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Found 1 result

  1. This is the second part to this story. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92143-war-the-prequel/ Hope you have fun with my little story of slaughter and mayhem . My painting & photgrapgy is maybe "table-top" at best but i hope you find the conversions interesting and the story makes it a little more special. Warning, scenes of graphic fantasy violence . please stop here if you are easily upset Rugg felt them before heard them, a faint rumbling that filtered up thru the ground and into his belly. He knew what the vibrations meant. Humans on horses, moving at speed. From the pattern of the tempo he knew there weren’t many of them, this was good, but the force of the tremors they imparted into the soil could only mean one thing. Armored men on War Horses, what the Humans called Heavy Cavalry. The pounding of the Earth quickly became louder, and now everyone around Rugg heard it. Then they came into view, three of them, Lancers riding in formation. Two in the front and one leading up the rear. At the sight of only three men on Horses the war party, the Gnolls and Ogres, vocalized their excitement and anticipation. Kagunk the Ogre issued a half- roar, half-laugh in approval at the coming fight. This was going to be easy they thought, they outnumbered these men 2 to 1. Rugg knew better, he was never frightened but the Adrenalin coursing thru his veins now told the story. These were not the peasants and commoners recruited for war. Men with no training, given ill fitting Leather armor , rusty weapons, and used to fill up front lines to simply slow down an attack . This was different, something maybe only his brother understood. The men they were now facing were deadly, the armored fist of the Human army. Born and bred to kill , a sword and Lance thrust into their hands as soon as they learned to walk and ride. Rugg knew what was about to transpire and no sooner did he finish that thought and it began. He understood the tactics of three man Lancers, the front 2 would charge in Unison and pick out the biggest targets, in this case the Ogres Kagunk and his brother Ughh. The Ogre’s knew no fear but their chances were not good. As the 2 lances dropped down they glinted in the sun, metal, magical weapons. Driven by the power of a charging Destrier they would pierce thru anything, including bone, Hide, and the low grade rusty iron and corroded Brass armor scraps the Ogres wore. This was going to be bad, Rugg knew most of his Warband would not survive. What would start as a slow synchronized gallop by the first 2 Lancers would quickly become charging steel shafts aimed at heads, throats, chests. Moving too quickly for the big Ogres to even react. Then something unexpected happened, the rider on the right, probably an inexperienced youth full of adrenaline and set to prove himself, broke formation and charged first. Big mistake, and Rugg knew it was because of the war. It had not only destroyed the army he served in, it also had killed many of the human armie’s best soldiers. Now the youngster, this quickly trained, up-jumped squire, charged ahead in his bright Silver armor. The other knight in Black quickly followed, but it was too late, there was a gap now the length of half a dozen horses between them. Kagunk the Ogre, as was his want, was in the front. He raised his steel spiked Oak war club high in the air, opened his giant mouth and roared. For a moment Rugg thought the Ogre might prevail, one good connecting hit would send the youngster cart-wheeling down the road, his body broken and shattered. It was not to be, the Ogre had misjudged and before his club had made it half-way down the Lance was upon him. The Youngster was inexperienced but skilled, the point aimed squarely at Kagunk’s head. Then the randomness of war and killing transpired in ways he could not imagine. The Lance went straight into the Ogre’s mouth and blew out the back of Kagunk’s head, snapping it back with a crack. Kagunk’s giant body was thrown backwards, his war club knocked out of his right hand. Blood sprayed out in a fountain of mist and Gore directly in the direction Rugg was facing . Rugg knew Kagunk the Ogre was dead. Blood trickled down the Lance from the back of his head and bubbled up from his mouth. Now, had the charge gone correctly, the other Ogre, about a dozen paces behind Kagunk, would have been engaged simultaneously. Instead Ughh stood there and watched it’s brother die horribly. It Screamed, UGGHHHHHHHH, and then the weaponless rider was in front of him, slowed from the force of the impact. Ughh snapped his right arm out with amazing speed and grabbed the Lancers now empty right hand in a rock crushing grip. The momentum of the armored fighter and War horse spun the Ogre around as he pulled the Lancer off his horse. As he did so, Ughh dropped his war club and grabbed the youngsters other arm right behind the shield. They now both faced Rugg, the Ogre , a look of grim determination on its face as its muscles bulged and strained. The now horseless rider screaming in pain from was effectively a torture device like the one humans used called The Rack, pulling his arms with savage strength. Then there was a loud POP, and the screaming stopped. The human body minus 2 arms fell to the ground and only a barely audible gurgling sound could be heard from the helmet over the sound of Hooves. Although it seemed like All this happened in slow motion, it was a matter of seconds and it was enough to snap Rugg and Keg out of their disbelief and into motion. They started Lumbering forward, there was still 2 more riders coming.........................
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