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  1. Miss Melons, there's a new Numenera KS with all new source materials. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/montecookgames/numenera-into-the-ninth-world Early this year we started an in-depth exploration of the Ninth World, the setting of the Numenera roleplaying game, with the Ninth World Guidebook. Numenera fans were excited to see the world expanded, as that in turn expanded the options for their own campaigns. We knew we wanted to keep going, and that the Ninth World had many more fascinating lands and cultures to explore. But those conventional (sort of) lands are just one aspect of the Ninth World. There were other sorts of realms, inspiring and unique, many of which had been introduced in our previous products but never really explored in depth. The obvious first direction was up! The eight previous worlds had all, to one extent or another, reached beyond the embrace of Earth’s gravity. Remnants of those civilizations linger in the Ninth World’s datasphere, and were touched on in adventures such as Vortex and discussion of the moon in the Ninth World Guidebook. This is an aspect of the Ninth World we’ve wanted to develop since—well, since Numenera came into being!
  2. KICKSTARTER PREVIEW LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nickryan/637933305?token=98e0b482 "Menhir Games" together "Idyllwild Games" will be launching in September a Kickstarter campaign to fund a plastic kit that will serve to build a "Dark Age Outpost", consisting of: palisade wall sections, a tower and a gate. Printed PROTOTYPES: All will be made in injected brown hard plastic (HIPS), and will also be acompained by themed 28mm miniatures stretch goals that will be made in metal; first renders of the miniatures shows 2 Kings , an archer and a spearmen. Also, there will be a sword man, an axeman and mounted versions of the kings.
  3. not minis related, but if I read correctly, will be written for first ed with conversions for fifth ed an pathfinder. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1709227718/ernest-gary-gygax-jrs-marmoreal-tomb-campaign-star The Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter is Ernest G. Gygax Jr.'s opening module for fantasy tabletop RPGs in The Hobby Shop Dungeon series. edit:KS closed now
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1084608523/lobotomy-board-game Another interesting boardgame.
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2074091948/lets-play-dice?ref=category_newest About this project Hi everybody! As an entrepreneur, I’m always looping for new challenges; I love revisiting what already exists to make it different! I have two motto: Unique and different are the new beautiful! “No one told me it was impossible†(Mark Twain). Unfortunately I cannot give away the dice here on Kickstarter, it is against their policy! I will try to find a new way to reward your help! The challenge was to create a perfectly balanced design for each side: they all have the same volume (mass) removed one every surface, so no side is heavier than others. Our concept was use a shape that can be divided up into 6 parts, with always the same surface occupied: Rectangle and Round shapes offer the most attractive look! Anodized aluminium play dice This is why I decided to present you a new dice design: the Balanced play Dice! It seems that Dice have been used from the beginning of history: games of all kind appeared to have been popular long time ago, (3000 BCE) ;) Dimensions and concept: 16mm, 6 faced dice. Each side is flat with beveled edges for a more comfortable feel while playing. The numbers are represent by the numbers of part the form is divided in. 16 mm Play Dice This new dice design is perfect for all gamer and collectors: modern and classic!
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/625527407/blackskull-dice?ref=discovery bout this project Free Shipping for US Backers! Guaranteed delivery by Christmas so don't forget your gamers this holiday season! These make great gifts :) Jack Daniels and Jim Beam Dice now available by backer request! Jack Daniels Barrels After They Are Used Have you ever been to a gaming night and were afraid and ashamed to bust out your dice? Have DMs ever looked at you like you are a crazy warlock when you rolled? Thanks to Blackskull Dice you now have the chance to fix this problem! Blackskull Dice is the result of me being that person described above. Not only did I want to have some awesome dice for our next game night but I wanted dice that no one else had. So... I made some one of a kind dice out of my exotic woods and acrylic blanks I use for other woodworking projects. All of our dice come in our standard 3/4 inch size. We do also offer 1 inch sizes in select materials. All reward levels are 3/4 inch dice unless you choose a 1 inch level. Dice do tend to vary in size a few millimeters due to them being handmade. Please read the reward levels. Thank you. Our Prototype Purpleheart Standard D6 Dice Our 1 inch redheart dice with our standard 3/4 inch Lilac Maple Kickstarter Green Acrylic Dice Ready to Polish Get them while on Kickstarter! Not only will you be helping us jump start our business you will also be getting a great discount by choosing to back us on Kickstarter.
  7. Neat looking dice. Hope we can get d6's individually or in packs of 6 or more. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/polyherodice/polyhero-dice-warrior-set
  8. 12 Realms returned on kickstarter with new plots, mechanics, realms, rules come to be added to this fairy universe. Pinocchio and Geppetto survive in a steampunk realm, Atlantis is sinking, Dr. Jekyll terrorizes Horrorville and an emperor rises in the far east. Unlimited replayability, customizable scenarios, variety of game genres finalize this project. Social Media Stretch Goals, and free shipping worldwide are some of the changes on this campaign. If you want to receive a notification as soon we launch the project, click on "Notify me on launch" on KS preview page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magecompany/195747538?token=b51519b0.
