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  1. Hi i just want to introduce you Marise Greyshroud Wraith Queen.
  2. Had an hour to decide what I needed for the group. Decided to paint up a drowned zombie horde! :D
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1874304670/prism-dice-handmade-from-bulletproof-glass?ref=category_newest
  4. Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game is a tile and miniature based survival horror game for 2-6 Players based on the classic movie. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/evildead2/evil-dead-2-the-official-board-game The officially licensed Evil Dead 2 Board Game is the tabletop experience Evil Dead 2 fans have been dying for--featuring at least 8 custom figures with art depicting the terrifying and iconic characters, monsters, and locales from the cult classic film. 2-6 players will work together in 60–90 minute sessions to gather pages of the Ex-Mortis while trying to survive demon attacks, supernatural events, and avoid turning into evil deadites themselves.
  5. A certain platypus managed to snag a Maiden Bust on my behalf. I love the sculpt. The casting is... meh. Sorry Reaper, metal is working better for you than resin. The resin had funky tiny chunks on parts, edge of the hand and rose are odd, and lips are a little rough on the edges. Mostly rough edges. I cleaned what I could, and am using gloss varnish on other odd bits to smooth them, but I can't get it all. But in the slightly funky surface, I saw an opportunity. What if she wasn't quite a maiden? What if she was kinda... dead? Not all the way dead. Just becoming dead or undead, as if from a curse. And the rose is the only thing holding the curse at bay. So maybe Cyr is crazy. Maybe Cyr is going to paint something awesome. So far she has gray primer, dabs of gloss varnish, eyes, maiden flesh on one side, dusky flesh on the other, and a base coated rose. Her live area will be blonde. Her dead side will have "white" hair, and a blackish rose. The dusky skin and the vallejo nocturna white flesh are amazingly similar in tone, but very different in feel. Right now the difference is subtle, but as I shade it, the live side will get more rosy and warm, while the dead side will become more gaunt and sullen, like a starving vampire. At least... that's the plan. Think I can pull it off?
  6. A friend of mine from the Hirst Arts forum is starting his own Kickstarter to raise money for the purchase of a spin caster to expand his business. -=-=-=-=-=-=- http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/554948184/itars-workshop-dungeon-terrain Itar's Workshop is excited to announce our Modular Dungeon terrain Kickstarter. Our modular dungeon sets are cast in high quality resin, designed to be adaptable, easy to use, and extremely affordable in comparison to similar products. At 37 pieces, our Basic Dungeon Set contains everything you need to set up a simple dungeon. Already have a dungeon? Check out our line of accessories to bring it to life!
  7. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/centerstageminis/tome-of-horrors-complete-28mm-heroic-scale-miniatu 17 wacky creatures for $100. $200 for those, non add-on stretch goals (7 shown so far), a t-shirt, and a pdf of 800 monsters. Its certainly structured with a lot more initial firepower then the Torn one, so with any luck this could turn out well. And hey, some of the creatures in Tome of Horrors (including a few of the ones they are starting with) are bizarre enough that you'll likely never get them elsewhere. :) -----------------------------
  8. <<<MOD>>> Link to kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/644661994/alternative-civil-war-1861-a-blackpowder-and-spell?ref=hero_thanks <<<MOD>>> Alternative Civil War 1861, a blackpowder & spell Uchronia Our Kickstarter will be live on Tuesday January 20th Alternative Civil War is a 28mm scale premium resin miniature wargame set in an alternate background where impossible science collides with ancient magicks and weird beings clash with courageous soldiers on the American Civil War battlegrounds (and beyond!) You might check out more about us and our game, including background, art and miniatures at http://www.ghosttraingames.com, where you can also find out the lastest version of our rules http://ghosttraingames.com/the-game/the-rules/ , and model profiles at http://ghosttraingames.com/the-factions/. Those are fully free to download. Follow us in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GhostTrainGames and Twitter https://twitter.com/GhostTrainGames Spread the word!
