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  1. Campaign Link Lonely? Pining for the seashore? Do It With a Deep One! Hot single deep ones in your area are looking to meet you! And Petersen Games can help. We’ll ship you an Undersea Contact Device. Simply say the prayer as shown below, and drop the device (made of durable rock!) into the nearest large body of water. If a Deep One settlement is close enough, you’ll be getting a midnight visit within the following week. Be sure to affix your name and address to the rock, so your aquatic pals can find you more quickly. It’s just that easy! Your new friends will
  2. About this project Imagine the joy in opening a personalized Wooden Insult that's been shipped directly to your door from Dog Might Games. The custom Insult engraving, "Sawdust Surprise" packaging, and mass-produced cheap envelope all scream attention to detail and provide the memory of a lifetime. Tears of joy will fall as you vacuum the sawdust off of the floor and apply ointment to the super burn you just received. Now is your opportunity to give this experience to your friends, family, or most hated rival. Our shop of fine craftsman will create a beautiful, persona
  3. About this project I am introducing a leather gaming set – dice bag and dice mat (in two sizes). Both products are made from 100% leather and both are made in England with love in my small workshop. I am using good quality leather for both products, the leather mat is hand dyed. My gaming set include three pieces. 1.Dice bag – which can be rolled down to access the dice easily during a game. Dimensions: approximately 14.5cm hight x 9.5cm wid
  4. Who Are We? Macrocosm Miniatures is a small UK miniature company based in Gloucestershire. We set up back in 2015 with a few Sci-Fi miniatures and since then the ranges have grown to hundreds of miniatures including Fantasy and Fantasy/Historical. The Project. We are looking to raise £200 to pay for production moulding of these 6 miniatures. Upon reaching the funding goal we will get the miniatures straight into moulds and start spinning up pledges for people. The Miniatures. 6 beefy oldschool inspired Space Ork Miniatures. Cast in metal and supplied with a 40mm lipped base
  5. Hi Guys, I have read the guidelines of posting kickstarters and hope I am doing this correctly. If anyone has a chance come along and check out my kickstarter project specialising in hardwood dice boxes. If you have any thoughts or future stretch goal ideas then please I would love to hear them.
  6. This ends in 24 hours roughly. There's also a related previous kickestarter. Expands on previous line.
  7. Hi, this is my second art project with dice. look here Support it please.
  8. About this project Check out our Early Bird Special pledge level which ends in a few hours! Save money by backing now. :-) Check out our Codex, Cards, Counters, and Chronicles tools which can transform the way you run 5th Edition fantasy roleplaying games! The 5e Gamemaster Toolkit is a series of tabletop game aids to help you run well-organized, dynamic roleplaying games. The 5e Gamemaster Toolkit has four parts: Gamemaster Codex — A 36 page 8.5x11” booklet that is meant for use during the session to build adventures on the fly. It is loade
  9. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/deluxe-exalted-3rd-edition?ref=live Reached its funding goals in like 18 minutes.
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/676918054/castles-and-crusades-players-handbook-7 This is for a reprinting of the Player's Handbook. There is alternative cover available, and a fancy cloth edition, but otherwise no new content. If it funds (it is almost halfway there) then the book will be half the cover price plus shipping. Cheers. EDIT: It appears that this isn't showing up when one searches through "Tabletop Games" on KS. A possible reason for its sluggish performance.
  11. About this project Hello my friends: It's me again bringing some miniatures to share with you. This time, I'm going full on the rpg, adventure, dungeon crawling type of miniature. So plain and simple, this is what we're presenting to you. Most of these have had test casts, some have been painted already. Some 3D renders Fray Talazar $800 Razgunik $1200 Kan-Tha $1500
  12. Heroic Fantasy and Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu Setting Sourcebook Autarch, the folks behind Adventure Conqueror King, have a new Kickstarter to fund an alternative version of the rules focused on "heroic fantasy" where magic is subtle and likely more dangerous, like Robert E Howard and JRR Tolkein. Think more "secret cults of forbidden knowledge" and less "Wizard's Guild." Adventurer Conqueror King laid a mathematically accurate framework for building your character's domain (such as building a kingdom), as well as fun things like a coherent trade system, and "hijin
  13. About this project Pledge to fund The Assault Group's transfer of five 28mm Landsknecht Zombie miniatures, from White Knight's Miniature Imperium. With two large Kickstarters under our belt, and with a least two more to come to complete the transfer of White Knight's private range, we looked at what we still have left to release; Sea Elves, Dwarf Bear Knights on foot, the Land Griffons, all exciting stuff, but we have these great zombie minis, that didn't really fit in anywhere with anything else... ...grr... But, as these are excellent minis, and well-wo
  14. Perilous Vistas The latest additions to the Perilous Vistas: Mountains of Madness and Marshes of Malice are environment sourcebooks that delve into the foreboding mountains and explore the mysterious wetlands respectively. The Perilous Vistas line brings the great outdoors to life. Like their predecessors, the highly acclaimed Dunes of Desolation and Fields of Blood, Mountains of Madness and Marshes of Malice are black and white, 225+ page supplements that build upon real world details and their gaming applications to provide all of the essentials and extras to run campaigns set in one of thes
