challenging. Damage Counters make this easy.
  2. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/deluxe-exalted-3rd-edition?ref=live Reached its funding goals in like 18 minutes.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/676918054/castles-and-crusades-players-handbook-7 This is for a reprinting of the Player's Handbook. There is alternative cover available, and a fancy cloth edition, but otherwise no new content. If it funds (it is almost halfway there) then the book will be half the cover price plus shipping. Cheers. EDIT: It appears that this isn't showing up when one searches through "Tabletop Games" on KS. A possible reason for its sluggish performance.
  4. About this project Hello my friends: It's me again bringing some miniatures to share with you. This time, I'm going full on the rpg, adventure, dungeon crawling type of miniature. So plain and simple, this is what we're presenting to you. Most of these have had test casts, some have been painted already. Some 3D renders Fray Talazar $800 Razgunik $1200 Kan-Tha $1500
  5. Heroic Fantasy and Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu Setting Sourcebook Autarch, the folks behind Adventure Conqueror King, have a new Kickstarter to fund an alternative version of the rules focused on "heroic fantasy" where magic is subtle and likely more dangerous, like Robert E Howard and JRR Tolkein. Think more "secret cults of forbidden knowledge" and less "Wizard's Guild." Adventurer Conqueror King laid a mathematically accurate framework for building your character's domain (such as building a kingdom), as well as fun things like a coherent trade system, and "hijinks" for the rogueish characters. I've been very pleased with the book, and use it to supplement my old-school games. The Heroic Fantasy books looks like the rules, while the Barbarian Conquerors setting book is inspired by pulp worlds of Howard and Burroughs. Science-Fantasy and secrets man was not meant to know.
  6. About this project Pledge to fund The Assault Group's transfer of five 28mm Landsknecht Zombie miniatures, from White Knight's Miniature Imperium. With two large Kickstarters under our belt, and with a least two more to come to complete the transfer of White Knight's private range, we looked at what we still have left to release; Sea Elves, Dwarf Bear Knights on foot, the Land Griffons, all exciting stuff, but we have these great zombie minis, that didn't really fit in anywhere with anything else... ...grr... But, as these are excellent minis, and well-worth bringing fully to as large an audience as possible, we have decided to run them as a tiny (miniature even) Kickstarter all of their own. As the low Fund Goal indicates, we don't anticipate that this a large or difficult undertaking; the minis are made, the master mould prepared, and all we really need to do is make a new Production mould and cast the numbers required of this Kickstarter. ...ahhhh... Pledge Levels. Pledge £15, for one of each of the 5 different 28mm size white metal models. Pledge £45, for five of each of the 5 different 28mm size white metal models. ...roar... Stretch Goals. £1000+ Add a Special Addition Freebie miniature, to all Pledges at £45+ £2000+ Add a Limited Edition Landsknecht Zombie all Pledges. (more details to follow) Mini Size. Scale shot. As you can see these are large 28mm, or 30mm model. ...mumble...
  7. Perilous Vistas The latest additions to the Perilous Vistas: Mountains of Madness and Marshes of Malice are environment sourcebooks that delve into the foreboding mountains and explore the mysterious wetlands respectively. The Perilous Vistas line brings the great outdoors to life. Like their predecessors, the highly acclaimed Dunes of Desolation and Fields of Blood, Mountains of Madness and Marshes of Malice are black and white, 225+ page supplements that build upon real world details and their gaming applications to provide all of the essentials and extras to run campaigns set in one of these remarkable biomes. These huge Tomes are all well-researched and use real-world information tailored to meet fantasy roleplaying rules that create a feel of "really being there" in each terrain type. For example, we engaged a professional mountain guide, Nate Paul, to work with us on Mountains--so the travel and skill rules were in part developed by a real-life mountaineer! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/froggodgames/perilous-vistas-two-new-environment-books-for-path?ref=user_menu
  8. About this project Hello again! About a year and a half ago you all helped bring Fantasy RPG coasters to life. Since then I've still been making sawdust, developing new products and taking the coasters on the road. While exhibiting at conventions (GenCon, GameHole Con, GaryCon) the question I had the most was "Do you have anything for Cthulhu?" To which I had to reply "Cthulhu F'htaghn!" and also "Not yet." Well now I've got a few and if it pleases The Great Old Ones we'll make quite a few more! Why Kickstarter... again? Artwork is expensive and there's so much in the realm of Cthulhu RPGs that can be brought out with your help. I also need a new table saw, the tentacle-laden heart of any workshop, which is where the initial goal will be going! I'll be partnering again with Dan Warren, who you may know from those awesome Steve Lichman campaigns. Dan has worked on a ton of stuff and I'm delighted to be working with him again to bring these maddening coasters to your game table. About the coasters All of the coasters I make are made from solid hardwood and are about 3.75" in diameter by a quarter inch thick. They've got 1/16" felt on the