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Found 134 results

  1. Working on finishing up some minis for July, during the 24 hour challenge I managed to paint a few hours each day and finished up my Kirin. The foxes pictured here have since made it to their new base but rather than make a separate thread I figured I could sneak them onto this one to count for the RPChallenge until I get the rest of the piece finished. I decided to have some fun with my Kirin and go for a bit unnatural color scheme, I haven't quite decided if I like it or not but its starting to grow on me. I may revisit his base as I hurried through it and it shows, but for now I am checking him off as complete. And for now a quick picture of my foxes.
  2. Started on the next muse from Dark Sword. I am planning to paint all the muses before I receive the next kickstarter from Dark Sword. For this one I am trying something new for the base, if I can pull it off. The dress is close to done, the belt and hair band just have the first base color, still needs highlights.
  3. Hey! I've been busy! I haven't been on as much as I wish I was!! I miss y'all!! I bought 3 of the muses from the DSM Stephanie Law line, and I love them! I started Clio and Euterpe at the same time, but Clio is still sitting without arms.. Maybe I'll get her done here soon too... ;) Hope y'all enjoy her, C&C is always welcome and appreciated, check her out on my blog if you want to see some of the WIP shots. (But I think they're all on the WIP thread here...)
  4. Now the exchange mini is ready, I had time to finish my second muse. I am really happy with the color combination. The eyes were difficult to do, they are deep inside the mask.
  5. Alas. All monies must go to Dark Sword for the sheer adorableness... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/823962857/critter-kingdoms-anthro-animals-miniatures-line-ex?ref=hero_thanks
  6. My reapercon diorama entry. It received a bronze medal and plenty of constructive suggestions. I do like doing the critters on occasion, it's a nice break from skin tones. Anyway here is our intrepid group of furry critters driving back the thing in the well, or trying at least....
  7. Here is another piece I took to ReaperCon. I entered her into the open category and to my surprise earned me a gold medal. Then I was speechless when she was given the Dark Sword Best in Show Manufacturer Award. There were so many beautiful Dark Sword entries at the show and I am honored that she was selected. I quite enjoyed working on this piece and I must Thank everyone who gave me feedback in the group thread http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58747-groupopen-dsm-wips-stephanie-law-masterworks/page-12?hl=%20stephanie%20%20law as there were a few times with her that I needed the inspiration from all of you to continue painting. Here are a few of my completed photos. This one shows the Kirin in focus better I love painting Dark Sword Miniatures and plan on finishing up a few more of the Stephanie Law miniatures soon. Again Thank you to everyone who helped me push this piece in the WIP thread and also gave me inspiration. ReaperCon was awesome (I know I said this already in other threads, but I can't help myself) and I enjoyed meeting everyone.
  8. Just in time I finished off some kitties for Mother's Day presents. I kept meaning to paint these guys sooner, so they were a bit rushed to get them done and sealed in time for Mother's Day. Never the less I wanted to share them as they were a joy to paint always fun painting up critters. I based them on 30mm round bases with some cork and modeling paste. I still have more of these little guys to paint and place onto other minis bases in the future I hope. To all the mother's on the forums Happy Mother's Day, may you have a wonderful and joyful day.
  9. Finished the first of the Muses from the dark sword kickstarter.
  10. While I am working on my exchange mini I started on this lady. The face the best one I did so far, painting eyes still gives me problems. The hair and dress have a base coat and wash.
  11. And the last one of the Dark Sword animal party, The Mole Alchimist. The people in his village insisted he'd join the party ( maybe something to do with him blowing up the Inn with his experiments)
  12. The Tortoise Cleric, originally I had a whole story made up for his and his friend's background. In short he carries his Brother's Backshield into battle to avenge him. His Brother was slain by Ogres.
  13. The hero of the pond, protector of the swamp, slayer of the dragonflies.
  14. Here is my version of the new Dark Sword Kirin miniature sculpted by the talented Patrick Keith. Luckily as part of the Kickstarter we received two of the sitting Kirin, since one is going to be part of Erato's display base I opted to use one as practice. Here is a photo of both of them before basing side by side. Even though the first one was to help me decide on colors and to test fit on the base, I went ahead and continued playing with new things and placed him on one of my new Bones II bases upside down to allow me to try my new Vallejo Water Effects and Gray Pumice. I am hoping with time the water effects will dry more clear this photo was taken almost 24 hours after application and you can only begin to see the paint on the bottom peeking through. For now I am thinking I prefer my Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and will use the Vallejo Water Effects for things like icicles and water falls. Here he is ready to hit the game table if the need arises for a Kirin mini. And lastly a close up of my second Kirin, once I get a bit more finished he will be secured on his new base with Erato. I am counting these as two for the RPChallenge this month which means I am halfway to meeting my goal of 4. For those interested in the colors used I stayed with all Reaper Paints on these two with a fairly limited palette. The only colors on them are Highlands Moss, Pale Lichen, Burgundy Wine, the Blonde Hair Triad and Pure white. I based coated them in Highlands Moss, shaded with Burgundy Wine, highlighted with Pale Lichen and the highest points are Blonde Highlight. Their manes are the blonde hair triad shaded with Burgundy Wine. And gems were Burgundy Wine mixed with blonde hair highlight in a few steps. Pure white was used as reflection points on the gems, eyes, scales and horn. Once I place the second one on his base I may revisit the highlights if needed so any C&C on him is appreciated. Thank you for everyone in the Group WIP thread for the motivation to get these completed.