  9. Dear backers, The time of the new campaign for Demigods Evolution resin minis is approaching. The date is set for the 9th of June. Guys from Prodos Games are working tirelessly on redesigning each miniature and we have some progress to share. Here are the 3D renders that will hit 3D printing starting Monday. Some of the new masters are done already and are awaiting molding. We have some great news regarding painting of minis. We have teamed up with the guys from Awaken Realms who will be offering their painting services for Demigods Evolution miniatures. Painted miniatures will be part of the offer in the new campaign. Here are few examples of their work: We started working on optimizing one new model for plastic molding in order to check if we can upgrade plastic minis to the level compatible with Demigods Evolution. This is the render of Protector that is being prepared for plastic molding: What we concluded so far about the transitioning of new models to plastic: - New designs will require that minis are produced from more parts which would raise the costs of assembly to the level that we would not be able to cover. That would lead to plastic minis being shipped unassembled. - Each model would have to again be optimized for plastic production, which would increase costs in both money and time. With the current look of things, upgrading of plastic miniatures will be challenging, however, we are prepared to do our best to upgrade the quality of our game in any way possible. We are sure that many of you are wondering how much would upgrade to resin game cost. We are preparing 2 options: 1. Silver Backers of previous campaign who ordered Black or Red edition will have an option to upgrade to Silver - This one will replace plastic miniatures in your game with their avatars and add + 22 resin minis (4 Demigods with alternative parts + 14 heroes with alternative parts + 2 heroes with alternative minis (4 minis total)). This upgrade will cost around $80 (free shipping) New backers will be able to get the Silver pledge level for around $200 + shipping cost 2. Gold Backers of previous campaign who ordered Black or Red edition will have an option to upgrade to Gold - This one will replace plastic miniatures in your game with their avatars and add + 41 resin minis (4 Demigods with alternative parts + 20 heroes with alternative parts + 4 heroes with alternative minis (8 minis total) + 8 minions + God of War). This upgrade will cost around $180 and it will also include all resin miniatures unlocked trough stretch goals (free shipping) New backers will be able to get the Gold pledge level for around $300 + shipping cost Cheers! Nikola and Milos
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theplanetarysociety/lightsail-a-revolutionary-solar-sailing-spacecraft About this project LightSail: The People’s Spacecraft I'm Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society. Yes, the Science Guy is also the Planetary Guy. I invite you to come along on a cosmic journey with me by participating in a mission to sail a spacecraft, a tiny CubeSat no bigger than a breadbox, on beams of light. Imagine it: unlimited free energy from the Sun will provide CubeSats with propulsion and revolutionize access to space for low-cost citizen projects—projects like ours or by teams of students and faculty at universities. This means that spacecraft, especially small ones like CubeSats, won't have to carry heavy fuels into orbit, and that the acceleration will be continuous. Even better, this is a journey that is directly funded by the world’s citizens, like you, rather than by governments. LightSail™ is truly “the people’s spacecraft.†Our LightSail mission will be the culmination of the hopes and dreams of our visionary founders, Louis Friedman, Bruce Murray and Carl Sagan. Some of you may remember Carl famously promoting solar sailing on Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show. LightSail is a huge contribution to space science and exploration. To learn more about this amazing project, check out our dedicated website at sail.planetary.org. Through this proof-of-concept mission, we will use CubeSats to open new paths beyond Earth and, one day, potentially to other planets with an inexpensive, inexhaustible means of propulsion: photons, solar energy in its purest form. We need backers like you to join us in getting to this epic point in space exploration history. LightSail propulsion truly holds the promise—dare I say it?—to change the world!
  11. Howard Tayler, of Schlock Mercenary fame, and Alan Bahr are creating a role-playing game based in the Schlock universe. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/howardtayler/the-planet-mercenary-role-playing-game I believe this will be of interest to any people that like sci-fi role-playing games.
