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  1. Those nasty critters from underground who may die of exhaustion during a charge, here comes the Kobolds: The grunts are converted from the multi-pack, Champion Floppymace and the Sorcerer are as-is:
  2. I realize, in my last few mega-posts of Fungi and Frogfolk, I forgot this Cyclops I did at the same time. He was made in sympathy...I was really hoping we'd see a new Cyclops in Bones III. He's converted from an Ogre from the short-lived World of Warcraft miniatures line. It's too bad they went against God's Own Scale; the sculpts were pretty good, but the fact they didn't blend with anything else led to the early demise, IMO. His club is from the Bones Marsh Troll, the sack from the 6th Edition Warhammer Giant, and the skull from a Goblin banner (maybe).
  3. I've played in home campaigns and in organized play campaigns (Living Greyhawk, Living Forgotten Realms, Pathfinder Society), but I'm usually the guy with an unpainted metal figure on the table. Even when I'm using a painted figure, it's a figure that I painted for some other purpose and is "close enough" to represent my character. In Living Greyhawk, I used a Warhammer elf to represent my main character throughout the character's 16-level career ... and then I sculpted a figure of her for Reaper. (That's this figure: link to Forum post.) Now I've decided to customize and paint miniature
  4. Malakai Sorrowsbane is my friend's tiefling bard in a short 5e campaign we're playing. Modifications were done by klarg1. With this, I've painted up a miniature for all the players and the DM. I will give them to the players to take home after the final session. DM Mini Kerri Windrivver The Dwarf The Paladin The Ranger Malakai Sorrowsbane
  5. Hi all, As of late, I was inspired to convert some of the Bones beasties I have, as mounts for some other minis. So, after Verocithrax as a ridden dragon (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63159-77361-verocithrax-as-ridden-dragon-bones/), here is the Brass Bull: And I couldn't resist to make it be mounted by an Ogre (Here a GW Orge). Because no matter how big the Brass Bull is, it looks like a pony when an ogre climbs on top (and I find that quite hillarious). C&C Welcome
  6. It felt like I haven't finished anything these last couple of months so I decided to just do a very quick conversion and paint job to try and get back into the swing of things. The idea was to do something along the lines of a razor girl like glory from "Shadowrun: Dragonfall". Unfortunately all the claw hands I had were enormous so I had to settle for wrist swords from a Mantic Enforcer. Her body and head are from a wargames factory female zombie survivor. she also has a backpack pistol and knife from mantic. I'm not certain where her grenade came from. I was also playing around with
  7. Hello/ This is my first post here, as i paint Reaper minis not so often, although i bought almost all girls from master series. But here she is, Monique de Noir, riding her chocobo mount =) You can vote here, if you liked this work http://www.coolminiornot.com/332099 And here you can see closeups and detail pics http://www.coolminiornot.com/332101 Hope you`ll like her.
  8. Wyrd Games occasionally does gender-swapped versions of characters for their game Malifaux. They use the same rules and for the most part they are pretty awesome. I was struck however when looking at the difference between "Johan" and "Johana" at the size difference (see comparisons here: http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/unboxing-malifaux-johan.html), and thought that a Johana with Johan's proportions would be really cool. First off, is this a reasonable idea? I don't know enough about physiology to tell if I will be able to get the miniature to look like a woman at all, or
  9. So I hit upon a new PF character concept; a tiefling wielding a ginormous axe, and decide it's high time I got back into conversion and painting. Left: Sinessa (77119) provides the main body. Right: An orc warboss (77064) not-so-generously gives up his axe for the project. Center: Sinessa has an unfortunately bare posterior. A gentelmanly IMEF officer (80016) offers belt pouches that will keep her decent and carry her stuff. Wish me luck. I hope my already shaky skills haven't deteriorated too much in the months since I last painted.
  10. H'okay, hopefully I've done all this right *worry worry* I'm new to Reaper and to minis in general, and I ended up here on a mission to put together a figure for my Pathfinder character (also super new to Pathfinder). So here's what I've got for her =] I used the legs from the Aries figure as my starting point, then fished out an elven torso and pair of arms from a box of bits my friend has from Games Workshop. Her head is a leftover from an Avatars of War figure he got for his Pathfinder character. Her tail is an offcut from a Games Workshop banner thing. Her lower torso is scu
  11. Well, everyone. Arc724 made the following comment in his guidelines for his exchange mini: "I'm starting a Star Wars RPG Campaign, so if you can paint me a Sith or Jedi, you'd have a new friend forever." Challenge Accepted... As soon as I saw this figure years ago I thought "He'd make a great Sith." Now I had the chance to prove it. I call him Bel'Rheol. That was a jumble of the letters in Hellbore (which is the only name on the blister card). He has a weird spiral hat, so I Ret-Conned that to make him a Twi'Lek. In reading on the Wookieepedia, I came across a Headmistress at a S
  12. This miniature is part of the Resolutionary Painting Challenge's bonus challenge for this month (still not too late for you to join, those of you who are looking for a fun way to motivate you to paint miniatures! Goal is 51 miniatures painted this year, so plenty of time to catch up! Or if you've been posting already in show-off I'm sure you could get credit for minis already completed this year! Half the year to go and we all know Bones III is coming next year!) Anyways, the bonus challenge was patriotism, and 'murica. For those of you furriners, July 4th is the USA's independence day. As
  13. This week I completed the commander-in-chief figure for my 10mm Lizardman Army: The Mage-King of the Lizardmen. For the base of it I used the Games Workshop Lizardman "Tetto'eko" figure, which I was fortunate enough to get a good deal on from a friend at a convention Flea Market last year. To make the conversion from 28mm to 10mm I did a couple modification. First, I cut the tall feathers off of each of the side partitions to reduce the overall height appearance. And then I simply didn't add the pair of pillars that are suppose to go on the deck, and the three that are mounted underneath