bottom to provide a nice cushion and not scratch any of your beautiful tables! New Products & Add-ons Since the last campaign, I've made a couple new products that have been well received. I'm offering them at a discount through this campaign. They'll be Add-ons to any backers pledge. When inputting your pledge amount add an extra amount to cover whatever the Add-On is that you'd like. After the campaign you'll be able to manage your add-ons with Backerkit. The dice boxes are 5.5" in diameter and work well for dice storage and rolling, and they fit perfectly behind a Keeper/GM screen. The lid is held in place with four magnets that defy the natural order with their strength. It's quite tough to pry the lid off, but a simple twist will open them right up. The suede flocking on the inside is red or green. Warning - The magnets in any of my products are very strong and can be dangerous, especially if swallowed. They're not toys and shouldn't be given to children. Please see the manufacturers guidelines. I've not had any installed magnets come out of my products, but I thought I'd mention it. Do you love some of the artwork enough to put a huge 13.5" diameter wall coaster on your wall? This is for you!
  9. About this project It was a day like everyday in Q WORKSHOP office. We talked about some new dice designs, dealt with some customers requests, solved a pending shipping issue… And then our graphic designer called us all to his desk. This does not happen often, believe me - it’s usually us coming to him with some last-minute-urgent-I need to have it before 2pm stuff. - I’ve been having bad dreams lately - he said with a shaky voice. - Some very bad dreams. - About what? - said someone cheerfully. Oh, had we known what expected us! - The horror... The horror. And tentacles, and many mouths full of teeth. I’m still shaking when I think about that. But it made me design this - murmured the artist. We just laughed. But then we abruptly stopped laughing when he showed us what was on the screen. Since then, this image has been tormenting us, and we finally decided that we needed to release it to the world. We do hope that this will keep our Sanity in check, although you can never know… Ladies and gentlemen, behold the CALL OF CTHULHU RPG METAL DICE! Visualization This is a set of full metal dice, made of tin and painted in black. The numbers and ornaments are engraved in dice, thus ensuring their top quality. They are practically indestructible - and they come with the lifelong guarantee in case something bad happens. Prototypes The dice are officially approved by Chaosium, Inc. to accompany you during your Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game sessions. Of course you can also use them as fancy dice during any other campaign, if it includes tentacled monsters and/or Gods from the Outer Space. Or you can just put them on the shelf and let them haunt your dreams. We won’t be checking that, although the Great Cthulhu might - this is always a possibility. Visualization And here's an opinion on the dice from Mike Mason from Chaosium: PLAY The dice set contains 1xD4, 1xD6, 1xD8, 1xD10, 1xD12, 1xD20 and 1xD100 (percentile). Here are the dimensions of the dice: The total weight of the set is 163.25 grams / 5.75 oz. Prototypes We will make the dice in our own factory in Poland, EU. This gives us full control over the process and assures that there are no shipping delays. Thanks to our long term cooperation with many US partners, we know how to pack our products well, and we've worked through basically anything that can happen with shipping. Please remember that every time a Stretch Goal is "added to all pledges", it DOES NOT include Junior Investigator pledge level.
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/printablescenery/time-warp-rampage-castle-europe-and-the-americas?ref=category_newest TIME WARP featuring Rampage Castle and detailed game-ready buildings from Europe and the Americas designed for your home 3D Printer
  11. About this project Here's your chance to get a collection of full-color, full-page (8.5" x 11") high-resolution (600 dpi) tabletop RPG maps (including VTT-ready digital versions) for less than 14¢ each! Need a treasure trove of maps at the ready for the adventure or campaign you're writing? Want a ready-to-use codex of over 100 maps to utilize on-the-fly when player characters take an unexpected turn? Each map has a VTT version and a non-VTT version. A great solution for "discovered" treasure maps. All maps are formatted in high-resolution digital format perfect for importing into your favorite Virtual Tabletop (VTT) platform! Labels on the maps are language-ambiguous (numbers and single letters only), making the entire map collection useful no matter the native language of users. The Big Book of Maps is a cartography collection of more than 100 full-color tabletop role-playing game maps that is being created by Justin Andrew Mason. These maps are being created on a twice-weekly basis throughout the creation phase of the project (April 2017 - March 2018). Each map will be provided to those who pledge $20 (or more) in digital format (JPG) for integration into any tabletop RPG with alternate virtual tabletop (VTT) versions provided simultaneously with each map release. Most maps will be geared towards a fantasy setting, though a few will likely have potential of crossing genres. The focus of this collection will be dungeon maps, but may include various subterranean complexes, crypts, tombs, castles, caverns, tunnels, mines, etc. There are several rewards available with content to be delivered to backers at every pledge level!