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/campaigncoins/campaign-coins-starter-sets-and-epic-treasure?ref=discovery 70% funded.. About this project We are Campaign Coins from Australia. We make beautiful metal coins for tabletop games. We'd like to invite you to join our new adventure: we would like to make new Epic Treasure Coins, as well as a line of new Starter Sets. This Kickstarter campaign is in Australian Dollars (AUD). This means that our prices are much lower in other currencies. At the time of launch, AUD $40 is around USD $30. We would like to add new 500-coins, 5,000-coins and 10,000-coins to our range, inAntique Copper, Antique Silver, Antique Gold and Platinum. These are huge coins! The 500-coins are 28mm diameter, the 5000-coins are 32.5mm, and the 10,000-coins are a whopping 35mm diameter. Here they with a United States Quarter. The Warrior 500-coins each depict a powerful warrior from one of the four great cultures of classic fantasy: an orc shaman, an elven archer, a dwarven warrior and a human knight. The Dragon 5,000-coins each feature a great dragon: a terrible wyrm, an elfin dragon, a huge dragon on his hoard, and a mighty old dragon. The City 10,000-coins each show a major city. There is an orcish mountain, a graceful elven tree, a mighty dwarven fortress and a massive human castle. All of our Classic Fantasy coins are designed by Australian artist Lee Smith. He has also done art for AEG, Fantasy Flight Games, Monte Cook Games, Wizards of the Coast & more We have designed new Starter Sets to help you build up your treasury. When you make a Starter Set Pledge, you can choose any of the following sets for each set in your pledge. You can mix and match as you choose. You only need one set to get started! You can run a great campaign using our Dungeon Set, and then expand your collection later. Download our free PDF on How to Use Coins in RPGs. Dungeon starter set The Dungeon set gives you standard treasure for fantasy roleplaying games. This set has enough for the adventurers to raid the dungeon and head back to town to buy magic items. DUNGEON SET (45 coins): 1000-Silver (x5), 5000-Silver (x5), 10,000-Silver (x5), 50-Gold (x5), 100-Gold (x10), 500 Gold (x5), 1000-Gold (x5), 1-Platinum (x5). Castle starter set The Castle set is for higher-level campaigns where platinum is the standard. CASTLE SET (40 coins): 5000-Gold (x5), 10,000-Gold (x5), 50-Platinum (x5), 100-Platinum (x5), 500-Platinum (x5), 1000-Platinum (x5), 5000-Platinum (x5), 10,000-Platinum (x5). Tavern starter set The Tavern set introduces everyday money into your campaign. This is a collection of low denomination coins for when the adventurers order a meal and a room for the night. TAVERN SET (50 coins): 1-Copper (x15), 5-Copper (x5), 1-Silver (x15), 5-Silver (x5), 1-Gold (x10). Market starter set The Market set gives you mid-range coins for when the adventurers shop for gear. MARKET SET (50 coins): 10-Silver (x10), 50-Silver (x5), 100-Silver (x10), 500-Silver (x10), 5-Gold (x5), 10-Gold (x10). Fantasy Board Game starter set Finally, the Fantasy Board Game set is designed to add real metal coins to any fantasy or medieval-themed board or card game. This set contains 1s, 5s and 20s in different antique finishes and different shapes, so that they are very easy to tell apart during play. FANTASY BOARD GAME SET (50 coins): 1-Copper (x25), 5-Silver (x15), 20-Gold (x10).
  13. BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters Part Deux Goes Live Today at 5pm! 0 Comments 0 Comments Like 1 like We have news of something fantastic happening today - at 5pm GMT... that's right - the BaneBeasts are back for the promised Part Deux of monster madness! What's the BaneBeasts? For those not in the know, the BaneBeasts were some of our very first miniatures back in the day and many of them were eventually, er, transmutatemogrified into Darklands miniatures - such as Krull, and Ulmons, and the Terror of Fortriu. Some still exist as BaneBeasts, of course, such as Ophius (Ophios with wings!) and some are released erratically when we think it would be cool, such as Proteanc (Hrudinn as a Phoenix Bird). Anyway, with Darklands now expanding nicely, we thought it would be a great idea to expand the BaneBeasts a little by reversing the process and turn some of our awesome Darklands monsters into more generic fantasy monsters for the... well, more high fantasy painters and collectors out there! It's a Kickstarter Project? It certainly is! It will begin today at 5pm GMT (don't worry, there's no early birds) but it will definitely end on the 28th of April at 6pm GMT. So twenty-four days of awesomeness! How Will it Work? This project will be extremely simple - there'll be some cool monsters for you to back (all of which are based on existing miniatures in the Darklands range) and some fantastic add-ons, too, and everything will be posed at a huge discount - around 30% off the projected RRP! After all, we only have to fund the additional bits and pieces, the big stuff is already done - so we can pass on those savings to you! At this point, it's time to give you a sneak peek of one of the stretch goals... Check out the BaneBeasts: Mighty Monsters Part Deux later, when it goes live!
