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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/240962318/fantasy-coins-from-the-far-eastern-realms Welcome back to Askrias! Enhance your boardgame, RPG or LARP with these High Quality Eastern style coins filled with Chinese Flavours! Welcome back to the world of Askrias! Half a year ago, 340 backers has helped with my first project: Fantasy Coins from the Eastern Realms, and with their help, 8 great tooling has been created as a result of it! Fantasy Coins from the Eastern Realms Ever since then, there has been a lot of people asking if they could join in on the project, however because I was tied up with other projects and production, I could not have added them in. Now that most of the backers has received their coins, today series 2 will go live! Is your gaming group heading over to a Eastern realm? Then these coins are perfect to bring in the flavour! First of all, the original 8 designs are available for purchasing, and with series 2, another 4 designs have been added! The funding goal will go towards in creating the tooling for the 4 designs, I'm sure that it's no problem for everyone! I will take a bit of time to show everyone the designs...
  2. Saw that this went live today, didn't see a thread for it. Here you go! Fallen Frontiers REBOOT by SCALE GAMES LLC Fallen Frontiers is a sci-fi miniatures wargame where powerful heroes meet in futuristic battles! CURRENT GOAL: $60,000 – Bitsie “Operator 31†Alternative Pose [FREE] Fallen Frontiers is a miniature game, set in a futuristic sci-fi society where humans have colonized much of the galaxy and have found powerful energy sources and intelligent life forms with advanced technology. In the universe of Fallen Frontiers different factions fight for control over planets and their strategic resources in order to expand in a galaxy that holds lots of secrets. The players take control of a faction that can be shaped by choosing troops, characters and cards that best adapt to their game style. Fallen Frontiers is a miniatures wargame game based on combat squads. The squads offer protection and firepower for the force's heroes. Heroes are the ones that define the game style because their attributes change the characteristics of their squads. Because of this each squad performs differently depending on the hero that leads them. However in Fallen Frontiers heroes are not invincible, but instead are easy to eliminate when they are not with their squad. Besides the miniatures that represent their army, players will also have a deck of cards assembled by them. Since this deck of cards is prepared secretly, players don't know their opponent's strategy, allowing them to change their play style in such a way that opponents will not be able to guess their strategy at first sight. The factions and the cards use up resources to carry out certain actions. The main resources are Command and Krithium. Players gain Command by holding objectives and maintaining a strong leadership in their army. Using Command points will make an army more powerful and allow players to use their cards. Krithium is a resource that must be collected during the game. It is the source of energy that enhances an army's equipment and cards. The player will have an armory, a separate deck where he purchases equipment, that can be used during the game and consumes Krithium. The contents of the armory is also set up by the player just like the deck of cards.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nogrod/death-and-taxes-a-complete-role-playing-box-set-ad
  4. Saw this across my Facebook and G+ feeds a bit ago. Scale 75 is doing a new Indiegogo campaign for their Steamwars 3 NEW SCALE75 STEAMPUNK PROJECT Everything has a beginning and an end ... ..the SteamWars trilogy is about to finish. This is the new and yet latest Scale75 project to raise funds for the development and production of our most spectacular kit of the SteamWars series of miniatures in 75mm. It’s an ever undertaken before initiative on this scale, both for its size and for its complexity in the sculpting, painting and production. We want our scene to be the highlight to a series of campaigns on Indiegogo that have made many projects possible thanks to your help. Our new project GOING WEST is even more ambitious than the previous one. It is about creating a scene in the Far West but with the Steampunk setting that our friends modellers and collectors liked so much. This time we have two new characters with personality that tell us a curious story. They will be accompanied by a spectacular steam train machine with more than 70 metal and resin pieces, that the most demanding modellers will enjoy its assembly and painting. All of it, while maintaining the detail, eroticism and elegance of all our previous models united with a spectacular design. For all of this we need your help again to produce this ambitious project. Our scene is again designed by Adrian Prado, Elías Alonso and Carlos Hernández. The sculpting will be carried out by Ivan Pardo / David Fernández Barruz andJuan Manuel Puerta. All of these great professionals in the world of 3D modeling. The decoration and painting will be provided by Marc Masclans who already delighted us with the boxart painting of our previous project Shara Kilmister. Our team, with your help, will get the project to be a real artistic success. And while this will be our third and final SteamWars campaign we want to reward all our backers with great packs, prices and gifts if we achieve our ambitious goals. In addition !!! Only 75 copies of the kit will be launched on Indiegogo at an extraordinary price and very large savings with respect to the future price of the kit in traditional selling ways. Remember !!! ...... Only 75 copies for the most ambitious Scale75 project. Do not miss your GOING WEST kit. Help us reach our goal and be a part of this new production challenge. We count on you!!! Thank you for your support!!!