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heroforge/chibify-customized-anime-collectibles Not sure if I did that right....
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674003445/32mm-scale-fantasy-football-amazons-elves-and-dark This KickStarter is moving Impact! Miniatures existing Amazon and Elf/Dark Elf miniatures from 28mm to the new 32mm scale for Fantasy Football. The miniatures will be offered in Standard full teams of 18 to 19 players or Deluxe teams with 23 miniatures (18 players and 5 Star Players). Here are the team and pack selections for the KickStater. AMAZON TEAM (19 players team) ELF TEAM (18 player team) - (23 players for Deluxe) DARK ELF TEAM (18 player team) - (23 player if Deluxe) The miniatures in these three teams is a completely new resin and mold release that we just started using in 2017. It is a better material than we have used in the past and can be primed with any primer! We also purchased a state of the art high end 3-D printer to make the new master copies of the minis in these teams and even the mold material and the spin casting machine are new. So these teams are designed to be the best for materials available on the market. The miniatures all come with bases and are provided unpainted. The miniatures will require light clean up and some assembly (although several models are one piece). Impact! Miniatures has created several KickStarters and delivered to all backers on all our previous KickStarters so bid with confidence. We are keeping this KickStarter small and focused so that we can quickly produce the teams and get them shipped out on time.
  14. Season 1 : The Cursed Forest Introduction Color Quest is a brand new miniatures skirmish game based on Color Warz licence (see below). After 10 years of hard work on this universe, we are proud to present to you this new project that will introduce all miniatures ever produced by FLUO Games and more to come in a new tactical game created by Fabien Friess - Paint Brawl (2012) and Gob'z'Heroes (2016). Game Material (included in both pledges) This is a mockup (not final product) - Work in Progress Downloadable Rule book (French and English) x115 coloured tokens x4 thematic boards parts (Cursed Forest) x6 Tiles x6 coloured dices Gameplay Basis The game is in development, no downloadable rules available for now In Color Quest, you will have choice between two camps : Oak, the old wise and his Khromaz or the Ronin, general of the threat and his minons. The first step will be to create your own team, as you want, by recruiting members in the miniatures pool ever published (or created) by FLUO Games. Each miniature will have its own profile and will be playable. This profile will propose a specific attack, move, special hability and Blast (combo). It will be a cost for each profile to equilibrate the two camps. In contrast to Paint Brawl or Dark Threat, you will not play with « action points » but each character will be able to make several actions each turn. The map will be constitued of squares (as usual) but they will be much more modulables and evolutive with interactive objects. It will also have different levels (floor, walls, etc.) The Kadamas (little magical spirits) will be heart of the gameplay because they will be collectible and allows you to unlock powers, actions and transformations. They will be symbolise by colour dices. You can take a look on the following games rules (on which I am co-author) to have an idea on what Color Quest gameplay will looks like : Color Warz : Paint Brawl Color Warz : Dark Threat Gob'z'Heroes Rewards and Stretch Goals Color Quest miniatures included in each "Early Color Quest game set" and "Color Quest game set" pledges. Add-ons If you want to increase your game exeperience with more team customisation and gameplay possibilities, you can add any of these add-ons to your pledge. Note : one copy of each (Khromaz and Girlz Blast) if enough to have the best game experience. Khromaz : +10 miniatures - add 65€ to your pledge Girlz Blast : +10 miniatures - add 65€ to your pledge Single Miniature : add 8€ or 9€ (orange cercles) to your pledge for each miniature you want You can order as many Add-ons as you want once you have a pledge Khromaz Miniatures You can already add 65 euros (GBP £56 / USD $69) to your pledge to receive this first expansion : Khromaz ! It contains x9 new models and x10 miniatures to reinforce Oak camp. Girlz Blast Miniatures You can already add 65 euros (GBP £56 / USD $69) to your pledge to receive this second expansion : Girlz Blast ! It contains x9 new models and x10 miniatures to reinforce Oak camp.