  9. I am going to start a larger competition entry, and thought I'd make this WIP thread to help me keep a red line on the project. The task is to recreate a cover of a book or album. Nothing to post yet, except the cover which will be my inspiration for the entry. I have had it in my mind for a while, and this comp gave me an excuse to begin. Bits have been ordered, and work will commence once they arrive. :) Maybe a little sooner. ^^ As there are some things I can do right away.
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1752543891/armoured-syndicate?ref=category_newest
  11. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sentinelgames/total-extinction-battle-for-karnak
  12. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1615043334/lone-wolf-the-board-game? Description: You are Lone Wolf, the last of the Kai Lords. Or perhaps you are Prince Pelathar, heir to the throne of Sommerlund. Or maybe you are the infamous Giak warrior Kootak, sent by the Darklords to raze the land. Now you can be all of these . . . in a hand-painted tabletop wargame. Lone Wolf came to life as a fantasy gamebook series first published in the 1980's written by Joe Dever and illustrated by Gary Chalk. Joe and Gary collaborated on the first eight gamebooks before going their own ways. Gary Chalk's influence is known across literature and gaming. As an artist, he specializes in children’s and fantasy illustration, bringing light to such beloved series as Redwall. He also illustrated and created components for games such as HeroQuest, Talisman, and 1st edition Space Hulk, and created full games including Cry Havoc, Battlecars (with Ian Livingstone) and the recent Gun Dogs app (with Jamie Wallis). And 30 years ago Gary Chalk designed his own wargame/board game version of Lone Wolf. Today, after much playtesting and revision, he would like to ask your support in bringing you the Battle for Magnamund, also known as Lone Wolf - The Board Game. Pictures:
  13. Hey guys been painting one of my favourite models today the Mighty Lord of the undead!! Sat for 8 straight hours on this one and am fairly happy with where it is right now I also included my Anti Paladin I did a few days ago!! Enjoy!!
  14. For you dice connoisseurs out there... ROCKET DICE!
  15. Edit: After this thread was started, and after I wrote the post below, Torn Armor have announced that they are looking at working with Reaper to have their kickstarter minis produced although nothing definate has been announced as to a timeframe or what other changes there might be. So Torn Armor have announced that their miniatures fulfilment portion from their kickstarter is dead. No miniatures for anyone. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alyssafaden/torn-armor/posts/726991?at=BAh7CDoMcG9zdF9pZGkDzxcLSSIIdWlkBjoGRVRpAxViJ0kiC2V4cGlyeQY7BlRJIhgyMDE0LTAyLTIzIDAyOjIwOjA0BjsGVA%3D%3D--70a9498682ea4cdd9aa695aecc5713692f6481a3#comments In a nutshell, their plans with a manufacturer in China fell through and so instead went with an American company instead. Unfortunately the company they gave all the money earmarked for miniature production to was Tony Reidy and Defiance games. Now Tony has taken Torn Armor's money and is not going to provide them with any minis. This is something he is known for. I'm not going to say much more here, as I enjoy being a part of the community on Reapers forums and don't want to overstep their rules for posting. But I will say that Tony Reidy and his companies have a very infamous history in the miniatures hobby and I can't believe that the people behind Torn Armor went to him. The best thing I can say about that situation is that it was very naive and something that a google search or just searching news sites should have easily avoided. I am peeved at Torn Armor for making such an uninformed decision. Bye bye monies.
  16. So, back in like February, I backed the Rhythm Metal Gaming Dice KS. Only about 20$... just enough to get the patent leather dice cup and a full set of metal dice. Fulfillment was well on it's way, and then they just seemed to vanish about a month and a half ago. Today, without warning, my stuff shows up. No update to tell us they were shipping, no advance notice, no replies to annoyed backers in the comments - just *poof!* dice. WTF?