  15. This was made for and with my girlfriend. She painted the princess most of it..I finished it. This way she wanted to know what my hobby was like. It seems she likes to look at these but painting is not her thing. Too bad, I think she got talent. The Prince woos the Princess from the other pond, a Jester is chaperonne.
  16. In an effort to clean up my desk and enjoy a few more minis that don't have to be painted, here is once of the critter creations I got from DSM. He was fun to paint and all of the detail was very crisp with little mold line or cleanup required. This one is very well blended between human features and animal features, including hands and tail. Some, like the hedgehogs, seem to be a stocky figure with a different head glued on. I tried a new method with the eyes on this mini and I think I will continue where size allows. I started with a linen white sclera then a dark brown iris, a smaller inner circle of palomino gold and then a black pupil. with a random little dot of white. weird thing is, although both eyes look normal on the mini, his one eye looks a little messed up on the picture. odd. Anyway, let me know what you think. My wife bought me a dozen or so of these so they will continue to make appearances as I paint them up. And I will paint them because they are cute and my wife likes them, as do I...
  17. one of my favorite Christmas presents this year was a whole bunch of Dark Sword Miniatures Anthropomorphic heroes and heroines. One of my personal favorites being the snail cartographer. This cute little guy has a lot going for him and carries all sorts of things, including a compass a bottle of goo and lots of other goodies and that is just what is outside of his shell. I could probably have done better with the join between the head and body, but its a little late now and someone else sent me another one so I have a second chance as well. Enjoy! this was a fun little mini to paint
  18. Parodius


    Hi ! My last Dark Sword mini :)... The close up is very violent :(
  19. So here are a few more. The wizard is the newest version of Hyreka. I love Bobby Jackson sculpts, but I feel like the ball was dropped on this figure and I prefer the Klocke version. Her lips were not very prominent on the sculpt so I had to fake it. The Dwarves are from Godslayer which I have never heard of until I did an Ebay search. I like how they look but they are sorta pricey. The other is from Otherworld. I love the old school look of the model and cannot wait to do more. The Bones model was from the Learn to paint kit. I enjoy painting armor and the model turned out great for a simple paint job.
  20. At the request of a few people, I am posting some of the Elmore dragons I completed a while ago. My wife bought me these over the years and I have the first 5. This was the third one I painted and due to the wide swath of wingspan I tried to add some freehand to it. because the wings are pretty straight and full open, the pattern is, for me a little to geometric. i have another so I may try again with something else soontm The snow on the base is gale force nine white snow from a box of flock I have had forever. Enjoy, C&C is welcome especially for what I could do better since the duplicate is on my great bookshelf of dragons.
  21. the final one of my un-pictured Elmore dragons. This one was a lot of work to put together, and I am still not overly thrilled with the final greenstuff work I had to do on the wings. These wings come in two parts because of the deep concavity. This also makes it pretty darn hard to paint. All in all I am pretty happy with how it came out but I think I could do better now. As with dragon #3, there is no basing due to space concerns. Hope you enjoy this one too. C&C welcome. Elmore Dragons 2 and 5 are on my shelf and will be painted soontm
  22. I posted some WIP of this dragon a really long time ago, but never got round to actually putting this in show off. Time to remedy that. This is my take on the Dark Sword Miniatures Elmore Dragon of Chaos which, of course is a recast of the original limited edition Ral Partha Dragon of Chaos. The dragon doesn't have any additional base because my limited display space makes huge bases difficult to deal with. This was one of my first big dragons that I tried to paint. The mini I got was also missing the long spines on the wings so I had to recreate those from green stuff and pictures. All told he took about a year and a half to paint. on the whole I am really pleased with the way it came out, including the fade on the horns. From my point of view though, my favorite parts of this dragon are the expression on the face and the really snake like tail. The tail in particular is just wonderful! Anyway C&C is always welcome and enjoy the show!
  23. Every year I throw a party for my primary gaming group. I usually try to have presents for everyone who is not of my family. This is the dark sword reprint of the RAFM reprint of the Ral Partha original white dragon. This also showed up in the set of dragon slavers. Anyway, pretty standard fare here. Tried to expand out and spread the coral on the minis base I think i like it. Spent about 4 hours here too. These may not be my best but with the size of my metal mountain, I have to work some on my speed painting too. Comments and critiques always welcome
  24. Every year I throw a party for my primary gaming group. I usually try to have presents for everyone who is not of my family. I wanted to try something new here and with Dontfear's western dragon thread I thought some "eyes" on the back of a desert style dragon. Played around with some brighter spots of color too. total time painting was about 4 hours for this dragon including the base; C&C are always welcome
  25. That's what Wikipedia tells me, in no uncertain terms. So, here it is. I have a large selection of miniatures that would make excellent Rogues (or Thieves, for us old schoolers), and I mean to get them painted. First up, we have a trio of Bushido minis for another Were-Fox character concept. A seductress, who's no stranger to fighting: Saki, Kitsune, and Fox Form: Next, is the amazing Dark Sword Female Assassin: Next up Eskin, Male Rogue: Then Vesper-On's The Duke: Gretchen vonKonigsmark from Raging Heroes will make an appearance as a gun-toting rogue: Along with Jirelle, Iconic Swashbuckler: And the Master Harlequina from Klockenbooty Freebooter Miniatures: Also making an appearance, once I get her in hand, is Lenore from Hasslefree. Not a rogue by description, she will be painted as one (and probably my favorite Thief of all time): You know the rules, anything goes! On with the show!
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