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  1. Is anyone backing the Mech vs Kaiju kickstarter? It isn't a miniature kickstarter, but rather a FATE based RPG that provides a great excuse to use CAV miniatures and Khanjira! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1171175182/mecha-vs-kaiju-a-sci-fi-anime-rpg-for-fate-core
  2. Not sure just what to make of it, but might be worth watching... Pulp City
  3. After some discussion amongst the family (we all like playing board games and such) we've decided to back Scoville, a game by Tasty Minstrel Games and Panda Game Manufacturing. You can check it out on Kickstarter at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/michaelmindes/scoville-the-hottest-farming-euro-game-ever?ref=live I've backed a few other games from TMG and find them fun to play and usually quite well explained. The KS ends on Friday night (Sat, Feb 22 2014 1:00 AM EST.) and is looking good to cover all of their stretch goals. And as a bonus for the EU Reaper Peeps interested:
  4. I like what I see in this Kickstarter, but I have really enough miniatures coming this year. (enough = can't afford more, there are never enough minis!) HIGH HEAVENS, the board game where gods battle in the skies!
  5. Zombie 15' is a game like Zombicide or Zpocalypse. You have only 15 Minutes to win the game. During a scenario you are playing a CD and every time you hear zombies growling, more of them will appear. It looks like they will get their game translated in many languages later, but translated versions will not appear with this Kickstarter. :-(
  6. I just came across a random link to a modest looking kickstarter that might be of interest to anime fans. It is a Miyazaki inspired RPG rulebook that sounds kid friendly. And it's only $20 for a printed rulebook, with free shipping worldwide. It isn't something I would normally back, but I like the simple looking project with sensible stretch goals, and I figure the rule book will make a nice gift for my niece. It's got a couple days left, and has already unlocked all the stretch goals. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brentnewhall/the-whispering-road-a-miyazaki-inspired-tabletop-r
  7. Just saw this over on KS for those of you interested... Modiphius unleashes the Dark Legion in the 3rd edition of the dieselpunk sci-fi RPG with brand new content & cinematic rules The Mutant Chronicles Kickstarter is a re-boot of the amazing techno-fantasy roleplaying game from the same team who produced the successful Achtung! Cthulhu Kickstarter.
  8. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1821440755/mega-mantm-the-board-game Seems on the expensive side. $60-140 with some first 24 hour deals. Already close to funding.
  9. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/298122902/something-terrible-by-dean-trippe Not the most pleasant of stories to tell, but worth having a look at all the same.
  10. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/461807648/cthulhu-britannica-london-call-of-cthulhu-rpg-boxe?ref=category I have read to read up on this company much yet, but here it is. Reached funding quickly enough so it seems to have people's confidence. Set in the 1920s era.
  11. It's been submitted, they are waiting for approval https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.634002019955664.1073741853.475726182449916&type=3
  12. Sorry for the non-miniature Kickstarter, but this is for the City of Heroes successor known as City of Titans. The project is funded now and into the last few hours, but getting a successor to CoH is something that I'm really looking forward to so I couldn't resist giving them a shout out. It's basically grown out of a group of fans trying to resurrect the game and if the final result is half as fun as City of Heroes was it'll become my MMO of choice. :) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/missingworldsmedia/the-phoenix-project-city-of-titans
  13. This isn't a miniature's Kickstarter but I find many who like minis and gaming tend to like cartoons as well Fredanator is doing a Kickstarter to fund Bee and Puppycat. They have the first episode up online for people who want to check it out and it's a fun series that deserves to be made. More importantly it deserves to be made without a production commitee ruining it by insisting on a checklist of "marketable items" to include. So if you want to pitch in or just want to check out the first episode here is the link http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frederator/bee-and-puppycat-the-series
  14. Knite & The Ghost Lights: (Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux) I found this Kickstarter and was impressed with the fact that everything in game is built in miniature as claymation and then converted to video game and the lowest buy-in at just $10. Here's the main character, Knite, shown within the environment of the game. This kind of video game is so cool as it applies to my skill set and style. Description of Game Play: Knite & The Ghost Lights is unique take on the classic side-scrolling action adventure game - filled with puzzles, platforming, hidden surprises, tons of magic and exploration. One of the most fun and unique features is the way the game lets you play with light and music to control your surroundings. Be ready to experience: Beautiful hand-crafted environments with meticulous attention paid to every detail Unique use of lighting that plays an integral part in gameplay and puzzle solving Lush music and soundtrack that is seamlessly woven into the story and gameplay. Eccentric cast of characters that truly bring Mistland to life Unparalleled level of realism and depth – all game objects built from real-life models I personally am in for the sound track level at $10 but might just boost it to help ensure this gets made.
  15. Totally not a miniatures Kickstarter, though the topic might seem familiar to anyone who's ever shopped for female character miniatures: Glamazons vs The Curse of the Chainmail Bikini
  16. I have to go outside the normal bounds I set for myself on this one and post it to share. I usually hate doing this, and this isn't a miniatures related kickstarter, but I can't help myself. Back in the heydays of Nintendo, my best friend and I wasted so much time on the original River City Ransom, that it wasn't funny. In fact, even after we had 'grown up' into Playstation and PC games, we kept coming back to this game for the shear fun of it. The first game tells the story of Alex and Ryan on a quest to save Ryan's girlfriend from Slick. The fun part was the crazy names of the gangs you fight (who doesn't love gangs named The Squids or Generic Dudes?), the weird items you could eat/read/use/wear to power up, and the way you could interact with your environment in River City (go ahead and try messing with me while I have a trash can to throw at you!). Anyway, seems this company Conatus Creative has gotten the rights to the game and it's cannon. They plan on making an updated version of the game for PC with a release date some time in late 2014. I will say, I am a fan of the material, but have no idea about the reputation of the company involved. Please take a look and join in if you think its worth it! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/combitstudios/river-city-ransom-underground
  17. RED AEGIS Roleplaying Game I describe this game as an epic fusion between Dungeon & Dragons and Sid Meier’s Civilization. The game has reached its initial funding goal and is now targeting several stretch goals. One of the stretch goals that may be of interest to Reaper fans is RED AEGIS TACTICS, a miniatures skirmish game designed by Vorpal Games' lead developer, Matt James. Check out the Kickstarter io9.com interview: "Control the epic sweep of history in the fascinating new RPG Red Aegis" Geek Native interview: "RED AEGIS promises hard choices and a new style of RPG" -Brian R. James
  18. Venerable RPG game of adventuring on Colonial-era Mars gets a dust-off/reboot. This seems to be going well. It's close to having some miniature add-ons unlocked. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/440453703/space-1889-sf-role-playing-in-a-more-civilized-tim?ref=category Cheers. (Couldn't find this listed already -- apologies if I missed it.) P.S. seems to be primarily a translation of a book that already exists in German, plus some of the stretch goals / add-ons that are new.
  19. http://privateerpress.com/warmachine-tactics <squeee>
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