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Found 12 results

  1. Not my absolute best work, but at this stage I'm just trying to get things painted and table-worthy rather than shooting for showpieces. Since I sort of half-assed (maybe 2/3-assed) this one, I've broken up the mental constipation that was keeping me from painting and now I'm happily back at the desk and perfectly glad to announce that good enough is good enough. I'm hardly the first person to view this "demonic lasher" / demogorgon as a sort of Barlgura-plus, so I used the same colors (reaper highlight orange, twilight blue) on the face as I do for my orange monster monkeys. Torso is the cool greens triad, chest is the undead flesh triad. Base is craft paint along with scattered broken bits from the foolish heroes who tried to stand in this fiend's way.
  2. So everything is packed for tomorrow... and I had nothing better to do.... So I started a new project for when I get home.... he is 14 parts of bad, and I am cleaning mold lines, and pinning stuff together... His torso is resin, everything else is metal... (so it aint crap...) mold lines are small, but pinning is being interesting..... Going to use, I think, a Secret Weapon 'Skull Field' style base.... He's about 5" tall to the top of his head...... Maybe semi assembled pics later.... G
  3. The unpainted mini from the D&D Stranger Things Beginner set. The one they give you is more tan/taupe, and in the series it seems to be, but I went more green/olive.
  4. I'm calling this done. A good friend made the base - which helped set the stage for this fearsome beast. (Model from Pacesetter Games). Fun to paint!
  5. Here's my WIP Demogorgon (AKA The Lashing Prince) from Pacesetter Games. I'd welcome your comments/ feedback on ways to improve the work. In particular, I'm at a bit of a loss on colors to use to highlight the scales. (I'm also not a huge fan of the clown face effect - but I tried to mirror other paint jobs using a mandril for inspiration - example found at http://www.pacesettergames.com/lashingprince.html). Thanks in advance!
  6. It's the Demogorgon!!! This was painted for a friend of mine of whom I was honored he trusted me with this fairly expensive model. He also let me pick the color scheme from several pictures of what other artists have depicted it as over time. This was my favorite look of them all and probably the most difficult due to the many colors going on here, but I could not resist. This is the way I would have painted it if it was for myself. The model is really large and took me 2 months to paint. A few nights a week, a couple of hours each of those nights really takes it's toll. You stare at something so long, you start to question yourself. Luckily, I would show a progress pic to my friend and he would cheer me on. I actually purchased one of these models for myself a while back and not really sure how I will paint the next go around or even if I will ever want to paint it again. Only time will tell. This one is for scale. Couple of close ups. If you have never seen this creature before, I was inspired by this artwork:
  7. Here it is: the dreaded Demogorgon... This was the first larger scale mini I painted. It was a lot of fun, especially watching it come alive with a wash on the furry and scaley bits. Enjoy! As always, tips and suggestions are welcome. :) -E.E.
  8. I didn't recognize it while watching Stranger Things, but both my younger brothers swore we had it when we played as kids. I went digging through my old minis and just found the demogorgon. Might have to give it a real paint job now that I have some idea how to actually paint.
  9. There's no school like old school: http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?3647-A-New-DEMOGORGON-Mini-From-The-Sculptor-of-the-Stranger-Things-Demogorgon#.V69eszUX96k
  10. I realized I never posted a finished thread for my Great Beast model from Fractured Dimensions. Front view. He's got monkey heads! He also has squiddly bits. Uh-oh. I think he's mad I got his bad side. One lizard tail was not enough. He must have two. He lives in a swamp! Like an ogre! Don't worry. Those aren't dead people. They're just sleeping. Half-buried or face-down in the water. Not breathing. Honest.
  11. So I posted a while back that my parents gave me a box of minis from my childhood. I decided to paint up the Grenadier "Demogorgon" knock-off on a lava base with some OSL. This is my second attempt at OSL, btw, and I think it came out better than the first. I did seal-coat him, but feel free to give me any comments you please - if it's something I think will significantly help I'll definitely do more on him. This mini is from 1984 - feel free to raise a hand if it is older than you are, and make the rest of us feel old.
  12. So I mentioned that my parents gave me some of the minis I bought in my youth in a post entitled "Unexpected Old Swag" I decided to start painting the demon mini that was clearly supposed to be Demogorgon. It's a Grenadier mini from 1984. I went with a very dark color scheme - I remember the old picture from the Monster Manual and I like him black. To give him a more organic look I used blue highlights instead of grey, I rather like how it came out. The face, despite the fact that it was much more reptilian than others, I went with a color scheme like a baboon. I will freely admit I stole the slitted eyes from another paint job I saw. I also split the base and made a fissure beneath his feet, I wanted to do a lava base. I'm pretty much done aside for a few touch ups and the base. I could use some advice on the base, but if anyone has anything to add about the rest of the mini I'm definitely listening. I think I may do more of these WIPs, I made a nice rig so I can use different backdrops. Sorry to come to this one so late, but I just set this up.
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