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Found 170 results

  1. Flamehawke

    14395: Darkspawn Goat Demon

    Alright. While I was sick earlier I started to paint this guy up as I wanted to paint something different from the standard minis I paint. I am actually fairly pleased with how he turned out. Now with better pictures.... This back view just makes him look so evil The front now
  2. These are the first 2 of 6 that I got. I will use them as generic little demons in my Wrath of the Righteous campaign. Comments and criticism are very appreciated.
  3. Jessie

    77067: Virina, Female Demon

    Just finished my last mini for January. Virina, the not-succubus. I think based on the nudity I need to link to her. So follow the links to her. front back There's a bit of weirdness that seems to be happening around her rib cage on the sculpt that I just couldn't figure out so that's just painted skin tone. Not super proud of her skin, looks a little uneven and chalky. But for tabletop from a little ways a way it's not terrible. Happy with her hair. I'll take any suggestions to how to avoid whatever I did wrong with her skin. I mean, I think part of the goofy is the sculpt, but definitely a lot of it is poor technique. Appreciate feedback.
  4. Orion2010

    77149 Damien, Hellborn Wizard

    Here is the first model done for the year. I hope it looks alright. I was having a hard time trying to adjust the base and the colors for the belt, but I think it turned out okay for the most part. I do need to get a dedicated area for taking photos though. might work on that a bit this upcoming weekend if i can.
  5. Orion2010

    77118 Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue

    Here is the second one for the month. I created her to work well with Damien. Hope it looks decent enough. Those metal bits on her were a bit tricky to get to work right and the belt kept giving me fits. such a tiny brush was needed that my eyes were starting to ache, but it is done and I am happy with the way it turned out.
  6. Werewolvians


    I'm going to do a snow base but here he is anyway.
  7. Werewolvians

    Virina, Female Demon (NSFW)

    I used the breast cancer awareness pink I got in my ghoul bag on her nips. Originally thought she was holding a whip. Nope, thats her hair.
  8. Adrift

    77113: Eldritch Demon

    Summoned forth from unknown reaches, the power of this sleeping dark god is manifested only partially in this terrible monster and is barely contained in the simple vessel and the runes upon it's flesh. I strongly considered painting the 'bumps' on this miniature's hide as glowing dots but I felt like that would be a little over the top and would come off as too 'fishy' so I opted to just let the bumps be bumps. Besides, I felt like it would take away from the menacing eyes and from the other work I'd done on the piece. A few of the transitions are a little rough, but they're pretty minor and I'm eager to work on the next Bones v. Metal challenge, as well as some SciFi contest entries. Not enough time!!! C&C always welcome.
  9. robinh

    77111 Rauthuros, Demon

    Below is my version of the Demon Rauthuros. I basically started off with a dark red lining and topped his skin with a layer of blue and then layered it back using various shades of red. His wings are Brick red with layering of blue, dusky skin and red. I aplogise for the camera work but even with white balancing out of gimp this is the best I can do. comments, critiques, suggestions for future.. all are welcome.. or you can just say hello!
  10. pdubyah

    more hellborn...

    more teifling, ahem, hellborn, for my upcoming Wrath of the Righteous campaign. I am working on the two Bones I females next, then onto the Marilith. I also bought the Reaper metal Vulture demon. Then waiting on Bones II for ALL THE DEMONS!!!
  11. I started this guy almost 10 years ago just putting base colors on him, but was never sure what else to do with him. Recently I saw him on a shelf and decided to finish him. Someday I hope to paint his blister brother and their big brother the greater wolf spider. I painted his eyes blue to try and make him look a little different. I'm not sure if it works or if it is even all that noticable. Hmmm. I'm seeing some places I need to touch up now and I think I need to do more with the fur on his face. now that I see it close up. maybe he's not finished yet. Criticisms and suggestions are appreciated.
  12. So I posted a while back that my parents gave me a box of minis from my childhood. I decided to paint up the Grenadier "Demogorgon" knock-off on a lava base with some OSL. This is my second attempt at OSL, btw, and I think it came out better than the first. I did seal-coat him, but feel free to give me any comments you please - if it's something I think will significantly help I'll definitely do more on him. This mini is from 1984 - feel free to raise a hand if it is older than you are, and make the rest of us feel old.
  13. charcon

    Fire giantess and Agramon Demon

    I snuck away from the wife and kids and painted for a couple hours! Finally! I need to lock myself in the closet and hide!
  14. Dai-Mongar

    T'Quan, Skoli Warrior (02434)

    This guy was WIP for a long time, but I finally got around to finishing him up. I'm happy with the red skin on him, it came out pretty well. His eyes are almost impossible to actually paint, though, they're so deep in the sockets. I ended up just shading the socket and calling it done, which I think looks alright. The metallics are a little disappointing in retrospect, but not worth redoing at this point. T'Quan is a really nice figure, and one that you don't see painted up all that often. One of the highlights of the Dungeon Adventurers boxed set.
  15. odinsgrandson

    Succubus Vandella

    Here is my Super Dungeon Succubus. Man, she was loads of fun to paint. The color scheme is loosely based on Millenia from Grandia II, but the mini doesn't look all that much like her to begin with (and I didn't want to alter her since she's such a great mini to start out with.
  16. Painted this guy earlier this year. As he is currently part of the Fractured Dimensions Kickstarter, this seemed like a good time to post some pics. Sculpted by Pedro Navarro. Slightly modified as detailed here.
  17. This is my 18th miniature* and one of the first ones I bought when I got into this back in October. It's pretty much a Marilith Demon - marked potentially NSFW due to her being topless. http://www.flowsminiatures.com/images/VandorendraDemon.jpg *not including the ones I ruined when I was 12!
  18. hetairoi

    Some demons

    Some figures I painted some time ago: And a couple of sexy demoness could be seen here: http://hetairoiwargames.blogspot.com.es/2013/01/former-glories-4-fallen-angel-with-nice.html http://hetairoiwargames.blogspot.com.es/2013/01/former-glories-6-sexy-daemon.html Cheers!
  19. Metalchaos

    02943, Festering Spirit

    Here is my Festering Spirit 02943 by Jason Wiebe with is custom made Flail of Pestilence. His weapon was build using; the chains P14472D from Razig Weapons Pack, the handle is the wooden post included in the Dark Maiden sprue P14106C, the cranium is from the skulls pack P02611A and the poisoned blades are daggers from the 02871 Wererats. For the base, I crafted mushrooms and worms using green stuff and added some synthetic grass, lichen and painted birch tree seed shells. The gravestone comes from the Grave Wraith tombstones sprue 03274b. Here's a picture from the Festering Spirit and the Ghouls attacking Eusebe the Sturdy by the birch trees.
  20. Metalchaos

    02197, Blood Imps

    In preparation for the Monsters contest, here are two of the Blood Imps I just completed. The sculpts are by Rene Perez.