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Found 11 results

  1. I've never painted dark skin before, so I used this little guy as a test piece. I repainted and re-glazed him quite a few times, so I can't really recreate the exact recipe. It really felt like entering new territory for me, and often the paints did things that surprised me and looked very unlike dark skin (I'm looking at you, RMS Walnut!). I'm sure I'll revisit that subject, there is so much more to learn and find out! Also, this guy is really shiny, my Anti Shine didn't do it's magic this time. 🙁
  2. Here is the famous scene from Hamlet, reenacted by a vulture. Painting it was a bit weird: I started with a completely different color scheme in mind (cool whites, blues, gold), but somehow the mini wouldn't let me and I ended up with this version. I am happy with it, though. I am here to learn, so c&c is very welcome! Especially the second c! Enjoy! (Sorry for the picture quality, I don't have access to a good camera right now, is's just my phone).
  3. I collect the Croc Games figures even though I don't play the game. Here's my latest, the color scheme inspired by the web store example, but adjusted to fit in more with my Warlord Nefsokar army. I will proxy this Thoth for the Reaper Thoth. In Warlord Thoth is a construct, but I see him here more as a summoned celestial avenger.
  4. Hi all, just finished this one last night, hope you enjoy! Another really nice figure from Chris Fitzpatrick and his company Crocodile Games. This was from their most recent Kickstarter if I'm not mistaken. Thanks for looking!
  5. So here is my rendition of a figure from Crocodile Games, Hecate sculpted by Chris Fitzpatrick. She's a bit bare chested, so you can see a shot of her front here: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Crocodile_games_hecate_front_(2).JPG and here is her view from behind:
  6. So just finished this one up last night, Artemis from the most recent Kickstarter of Crocodile Games, sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick. Not adding any pictures from behind as don't want to violate any policies on unclothedness, hopefully the pictures I chose were all right. So really enjoyed painting this one up, as there was very little metal I had to worry about. Actually the most difficult or time consuming part on this one was the straps on her sandals and then the design on her cloak which was not freehand but actually sculpted on to the cloak. Overall very nice figure I think to paint and it's a nice larger scale, so the face and eyes were pretty easy to work on. Enjoy!
  7. I was stressing over my competition entries which means it was a good time to break out the Amazons. They are getting a bit more than my usual tabletop paint work since they are being worked on while I'm getting ready for ReaperCon in April. I'm mostly through the skin tons and hair and starting to block out the cloth. There are two more posts along with commentary on my blog: Prep & Priming: http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2015/02/priming-amazon-archers-from-crocodile.html Initial Skin Tones: http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2015/02/amazon-archers-first-skin-tones.html Beyond Skin: http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2015/02/amazon-archers-beyond-skin-finally.html
  8. So just finished this one last night, took a slight detour from the Ral Partha I've been working on for a while (or forever?). With the last Partha Elves I did from the TSR D & D series, I really got into Chris Fitzpatrick's work, who sculpts beautifully, and got some of his new Olympus figures from his company Crocodile Games. This one is the Oracle of Delphi from his last Kickstarter, where he is adding on to his Olympian Gods series. Beautiful figures, and a bit larger than what I'm used to painting. I'm not complaining though, bigger canvas is a little bit easier to work with! Anyhows, enjoy!
  9. Because everyone needs an egyptian themed goat-man priest in their games!
  10. I was casting about for what to paint next on the video series. The first episode of the new series was up a while ago. I had a battle royale with a smaller pile from my large mountain of minis. They went one-on-one with dice rolls deciding who would continue and who would go back into the drawer. Video is linked below. Episode 1 Video Link So Sebeki won, from Crocodile Games' Wargods line. Or, Master of Words won. Little alligator guy. Wizard maybe? I dunno, I don't play the game. My train of thought is definitely not in a straight line, and it did go around a bend too fast and jumped the tracks. He's going to become a crocostimpy. Yes, yes. He's an alligator not a crocodile. The voices in my head demand a crocostimpy, and so that's how he's going to be painted up. I don't get to that point in the video below, as the WIP picture shows. Just getting around doing the basic stuff I do on a metal mini: flash trim, wire brush cleanup, mounting, and then a prime job. I don't expect those who are old-hat with that to watch. The fun begins in Episode 3. EDIT: Just putting older videos out of the loading path. EDIT: Hmm... some strange reason I'm not able to embed the videos. Eh. Links it be. EDIT2: Okay, never mind. Some reason, the "share" link on YouTube doesn't become a video while the full URL does. Not sure how I didn't stumble into that prior to this.
  11. So whilst I am waiting for my Bones to arrive I have plenty of little (and big) projects I want to get out of the way. I'm glad to say that this is one of them and its the first project I have finished all year so far. The D&D game I run is pretty huge and we have over a dozen or so players who drop in and out as their schedules permit. I have been trying to put together appropriate figs for all the PC's for some time and I finally have them all finished as of yesterday. Its been a long job, but here they are, apologies for lots of not great pics)... Creosus the Cleric and Symeon the Bard (Heresy and Hasslfree figs) Crest Morningtide - Water Genasi Warlord and Hertha - Satyr Druid (Crocodile games and Heresy) Brimstone the Dwarven Shaman and Yaskin the Goblin Rogue (old Citadel and very very old Citadel) Miles Arcana - Swordmage and Meavoi - Goliath Warden (GW and Heresy) Mya - Sorceress and Kiera - Rogue (Heresy & Hasslefree) Unsung - Warforged Warlock (converted from an Infinity Pan Oceana Knight with some old bits to make the rod) Broadsword - Warforged fighter (converted from a Mageknight steam golem and some old broken troll bits) Brug Gundersson - Half Orc Barbarian (kitbashed from GW bits) Three-Point-Five - Warforged Artificer (kitbashed from a Mierce Miniatures Magaan the Warlock that my daughter managed to hit from the other side of the garden with a tennis ball and it exploded and a raid of my bits box) And finally Dahlgren - Human Barbarian (Privateer Press) Next up to finish off the Heroes for my Super Dungeon Explore and assemble the Grenadier Spectral Dragon. Hopefully that won't take 6 months
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