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackoak/knot-dice-celtic-knot-games-puzzles-and-art?ref=category_newest Gorgeous, but I wouldn't have a use for them About this project These are Knot Dice - they are games, puzzles, and artistic inspiration. They are a way to get everyone making Celtic knots. They're not just for monks. The paths on each die are continuous over all of the faces. By connecting several dice side by side, you form intricate Celtic knot designs. Knot Dice combine some of the best elements of dice and tiles in six games and six puzzles in the printed rulebook. Hello! My name is Matthew O'Malley from Black Oak Games, and I'm a tabletop game designer (Between Two Cities with Ben Rosset, Diner, and The Princess Bride: A Battle of Wits). I've been designing games for years, and I've participated in several Kickstarter campaigns, but Knot Dice is my first campaign in the driver's seat. I have been working on (and playing with) these dice for years. They've gone with me to Gen Con, Unpub, Metatopia, BGG Con, and more, and I have finally found a way to manufacture them so that I can get them out into the world. Knot Dice are larger-than-usual dice, molded of a forest green pearlized acrylic with debossed (indented) silver lines. The designs are continuous around the entire die. They are 20mm square, about 3/4 of an inch, much larger than a standard 16mm die (nearly twice as much material). The larger dice make for much more attractive designs, and allow them to be stacked easily as well. They have a nice weight to them, and roll well on any surface. Every die has these six faces One face has lines extending off one edge (an end, or "A"), three faces have lines extending off two edges (a chain, "I", and two corners, "L" and "J"), one face has lines extending off three edges (a side, or "T"), and one face has lines extending off four edges (a center, or "X"). One box of Knot Dice contains: 18 Knot Dice (20mm dice). You can make solid Celtic knot designs up to 3x6 or 4x4, or two 3x3 designs, and play all of the included games and puzzles. Rules to six games (described below under Games). Rules to six different types of puzzles (described below under Puzzles), with several puzzles of each type. 4 wooden discs (16mm x 4mm, one each in black, white, blue, and yellow), sometimes used to track scores, sometimes used as playing pieces. A scoring track and a grid for use in some of the games and puzzles are printed in the rulebook. As more games and puzzles are designed (by me and other game designers), they will be available on the web. I'm hoping to be able to add even more games and puzzles to the printed rulebook if we can reach some stretch goals. The box itself can hold up to 36 dice if the insert is removed, so you can combine several boxes or add dice to create much larger designs and increase some games' player count.
  15. This is live now: (And Funded) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1816687860/orcs-must-die-the-boardgame?ref=category_newest https://d2pq0u4uni88oo.cloudfront.net/projects/684043/video-518659-h264_high.mp4 From the guys that did Cthulu Wars: This is an excellent tower defense video game, looking forward to the board game interpretation. The award winning game Orcs Must Die has at last made its way to the table top! Orcs Must Die : The Boardgame dares you to preserve your stronghold sieged by orcs. You have traps & weapons galore, and can team up with your friends to obliterate the nasty orcs and their grotesque allies. Robot Entertainment has joined forces with award-winning designer Sandy Petersen to create Orcs Must Die : The Boardgame . Orcs Must Die : The Boardgame has been designed for the tabletop environment. It includes scores of great plastic figures of all your favorite heroes, plus hordes of orcs, crossbow orcs, kobolds, gnolls, trolls, ogres, and more. Build an exciting fortress using our tile-based system, then watch as swarms of baddies plunge through your defenses to abolish your Rift. Orcs Must Die : The Boardgame actually consists of TWO separate games! One is based on the heroic Order, while the other is for the Unchained. Both are complete stand-alone games. In Order, you’ll play your favorite heroes such as Maximilian the War Mage, Gabriella the Redeemed Sorceress, and others, while fending off the villainous orc onslaught. In Unchained, you play opposing heroes, such as the Kobold King or Midnight the assassin, facing down assaults by human soldiers, lions, elves, bears, dwarfs, and the like. If you or your friends own both the Order and Unchained versions of Orcs Must Die : The Boardgame , you can go head-to-head, leading your armies into the citadel of your enemy! Up to 8 players can team up against each other in the combined game, which boasts well over a hundred large-scale high-quality figures. How Is It Played? First, you and your friends will choose your heroes – each individual game supports 1-4 players, who must co-operate to survive the enemy onslaught. Each hero has his own individual sheet, with his unique characteristics, special ability, and his secret superpower, that he needs to save for just the right moment. He also comes with his own special figure and his own weapon cards that no one else has access to. When you think you are ready to go, choose a difficulty level, and a map – you can