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Found 13 results

  1. I painted all the figures in the box during May last year. Almost killed me.
  2. i’m really trying this year to expand and improve. at the same time this is a game piece and i want to speed up to get on the table. 4 of these done in a day.
  3. I'm very new to airbrushing but I've been working hard to get better at it. Here is the Star Spawn of Cthulu, from the board game Mansions of Madness. The plinth with the flame on it used to be the stand from a Bones Giant Scorpion. Now used to hold sacrifices in place for the consumption of the evil ones.
  4. Finished off this little guy as a break from other projects. Fun figure. Experimenting a bit with my brush on this one. Like how it turned out with some of the textures and colors, but not 100% if it captured well enough on camera. Think I need to build a mini lightbox to shoot my figs in.
  5. Got ol Shubbu-Shubbu painted up a while ago, never got around to showing her off. The base has pieces of acritter from Cthulu-Wars, as well as tentacles from Reaper's Creature Components (03334) and a pile of skills from Forge Prints, as well as copious amounts of water effects for slime. Really enjoyed painting this abomination. I based the colors a bit on the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, as the mouth really reminded me of the beast.
  6. I'm not sure what this is supposed to be; I got it as part of a figure lot on Ebay. Maybe an Otyugh? Maybe something C'thulu-ish? In any case I painted it for the Morihalda Challenge.
  7. Well this my take on the Mashaaf figure. Mashaaf the Devourer of Worlds. ~She is One of the Great old ones from the outer planes. Her home is a deep chasm in the bowls of the earth. She only surfaces to feed during great cataclysmic events or when called upon by her followers with a horrific ceremony. Legends say she feeds on the nightmares of people during times of strife.~ The figure to me looks to be a amalgamation of Slug, Maggot, Caterpillar, Spider and maybe some Crab. I tried to make it look as though her top was possibly a hard surface the stone fused to it. I also tried to make the belly portion look slimy and light emitting like a glow worm. I also wanted to try and make it look like she had purple internals partially showing through her skin, but wasn't able to figure out how to do it. In the process I have about 8 coats of various paints on the belly. So I just went with stripes for coloration contrasts. Also the glow effect I tried on the base doesn't show to well in the photos but it is obvious when looking at it. I'm still learning and developing my skills and being my 3rd figure to do since my long (25+ years) break from painting I like it. Was fun painting and putting the base together. Also I am using a tablet for my camera and no light box. Still trying to figure out how to take good pictures too. 3 different front views hoping you can see the glow and eyes. First time ever doing multicolored eyes effect. 2 side views for the back detail. Its another perspective on the figure. I brought to the game room and the guys liked it and can't wait to see it used in a game. C&C always appreciated. Joe
  8. I spent quite a while on him, I'm not entirely happy with how he turned out. I'm REALLY not happy with the base (first time using mud effects and water effects, wanted to add some more plantlife but it wasn't working out) I screwed up the OSL on the eyes but I didn't want to go back and fix it so he just has really super glowy eyes. And I probably redid the wings a bunch before I was about ready to just tear them off completely. I'm my harshest critic, what do you think?
  9. I saw this one in the latest Kickstarter newsletter: Legends of Cthulhu retro action figure toy line https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/warpo/legends-of-cthulhu-retro-action-figure-toy-line Already reached funding and the first stretch goal too. It appears they are going for a 70's and 80's style of figure sculpt and packaging (as they state in the KS wording). I think they look good (I dislike the modern 'ridiculous comic proportion' type figures). I also note that one of the project creators worked on the original Masters of the Universe figures - I loved those!
  10. I went for the fleshy look.
  11. Another Chibi Mini's Kickstarter, this time for Cthulhu Miniatures. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674003445/chibi-gaslight-horror-cthulhu-mythos-and-sci-fi-mi Some of them look pretty nice. The monsters are adorable. Very tempting.
  12. So last weekend and the weekend before I worked on Cthulhu and Wyrmgear while waiting for my glazes to dry. My three year old son likes to 'help' me paint so after the great worm piece he selected Cthulhu to paint. I asked him what color should we paint Cthulhu and he said yellow. Ok, yellow it is. I primed him with Reaper's Grey Liner. Then I layered him with a thinned down Reaper Neon Yellow. I liked where this was going with an odd green tone so I changed to color scheme to keep this going. Here I layered him again with a thinned down Reaper Sun Yellow. After the last coat I came out too yellow and I wanted to try and bring it back to a green/brown. So I washed it all over with GW's Delvan Mud. A better shot of the color. This matches closer to the current sickly yellow/green/brown shading in person. From here I've stopped and haven't touched him in two weeks. Trying to figure out how I want to proceed so I don't lose the look I've got. Comments and Suggestions are welcome.
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