  15. About this project Hello again! About a year and a half ago you all helped bring Fantasy RPG coasters to life. Since then I've still been making sawdust, developing new products and taking the coasters on the road. While exhibiting at conventions (GenCon, GameHole Con, GaryCon) the question I had the most was "Do you have anything for Cthulhu?" To which I had to reply "Cthulhu F'htaghn!" and also "Not yet." Well now I've got a few and if it pleases The Great Old Ones we'll make quite a few more! Why Kickstarter... again? Artwork is expensive and
  16. About this project It was a day like everyday in Q WORKSHOP office. We talked about some new dice designs, dealt with some customers requests, solved a pending shipping issue… And then our graphic designer called us all to his desk. This does not happen often, believe me - it’s usually us coming to him with some last-minute-urgent-I need to have it before 2pm stuff. - I’ve been having bad dreams lately - he said with a shaky voice. - Some very bad dreams. - About what? - said someone cheerfully. Oh, had we known what expected us! - The horror... The horro
  17. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/printablescenery/time-warp-rampage-castle-europe-and-the-americas?ref=category_newest TIME WARP featuring Rampage Castle and detailed game-ready buildings from Europe and the Americas designed for your home 3D Printer
  18. About this project Here's your chance to get a collection of full-color, full-page (8.5" x 11") high-resolution (600 dpi) tabletop RPG maps (including VTT-ready digital versions) for less than 14¢ each! Need a treasure trove of maps at the ready for the adventure or campaign you're writing? Want a ready-to-use codex of over 100 maps to utilize on-the-fly when player characters take an unexpected turn? Each map has a VTT version and a non-VTT version. A great solution for "discovered" treasure maps. All maps are formatted in high-resolution digital
  19. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heroforge/chibify-customized-anime-collectibles Not sure if I did that right....
  20. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674003445/32mm-scale-fantasy-football-amazons-elves-and-dark This KickStarter is moving Impact! Miniatures existing Amazon and Elf/Dark Elf miniatures from 28mm to the new 32mm scale for Fantasy Football. The miniatures will be offered in Standard full teams of 18 to 19 players or Deluxe teams with 23 miniatures (18 players and 5 Star Players). Here are the team and pack selections for the KickStater. AMAZON TEAM (19 players team) ELF TEAM (18 player team) - (23 players for Deluxe) DARK ELF TEAM (18 player team) - (23 player if Deluxe)
  21. Season 1 : The Cursed Forest Introduction Color Quest is a brand new miniatures skirmish game based on Color Warz licence (see below). After 10 years of hard work on this universe, we are proud to present to you this new project that will introduce all miniatures ever produced by FLUO Games and more to come in a new tactical game created by Fabien Friess - Paint Brawl (2012) and Gob'z'Heroes (2016). Game Material (included in both pledges) This is a mockup (not final product) - Work in Progress Downloadable Rule book (French and English) x115 colour
  22. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/643047657/the-children-of-the-sands/description About this project Welcome to Outlanders: Phase 5, which will see the expansion of Phase 3, People of the Sands, with a more varied selection of their young offspring who scavenge in the dunes for survival. There are also two new Young Noif that the Peoples, both young and old, make extensive use of as pack animals. The Children of the Sands. Phase 3 saw the first appearance of the Children of the Sands, with an initial group of three being released as an opt
  23. Sofawolf press needs YOUR help to colorize the first 50 Gold Digger comics! No, you won't need to dig out markers and inks. They have an artist to do the work, but that artist wants to be paid, and that's where you come in. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1915262526/fred-perrys-gold-digger-colorized-part-2?ref=user_menu $5 gets you a PDF copy of every comic colorised with the money collected in this KS. $10 get you that, and also all the comics that has already been colorised(7). Pretty sweet deal, really. If you want any of the 'Gold Brick' PDFs you add $5 for each, or $30 for all 7!
  24. About this project Welcome to Modi Dice, we've come up with a dice design (Manufactured by Q-Workshop) that incorporates a plus modifier built in. Ranging from +1 through +4. Many times during a game session we've experienced the time-consuming process of adding up modifiers, a simple process yes but one we think can move along faster with the help of Modi Dice. For example, in D&D 5th ed, you have ability scores and modifiers. Lets say you are a MIGHTY WARRIOR (Gnome...) with a Strength score of 17! Giving you a +3 strength modifier. Using a Mace +1 vs Fey folk (1d6 bludgeoning
  25. About this project All In 1 Simple and easy. 1 - Product 1 - Product Option / Add-on 1 - Reward Tier 1 - Week Campaign 1 - Month Delivery The Player Core Made from hardwood cherry and designed to store your: Dice Character Sheet Pen Minis (In the lid) Holds around 50 polyhedral dice Holds around 60 D6 dice 6.5" Wide 6.5" Tall .67 Deep each half Pockets are .55" deep Rolling Surface is .55" deep Branded on th
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