select one of the maps we’ve included, or create one of your own! A typical map is made up of from 4 to as many as 13 tiles (or even more, if you are inventing your own design). The game has a lot of pieces to play with, but the map itself is reasonably tight, and will fit just fine on a typical gaming (or dining room) table. Finally, the fight begins! Each turn, waves of orcs and other monsters move pitilessly through the map, relentlessly aiming for your poor Guardian, trying to destroy him and your Rift. You and your allies run around the map, placing traps in the various parts of your map, battling the invaders, and performing a host of other actions. You earn trophy skulls for killing your enemies, and these act as the game’s “cash†– spend them to buy new weapons, magic amulets, and a host of other items. You also can spend skulls to place traps, and to upgrade your Guardian, making him better-able to hold off the orcs, gnolls, and other enemies. But beware – over time your enemies accrue in strength, too! You have to face three Onslaughts, and with each Onslaught, your foes increase in might. If you did not lay a solid groundwork for your defenses with upgrades and trap placements in the early part of the game, you may face doom later on! Combat is easy and fun – you roll various colored dice depending on what type of weapons and upgrades you own. Remove “killed†enemies from the map, only to see them replaced by new waves each turn. The fun continues. The game builds up over time to a crescendo of doom, in which the last few turns see you frantically try to finish off the final waves of the onslaught before your crippled Guardian is destroyed! What’s this about playing head-to-head? That’s right – if you own both Orcs Must Die: Order – the boardgame AND Orcs Must Die: Unchained – the boardgame you can pit the regimented Order against the legions of the Unchained in an epic conflict. You and your friends will split into two teams – one side fights for the Order, and the other will control the Unchained. Both sides have their own heroes, their own armies, their own Items, and their own traps. Your hero can defend your own citadel, or seeks to lead your armies to victory inside the enemy lair. With friends at your side, you can have some heroes at each task, and even switch off these duties. Since the game supports up to 4 players per side, everyone can have a chance to beat down the foe! What Comes in the Box? The core game of Orcs Must Die: Order – the boardgame, includes: Player sheets (4) The War Camp Map Tiles: 16 large die-cut tiles Custom Dice: 10 black Battle dice , 2 red Fire dice, 2 blue Lightning dice, 2 purple Arcane dice, 2 white Frost dice, 1 green Healing die Cards: Weapon Cards (12), Item Cards (54), Trap Cards (36), Monster Cards (64) Skulls (60) An assortment of die-cut tokens At least 43 figures, including 4 heroes (War Mage, Ivy, Master, Sorceress), 10 Orcs, 8 Crossbow Orcs, 7 Kobolds, 2 Hobgoblin Shamans, 7 Hunters, 3 Trolls, and 2 Ogres. The core game of Orcs Must Die: Unchained – the boardgame, includes: Player sheets (4) The War Camp Map Tiles: 16 large die-cut tiles (not the same as in the Order game) Custom Dice: 10 black Battle dice , 2 red Fire dice, 2 blue Lightning dice, 2 purple Arcane dice, 2 white Frost dice, 1 green Healing die Cards: Weapon Cards (12), Item Cards (54), Trap Cards (36), Monster Cards (64) (again, these cards are different from the ones in the Order game) Skulls (60) An assortment of die-cut tokens At least 43 figures, including 4 heroes (Kobold King, Blackpaw, Ball & Chain, Midnight), 10 Soldiers, 8 Crossbowmen, 7 Satyrs, 2 Elf Wizardresses, 7 Lions, 3 Armored Grizzlies, and 2 Giants. But that isn’t all, because we have a whole ream of exciting stretch goals planned which will expand this greatly!
  16. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/600766964/storytellers-dictionary This is the follow-up to the Storyteller's Thesaurus by James Ward. I have the Thesaurus and it is very nice. You can get both through this KS'er. I fancy myself a scholar and writer, so these are up my alley. I think anyone wanting to up their rpg game could benefit from these. They also come with a free PDF for quickly looking up things. Examples: asafoetida (ˌæsəˈfÉ›tɪdÉ™): n. The brownish gum resin of various plants; has strong taste and odor; formerly used as an antispasmodic. wicket gate (wÄ­k′ĭt gÄt):n. A small door built into a larger door or gate. The wicket gate’s purpose was to allow individual foot traffic in and out of the fortification without the trouble or risk of opening the fortification’s gates. stupa (stoÍžo′pÉ™): n. A domed edifice housing Buddhist or Jain relics. sexton (sÄ•k′stÉ™n): n. An employee or officer of a church who is responsible for the care and upkeep of church property and sometimes for ringing bells and digging graves.
  17. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1700755582/myth-journeyman Pledge Levels: NO STRETCH GOALS: $6 = 2nd Edition Printing of rules and cards (Heroes, items, traps) $60 = Shores of Kanis $60 = Blackwall Warrens Stretch goal pledges begin here: $120 = 1 copy of Shores of Kanis, 1 copy of Blackwall Warrens, 1 set of 2nd Ed Printings, and 1 Exclusive Promo miniature. $220 = Same as above + Base game, + Bones Expansion + 2 Soulless Expansion + 2 Shamblers Shipping = NOT INCLUDED.