  5. So.... Despite the fact that there have been a few combat sports games out recently, I really like the look of the figures in this. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frogthewhatgames/slaughterball-brutally-deluxe-sci-fi-sports-board It is funded, check it out if you are interested.
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/worldspinner/worldspinner-fantasy-rpg-worldbuilder-and-map-make Pledges are mainly print out of a map in a larger size, a one year membership and some other things.. Spin a World. Make a Map. Find Adventure. "Worldspinner is the online worldbuilding tool that gamers and authors have been waiting for. It will give your world a solid foundation upon which your own imagination has limitless room to expand." - Philip Athans, best-selling author ofAnnihilation and The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction Worldspinner makes it easy to create your own richly detailed fantasy world in minutes, including continents, mountain ranges, cultures, kingdoms, cities, and more. Then, delve as deeply as you like into customizing your world. You can create beautiful maps without spending hours with paint tools, and without needing to be an artist. Worldspinner is a tool, not a game. It doesn’t replace your creativity, but multiplies it. It is hosted online, so you don’t need to download anything and it is available anywhere. The technology is almost complete; the maps and screenshots you see below are all real examples from the working system. "Not since the work done by Judges Guild and Harn in the late 1970s has there been such a great product for fantasy mapping. The ability to generate adventure on a strategic scale, as well as populate it with cities, encounters and other adventure material is awesome." - Bill Webb, Frog God Games
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/seankreynolds/five-moons-rpg-by-sean-k-reynolds A new Fantasy RPG by Sean K. Reynolds, former designer for both WotC (2nd and 3rd Ed) and Paizo (Pathfinder). He's got a hugely informative Blog about his thought processes and design goals.
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1809547312/grow-the-organic-building-game From the Kickstarter: An artistic, 3-D building game fused with territory control for up to 4 players, where strategy and foresight are key! Grow’s been fortunate enough to be featured at E3 2014 (you heard right, a tabletop game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo!) alongside other great games as a part of the [email protected] showcase. We were also one of the 2013 finalists in the Cards Against Humanity Tabletop Deathmatch design challenge, with great games such as Penny Press and Wizard Dodgeball
  9. World War One-themed supplement for Call of Cthulhu. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/460966263/horrors-of-war-a-convenant-with-death?ref=nav_search This is currently about halfway through its funding period. Seems to have gone largely unnoticed but it just about to fund. Those familiar with Pagan Publishing will know they put out intensely satisfying material for CoC. Delta Green etc. Surprisingly, there is currently no pdf, as one of the authors apparently has a beef with such newfangled jeejaws and doodads. No sir, he don't like it!! Also, it is using 6th edition. I have asked why. If I get an answer I will share it here. Cheers. EDIT: Here is his answer to my question. "Because the final product for 7th Edition has not been released yet. I can't write scenarios for a rule edition that I do not know." He hasn't yet responded to my subsequent comment noting the recent appearance of the backer proof for 7th edition.
  10. While cruising around KSi found this game, Pocket Dungeon. I was skeptical at first but clicked on the link because the guy was from Louisville. I fast fell in love with the game. It is simple dungeon crawl, with clear quick rules. You set up a grid of tiles and the characters decide where they enter the grid. As you 'move' through the dungeon illuminating the grid you fight the monsters you find, use items and spells. Watching the demo and the Youtube of play it looks quick and fun, and something young children could pick up easily. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1062222805/pocket-dungeon-quest/?ref=kicktraq The game is only $25 plus $5 for US shipping. You should check it out.