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/643047657/the-children-of-the-sands/description About this project Welcome to Outlanders: Phase 5, which will see the expansion of Phase 3, People of the Sands, with a more varied selection of their young offspring who scavenge in the dunes for survival. There are also two new Young Noif that the Peoples, both young and old, make extensive use of as pack animals. The Children of the Sands. Phase 3 saw the first appearance of the Children of the Sands, with an initial group of three being released as an option alongside the Dune Tribe. This campaign sees new sculpts being added to their ranks, performing various tasks or gathering the abandoned materials that their life as scavengers is dominated by....... The term 'abandoned' is used quite loosely by the Children. The word 'unattended' may be much more apt given their nature of finding anything without an 'owner' present as fair game.... Young Noif There are also the two new Young Noif variants with slightly different loads to the original for a little variety in the pack train.... Dune Tribe Shaman The roving gangs of Children are monitored and often visited by the Shaman of the Dune Tribes where their progress is observed and monitored until they are considered to have come of age and are allowed to re-enter Dune Tribe society as either young warriors or maidens. The Shaman travel the wastes moving freely among the Tribes and are usually accompanied by Skin-Dogs, whose heightened senses are able to detect most threats from a significant distance.
  16. Sofawolf press needs YOUR help to colorize the first 50 Gold Digger comics! No, you won't need to dig out markers and inks. They have an artist to do the work, but that artist wants to be paid, and that's where you come in. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1915262526/fred-perrys-gold-digger-colorized-part-2?ref=user_menu $5 gets you a PDF copy of every comic colorised with the money collected in this KS. $10 get you that, and also all the comics that has already been colorised(7). Pretty sweet deal, really. If you want any of the 'Gold Brick' PDFs you add $5 for each, or $30 for all 7! And as each of those contains the contents of 25 comic books, the price is insane!
  17. About this project Welcome to Modi Dice, we've come up with a dice design (Manufactured by Q-Workshop) that incorporates a plus modifier built in. Ranging from +1 through +4. Many times during a game session we've experienced the time-consuming process of adding up modifiers, a simple process yes but one we think can move along faster with the help of Modi Dice. For example, in D&D 5th ed, you have ability scores and modifiers. Lets say you are a MIGHTY WARRIOR (Gnome...) with a Strength score of 17! Giving you a +3 strength modifier. Using a Mace +1 vs Fey folk (1d6 bludgeoning) you smite the unsuspecting Pixie (Finely picking on someone smaller). Ok, the search begins...(glances at character sheet for STR modifier +3, looks at weapon damage die 1d6, notices the +1 for added Pixie damage, total equaling a +4). Now if this was already established and written down, you would only have to roll the Modi d6 and simply use the design to quickly reference the +4 and calculated result. The great thing about these dice is they can be used with any tabletop dice game that uses modifiers. Our goal is to bring Modi Dice to your gaming table. We already have a set of working prototypes manufactured by Q-Workshops. With game time precious and in short supply during our busy lives, these time-saving dice will help in getting more out of your game sessions. "Nah... I already have enough dice." Said no gamer, ever. - Aardaerimus
  18. About this project All In 1 Simple and easy. 1 - Product 1 - Product Option / Add-on 1 - Reward Tier 1 - Week Campaign 1 - Month Delivery The Player Core Made from hardwood cherry and designed to store your: Dice Character Sheet Pen Minis (In the lid) Holds around 50 polyhedral dice Holds around 60 D6 dice 6.5" Wide 6.5" Tall .67 Deep each half Pockets are .55" deep Rolling Surface is .55" deep Branded on the back so you 'll always know which side is up. Plus it leaves the lid free for laser etching or engraving What goes where, and how. It also allows you a mini-rolling tray and a nice clam shell design to allow it all to come together go with you wherever you game. Open the clam-shell and access all your favorite dice, miniatures, writing tools, and characters. 100% compatible with our full Dice Base™ line. Tons of dice... multiple pens and minis. Cherry and leather. A place for everything, and everything it its place. Finest super thick vegetable tanned leather to pamper your best dice
  19. This is my 5th Kickstarter and the largest offering of individual parts to date and the usual big piles and cheap prices. You will receive 25 miniatures as depicted above in the Robots starter kit when you pledge $45. There are 96 parts (83 metal and 13 plastic bases) in this kit. That equals $1.80 per miniature or 53 cents per metal part. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/967512676/robots-drones-cybers-28mm-miniatures-sci-fi-alien