  18. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/johnwrot/halfsies-dice All new Dual-Color Dice Sets. You choose which color sets will be created. -EU, CAN, & AU Friendly. About this project These all-new dual-colored dice feature one color on one half, and another color on the other half, with a smooth blend where the colors meet. Aesthetically pleasing and well balanced, these dice will make a great addition to any collection. Dice Details All Halfsies Dice are two-toned, semi-translucent, have a pearlescent swirl effect, and are professionally manufactured in high impact resin with smooth corners for a clean and balanced roll every time. Halfsies Dice have been prototyped in a number of color sets for you to see, and can be designed in almost any color arrangement you can imagine. All sets are complete and include the standard 7 dice: All dice are the industry standard size of 15-20mm by die. These dice sets fit perfectly in any collection, whether you are a casual gamer, a dice collector, or just like shiny objects. "These are your dice." To get things started, we've designed the first 3 color sets after the greatest fantasy metals of legend. After that, you choose the rest! Set #1) Mithril Mithril Lore - A legendary metal first mined by the dwarves of Moria. Some say it is actually an organic metal that can be found forming the scales of certain dragons. Beautiful and engaging, these silvery blue dice make a great companion for any noble gamer. Set #2) Orichalcum Orichalcum Lore - A rare red metal found only in the sunken city of Atlantis. Its strength and molecular commonalities with gold made it abundantly valuable. Bold and strong, this set can roll with the best of them in any dungeon crawl campaign. Set #3) Adamantium Adamantium Lore - Once known as the indestructible metal Adamantine that held the Greek titans captive in the underworld. Now, its popular alloy has been used to create some pretty sweet claws. These gentle green hues will soothe your mind whilst your ranger puts out long range DPS. The color arrangements for the next 5 dice sets will be chosen by YOU, and unlocked by Stretch Goals. Set #4, #5, #6, #7, & #8) TBD by Backer Vote When the last set is unlocked (#8) we will also unlock the legendary Yin Yang Set. Set #9) The Yin Yang Set As an additional thank you: Once unlocked, Yin Yang Dice Sets can be added to any Pledge Tier for just $7! As each Stretch Goal is unlocked, we will select the current leader of the live vote and announce the winner as the next available color set. We will then release a new survey replacing the least voted-for colors with exciting new ones from any prototypes not yet listed and from your suggestions (in-survey and in-comments) for the next round of voting. Older color sets that are removed may return later, so hang tight if your favorite disappears for a while, and be sure to let us know in the comments that you want it back. Campaigning for your favorite color sets in the comments is highly encouraged. The Color Sets available for the first round of voting are:
  19. Just ran across this KS, and figured to post it up here for those who may be interested in it. World of Darkness Dark Eras Prestige Edition The history of the World of Darkness isn't a secret... It is a myriad of secrets... Proposed Cover Design (not final) nWoD Dark Eras starts out presenting a chapter for each of nine historical eras; one for each of the New World of Darkness game lines. The sections are written for the currently available edition of the game line, but they are designed to be usable with any edition. Each terrifying time period and location is examined through the supernatural creatures that dwell there: Vampire: the Requiem — Requiem for Regina (1587-1593): Elizabeth Tudor wears the Crown Imperial and redefines the nature of power in Europe. In a London both grimy and vibrant, vampires wage their secret wars. Some set their sights on a new Empire of the Damned, while their cults are riven by religious schisms. All the while, they watch over their shoulders as the Elizabethan police state emerges. And then there is the matter of who will kill Christopher Marlowe. Anna K Loy, Renee Ritchie writers & Rose Bailey, Audrey Whitman developers. Werewolf: the Forsaken — The Bowery Dogs (1969-1979): New York City in the 1970s. Crime. Drugs. Gang violence. Vast economic disparity. And Werewolves. It's a lean, ugly time to be alive, and the lone wolf doesn't stand a chance out there. In the end, all you really have is family. David A Hill, Jr writer & Travis Stout developer. Mage: the Awakening — To the Strongest (330-320 BCE): In the rise and fall of Alexander the Great's Empire, armies march and cultures clash. In the birth pangs of Hellenistic civilization, Mages all over the ancient world meet, fight, and join together. In the chaos of Alexander's assassination and the wars that follow, Cults become Mage Orders amid conflicts still burning in the present day. Malcolm Sheppard, Danielle Lauzon writers & Dave Brookshaw developer. Promethean: the Created — Handful of Dust (1933-1940): The Great Depression and the black blizzards of the 1930s turn the American Midwest into a wasteland. For the better part of a decade, thousands of people experience deprivation and alienation right alongside the Created. Like mortals, the Prometheans also cling to the faint promise of hope, that the rains will come and restore the land. Mark L. S. Stone writer & Matt McFarland developer. Changeling: the Lost — Lily, Sabre and Thorn (1600s-early 1700s): In the Age of Reason under the reign of Louis XIV, enlightenment goes hand-in-hand with court intrigues. The Sun King's court influences a time when Changeling freeholds gain increasing unity and communication. It is a time of adventure, deception, betrayal and passion — the roar of cannon, the rustle of silk, the ring of steel. The joys and sorrows and outrageous fortunes of the swashbuckler — these are all too well-known to the Lost. J. Dymphna Coy writer & Ethan Skemp developer. Hunter: the Vigil — Doubting Souls (1690-1695): Immigrants and tribes struggle to co-exist on the eastern seaboard in