  11. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1337918833/you-need-these-dice?ref=nav_search Already way over funded.. prices are pretty reasonable overall
  12. I looked and couldn't find one so I figured I'd start a thread for the Boss Monster app. They are releasing it on iOS and android. And you can get the exclusive backers only cards in digital form from their first kickstarter in your game. They are even offering a pledge level that gets you the physical game and it's first expansion as well as the app. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brotherwise/boss-monster-dungeon-building-card-game-for-ios-an
  13. Just started https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heresyminiatures/return-of-the-monsters I particularly like the look of Azaroth:
  14. <<<MOD>>> Link to kickstarter project page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mierceminiatures/darklands-new-kindreds?ref=category_newest Ow my wallet... The time has come to talk to you about our next Kickstarter project, provisionally entitled "Darklands: New Kindreds", or KS3 as it is more popularly known amongst backers (which is a bit of a misnomer as it would be our fifth project, but that's by the by). The provisional start date of this project will be Monday the 15th of September and it should end a month later on Monday the 13th of October. We reckon that's twenty-eight days, which is plenty of time to run a project of this size. So what's Darklands: New Kindreds all about? Well, as it says in the title, it's about bringing new kindreds to the world of Darklands! This project has been mooted for a long while simply because Darklands has ten main kindreds, two of which - the Atalantes and Érainn - have not yet been explored, even though there's lots of interest in them. You see, in Darklands: a World of War we decided to concentrate on six kindreds (Angelcynn, Brythoniaid, Fomoraic, Khthones, Norse and Ysians) and then added another two kindreds with the Darklands: First Edition project (the Albainn and Byzantii) - which leaves the Atalantes and Érainn rather by the wayside. Now's the time to redress that! Who are the Atalantes? The Atalantes are a decadent, somewhat depraved civilisation that live upon the crumbling islands of Atalantia in the Atlantic Ocean - what we now call Atlantis. Their society and their home is dying, but they cling to the ancient rocks even as they are assaulted by their former progeny and slaves, the Khthones - although many believe they should take to the seas and relocate to the Lands of Darkness to the east, which inevitably causes conflict with those that already live there. In Darklands, the ancient Greeks were descended from the Atalantes, and so their look and feel will be very similar to those who know what a Hoplite looks like - but through their use of arcane technology, constructs of bronze (such as Talos) and ruthless slavery they will also have a very different feel. Who are the Érainn? The Érainn are, put very simply, the dark age Irish. Their society is mostly Christian but fairly barbaric, and as they are assaulted by the Fomoraic and the Norse and the Atalantes and many others, they are becoming more and more martial and turning to the old ways of Danu the Earth Goddess. Thus, Irish warrior-bands like those of old now defend the north of Eriu against the threat of the sea devils and raiders from elsewhere, and Danu herself lends aid to her people through the beasts of the bog, peat and marsh - terrifying creatures with an implacable hatred of all that destroy the natural world. With those at their side, the Érainn might - just - be able to survive this age of darkness. How will the project work? We can't say too much about the project right now simply because not everything has been nailed down, but we can say that the main rewards will be based around Starter Sets, rather like Darklands: a World of War. There will be at least two Starter Sets for each of the new kindreds - one that contains infantry, and one monstrous infantry - as well as options to include generals, commanders, sorcerers, monstrous beasts and much else besides. They'll also include dice and tokens as required, to get you started immediately. What about the other Kindreds? We haven't forgotten those! There'll be Starter Sets for each of the other kindreds, and although we won't go into specifics right now we can tell you that there'll be new warriors and alternates for them all. So whilst the project is designed to fund the creation of new kindreds, if you like the others there'll be plenty for you to fund! What about a Sneak Peek? Absolutely... here's something to whet your appetite, some artwork for the Érainn by Marius Bota! Click for a larger image That's it for this week people... until next week!
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1409961192/dungeon-crawl-classics-peril-on-the-purple-planet Not any minis on this one, but as I know there are at least a few other fans of the DCC RPG here I figured I'd give it a plug. $50 gets you the boxed set which originally contained two 32-page books (adventure and campaign setting), but has now been expanded by stretch goals to contain three more books and a bunch of handouts. You can also add on existing DCC modules at a slight discount, including a couple that were only released in limited numbers and have previously been hard to come by, so that's pretty nice (these are so far not up on the main page, but check out update #9). There are 9 days remaining on this Kickstarter.
  16. Massive Voodoo just came out with an Indiegogo campaign for an Ultimate Paint Rack that they designed for painters to be able to use at home and/or travel with. It's pretty cool, all the EB are already gone and they are almost to fulfillment.