  17. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/458676689/monster-designed-3d-dice-for-miniatures-and-board/description About this project Hello, firstly, thank you for taking time out of your day to check out my project on Kickstarter. My Name Is Anthony, I’m an independent developer and I’m also a huge table top and board game enthusiast. The idea behind this project was to turn your normal D6 Dice into a work of art, something that looks just as good as the Armies on your battle field and looks just as awesome as the cards/board on your board games. For me to achieve this I didn’t just want to just add some basic etching, I wanted to go 3D and give the dice some serious attitude and features. As well as making the dice 3D I wanted the consumer to have the ability to print the dice using 3D technology. The five original dice concepts are inspired by a number of fantasy based creatures; we have the Monster Dice, Vampire Dice, Undead Dice, Werewolf Dice, and the Orc Dice. The Dice are made from high detailed resin to bring out the detail and to enable the consumer to paint them with ease. The dice themselves measure 16MM; this is the most common size of dice used in gaming, however, we have also included a 19MM Version of the dice and a 25MM Version. Every dice has the art placed where the number 6 would be situated; they are perfect for collectors, gamers and hobbyists. Special care has been taken to ensure the resin is protected when the dice is rolled by making the edges rounded. All dice in this project are printed by independent 3d printers, I have chosen to source the manufacturing process this way due to it been a Kickstarter funded project. I would much rather funding was giving to small companies and independent start-ups rather than manufactured in china. The Dice once printed will be shipped to me and then each dice is clipped, sanded and finally oiled. Please click the images to get a detailed view. Sea Monster Undead Dice Vampire Dice Werewolf Dice Orc Dice
  18. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/singularityco/save-the-sci-fi-the-next-generation?ref=nav_search "Saving rare, forgotten, out-of-print vintage science fiction for the digital future, one e-book at a time!" They search out the rights holders and get permission to reprint classic forgotten old science fiction books as ebooks.
  19. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/184938819/miniature-ice-age-mammal-adventure-set The Ice Age Mammals Project will produce a set of Ice Age Mammal miniatures for dungeon-crawling, RPGs and 28mm tabletop wargames. Pledge levels: $15 = 1 mini from the set $20 = Sabertooth Tiger T-shirt $25 = 2 minis from the set $30 = 3 minis $60 = 5 minis $80 = 8 minis (retail price of $140) [1000 limit]
  20. Hey Reaper-peeps, remember me? I used to be a thing hereabouts (no really, look at my post count), but my posting dropped off significantly when I opened my own game store back in 2009 ("living the dream" doesn't tend to give you "free time")... And speaking of that game store, I'm in the process of moving my store to Buffalo, NY. It's a much bigger area to do business in (200,000 people within 3 miles of my store, as opposed to 65,000 in the entire county for my current store) and has a few more competitors. Because of that, I'm hoping to make my new store the best it can be and to do so, I've started my own Kickstarter! If you know anyone in the Buffalo, NY area that's into gaming, please let them know about my Kickstarter. Or, even better, if you remember my posts (and they didn't annoy you too much), back it yourself! I'll even take backers who just want to help out a local game store even if they'll never set foot in it themselves... So, without further ado, submitted for your approval, the Dragon Snack Games - Buffalo Kickstarter... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/978735882/dragon-snack-games-buffalo-tabletop-hobby-game-sto
  21. Here it be. Look cool, other than that I have no opinion, just sharing the info: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/defiancegames/28mm-power-armor-hardsuits-defiance-games?ref=category Cheers.
  22. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/d20e/castles-and-crusades-blacktooth-ridge-tv-pilot?ref=nav_search From the creators of Brothers Barbarian, KODT the movie and the Spinward Traveller (soon to be released TV Pilot), we now have Blacktooth Ridge. I'm not expecting greatness from this, but I am now a backer. I don't care for 95% of the stuff on television and this will be a topic that interests me. It is based on the A series of modules from Castels and Crusades. Enjoy. :)
  23. So ADW / Dina Andrews Walker has posted a new kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dinaandrewswalker/28mm-miniature-sea-monsters-dungeon-terrain-and-bi I know the sea bishop is a work in progress but it currently looks like somebody dumped a bowl of pasta on top of a gnome. :)
  24. Supposed to be going live today http://www.f4estudios.com/ http://fire4effect.proboards.com/thread/16/kickstarter-announcement-sample-course-video
  25. Still warming up after a long time away (pre-web). Reaper mini with sculpted base of sculpty.
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