the ever-expanding North American Colonies. Violent clashes, supernatural beliefs, and demonic influences spell disaster for Salem Village and its surrounding towns, while other Hunters fight werewolves and vampires on the frontier. With so much at risk, only god-fearing men and women are deemed innocent — and those are few indeed. Monica Valentinelli writer & Matt McElroy developer. Geist: the Sin-Eaters — God's Own Country (1950s): World War II is over and a new age of technology is coming, but a hidden storm threatens to overwhelm both the MÄori and the European New Zealanders, flooding the world with the restless dead. Sin-Eaters are the last line of defense between a spirit-world gone mad and a sleepy island nation concerned with mourning their lost soldiers. Cam Banks writer & Michelle Lyons-McFarland developer. Mummy: the Curse — The Ruins of Empire (1893–1924): During this quintessential era of the Mummy in the mind of Westerners, the Arisen maneuver through the intrigues of two great, falling empires: the British and the Ottoman. As mortals catch glimpses of their glorious past, Mummies hurtle towards the Great War, a conflict on a scale unseen in recorded history. Jess Heinig writer & C. A. Suleiman developer. Demon: the Descent — Into the Cold (1961): East Germany erects a wall against its Western counterpart, turning West Berlin into an island within its own country. As the Cold War heats up, Demons find themselves the targets of increasing human scrutiny and begin to realize that the God-Machine's plans didn't end with the War. Eric Zawadzki writer & Rose Bailey developer. But don't take our word for it! Please check out the unedited book text yourself, and let us know what you think: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7FqViticwNuQ0ZZLTNDNTN5cG8/view?usp=sharing This Prestige Edition nWoD Dark Eras Kickstarter is designed to enable us to create a prestige hardcover edition with a full-color, 300+ page interior encapsulating the nine chapters mentioned above. A silk bookmark and stunning artwork are all part of this prestige package. Unique to this Prestige Edition, the cover will be printed on a metallic paper and with a spot gloss. But nWoD Dark Eras is like no other book we've ever Kickstarted because getting the funding to do such an edition is just the beginning. Assuming our funding goal is met, we will then be throwing open the floor to you, our backers, to tell us what additional material you want to see in the book. Using each Stretch Goal (see below) as an opportunity to add material, we have several options: first, we will be asking you what additional Dark Eras we should add, and second, we'll be asking if you want certain of the existing chapters expanded. Once we hear from you, our backers, we will put your suggestions to a vote and the suggestion with the most support will be created by our amazing creative teams once that Stretch Goal is achieved!
  20. <<<MOD>>> Edited to add a link to the kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/othersidegames/underworld-ascendant <<<MOD>>> Planned spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld 1 and 2.. starting Feb 4th http://www.othersideentertainment.com/ When we completed Ultima Underworld II in 1993, I never imagined that this classic fantasy RPG franchise would go dark for the two decades. The Underworld’s were arguably the first immersive 1st person games. Not only were they the first to create a real-time 3D texture-mapped world, they also pioneered player-driven sandbox gameplay. They influenced a whole generation of games: Doom, Thief, Deus Ex, Skyrim, BioShock and more. Today, leading game designers view the Underworlds as still astonishingly modern in design. But when released, the games were years ahead of their time and didn't fit into the established genres of that era. This contributed to the franchise falling between the cracks and becoming lost in the publisher’s labyrinth depths. Over the years I’ve tried without success to raise the Underworld series back up. Just now have the stars aligned so this can happen. I started OtherSide Entertainment an indie studio to rekindle this classic. Joining me is an incredible team of developers, who will be introducing themselves over the coming weeks. Some worked with me on the original Underworlds, along with Looking Glass favorites like System Shock and Thief. Others contributed to more recent classics including Deus Ex and BioShock Infinite. We have deep understanding of the genre, and share a passion for bringing Underworld back. The newest incarnation of the franchise, Underworld Ascendant, will retain the distinctive fantasy RPG gameplay of the originals. We already have an early prototype running on the PC. At that same time we will be pushing forward with new innovations --- I can’t wait to tell you more about what we have planned! But this can only happen with your help. As an indie studio, we are looking to our fans to fund a significant portion of the development through our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, which begins on February 4th. We aren't shy about our ambitions to make a great game, but that takes serious resources and effort. Beyond funding, we are inviting you in on the making of Underworld Ascendant. Rarely have fans been able to participate in the often unpredictable, sometimes messy creative process that gives birth to innovative games. We hope you’ll join us on this adventure! Paul Neurath Founder | OtherSide Entertainment