  20. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rwgdesign/hardwood-storage-solutions-deck-boxes-dandd-board?ref=category_newest Double Dice Storage/Rolling Trays, Bit Boxes, Minature Storage, Card Storage for 3600 Double Sleeved Cards, Game Accessories, Mix/Match About this project About this project Introduction Hey there guys and gals! Roger here again to talk to you a bit about your personal storage needs for all of your games and components. What I've come up with this time around is a series of hardwood boxes in several sizes, with a variety of uses (Not just for cards this time! Ok, a couple of them are!). I'll get into the specifics of each box further down the page. But first, I just wanted to thank you for checking out my Kickstarter! Take a moment and appreciate the fact that you are awesome! As some of you already know, and the rest will find out now....I'm pretty new to the online world for woodworking. Not that I'm new to being online, I mean I still remember dialing in to old BBS's on local phone lines with my 2400baud modem and my 386DX266 (Awesome at the time PC). But I've never actually put my work online beyond a simple FB page until now. However, in recent years, I've noticed my back starting to fail on occasion. Which, for a construction guy, signals the end of the line. I can't count on my game store to cover my bills (It's a game store after all.). I had to find something else to do. So, I opened my woodworking shop and have been pushing it mostly online. I specialize in game related items. I've also started a YouTube channel and stream there almost daily. These 2 tools (Band Saw & Drum Sander) will help me increase productivity and reduce prices. This cute little box will make sure you always have a place for all of those tiny little bits that keep getting misplaced! And at only $25 for Standard woods or $40 for premium woods, it won't break the bank to look good! Here are the bands I ordered to keep your bit box closed. The color you receive will be random unless you message me directly and request a specific color. PLAY The Dice Tray to keep all of your lucky dice in! It even splits so you can share with a friend. $35 for standard woods and only $60 for premium woods.
  21. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/847530101/future-worlds-modular-sci-fi-terrain-for-28mm-figu?ref=category_newest Future Worlds Modular Sci-Fri Terrain for 3D printers is fast and flexible enabling rapid building of unique and complex terrain. About this project I've been playing role playing games, tabletop skirmish and wargames for nearly twenty years. I've been building and designing scenery for nearly that long. I've always found something magical about the miniature world and narrative created on the barren wastes of the kitchen table, broken by the rocky outcrops of painted polystyrene or the depths of space conjured up by a piece of MDF painted black and speckled with white using (someone else's) toothbrush and paint. A table with great scenery looks amazing and even non-gamers are drawn to them. But not everyone has the time or the inclination to scratch build scenery - and quite often scratch built scenery has the unfortunate tendency to be fragile and nothing breaks the gaming mood quite like desperately super gluing something together mid game. So, what does the Future Worlds Kickstarter have to offer? Simply, great looking, economical and sturdy scenery. With the advent of affordable, high resolution, three dimensional printers it's now possible for me to provide you with high quality three dimensional modular designs which can be printed over and over again. Want just a small compound? Easy. Want an entire table filled with a maze of corridors, service ways and access hatches? Print them up! After the small initial outlay for a set, you have all the designs required to make any size installation you want, from small and simple to huge and complicated. Just print pieces as needed - and all from only cents per piece. The Future Worlds Sci-Fi modular scenery project offers three distinct styles of modular walls and floors: Completed High Tech Sections Completed Industrial Sections Steampunk Prototypes - designs to be confirmed All sets are interchangeable, giving you the ability to further customize the look and feel of your layout with pieces that not only look great and are built to last, but with a simple, and rugged clip together system, can be set up in moments.
  22. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/whimsyworks/owlbears-fantasy-rpg-themed-designer-plush?ref=category_newest Are you ready to build your Owlbear Army? Owlbears are adorable, tubby, role-playing game themed plushies!
  23. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1615843621/release-the-ronin?ref=category_newest
  24. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidlarocca/elder-dice-lovecraftian-themed-dice-for-all-tablet?ref=category_newest Designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized eldritch spell book boxes!
  25. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gydran/the-elsor-varo-28mm-sci-fi-space-dwarf-miniatures?ref=category_newest We have a set of 28mm Science Fiction Dwarves in heavy armour that we want to bring to you, our backers.
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