  17. <MOD> Comments moved from previous cancelled project thread. Link to the relaunched kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/136317723/demigods-rising-strategy-miniature-game
  18. Urban terrain system that can be used to be in an outdoor city or changed into a huge indoor complex with many rooms. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2125873850/miniature-wargaming-urban-terrain-system
  19. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mierceminiatures/darklands-monstrous-mounts We have a BIG surprise for you - we're launching a mini Kickstarter project TODAY, at 6pm! DARKLANDS MINI KICKSTARTER PROJECT We're not going to unveil much about this project in this announcement, to keep that surprise, but what we can tell you is that we'll be running it from 6pm (GMT) today, the 1st of July until 6pm Monday, the 14th of July - so that's two weeks' worth of Mierce awesomeness! What's the goal? We have set a initial goal of £5,000 for this project and we do hope to achieve that fairly early. To that end, one of the rewards will be an early bird, and there'll only be 125 of them available - so you'd better be quick and grab one; and you get £10 off the main reward for doing so. There's only one reward (two if you count the early bird version), too; and that's set at£50 (so £40 for the early bird). What's it all about? You'll have to wait until 6pm! All right, here's a few details. This little project is designed to fund some very cool miniatures indeed, some of which were seen by backers during our last Kickstarter project (Darklands: First Edition II), although they did not become stretch goals; and some miniatures that nobody has seen until now... Broadly, we are hoping to produce one extremely fantastic miniature - that is being sculpted right now by the awesome Daniel Cockersell - and add a few more to the Darklands range. Why now, not later? It's very simple, really - if we wait until September to produce these miniatures (which is the date scheduled for our next big project), you'll be waiting until well into 2015 before we can use Dan Cockersell's skills. He's a very busy man, he had a window of opportunity for us and we took it - the downside being that his awesomeness comes at a high price, and we don't want to dip into funds reserved for other project miniatures. As well as that, it's an opportunity to produce some more fantastic centrepiece miniatures, too - depending on you guys of course! - and is a bit of an experiment; if this project is nice and successful, we may well run a couple of mini-projects like it in 2015. We shall see...! Spread the word! There's only a few hours to go before the project begins... eeek! Tell your friends, acquaintances and relatives - we need their support as much as yours! To whet your appetite, here's a concept of a miniature that may appear during the course of the next project... if there's enough interest ;o)
  20. I'm cross posting this from Dakkadakka as I know there are a bunch of 'industry' connected types on here. This is the KS he's referring to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/17 ... le-miniatu As backers of this KS are probably aware, the Salamander project received a lot of funding. Though this elevated scale of production caused delays, we had all the masters made and most of the final resin castings done. Unfortunately there's a big problem. For the last month Chris Gotcher (the guy running it all) has been off the grid, no contact with me or any of the subcontractors involved in production, nor any general internet presence. He isn't answering his phone, and product shipments to his home have bounced back to at least once subcontractor. It's hard to truly confirm what's happened to him, but the "ran with the money" theory doesn't seem to fit, seeing as almost everything has been made, just waiting to be shipped. So, getting to the point. I have made contact with the caster who made all the basic Salamander kits and he's willing to work with me, but I'm unable to locate the caster/s that were assigned add-on parts. In order for me to salvage delivery operations I want to gain control of those add-ons. I'm asking as many people as I can involved in the minis biz to help me find these casters. If you know anything, let me know. And just in case you're unsure where I fit into this project. The miniature is my design and falls under my own IP, the Rangers Project, so I'm about the only guy who can take this thing over and finish it for the backers. http://www.dakkadakka.com/s/i/at/2014/6/16/03085ebc657ec5dae750f3f6123da8b4_83389.jpg__thumb (image showing the cast main kit that the forum won't let me post for some reason) you can PM him via Dakka here http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/us ... 83389.page, or if you have info but don't want to sign up to Dakka I'm happy to pass on the info
  21. Dust Tactics/ Dust Warfare from Dust Studio has a Kickstarter going ends in 9 days. they do prebuilt miniatures that are pre-primed and ready for paint. they also do pre-painted miniatures for the game to but are higher cost. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/duststudio/dust-operation-babylon/comments
  22. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/236515712/elven-papercraft-tower-and-wall-set?ref=discovery
  23. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/caoimhe/the-queens-cavaliers-rpg Great looking game and I have heard it is a lot of fun from a few friends who play tested it.
  24. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/duststudio/dust-operation-babylon Looks like Dust Studios is relaunching the Dust line
  25. It doesn't have mini's but this is a pretty cool setting. It's already had a Kickstarter for the FATE edition. This is for the Savage Worlds version. $10 gets you the PDF, $15 gets you PDF + Stretch Goals. $20 + DTRPG Print costs for a physical book. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/804836187/nova-praxis-savage-worlds-edition This is one of those KS that will fulfill through Drive Thru RPG for their physical books. So you pledge for the book and you get a code for an at cost print from Drive Thru. I like the fact that they give you an estimate for what each version will cost. The setting itself is amazing if you like games along the lines of Cthulhutech or Traveller.
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