  21. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1708940685/skybourne-a-pathfinder-campaign-setting?ref=category Already past the first stretch goal About this project Skybourne is a broken world of high adventure that borrows as much from Firefly as the Forgotten Realms. In Skybourne, teams of adventurers seek out the remains of long-dead civilizations while doing everything they can to keep their airship fixed and fueled. In Skybourne, displaced dragons, sentient plants and Aasimar kings all do battle to carve out their piece of a new world order, and any ship crew can traverse the planes in search of glory if they have the guts and the equipment to make the trip. The World of Skybourne Skybourne is an adventure setting that takes place at the close of one era and the beginning of another. When the great forest grew, it destroyed everything that had come before it. Millennia of civilization was irrevocably lost as the entire surface world was consumed. Some fled underground or to the ocean, finding refuge in the kingdoms of the drow or the merfolk. Some fled to the mountain tops, the deserts and the frozen wastelands, finding refuge in terrain where not even the forest could grow. Some even fled across planar boundaries, huddling as refugees in strange and foreign worlds. And others took to the skies, transplanting towns, cities, and kingdoms to the clouds where not even the forest could reach. Skybourne is a world where adventurers are the first and last line of defense of a host of emerging cultures, where the battles of Law and Chaos are just as important as the battles of Good and Evil in the fight to control the world's destiny, and where whole worlds worth of lost wonders wait to be found. In Skybourne, the old world has passed, and the new world belongs to whoever has the strength to take it. The purpose of this kickstarter is to fund the first three books in the Skybourne line: Andrus: The City of Men, Woodfaring Adventures, and The Player’s Guide to Skybourne. Andrus: The City of Men: Andrus is the last great city of the planet's surface. Founded in a crater not even the forest could claim, creatures the world over travel to Andrus to discuss their discoveries and seek their fortunes. Demon lords, dragon riders, merfolk traders, sentient plant creatures; anything and everything finds its way to Andrus eventually, and a thousand clans, cultures, and factions are constantly locked in battle for control over this last, great holdout of a bygone world. Woodfaring Adventures: This book details the dangers of the forest and the treasures lurking within. From the relative safety of the treetops, to the dangers of the forest floor, to the inexpressible horror of the cryptwoods, this book details monsters, dungeons, and everything else a team of adventurers might encounter as they explore a dangerous new world. The Player’s Guide to Skybourne: The Player’s Guide to Skybourne details airships and vehicles, new skill uses and player options, adventuring equipment, and everything else an adventurer needs to make their way through the world of Skybourne. With both completely new options and expanded and updated versions of some of our previous content, The Player's Guide to Skybourne details a host of player options for spicing up any campaign. Each of these books can be used to begin exploring the Skybourne world, or may be easily adapted and applied to a host of other fantasy worlds, plotlines, and adventures. Stretch Goals Now that we have passed our initial funding goal, it's time for stretch goals!
  22. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/572471696/stop-rampaging-dice-with-a-folding-dice-tower This was sent to me today. Any thoughts on this Kickstarter? I could use a better storage system for my dice.
  23. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mierceminiatures/banebeasts-mighty-monsters?ref=users That's right - the BaneBeasts are back, and this time they mean business!What's the BaneBeasts? For those not in the know, the BaneBeasts were some of our very first miniatures back in the day and many of them were eventually, er, transmutatemogrified into Darklands miniatures - such as Krull, and Ulmons, and the Terror of Fortriu. Some still exist as BaneBeasts, of course, such as Ophius (Ophios with wings!) and some are released erratically when we think it would be cool, such as Proteanc (Hrudinn as a Phoenix Bird). Anyway, with Darklands now expanding nicely, we thought it would be a great idea to expand the BaneBeasts a little by reversing the process and turn some of our awesome Darklands monsters into more generic fantasy monsters for the... well, more high fantasy painters and collectors out there!It's a Kickstarter Project? It certainly is! It will begin at some point in the next week or so (apologies for being vague, but Kickstarter approvals are impossible to predict) but it will definitely end on the 9th of February at 6pm GMT. So three to four weeks of awesomeness!How Will it Work? This project will be extremely simple - there'll be some cool monsters for you to back (all of which are based on existing miniatures in the Darklands range) and some fantastic add-ons, too, and everything will be posed at a huge discount - around 40% off the projected RRP!After all, we only have to fund the additional bits and pieces, the big stuff is already done - so we can pass on those savings to you! At this point, it's time to give you a sneak peek of one of the stretch goals...
  24. <<<MOD>>> Edit. Added Link to kickstarter project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/618425218/darkraven-premium-gaming-soundscapes-redux <<<MOD>>> I am very excited to be involved in the newest Darkraven Kickstarter. Gaming soundscapes will never be the same after this project. It's not just amazing backgrounds for your games but it's fantastic original music fused together to bring your games to the next level. You won't watch TV or a movie with the sound muted so why play your games that way! This project will launch next Tuesday 1/6/15 at 8pm EST, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak at some of the tracks. https://soundcloud.com/jay-nunes-3/sets/darkraven-redux-fantasy-combat Let me know what you think. Your insight will help to make the the best Darkraven KS ever. Thanks so much and I'll post the link to the project when we go live.
  25. Don't know how much interest this one will stir up around here, but I LOVED the original game. Onyx Path, the spiritual successor to White Wolf and licensee of the White Wolf line of games is kickstarting a 20th anniversary edition of Wraith: the Oblivion. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/deluxe-wraith-the-oblivion-20th-anniversary-editio
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