  14. Queen Ileosa, with a base made from countertop color matching samples. I figured, it's designed to look like marble / stone, so why not? I don't know whether to continue my sheer cloth attempt, or just give up and turn it back into red though, and I don't know what color to make her vest corset thing. Her back will be painted to look like peacock feathers. Yes, that is metallic blue in her hair. Perhaps too blatant. Should I tone it down? A conversion of Hannah Blackruby from a sorceress to simply a noble lady, involving twisting her hand sideways and epoxying in the rod from Sheila H
  15. A conversion I whipped up at Reapercon this year. WIP thread is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61767-bones-minotaur-with-dragon-arm-conversion/ This is my first time using GS to actually sculpt something (scales on his left shoulder, beard, and mane/hair) and not just fill gaps. I think it turned out fairly well. Front: Back: Ub3r_Nerd suggesting a purplish glaze along the join of the skin and scales. I think I might have overdone it. Did I? Left: Right: I just noticed that spot of paint on his finger; this is after looking the whole thing over to
  16. Way back in February of 2014 I did a conversion on one of the Yephima, Female Cloud Giant, figures that I had received in a trade. If you want to check it out, you can see my original post here: http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/2014/02/converting-yephemia-cloud-giant-to-use.html; but to summarize, I removed the legs, and re-positioned the club, on the figure in order to make it suitable to use with my "Uncharted Seas" fantasy naval warfare collection. This figure had been knocking about my painting table for well over a year now, and I thought it was high time to get some paint on it.
  17. I posted this guy/thing in the Bones Conversion thread: At the time, I liked it, but I'm not so sure now. I had originally planned on trying to use GS to fill the gaps and add some scales to the body to try and blend the dragon arm/leg in a little better. My main concern is the gaps between the left arm and the body, along with the size difference between the two. I'm not so sure now, what do you think?Try the GS and see what happens, rip it off and find a different arm, look for a shoulder plate to just hide the gaps, what? Brutal honesty is fine here; if you think i
  18. Just wanted to show off the first step of my townspeople conversion. I was prepping all my duplicate townspeople (I have two of all of them from Bones I) for painting. Then I started looking at them and decided it would be more fun if they were all a little more unique. I'd had what reaper calls "book" from the boneyard but really looks like a scroll (P14490B) for a while since I was actually debating converting a different miniature with it. Then staring at my undertaker I decided he could be holding a sheet of paper just as well. Not sure what will be on it yet, coffin dimensions? Burial
  19. This was a commission for a fellow player from a conversion that our friend/DM did to Thund. The player wanted a half-orc barbarian with a ridiculously large (anime-style) sword. Our friend (SMChristopher) did this conversion and I apologize I don't know all the details of what bits he used. I think the sword blade may have been custom, the right arm came from someone else, and I *think* the head came from someone else as well. All I needed to do was splash some paint on to it and turn it into Guts, the Barbarian. The player wanted some nice splashes of blood on the sword. I'll take comments/c
  20. I intended to post this after I got back from the con. However, I misplaced them somehow. I'm not sure they will ever see paint but it is an example of what I was able to achieve with a whole pile of bones, some super glue, an exacto knife, and my limited imagination. Here are the results: Feel free to look about and comment as the mood strikes. There were fun to piece together.
  21. One of the first things I did when I received my Bones kickstarter was to take the hydra, mutilate one of its heads and stick some greenstuff on there to make my hydra into Tiamat. Then I promptly banished it to my shelf of shame and occasionally thought about it for a year. Now, reading Metalchaos' excellent conversion thread, I feel motivated to work on it again and to keep it that I will try to post updates here. I will try to do a little sculpting every day so the greenstuff can cure in-between. I am using D&D dragons as references here. First up, the black head: Some plastic s
  22. I noticed some 40k stuff posted here, and wanted to show off these conversions I made from amazing bits; previously created by Epoch Studios. The miniatures below are used in our Necromunda games, and in Tyranid Attack. An older board game release:
  23. Here is my rendition of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I painted them to serve as the climactic opponents in a friend's role-playing game -- a session that occurred this afternoon. I'm not a regular member of the group, but I got to sit in today, with a recurring friendly NPC for my character. Quick description of the campaign: Spycraft d20 system with some elements of D&D v3.5, and the twist is that the "good guy" secret agents are all liches! They are powerful undead beings from various times of the past millennium and from around the world. The head of their agency assemb
  24. When I decided to enter the Painting Excuses contest I thought about painting Kyrie as Little Red Riding Hood (Pingo made mention of it when she came out and the idea has been rattling in my head ever since). But as I prep-ed her, it occurred to me that it would take very little to turn her into a barbarian version of Princess Mononoke. I mean, wolf cape! So I filled out her skirt with green stuff and covered the wolf face with a round blob to make the mask. I ended up wishing I had had made the mask bigger though. I used the rosy skin triad on her, blackened brown, shield brown, ginge
  25. Here are some Reaper Astral Reavers I bought, converted and painted for running the Invasion adventure published in Dungeon Magazine a few years back. I wanted to represent the psionic nature of their powers, so I converted one of each with chopped up plastic gems to represent psionic crystals. This one is supposed to be a psionicist. The only "crystals" are tiny purple bits in the eyes of the skull topping the staff. The rest are warriors of some type. Bonus: here are some 25-30 year old miniatures of elementals that I can't recall who the manufacturer was.
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